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Megha leads the content strategy and oversees an amazing team of writers, editors, and designers, all having one goal in mind – to create brilliant content that helps people make the right purchase investment. When she is not working, you can find her enjoying making delicious food and planning her next travel.

Beautisoul Orange Peel and Lemon Peel Face Wash Review

Beautisoul Orange Peel and Lemon Peel Face Wash Review Beautisoul is a budding start-up that primarily deals in cosmetics and cosmetic preparations. It is headquartered in Mumbai and was established in 2019. It is dedicated to providing environmentally conscious and high-quality beauty and personal grooming solutions.  Its diverse portfolio comprises unique products such as body […]

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Are Microwaves Lined with Lead?

Whether it’s about cooking sumptuous dishes, baking cakes, heating meals, or defrosting your dinner, a microwave provides a world of convenience with super-quick recipes in our busy lives. Notwithstanding its amazing benefits, we must not overlook any safety concerns related to microwave usage. The critics of microwaves have voiced their concern against microwave usage, citing […]

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How Air Pollution Affects a Pregnant Woman

The prolonged exposure to alarming levels of air pollution can adversely affect the health of pregnant women, and subsequently, it affects the development of the baby in the womb. During pregnancy, an unborn baby receives nutrition from whatever mother eats and drinks through the placenta. The fetus receives the oxygen breathed in by the mother. […]

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Differences Between PM2.5 and PM10

Any discussion regarding the devastating effects of air pollution keeps throwing the terms like PM2.5 or PM10. PM is an abbreviated form of the “Particulate Matter”. Our understanding of air pollution revolves mainly around particulate matter pollution. As per AQLI (Air Quality Life Index) reports, particulate matter is considered the most deadly form of air […]

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