Essential Kitchen Appliances

The development of technology has led to the innovation of a wide range of kitchen and home appliances. These appliances have made our lives easier. There are different types of kitchen appliances flooded in the market today from trusted brands like Prestige, Lifelong, Pigeon, Glen, Butterfly, and many others.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the essentials kitchen appliances. These essentials will make cooking, baking, and your other kitchen chores convenient and less time-consuming.

So, now, let us dive into the list of essential kitchen appliances, in no particular order.

Essential Kitchen Appliances

Gas stove:

A gas stove is an essential kitchen appliance. There are different types of gas stoves available in the market based on the mode of ignition and the number of burners. A two-burner gas stove is suitable for a small family. A three or four-burner gas stove works well for a large family.

These gas stoves are highly preferred because they can cook three to four dishes at the same time. Hence, they manage to save time. These days gas stoves are designed to save fuel by preparing the food in a significantly less amount of time.

Opt for a stylish and elegant model with a spill-proof design so that it is easy to clean. The heat resistant top with a glossy finishing is what you should look for. It will enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

A stainless steel stove is preferred since it makes the stove long-lasting. However, you can also choose a fiber or a durable glass top gas stove.

Kitchen Chimney:

Kitchen chimneys are necessary kitchen essentials in every modular kitchen. They are the perfect superior alternatives to exhaust fans. These appliances are more effective in removing smoke than exhaust fans. Also, they are capable of removing impurities such as carbon, oil, and grime.

There are different types of kitchen chimneys based on their installation, mounting position, and filter type. All these chimneys are designed for ensuring a comfortable cooking experience. It cleanses the air and provides proper ventilation allowing you to breathe in ease.

You can opt for a chimney with an LED light. It brightens the kitchen in the evening by focusing on the stove and your cooking. The chimney should be easy to use, clean, and maintain. Also, consider essential features such as noise efficiency, auto-heat sensors, detachable oil collector, etc. before making a purchase.

Water Purifier

A water purifier is a must in every home. It uses different purification technologies including RO, UV, UF, and multi-stage purification, for providing safe and clean drinking water for your family. It is essential to know about the different types of water purifiers and the type of water supplied to your home.

Test the quality of water to know its TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level. An RO water purifier will be suitable for purification of hard water with a high TDS level. On the other hand, a UV water purifier will work well for soft water that is contaminated with a high level of disease-causing germs and bacteria.  You can also opt for multi-stage water purifiers like RO+UV or RO+UV+UF water purifier.

Those looking for a suitable water purifier under 10,000 can choose to go for a gravity-based water purifier. Ensure that the purification capacity and storage tank capacity is sufficient for your family. Also, the water purifier you buy should have indicators and smart monitoring systems so that you are notified in case of errors.


A refrigerator is the most essential kitchen appliance. A fridge helps in storing fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and keeps them fresh for a long duration. It also prevents the spoilage of food and manages to cool water and other beverages. Brands such as Samsung and LG have provided a wide range of refrigerator models to choose from.

You can opt for a single door, double door or side by side refrigerator depending on your preference and requirements. The fridge you decide to buy should have a capacity that is sufficient for you and your family. A three to five star rated model is preferred since it is energy efficient.

Also, consider factors like defrosting type, water, and ice dispenser, etc. before making a purchase. The refrigerator should have a smart connect feature that can connect it to the inverter in case of power cuts. This prevents the spoilage of food.

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are the most common and popular items in every kitchen. It is a cooking pot that uses steam to cook food in a significantly less amount of time. The food prepared in a pressure cooker is rich in nutrients, ensuring a healthy diet. It saves energy, time, and water and also helps in versatile cooking.

Pressure cookers are constructed using stainless steel or aluminum with a hard-anodized coating. This coating prevents corrosion, scratches, and stains. Thicker good quality material ensures a longer life-span of the pressure cooker. The handle of the cooker should be made using Bakelite or any other material that does not conduct heat.

Another essential factor to be considered is the capacity of the cooker. A large family will require a pressure cooker with a larger capacity. Also, consider safety features such as lid lock, steam release, power indicator, etc.

Pop-Up Toaster

KENT Pop -Up Toaster

This is a must-have kitchen essential if you are someone who loves toasts in the morning for breakfast. They provide hot and toasted bread in no time. Moreover, pop-up toasters are energy efficient and ensure even toasting of the bread. It ensures delicious crispy toasts with the perfect consistency.

Apart from pop-up toasters, you can also get conveyor toasters and toaster ovens. However, pop-up toasters are preferred for home use because of their small, compact, and light-weight design. Ensure that the toaster is made using heat resistant material. It should come with a removable crumb tray and features such as temperature control, emergency off, etc.

Bullet Blenders

Bullet blenders are handy appliances that help in making smoothies and shakes in the morning. They have a compact size and are the perfect alternatives to the larger ones. They are simple to use and work well when you are short on time.

A bullet blender uses sharp blades including cyclonic and extractor blades or a combination of both. It can efficiently blend hard ingredients. You can choose from the different types of blenders depending on your requirements.

A blender that is dishwasher safe is easy to clean. A power-efficient model will ensure the best results with the minimum consumption of power. Also, ensure that it is noise efficient so that it does not disturb your family during operation. Consider factors like price, speed, capacity, and size of the blender before making a purchase.

Microwave Oven


Microwave ovens help in cooking delicious dishes conveniently within a short time. You can also use this appliance for baking and reheating food. There are different types of microwave ovens, including grill, convection, and solo microwave oven. You can choose any of these ovens based on your price range and required capacity.

The microwave oven you decide on buying should come with a timer. The timer will automatically switch off the oven once the food is cooked to prevent overcooking or burning it. It should come with multiple cooking options and a child lock feature to avoid unwanted mishaps.

Induction Cooktop

Induction cook-tops manage to cook food much faster than gas stoves and burners. They are safe to use, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. There are many other reasons which make this appliance worth buying. You can choose from the different types of induction cook-tops available in the market.

A multi-element cook-top will meet the needs of those who wish to replace their gas stoves. The latest models are energy-efficient as they consume less power compared to their older versions. Ensure that the induction cook-top comes with safety features like automatic shut-off, overflow detection, child lock, automatic cookware detection, and sensors. These features prevent unwanted accidents and mishaps while cooking.

Food Processors

A food processor is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that can be used for chopping, mixing, juicing, grinding and slicing. It saves time and energy in the kitchen for the convenient preparation of food. The food processor comes with a bowl, feed tube, a strong motor, blades, and disks that can handle different food items.

There are different types of food processors based on their various functions. A processor with more accessories such as reversible blades, beater, juice extractor, etc. is more versatile. Ensure that the parts are easy to assemble and clean. Also, the capacity of the food processor should be large enough to meet the needs of your family.


Juicing is a great way of keeping fit and healthy. Juices made of vegetables and fruits keep you fit and active by removing harmful toxins from your body. Hence, it is important to purchase a juicer to help you make delicious and healthy juices or smoothies.

There are different types of juicers available in the market, including – cold press juicers, citrus juicers, and triturating juicers. They come with super sharp blades that cut through the fruits and vegetables for juicing purposes.

The juicer you buy should be easy to clean and use for your convenience. Also, consider factors such as multiple speed setting, capacity, and noise-efficiency of the juicer, before you make a purchase.


Baking is an important part of cooking. A person who loves baking should have various types of bakeware products for a hassle-free and convenient baking experience. These products range from baking sheets, trays, molds to cake sculpting tools, and pastry brushes.

You must decide on what you wish to bake before deciding on the type of mold or bakeware required. Ensure that the bakeware products are made using good quality, durable, and food-grade safe material.

They should come with a non-stick coating for ease of use. A microwave oven-friendly utensil is preferred as it can withstand the heat and remains resistant to damage.

Cookware Sets

Cookware sets include different types of food preparation containers, including sauteing pan, stockpots, braiser pan, saucepan, grill pan, french oven, skillet, wok, and many others. These sets can be used over a gas stove or a cook-top for cooking purposes.

Brands such as Prestige, Lifelong, Pigeon, Hawkins, and Wonderchef have brought us a diverse range of cookware sets to choose from. They are convenient to use, easy to clean, and ensure a hassle-free cooking experience in the kitchen. It is essential to opt for a set with optimal size to meet your cooking requirements.

Also, consider factors like material, heat distribution, weight, and price of the cookware, before making a purchase. They can be constructed using stainless steel, aluminum, or copper.

Cookware with non-stick base is easier to clean and maintain as it prevents food from sticking to the surface. They ensure healthy cooking with less oil.

Dinner Sets

There is a wide range of dinner sets available in the market such as Opalware, Earthenware, Bone China, and Stoneware. The elegant style and design enhance the overall look of your dining room to ensure a pleasant dining experience. They are the perfect gifts for newly married couples and relatives.

Dinner sets from trusted brands like La Opala, Cello, and Borosil ensure durability and quality. They help in catering to guests. Ensure that the dinnerware is made using food-grade safe material. Stain-resistant and dishwasher safe dinner sets are easier to clean.

Electric Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable choppers of different types such as electrical and manual vegetable choppers, cutters, dicers, etc. are used for cutting, slicing, chopping and cubing of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Electrical choppers are designed for efficient and fast chopping of ingredients without the requirement of manual effort.

A simple vegetable chopper comes with a powerful motor, sharp stainless steel blades, a bowl, and one-touch power control. Certain models also come with additional blades and features that enable you to mix and grind ingredients as well.

Consider important factors such as versatility, wattage, ease of cleaning, and material before purchase. Stainless steel blades are resistant to rust and corrosion. On the other hand, the body of the chopper should be made using BPA free material for safety.

Air Fryers

An air fryer is the latest innovation in technology. These appliances provide you with delicious fried food that is made using very less or a negligible amount of oil. Hence, you get to enjoy your favorite fried food guilt-free.

There are different types of air fryers available in the market. Ensure that you choose a model based on the size of your family and the versatile use of the fryer. It should come with a non-stick removable basket that is easy to clean and maintain. Go for a compact size air fryer so that it does not take up space in your kitchen.

Also, consider important factors such as power consumption, price, warranty, and after-sales service. Safety features including cool-touch handles, smart lock, child-lock, and overheat protection will protect you and your family from unwanted accidents.

Kitchen Measuring Tools

Kitchen measuring tools of different types including measuring cups, spoons, kitchen thermometer, scales, and timer are necessary for cooking and baking. These tools allow you to measure the precise amount of ingredients required for a particular dish.

Before deciding on the measuring tool required, it is important to take a few factors into account. Ensure that the maximum capacity of the tool is sufficient for the number of people you wish to feed.

The tools should be made using good quality and durable material so that they last long. The measurements have to be accurate and precise.

Ice-Cream Maker

An ice-cream maker is another kitchen essential because let’s face it, who doesn’t love ice-cream? This kitchen appliance enables you to make ice-creams, sorbets, gelato, and other frozen treats. Hence, with an ice-cream maker, you can enjoy your favorite ice-cream at any time in the comfort of your home.

The type of machine you buy should come with removable parts for ease of cleaning. Ensure that the blades are made of stainless steel for better aeration of the mixture. In fact, stainless steel also prevents rust and corrosion. It should be able to provide ice-cream with the right consistency and texture.

Bread Maker

Sharp 600W Table-Top Bread Maker with Fully Automatic Function

Using a bread maker, you can make your bread at home. Hence, you get to enjoy different loaves of bread every day for breakfast. You can also choose to opt for a dough maker. It will prepare the dough for making bread or rotis in a few minutes.

A bread maker requires less supervision, and it ensures better texture to the bread. The paddles of the bread maker should be sturdy to handle dough of various thicknesses. Also, consider factors such as alarms, capacity, keep warm option, and safety features. For household use, opt for a low energy wattage bread maker.

Sandwich Makers


Sandwich makers are now a popular name in every kitchen. The two types of sandwich makers, namely- panini press and four-triangle sandwich makers, allow you to make delicious, mouthwatering sandwiches for breakfast. The sandwich maker you buy should have a slicing capacity based on the size of your family. A large family should opt for a sandwich maker with a capacity of four to eight slices.

The heating plates should be removable and have a non-stick coating. This prevents the bread and food items from sticking to the plate. Ensure that it comes with a cool-touch and shockproof body for your safety. Also, it should have a versatile use.

Consider the important factors such as power rating, size, plate type, lid lock, and price, before making a purchase.

Electric Kettles

Electric kettles help speed up the process of heating liquid. This appliance can provide you with hot water to prepare your morning tea or coffee. It has other benefits as well. It can be used for preparing soup, pasta, and maggie.

The electric kettle you buy should be easy to use. Hence, it should have an ergonomic design with a sprout so that you can pour the liquid easily without creating a mess. A timer and temperature control setting will enable you to cook a variety of different items. Also, the kettle should have a thick and sturdy heating base that can handle long term use.


The list mentions all the essential kitchen appliances your kitchen should be equipped with. We conclude this article with the hope that you find all the essentials required by you. We hope this helps!

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