Best UV Water Purifiers

Water is a basic need of all living creatures. Our body uses water to maintain its functions and regulate temperature. However, it is important that the water we consume should free from impurities.

As we all are well aware, the availability of clean water remains a big challenge. Water consists of all kinds of bacteria, viruses, germs, and pollutants, which are harmful to human consumption and can lead to various water-borne diseases.

 This is where water purifiers come into the picture. They help us by doing just that, making it a necessity for every household.

Kent, Aquagard, etc. are the leading name that has the best water purifiers in India.

There are different types of water purifiers available, be it electric or non-electric purifiers, which come with different water purification technology.

However, UV water purifiers are the best option when it comes to killing bacteria and viruses that are present in the water using ultraviolet light. Hence, these purifiers come with a UV lamp.

So, know about How Do UV Light Remove Chlorine From WaterHow does it work? How to Choose a Water Purifier Based on Water Quality? What are the advantages and Limitations of UV water purifiers? We hope to provide you with the answers to these questions in this article.

The article provides a comparison between the different types of water purifiers along with the detailed insight of UV water purifiers.

This is followed by a buyer’s guide that will help you make the right choice while making a purchase of the best UV water purifier for home.

We have also provided a detailed review of the top nine UV water purifiers available in the leading e-commerce website, Amazon, with the links to make a purchase.

Top 11 UV Water Purifiers in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Choice
Our Choice
The Energy Saving Water Purifier
The Economically Automatic UV Water Purifier
The Compact and Stylish UV Water Purifier
The Budget-Friendly Option
The UV Water Purifier with e-boiling Technology
The Best Hot Water Purifier
The Energy Saving UV Water Purifier

Working Of UV Water Purifier

Ultraviolet water purification is the best kind of water purification system that uses the UV light to kill the various bacteria, germs, viruses, and other micro-organisms that are present in the water.

The UV light attacks the genetic core or DNA of the micro-organisms that are responsible for causing various water-borne diseases like flu, cholera, Hepatitis, Typhoid, etc. This destroys their ability to reproduce and multiply.

The UV light can only kill the disease-causing micro-organisms. They fail to remove dissolved solids and other impurities.

Thus, UV purifiers are often combined with RO, UF, or sediment filters and activated carbon. The water is made to pass through the various stages of the advanced purification system.

The final stage is when the UV lamp mounted in front of a chamber in which the water is made to pass.

Most of the UV water purifiers come with a UV lamp or a bulb, which is a significant part of the purifier. Usually, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)  is used as a disinfectant method which uses short-wavelength Ultraviolet light (UV-C) to kill the various disease-causing pathogens and micro-organisms that live in the water.

The water is not allowed to have direct contact with the UV light because a high contact time would lead to too much exposure of the water leading to heat build-up and damage to the UV lamp.

On the other hand, a low flow rate or contact time would not allow the water to be exposed for an ample amount of time to be able to kill the germs and bacteria.

Thus, for this reason, the UV lamp is enclosed in a quartz glass sleeve or is mounted outside transparent tubes that transport water.

Advantages of UV Water Purifier

  • Chemical Free: UV water purifiers are chemical-free and use food-grade non-toxic materials that ensure that the taste and odor of the water are unaltered.
  • Safety: The ultra-violet lamp kills the micro-organisms that cause various water-borne diseases, ensuring the safety of our family.
  • Budget-Friendly: The cost of UV water purifiers is very reasonable as compared to RO water purifiers making it a perfect option for those under a budget.
  • Ease Of use: It is effortless to use as you get purified water instantly by just switching on the electricity.
  • Low Maintenance: The cost of maintenance is less compared to other water purifiers as you have to change the UV lamp bulb annually.
  • Taste & Odor-Free: UV water purifiers remove the taste and odor of chlorine or any other chemical, thus making it free from the weird taste.
  • Extremely Effective: The UV water purifier is safe, Requires low cost, it is easy to use and install, all in all, it is incredibly effective.
  • Requires very little energy: The watts used by UV purifier is very less, and it does not affect the electricity bills. Other than that, non-electric or gravity-based UV purifiers are also available.

Limitations of UV Water Purifier

  • UV water purifiers can only be used in areas of low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) as it is incapable of removing the dissolved solids, impurities, rust, pesticides, etc.
  • They require a constant supply of electricity to work. Hence, it cannot be used in areas where electricity problem exists.
  • They are unable to convert hard water into soft water.
  • UV water purifiers often have to be combined with another technology like RO or UF to filter out mud or any other impurities in the water, as it is incapable of giving complete pure water by itself.

How Do UV Light Remove Chlorine From Water?

We know that chlorine is used to kill germs and bacteria present in the water. However, excess chlorine that remains can be harmful as well as a hazard to human health.

Not only that, but it also gives the water a bad taste and smell.

Ultraviolet light, along with activated carbon, can be a great combination to remove chlorine from water.

The UV lamp kills the various disease-causing germs, pathogens, and bacteria, while the activated carbon filter removes the chlorine from the water along with any extra particles that contaminate it.

This combination removes the bad taste and odor from the water, and we are provided with clean, odorless, and safe drinking water. Thus, for those having excess chlorine in the water, especially in the municipal corporations, UV water purifiers, along with activated carbon filters, are the best option.

How to Choose a Water Purifier Based on Water Quality

Water QualityTDS Level (ppm)Suitable Water Purifier
Very Soft Water0-80UV Water Purifier
Soft Water80-150UV Water Purifier
Hard Water150-400RO Water Purifier
Very Hard Waterabove 400RO+UV Water Purifier

Types Of Water Purifiers

Here we compare the different kinds of water purifiers.

1. Electric Water Purifiers

As the name suggests, electric water purifiers work with the help of electricity. They are used mostly in areas which have continuous water and electricity supply.

These water purifiers remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), suspended impurities, contaminants, and kill the micro-organisms present in the water, making it soft and suitable for drinking purposes.

  • RO Water Purifier

KENT Wonder 7-Litres RO Water Purifier

RO water purifier is a type of electric water purifier that uses the technology of Reverse Osmosis. This technology makes the water pass through a semi-permeable membrane that removes solid particles, impurities, and other contaminants.

Thus, giving us clear and healthy drinking water. However, RO water purifiers are more expensive than all the other water purifiers.

Many water purifiers use the technology of both RO and UV to remove both dissolved solids and impurities, along with killing micro-organisms present in the water.

This also helps in converting hard water to soft water, providing safe, healthy, and germ-free drinking water for our families.

  • UV Water Purifier

UV water Purifier

UV water purifier uses ultraviolet radiation that helps in killing the various disease-causing micro-organisms.

However, these water purifiers are suitable for areas with low TDS as they are unable to remove solid particles from the water. They are less expensive as compared to RO water purifier.

2. Non-Electric Water Purifiers

Non-electric water purifiers work without electricity. They use gravity or water pressure to purify the water by removing dissolved chemicals, germs, viruses, suspended particles, and impurities.

Non-electric water purifiers are more suitable for areas with no continuous water and electricity supply. They are the best option for those under a budget.

  • UV Water Purifier

UF or Ultra-filtration water purifiers are non-electric water purifiers that use gravity instead of electricity to work.

They make the water pass through a semi-permeable UF membrane that traps the germs and viruses present in the water. They are also capable of removing mud and turbidity of the water.

This purifier is suitable for low TDS areas as they are incapable of removing dissolved solids.

UF water filter

Many water purifiers combine the technology of UV and UF. The UV lamp works by killing the various germs and viruses while the UF membrane filters out the bodies from the water.

  • Activated Carbon Water Purifier

Activated carbon purifier

Non-electric water filters that use activated carbon to remove inorganic contaminants and heavy metals from the water are called activated carbon water filter.

The carbon filter uses physical absorption to remove chemicals that give a bad taste and odor to the water.

They are much more efficient in removing chlorine and disease-causing pesticides, providing a safer and healthier form of drinking water that can be stored in the storage tank.

  • Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter

Sediment filters are cylindrically shaped filters that are sealed in a plastic container. This catches all the sediments present in the water like rust, sand, mud, and other unwanted impurities.

These are present in RO and UV water purifiers, as well as protecting them from getting damaged. However, it fails to remove germs, viruses, and heavy metals.

3. Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

One of the main advantages of this type of water purifier is that it does not use electricity to function.

Thus, gravity-based water purifiers are perfect for those areas in which power is scarce. The water gets filtered with the help of gravity, where the water flows from the top to the bottom of the container without the help of any force.

Gravity Based water purifier

These water purifiers use microfiber mesh, activated carbon, or UF that absorb the impurities, dirt, and small carbon granules from the water. Thus, we obtain chemically free and safe drinking water.

  • Gravity-Based Candle Filter Purifier

Ceramic Candle Filters are made up of clay and have small pores on them. In these types of purifiers, the water is poured into the upper container and made to pass through the candle, which absorbs the various suspended particles, impurities and pathogens that are present in the water.

The filtered water is then collected in the lower container and stored for drinking purposes. Sometimes, colloidal silver is also used in the candle for a higher rate of pathogen removal.

Gravity based candle filter purifier

Candle filters are cheap and easy to use. They are useful in removing viruses, iron, and turbidity of the water along with improving the taste and smell of the water. However, they have a tiny purification rate.

Thus, sometimes more than two candles have to be used to purify the water. Moreover, the filtered water has to be boiled further to get purified and safe drinking water.

  • Gravity-Based Filters with Chemical Capsules

These types of filters are also referred to as Chemical Based Gravity filters.

Here, the water is made to pass through a microfiber mesh that removes the suspended solid particles from the water.

Followed by this, a chemical such as chlorine is used to kill the bacteria and various disease-causing micro-organisms that are present in the water.

The excessive chlorine that remains is hazardous to human health, so the water is made to pass through the activated carbon filter for the removal of the chlorine.

Chemical Based Gravity Filters

Chemical-Based Gravity Filters are easy to use but have a high maintenance cost since the chemical batteries, and carbon filters have to be changed at regular intervals of time.

They are successful in the removal of viruses, bacteria, suspended particles, and turbidity without the use of electricity.

Moreover, they do not require boiling, unlike the candle filter purifiers. They require regular cleaning and declogging of the filters.

UV Water Purifier Buyer’s Guide

Here, we provide a few points to keep in mind while purchasing a UV water purifier for your home.

1. Test for Quality of Water

Water purifiers are designed to purify the different qualities of water. UV water purifiers can only kill bacteria, germs, and viruses in the water.

However, they are unable to remove dissolved solids, mud, rust, or any other suspended impurities. They cannot convert hard water into soft water.

Thus, they are more suitable for areas that have soft water with low TDS levels.

It is important to understand the quality of the water that you get at your home. For this, it is essential to test the supply of water.

  • One way of understanding if the water is hard or soft is by the taste of the water. If you find the water is sour, then the water is Hard.
  • The second way is by taking some amount of detergent and lather it in the water. If the water does not wash properly, the water is hard.
  • Home TDS kits are also available. UV water purifiers are not suitable if the TDS level is more than 200 ppm.
  • You can also send a sample of your water to the labs for a quick analysis.

2. Installation

It is essential to purchasing the UV water purifier that can be fitted at your convenience. Water purifiers can be wall-mounted or can be placed on a table counter. Choose the one which goes with your preference.

On the other hand, installation can be a tough job to do on your own. Ensure that the UV water purifier comes with free and quick installation by the manufacturer.

3. How Much Is Drinking Water required by the family? ( Purification Capacity)

While purchasing UV water purifier for your home, it is important to understand the drinking water requirement as per the size of your family. Based on that, the UV water purifier should have sufficient purification capacity.

The purification capacity of the purifier you buy should be at least 60 L per hour so that you get enough supply of fresh, healthy, and safe drinking water for your family.

4. Storage

The UV water purifiers rarely come with storage capacity. Hence, before buying a UV water purifier, ensure that you have a continuous supply of water.

This enables you always to get fresh and safe drinking water.

If you do not have a constant supply of water at your home, it would be better to choose a non-electric water purifier.

5. UV Fail Alarm

An important feature to look for while buying the ideal UV water purifier for your home is the UV fail alarm feature.

The UV light is invisible, so we are unable to know when the lamp stops working and fails to purify the water. The UV fail alarm notifies you when it is time to change the Filter.

This is a convenient feature that ensures that you are always provided with pure and safe drinking water.

6. Mode of Operation

Ensure that the method of operation is easy. An automatic mode of operation ensures that the UV lamp automatically gets switched off when not in use. This enhances the overall life of the UV lamp, preventing you from having to spend a sum on purchasing it.

Moreover, The water purifier should be easy to use so that it can provide you purified water instantly with just the touch of a switch.

7. Electronic Monitoring System

Check if your water purifier comes with an Electronic Monitoring System. This ensures continuous scanning of the water during purification.

If there is an error during the stages of purification, the machine will shut-off automatically. Thus, this feature assures pure or no drinking water.

8. Price

UV water purifiers are less expensive as compared to RO water purifiers. This makes it a suitable choice for those under a budget. Thus, you can easily choose a purifier that is available at a reasonable price.

9. Warranty and Service

Another factor to look for while buying a UV water purifier or any water purifier, in that case, is the Warranty and after-sales service.

A minimum warranty of 1 year is always essential also ensure that you go for a brand that offers a great after-sales service. This prevents you from having to spend a vast sum on the yearly maintenance.

10. Durability

Water purifiers are a necessity in every household. Thus, it is important to ensure that the UV water purifier you purchase is made of food-grade plastic, which enhances the life and durability of the purifier.

The long-lasting water purifier saves you from having to spend your money in the purchase of another UV water purifier after just a short period.

11. Number Of Time You Need to Change Filters

UV water purifiers come with filters like activated carbon or sediment filters. While buying a purifier for your house, it is required to check the number of times you need to change the filters.

You need to change the filter at least once in 12 months or at an interval of 6 months. Most UV water purifiers also come with Filter change alerts that notify you when it is time to change the filter.

12. Speed of Filtering

The water flow of the UV water purifier should be enough to meet your requirements. Ensure that the water purifier you buy filters the water fast. No one would want to wait long hours for the water to get filtered.

Thus, when you buy the UV water purifier for your home, ensure that it provides your family with safe drinking water instantly with just a press of a switch.

13. Wastage of Water While Filtering

Another critical factor to check for while making a purchase is that if the water purifier is leaking in any way while filtering.

A leaking water purifier means wastage of water. Hence, go for a UV purifier that is secure and filters the water without wasting any of it since, every drop of water counts!

Moreover, a leakage would lead to a messy kitchen.

1. Kent Superb 9-litres Water Purifier 

Kent is a popular brand for home appliances and health care products like water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and modern kitchen appliances.

The Kent Superb 9-litres water purifier comes with RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller and has a chic white color. It is equipped with double purification technology with UV in the tank, which ensures you get the safest water.

It removes dissolved impurities such as bacteria,  chemicals, viruses, and salts from the water. 

Main Features
  • This RO water purifier is ideal for purifying brackish, tap, and municipal corporation water.
  • Its power consumption is 60W with an input water temperature of 10-35 C.
  • Its 9 liters tank is made from food-grade plastic.
  • Its purification capacity is 20 liters per hour. For every liter of water purified it throws away 650 ml of water.
  • Its multistage purification process, RO+UV+UF+TDS Control removes impurities.
  • The purifier comes with a unique UV disinfection technology that keeps stored water in tank germ-free.
  • Kent’s patented Mineral RO technology retains essential nutrients in the water with the help of the TDS controller. This provides you safe and clean water.
  • It has a digital display that showcases important parameters like mineral content, RO flow rate, filter life, and failure parameters.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It’s unique save water technology throws out less water thus reducing wastage. Also, the rejected water is stored in a separate tank that can be used for household purposes. 
  • The purifier has a 1-year warranty and also no service charge for 3 years.
  • Elegant design looks perfect in a modern kitchen.
  • It purifies water from all sources.
  • The high purification capacity of 20L/hr gives more purified water in less time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Installation can be tricky

2. Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD UV+ Mineralizer 7 Ltr. UV Water Purifier – Our Choice

Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD UV+ Mineralizer 7 Ltr. UV Water Purifier
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Eureka Forbes is responsible for providing us with some of its best water purifiers that use the latest technologies to ensure the water that is safe and pure for drinking.

This black and white Magna UV water purifier come with filters that remove unwanted impurities, chlorine, heavy metals, and organic impurities so that you get crystal clear water.

It also features a mineral guard so that it retains all the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, which might get lost during the purification process. Thus, the water you drink is entirely healthy, odor, and germs free.

Main Features
  • Net Weight of product: 4.5 Kg.
  • Capacity: 7 Liters.
  • It is made from ABS plastic material.
  • It comes with an HD filter that removes unwanted foreign particles.
  • The HCB carbon filter removes chlorine, heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, lead, etc. and other organic impurities.
  • It comes with a mineral guard that retains the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water.
  • The UV chamber eliminates the water-born disease-causing germs, bacteria, and protozoa from the water.
  • The water you obtain is bio-available because of its cutting edge Biotron technology that de-clusters the water molecules.
  • Color: Black and white.
  • Applicable for TDS- 1-200 mg/L.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It provides healthy and safe drinking water as that boiled for over 20 minutes.
  • Maintains the balance of pH in the water.
  • The water obtained is crystal clear, with no odor or color.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There are issues related to the quality and working of the product.
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3. Havells UV Plus 8-litres UF Water Purifier

Havells UV Plus UF Water Purifier has a capacity of 8-liters and contains a UF membrane for superior filtration. It ensures maximum safety with its double purification process.

It is designed in a compact way that saves space in your kitchen. The removable tank is easy to clean and access.

Main Features
  • The tank is transparent and thus enables you to keep a check on the water level.
  • This filter sports a 5-step purification process with germicidal UV-C protection.
  • It contains a revitalizer that restructures water molecules for better absorption.
  • There is also a drip tray included that ensures water doesn’t get stagnated underneath.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The compact design of this filter makes it easy to mount on the tabletop or the wall.
  • The knob is adjustable to control the water flow.
  • It features auto water cut-off to prevent wastage of water.
  • The UF membrane purifies algae, cysts, bacteria, organic, and inorganic polymeric molecules.
  • The Smart Alerts include self-diagnosis, tank full, error/failure alert, and purification.
  • It has an advanced electronics system that protects the purifier from electrical damage.
  • The zero splash faucet ensures water does not splash while flowing.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed so far.

4. Aquaguard Aura 7liters Water Purifier

Aquaguard Aura Water purifier holds 7-liters of purified water that goes through a 6-step purification process. It is made with patented Active Copper Technology that incorporates the goodness of copper in water.

This water purifier has a stylish metallic finish tap. The large tank capacity allows you to store enough water for a day.

Main Features
  • The UV e-boiling makes the water as pure as water boiled for 20 minutes.
  • It contains a multi-filter purification system including chemi-block and i-filter.
  • The Mineral Guard Technology retains the water’s essential minerals like magnesium and calcium.
  • The six stages of purification gives crystal clear water free of contaminations.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This filter has ultra-filtration that makes the water pure and viral-free.
  • The copper cartridge infuses copper ions into the water making it beneficial for health.
  • The UV+UF filters kill viruses and bacteria.
  • It has a compact design that easily fits on the kitchen tabletop.
  • The metallic tap is sturdy and rust-resistant.
CONS (What we didn’t like)

No negative points were observed so far.

5. Eureka Forbes Aqua guard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier – The Energy Saving Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aqua guard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier
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Eureka Forbes is a Mumbai based consumer goods company that deals with the manufacture of water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and air purification units.

The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV water purifier is our number one choice in the list of the top UV water purifiers.

This UV water purifier comes with an advanced electronic monitoring system that ensures that you are provided with pure, safe, and healthy drinking water at all times. Moreover, you are always provided with fresh water with the required natural elements kept intact.

It is the ideal choice for keeping your family safe.

Main Features
  • It is made of Food grade plastic.
  • Warranty: 1 year on the product.
  • It comes with a voltage stabilizer that allows it to work correctly, even during voltage fluctuations.
  • The Biotron Cartridge breaks down the water molecules so that you can absorb them quickly.
  • It comes with a backflush.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The backflush removes stagnated water, keeping the filter clean.
  • It automatically shuts off the UV lamp if the purifier is not used for ten minutes, saving electricity and enhancing the life of the UV lamp.
  • The Advanced Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) assures safe or no water by scanning the water continuously and shuts the machine off if there is an error in the purification process.
  • The mineral guard prevents the deposition of natural minerals like Calcium and Magnesium (which are present in the input water) on the UV Quartz Glass.
  • The required natural elements are kept intact in the drinking water.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not work on Low-pressure water supply.
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6. KENT Ultra Wall-Mountable UV Water Purifier, 60 L/hr Purification capacity – The Economically Automatic UV Water Purifier

KENT Ultra Wall-Mountable UV Water Purifier, 60 L/hr Purification capacity
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Kent, one of the leading names in the field of RO water purifiers, has come up with a great water purifier based on UV technology. The Kent Ultra UV water purifier comes with a 60 liter per hour purification capacity that is more than enough for a large family.

This white model can be mounted on the wall, saving space in the kitchen.

Moreover, it has a fully automatic mode of operation that cuts off the power supply when the UV lamp stops working efficiently, thus saving electricity and preventing it from providing impure water.

This is an economical water purifier to have in the kitchen.

Main Features
  • Purification capacity is 60 L/hour.
  • This water purifier comes with a user manual, warranty card, and service center details.
  • Warranty: 1 year plus three years no service charge.
  • A combination of Sediment filter, Activated carbon filter, and UV disinfection is used to provide 100% safe drinking water.
  • It is suitable for areas with low total dissolved solids (TDS).
  • Filter cartridge: Sediment, activated carbon.
  • Fully automatic operation with UV Fail alarms that stop the power supply so that it does not provide impure water.
  • The compact and elegant model is wall mounted, making it save space in the kitchen and draw water conveniently.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The UV technology ensures the removal of all the contaminants and micro-organisms.
  • The high power 11 watt UV lamp deactivates all the micro-organisms from the water.
  • This Kent water purifier model comes with Computer controlled operation like UV fail alarm feature that notifies you when it is time to change the lamp.
  • The three stages of advanced filtration process give you safe and healthy drinking water.
  • The purifier has a longer life and high durability because it is designed with ABS food-grade plastic.
  • It is CE, and ISI certified, meeting all the requirements of the testing standard.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The water output flow of this purifier is very slow.
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7. Blue Star Pristina UV Ambient Series 25-Watt Water Purifier – The Compact and Stylish UV Water Purifier

Blue Star Pristina UV Ambient Series 25-Watt Water Purifier
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Blue Star is a leading manufacturer of air conditioners, water purifiers, and water coolers that are innovative and efficient. The Blue Star Pristina UV Ambient Series Water purifier is known for its compact and stylish design that saves space in your kitchen.

The water goes through a five-stage advanced purification process that gives you safe and healthy drinking water with a maximum flow rate of 2 L/min. This is a great water purifier model to have in your kitchen.

Main Features
  • Non-storage liters allows you always to drink fresh water.
  • Power: 25 watts.
  • It has an elegantly modern and compact design that saves space in the kitchen.
  • It comes with a one year warranty on the product.
  • It comes with an energy-saving mode and an in-built voltage stabilizer that allows it to function properly even during voltage fluctuations.
  • It has a maximum flow rate of 2 L/min making it ideal for big families.
  • It can be both mounted in the wall or placed at the tabletop.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The five-stage advanced purification process (Stainless steel pre-filter, Sediment filter, Carbon filter, Micro tap filter, and UV lamp) gives you and your family pure and safe drinking water, without any impurities.
  • The filter change alert notifies you when you need to change the filter, also providing sufficient time to change the filters.
  • The ultra-efficient stainless steel UV shield provides microbial safe water.
  • It has a UV fail alert and a UV change indicator, which notifies you when you need to change the UV lamp, and it automatically stops working so that you don’t drink harmful water.
  • It is a compact and stylish model that comes with a smart microcontroller. This enhances the life of the UV lamp and saves electricity.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The outlet of the water could be improved.
  • The build quality of the product is low.
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8. Livpure Touch UV 60-Litre Water Purifier – The Budget-Friendly Option

Livpure Touch UV 60-Litre Water Purifier
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Livpure is a well-known brand when it comes to UV and RO water purifiers for those under a budget. The Livpure Touch Water purifier uses UV technology to produce 60 L/ hour of purified water.

This white model comes at an affordable price, making it the perfect option for those wanting a reasonable product that offers similar great features as the other models.

Main Features
  • It uses UV plus UF purification technology disease-causing micro-organisms and also removes harmful bodies from the water.
  • It does not have a storage capacity, so we always drink fresh and safe drinking water.
  • Purification Capacity is 60 liters/hour makes it ideal for prominent families.
  • Power consumption is 20 watts.
  • Purification cartridges: Sediment filter, Carbon filter, UV Disinfection Column, UV Cartridge filter.
  • Warranty: 1 year on the product
  • It is suitable for areas with low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level- Up to 150 ppm.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The food-grade plastic material construction ensures the high durability of the model.
  • The 4 stage purification ensures the removal of impurities giving you safe drinking water.
  • The UV failure alarm notifies you when you have to change the UV lamp, and it stops working to prevent you from drinking impure water.
  • It has power saver technology and is equipped with e-monitoring.
  • It has a Filter Replacement Cycle- Up to 6000 Litres and UV Disinfection Column- 24 Litres/hour.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The water leaks from the bottom of the purifier model. Hence, there is a wastage of water.
  • Maintainance cost is high.
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9. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Verve UV Water Purifier – The UV Water Purifier with e-boiling Technology

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Verve UV Water Purifier
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The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Verve UV Water Purifier comes with a unique e-boiling technology that kills bacteria and germs as if it is boiled for over 20 minutes. Moreover, the three-stage purification system ensures removal of mud, sand, dirt, solid particles as well as disease-causing micro-organisms.

Thus, it provides the safest and purest form of drinking water to keep your family safe and healthy. It is also capable of working perfectly during voltage fluctuations.

Main Features
  • UV purification technology with unique e-boiling that ensure the killing of bacteria and germs.
  • Purification capacity is 60 L/hour.
  • It is suitable for areas with low TDS water (<200 ppm).
  • It has a water flow and on/off indicator.
  • The voltage stabilizer makes sure the purifier works even during voltage fluctuations or low voltage.
  • It can be installed on the wall.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The unique e-boiling feature kills the bacteria and viruses as if the water has been boiled for 20 minutes. Hence, it ensures safe drinking water.
  • The water purifier has a 3 stage purification system that includes--The clarity cartridge (removes fine particles like dust, sand, and mud),-The chemi block (removes excess chlorine, bad odour, bad taste, and organic impurities)-The UV chamber (eliminates water-borne disease-causing bacteria, protozoa and viruses).
  • The auto-off feature switches off the UV lamp when the purifier is not in use, enhancing the life of the lamp and saving power consumption.
  • The in-built voltage stabilizer enables the purifier to work efficiently even during voltage fluctuations and low voltage.
  • It is certified by more than 130 national and international leading labs.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far about the product
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10. AO Smith 48-watt Plastic UV and Hot Water Purifier – The Best Hot Water Purifier

AO Smith 48-watt Plastic UV and Hot Water Purifier
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AO Smith is an American company that deals with the manufacture of various water heaters and boilers. It is very well known in the Asian markets for the manufacture of water purifiers.

The AO Smith Plastic UV and Hot water purifier is another great product that uses UV technology to kill the micro-organisms present in the water.

This electric water purifier has a unique feature of proving you with purified hot water between 45 º C to 80 º C. The night assist feature enables you to find your UV water purifier even in the dark also adding to the attractive style of your kitchen.

Main Features
  • Purified water storage capacity: 10 L that allows ready availability of water even during the water shortage.
  • Power consumption is 48 watt.
  • It has a night assist glow feature that enhances the attractive look of the kitchen at night.
  • It is suitable for low TDS (up to 200 ppm) and hardness up to 120 ppm.
  • Installation provision for both walls mounted or tabletop
  • It has a UV, purified hot water option that allows you to obtain hot water.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The five-stage purification makes the water pass through pre-filter + sediment filter + silver activated post-carbon + UV lamp + ufss* (for hot water only) to give you healthy drinking water.
  • The UV lamp has a proven non-chemical, disinfectant technology which gives you healthy water.
  • The UV life alert notifies you when the UV lamp has to be changed and automatically stops working so that you don’t drink impure water.
  • It provides UV purified hot water at two temperature options (between 45 º C to 80 º C) with just a press of a button.
  • The digital display feature provides a simple and intelligent display of information, making it much more convenient to know when the water is purified and heated to the required temperature.
  • It has advanced pre-filter and sediment filter which removes suspended solids and sediments from water.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The maintenance cost is quite high.
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11. HUL Pureit Classic UV+ G2 WCUV400 Water Purifier – The Energy Saving UV Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Classic UV+ G2 WCUV400 Water Purifier
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The Hul Pureit Classic Water Purifier is a great product that makes sure you and your family are always provided with clean and safe drinking water. It is a white color model that has a compact and non-toxic design.

The water goes through a five-stage purification system that removes ten crores of viruses from every liter of water. It also has other convenient features like a water-saving mode and an auto shut-off mode that saves both electricity and the cartridge life.

Main Features
  • Purification capacity is 2 L/min making it suitable for large families
  • It includes Drip tray with cover, three ball valve diverter, and a product manual.
  • Power is 26 watts.
  • 1-year Warranty on the product.
  • It has a compact, sleek, and covered design that optimizes space and makes the kitchen look modern and good.
  • It has a four-stage purification system that ensures every drop of water you drink is pure and safe.
  • It has a powerful 11 watt UV lamp for enhanced safety.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It meets the USEPA standard of purification and removes ten crore viruses from every liter of water.
  • It has a longer double cartridge filter life of 6000 Litres as compared to the standard filter life of 3000 liters.
  • It has a very low maintenance cost of just 25 paisa/liter.
  • It has an advanced alert system that notifies you 15 days before the cartridge life expires.
  • The auto shut-off mode shuts the device off when the cartridge life expires.
  • It comes with a water-saving mode that stops the device automatically after 15 mins of dispensing water continuously.
  • It also comes with a power-saving mode that shuts off the UV lamp after ten mins, when not in use.
  • The water purifier has a compact design made of food-grade, non-toxic material.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It takes time for the water to get filtered. An additional pump is required
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is UV water safe to drink?

UV water is safe to drink provided it is teamed with a set of other carbon filters that manage to remove other contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine, and Volatile Organic compounds.

2. How effective is UV purification?

UV purification is the most effective when it comes to disinfecting water from disease-causing germs, bacteria, and protozoa. It destroys 99.99% of harmful micro-organisms that might be present in the water.

Moreover, it does not require chemicals, and it does not change the taste or smell of the water.

3. Does UV light kill viruses in the water?

UV light manages to kill viruses, germs, and bacteria without the use of any chemicals. It does this by breaking the molecular bonds with the DNA of the micro-organisms, preventing them from growing or multiplying.

4. Is a UV water purifier suitable for Borewell water?

If the borewell water consists of heavy metals like arsenic, lead, zinc, etc. RO+UV water purifiers are much more suitable since UV water purifiers alone are not capable of removing heavy metals from the water.

RO+UV water purifiers when teamed with a mineral guard, also improves the taste of the water and removes the odor.

5. Which brand is best for water purifiers?

Some of the best water purifier brands include- Kent, Livpure, Eureka Forbes, Aquaguard, Blue Star, Havells, AO Smith, etc.

6. Why is UV required in water purifiers?

UV is required in water purifiers to remove harmful disease-causing germs and bacteria from the water. They kill these micro-organisms and prevent them from growing or multiplying in number.

7. Can I find a good UV water purifiers under 10,000?

Yes, there are many good UV water purifiers under 10,000. Most of the products on the list including the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier and the KENT Ultra Wall-Mountable UV Water Purifier are under the budget of 10,000.


UV water purifiers save our families and us from water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, flu, etc. by killing the germs and bacteria present in the water.

UV lamps teams with filtering options like sediment uv water filters and activated carbon provide us with pure and healthy drinking water free from any bad taste and odor.

These water purifiers are available in a diverse number of designs and brands. The article hopes to help you find the best UV water purifier for you and your family.

We have provided a detailed insight regarding all the information you need to know about UV water purifiers. The comprehensive buyer’s guide gives all the essential factors you need to take into consideration before making a purchase.

For more help, we have provided a list of the top eight UV water purifiers along with the link to purchase them from Amazon.

Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD UV+ Mineralizer 7 Ltr. UV Water Purifier is undoubtedly our number one choice. If Budget is your concern go for Livpure Touch UV 60-Litre Water Purifier.

This is followed by a few more numbers of models under different brands which have their unique features. I hope this article helps!

Anaida Sutherland

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