Best Selling Bullet blenders

The invention of blenders is obviously of one the most helpful innovations for us humans. The heavy-duty blenders make our work very easy and reliable.But these blenders are not so good when you have less work to do like making a smoothie or shake in the morning when you are mostly in a hurry. Here, the bullet blender come very handily. These give us a quick and simple alternative and are less messy than the huge ones.

Their special design and sharp blades have enabled them to give faster service. Nowadays, most of the people are preferring to get their hands on these easy to use bullet blenders rather than the traditional ones. However, the size of the blender may be insufficient sometimes, when you have a large amount of food to be processed. In such a situation, you will have to blend multiple times and will not regret doing that too as its cleanup will save you time. 

Here, we have the best bullet blenders recommendations, how it works and tips to buy the perfect blender for yourself. So first let us see the types of blenders that are available for you.

Top Ten Best Bullet Blenders


Power (Watts)

Unique Feature


Our Choice


Superfast motor with speed of 20,000 rotations per minute

The Nutrients Extractor


The rotational speed of the blade is 25000 rotations per minute

The Lightweight Blender


The rotational speed of the motor is 20,000 rotations per minute

Compact and Powerful Blender


High torque power base

The Smart Blender


Four different speed modes

For the Health Conscious


Two separate blades

Quality on a Budget


Two different set of stainless steel blades

The on-the-go buddy


Two different set of stainless steel blades

The Multi-tasker


Push start and lock system

The Lightweight Blender


Very lightweight, only 1.2 kgs

How does Bullet Blenders work?

You know that the bullet blenders are specially designed to provide smooth blending experience along with the high speed of blending. Let us see how they can provide you such a fantastic experience. The efficiency of these blenders depends on some factors, and first of all is their blades.

The combination of good quality blades is the main reason why the bullet Blenders are so much efficient. Many of the blenders use cyclonic blades or Extractor blades or the combination of both to generate and extract the hidden nutrition in the food.

The working of the bullet blender is very simple, and it does not need many efforts. The jars that you get along with the blenders are used to fill in with all the ingredients that are to be blended in a certain amount. Then it is covered with the lid which has the blending or grinding blade, and then it is properly fixed into the base of the blender that has the motor. Make sure that it is fitted properly as it has chances of malfunctioning if not fit in exactly as they have to be.

Once, it is done, you can turn on the power supply and blend it easily. Most of the bullet blenders only require some seconds to blend the softer ingredients or can take up to a minute to blend the tougher and harder ingredients properly.

Types of blenders

There is a variety of blenders available for everyone according to their needs, and you can choose the one that fulfills all your needs. 

  • Immersion Blenders

The basic hand blenders or the immersion blenders are recommended for blending in soft fruits/vegetables only as they are generally used for smoothies, soups, and shakes which include soft ingredients. Usually, they make one serving at a time. You cannot crush ice or any nuts in the blender. 

  • Tradition countertop Blenders

The countertop blenders which we have seen in our homes usually are used for making smoothies with soft ingredients; you can also make milkshakes and protein shake in them too. These work same as the immersion blenders. One of the differences between the two is that it is not handy or portable. Also, it requires more space for storage, and it will cost you a little higher than the immersion blenders

  • Handy bullet blenders

The personal bullet blenders which are our recommendation, and with using this, you will be able to make all types of smoothies and protein shakes very easily. It is very convenient, and it can serve 1 to 2 servings at a time. You can also crush nuts and ice in some of the models of these blenders. 

  • High-performance blenders

Last but not least, the high-performance blenders are perfect for all kind of smoothies, you can crush the toughest ingredients. You can go for nut butter, nut milk, and ice. Option for ice cream making is also available and has very high functionality, but they are very expensive.

Bullet Blender Buyer’s Guide

There are some key points that you should keep in mind while selecting the bullet blender of your choice. These factors will help you decide the best one, as everyone has specific demands and there are a various variety of products that are designed especially for all kinds of requirements.

  • Purpose (which will decide the size)

The size of the bullet blender depends on your needs. If you want a single serving at a time, or 3 to 4 servings, the size you should prefer depends on the number of servings you would want. There are various models with different serving capacities available out there in the market, and you should be smart enough to choose one which you will never regret later on.

  • Quality and the material

There are various models of bullet blenders with different quality. Like there are some with plastic case and some with stainless steel. So, you should be alert in choosing the best in the class material of your blender as a low-quality material will not be durable. 

  • Blending tough ingredients

Some blenders are strong enough that they are capable of crushing tough ingredients like nuts or anything similar. But some, have special instructions that mention that any tough ingredient will not be blended properly and they may break the blades of the blender. So, while choosing one for you, consider the ingredients you will blend in before buying one.

  • Power consumption

Power consumption is a major issue right now, as electricity has been very costly these days and also, we should use appliances which help in saving electricity. Some of the blenders are power efficient; they consume less amount of power to give good results. And, some blenders consume a little higher electricity, but they work so fast and efficient that they do not need to be run for longer, just a few seconds and you are good to go.

  • Speed

The speed of the blender means the rpm of its blades and the speed is directly proportional to the efficiency and power consumption. The more is the speed of the blades of the blender, the less time it will take to blend and hence will consume less power, making it more efficient. So, be certain that you check the rpm speed or rotations per minute and choose the one with higher value.

  • Noiseless Operation

The traditional blenders as you know create a lot of noise, but eventually, the new technologies are coming to make the blenders create very less noise. You should choose a blender which is less noisy.

  • Affordability

Many blenders are available which have different specifications, but getting attracted to fascination new features and investing in something that is unnecessary is not a good idea. So you should wisely invest in the one which has all the necessary features you require and is affordable.

  • Maintenance Cost

There are always chances that the machinery parts malfunction after a point of time, so you should keep this in mind while selecting the blender. Always keep a note that whether it can be repaired easily or not, are the parts available and how much will it cost you for the maintenance before you but the blender.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning the blender after its use is a tough and tiring job. And the traditional blenders usually create a mess and take time to be cleaned properly. Bullet blenders are super simple to clean. So, you should keep in mind that cleaning process is also an important factor to look for when looking to buy a bullet blender.

  • Dishwasher safe

If you have a dishwasher at your home, then make sure you go for a blender which is dishwasher friendly. Various models provide this feature.

1. Wonderchef Nutri blend Juicer Mixer Grinder 400 watts - Our Choice

The 400 watts, Nutri bullet blender juicer mixer grinder, is one of the best option available in the wide range of bullet blenders. Its reasonable price and good features make it the best seller. Wonderchef is one of the most trusted brands for various appliances and this lender will be the best choice if you are interested in making healthy and tasty juices, shakes and smoothies. Also, you can use it for grinding dry spices and chutneys.

Talking about the shape and storage space it requires, it’s effortless to maintain this one as it is compact and takes very less space when compared to the traditional huge mixers and machinery.

Also, it comes with two jars, that are interchangeable and are of two different sizes which you can use according to your purpose, one is 300ml, and the other is 500ml, along with lid and a seasoning cap.

Main Features

  • Superfast motor with speed of 20,000 rotations per minute
  • Operating voltage is 220 – 240 volts.
  • No spillage when blending and is also safe to use, and is very lightweight i.e. 1.5 Kg
  • Circle
    Detachable parts for making it easy to wash.
  • Circle
    Comes with 2 set of stainless steel blades, each for blending and grinding and two interchangeable jars of different sizes.
  • Circle
    It comes with two years of warranty.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Compact design and easy to maintain and store
  • Two separate blades are good for dry grinding and wet grinding.
  • The motor is very powerful, and the product is overall good for healthy cooking.
  • Non-skid rubber footing

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • Noise intensity is little high.
  • Does not have a separate switch for on/off, so you should be careful before plugging in the main socket

2. Nutri Bullet Pro 900 series Blender - The Nutrients Extractor

The blenders by Nutri bullet are amazing as they are portable and easy to maintain. They are not as bulky as the traditional mixers and grinders and are also safe to use for kids.

The 1.2 horsepower motor that is used in this blender is a superfood nutrition extractor. The special combination of pro extractor blade and exclusive cyclonic blades help your fruits and other food to break down completely. Using the NutriBullet blender as a part of your daily routine will help you feel younger and healthier.

The Nutri bullet pro 900 series includes a high torque power base which is the fastest and is so strong that it can blend the toughest ingredients. This blender is not designed to crush ice.  You will get top go-to lids that you can use with the jars and use them as easily as you use a normal bottle.

You will get a 32 Oz  Cup with the lip ring 24 Oz Tall Cup with one handled lip ring and with all these, you will also be provided with a pocket nutritionist, a handbook which will have the benefits and nutritional information about a variety of products and a recipe book too.

Main Features

  • The rotational speed of the blade is 25000 RPM, and the pro extractor and cyclonic blades are very sharp that they can easily chop-off the fruits and veggies very finely to extract every drop of nutrition from it.
  • The high-torque power base that is of 900 watts is very fast and efficient. The ergonomic machine helps you to blend even the tough ingredients in a very small time duration.
  • This blender is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it up is less messy, and also, it is safe to use so that even kids can use this easily for making their smoothies and milkshakes.

PROS (What we liked)

  • It takes only 50-60 seconds to blend even hard ingredients.
  • The two jars are of perfect measurement, the small one is perfect for a single person, and the bigger one is sufficient for 2-3 people
  • The blending is very fine, as no fibers or bits of food are left in the drink.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • It cannot be used for blending anything hot.

3. Nutri Ninja Slim Hand Blender (700 watts) - The Lightweight Blender

Everyone knows that we need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables every day, but it is not possible to eat a large amount of using vegetables in a single day. So, you can give a try to alternative ways to make a delicious and nutritious smoothie out of the fruits and vegetables that contain all the nutrients that you require.

Ninja has always given us useful and handy products and this Nutri Ninja Bullet Blender is a combination of powerful 700-watt motor and the hard blades that are extensively for crushing ice and breaking down all the fruits and vegetables very easily. The combination of such a powerful motor and sharp blades blends your drink in seconds only to create super smooth nutritious and great tasting smoothies.

The slim and nice looking machine is also very lightweight as it is only 1.168 kg. It has an only one-speed level and is safe to use in the dishwasher, also easy to clean. 

In the pack, you are getting a powerful motor base with two jars that too of Triton material of 470 ml each, you will also get a pro extractor blade and two go-to lids and a recipe book which will have 30 recipes at least. All in all its a complete package full of all the features with an awesome budget.

Main Features

  • The rotational speed of the motor is 20,000 RPM, and it is of 700 watts.
  • The Nutri Ninja Blades are amazing as they are designed to break down the food completely to extract all the nutrients and vitamins out if it.
  • BPA free jars of Tritan material which are durable, stain resistant and also scratch proof.
  • Circle
    Since the blender is dishwasher safe, it is very convenient to use and cleanup.
  • Circle
    It comes with the brand warranty of 2 years.
  • Circle
    Makes tasty smoothies.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The slim and compact design is very suitable to store it anywhere easily.
  • The sharp end blades will require you to blend the fruits and veggies for only a few seconds to get the perfect smoothies, and that too in the perfect consistency.
  • It is very easy to operate this blender.
  • The cleaning up process after use is also quite simple.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • A little noisy as it has a powerful motor.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Not suitable to grind any spices or coffee beans.
  • Heats up if used continuously for about two or more minutes.

4. Nutri Bullet Nbr 1212M High-speed blender mixer (600 watts) - Compact and Powerful Blender

One of the best bullet blenders it is the Nutri Bullet Nbr 1212M. It is a high-speed blender and mixer system which has 600 watts of a powerful motor. Also it comes with the set of 12 piecesand it provides you with the facility to shred, grind, chop or blend in various vegetables as well as fruits

It blends vegetable, fruits, and others superfoods effortlessly to make nutritious green smoothies and protein shakes that very effortlessly. It is built according to the Indian voltage which 220 volts or 50 Hz. The patented stainless steel blades are designed with cyclonic action that will blend in your food very well to extract all the nutrients from it.

Along with it, you get three cups, in which there are one tall cup and two pieces of small cups. You will get two different kinds of blades, one is a flat blade and the second one is emulsifying blade that is differently used according to the requirement and the quality of ingredients. 

Main Features

  • The high torque power base and 600-watt motor make it the powerful food processor that you need for your daily blending requirements.
  • The capacity of the tall jar is 700 ml. Also it has two small jars with it for small servings.
  • The blades are cyclonic and are the extractor six wing blades.
  • Circle
    It has two different types of it, one is emulsifying blade, and the other is a flat blade.

PROS (What we liked)

  • You can grind hard materials very effectively like coffee beans etc. to start your day with healthy and tasty smoothies and milkshakes.
  • Its lids are tight, so there will be no leakage issues.
  • You will not require to run it for more than 30 seconds to blend any ingredient.
  • Check
    Tough quality blades for smooth blending in seconds.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • UK style power plug but can be used with most of the modular sockets and also by using an adapter as well.

5. Tecnora Tritan Nutri Blender (1000W) - The Smart Blender

The nutrition Extractor or the vitalizer power Blender by Technora is a very powerful blender that will vitalize your day. It comes with intelligence control and a powerful motor and a lot of more features.

Most importantly, it has an electronic control panel which is given with four different speed modes. Two of them can be used for effortless ice crushing and blending. And the other two can be used for normal or high speed that you require for blending.

Intelligence speed mode automatically senses the food load and will regulate the speed of the motor between a high and low-speed mode that will give you flawless results.

You will get a seven-piece set of Technora Tritan that will include a base unit with an electronic command panel, A 1000 ml BPA-free Tritan cup along with the standard 500 ml BPA-free Tritan cup. You will get a flat grinder blade also that you can use for dry grinding and flip top to go lids that you can use with the jars anywhere, and you can take it with yourself anywhere.

Main Features

  • High torque 1.3 horsepower or 1000 watt powerful motor which is very efficient with the rotation speed of  21,000 RPM
  • Transparent BPA free 500 ml and 1-liter jars are available with it.
  • The amazing six winged blade base and a flat blade base are provided for separately using according to the need.
  • Circle
    Also, an electronic panel is in the blender to power on/off the machine and control its speed with soft start and rapid acceleration features, and it also has an amazing feature of “Auto switch off.”
  • Circle
    Four different speed modes for crushing ice and blending.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Best to make smoothies and chutneys when in a hurry and can be used for dry grinding as well.
  • The cleaning up process is very simple, and you need not worry about it, blend, sip and go!
  • It is very powerful and not at all bulky.
  • It’s compact and very easy to store.
  • The jar comes with a flip-fo-to lid, thus making it portable.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • A little expensive when compared to other blenders

6. WonderChef Nutri Blend Pro (700 watts) - For the Health Conscious

WonderChef Nutri blend Pro is a powerful blending machine. As it is claimed that if you want to be fit, you should consume most of the benefits of your food and this WonderChef Nutri blend to give you easily absorb-able food essential and nutrient-rich blends.

Wonderchef Nutri Blend Pro is designed in a way that it can extract every group of immunity-enhancing and pain-relieving Omega 3, vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidants from the food and give it to you in the most digestible form. 

The full package of the wonderful Blender comes with the high power motor of 700 watts that will consume the power of only 220 volts or 50 Hz. Along with it, you will get two different jars along that, one is of 900 ml, and the short jar is of 650 ml. You will also get one lid and slip Ring with handle, and you will get two different blades one for grinding and the other for blending.

The grinding blades are assured to grind the hardest of masala and make chutney. The blending blades are fantastic to make smoothies blends and mixes. As it has a metal body which gives stability to the whole base and that is why it is very safe to use. 

Main Features

  • A super-fast motor of 700 W is very powerful and strong enough to blend the hardest ingredients in a small blend only.
  • It comes with two separate blades for grinding the hardest items like masala and chutneys and the other for making simple and easy smoothies and shakes.
  • Also, it is provided with two jars of different capacities for using them as per the requirement at any point of time.
  • Circle
    It has a non-skid rubber footing.
  • Circle
    It comes with two years of brand warranty.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Requires very less blending time, most things are blended and ground in seconds.
  • The jars that come along with it are of perfect sizes; they provide exact servings.
  • The strength and stability of the machine are because of its metal body, and also it is safe to use.
  • The parts are detachable under very easy to clean.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • A few users found it difficult to use without a button.

7. Lee Star Stainless steel Nutri-Mix (400 watts) - Quality on a Budget

Lee star’s Nutri mix is an advanced Blender, and it is said that it blends the food so well and extracts nutrient from the food to the most digestible form so that our body can completely absorb the nutrients of that food

It is trusted to extract all the nutritional content like minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, omega3, and proteins and granulates and mills the food very well instead of simply blending the food like the other blenders.

The Lee Star Nutrimix uses 400 watts of power and gives you efficient and perfect blended extractions from various fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts as it can crush the hard ingredients very easily. Not just smoothies and juices, you can even do dry grinding in this Nutri-Mix.

Main Features

  • Stainless Steel body and a high-power 400 watts motor that is best suitable to blend most of the food products.
  • Two different set of stainless steel blades each for blending and grinding gives perfectly blending and ground foods.
  • Comes with two unbreakable jars of 500 ml and 300 ml.
  • Circle
    Also, seasoning cap and lid are also provided with the jars.
  • Circle
    The blender comes with two years of brand warranty.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Perfect for grinding coffee beans.
  • Can be used for blending toddler’s food as well.
  • Very easy to use, does not require any training to learn.
  • As the blender jars are dishwasher safe, the cleansing process is simplified.
  • Affordable.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • Keep pressing the power button to keep it running.

8. Whip Sip Personal Blender - The on-the-go buddy

The powerful Blender by Whipsip is great for making protein milkshake or smoothie. If you are into some dieting plan or trying to lose weight, smoothies and shakes may be a must in your daily fitness routine the way to Blender promises to be your best friend.

The powerful 350 watt motor along with four super sharp stainless steel blades with high precision quality will ensure you to give a whole new experience of delicious smoothness in your smoothie, soups or milkshakes.

Only a 30-second whip is required to get a healthy drink out of it. With the Whipsip Blender, you will get a 600 ml jar and a 300 ml jar, along with it you will get travel lids with each of them that can be converted to a drinking bottle. The lids do not break then and are also scratch proof. It is secured with an ultra sealed rings around the lids so that anything will not spill out of the container. Also, you have a simple one-touch operation key which is very easy to use.

Main Features

  • A strong 350-volt motor that is supposed to perform well for all the smoothies and shakes.
  • Four-leaf stainless steel pro extractor blades that are very sharp and blend the food very finely and efficiently.
  • It comes with three different jars, the capacity of the two big jars is 600 ml, and the smaller one is of 300ml.
  • Circle
    Also, it comes with a regulating button, with on/off switch.
  • Circle
    Comes with leak-proof lids to avoid spilling.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Many users have appreciated the quality of the blender and the bottles.
  • It is very lightweight and compact so that it can be stored very easily without any inconvenience.
  • This blender is portable and has less maintenance cost as compared to the other high-fi blenders.
  • Check
    The quality of the jars provided is nice and durable. And are leakproof when used as bottles with the lids.
  • The product is a value-for-money.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • A few users have questions about its longevity. 

9. Sphere spice max Nutri Juicer Mixer Grinder - The Multi-tasker

The Sphere spice max Nutri juicer mixer grinder is a compact and high performance and also a simple multi recipe maker. It is a kind of a bullet blender but with features of the traditional juicer mixer and grinder as well.

The blending speed of the sphere Bullet mixer is very fast it takes less than 10 seconds to blend as it has a powerful torque motor. The sphere spice max, is also called as the centrifugal juicer, is a pro in blending and chopping extremely fast as it is a multi-functional system. It can mince garlic, grate cheese, and chop onions in only 3 seconds and this proves that it has an incredibly fast speed and the reason for the speed is its powerful motor and two SS blade attachments.

Also, it has less noise intensity, and it can grind hard materials like coconut also as it has a high speed and strong motor of 400 watts. 

Main Features

  • High-speed 400-watt, powerful torque motor with the rotational speed of 22,000 RPM.
  • It comes with a sharp blade for precise and quick blending.
  • It has a multifunctional system.
  • Circle
    It comes with two jars of different sizes, the bigger one is of 600 ml, and the smaller one is of 300 ml along with lids.
  • Circle
    Push start and lock system make it extremely simple to use.

PROS (What we liked)

  • It is a superfast multi-tasking blender, perfect for wet and dry grinding.
  • It is very convenient to store.
  • Very simple to use, even for a first timer.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • Some users complained of it being a little noisy.

10. BMS Lifestyle High-Speed Blender Mixer Grinder (400 Watts) - The Lightweight Blender

The BMS Lifestyle high-speed blender mixer grinder and the juicer is all in one solution for all of the current day kitchen requirements.

This centrifugal juicer is ideal for blending the large fruits and veggies easily and quickly. It has a high power 400 watts motor to juice or grinds the tougher ingredients. Along with fast and strong motor, it has a sharper cutting stainless steel blades and also an anti-slip mat to improve stability that prevent the jars from moving around while blending. It can also crush ice.

In the complete package, you will get a big juicer jar a small jar, and grinding jar, both of them are BPA free as well, along with the powerful 400 watt Base, and also it is very lightweight as it has only 1.2 kg of weight. Along with it comes a four angle stainless steel blades that are very sharp and can do their jobs in seconds.

Main Features

  • High speed and powerful motor of 400 watts for efficient and fast blending.
  • The blades are of stainless steel and more sharper to reduce the blending time, and chop-off the food finely.
  • Its very lightweight, only 1.2 kgs and also takes less storage space as it is compact than the regular huge food processors.
  • Circle
    The blender is dishwasher safe and therefore is very convenient for everyone.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The jars are durable and easily washable.
  • Blending speed is very fast and can blend very finely and that too without any hassle.
  • Long lasting quality.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • Some users complained of it not having separate on/off switch


Blenders have become an essential part of people’s daily life as they have made our lives so much easier and the variety of bullet blenders available in the market is huge. People prefer getting their hands on bullet blenders rather than the traditional bulky grinders and blenders as they are much more convenient to use, to manage, store and the cleanup process after use is also super fast. If you are planning to buy a bullet blender than make sure you buy the best one.

We’ll recommend the Wonderchef Nutri blend, as it is an excellent combination of juicer, mixer, and grinder and in a compact size. The powerful motor blends the food well, and this one is surely a great value for money.

Another recommendation you to go for the Nutri Bullet Nbr 1212M as it is the most suitable one and have good specifications and that too in a very affordable price, the more is the power, the less time will be required for completion of the blending process. Also, the champagne gold color looks beautiful to showcase in your kitchen.

So, these were the best of all bullet blenders you can choose from according to your budget and requirement. Also, keep in mind the points that were mentioned in the buyers guide as they will help you choose the best option available for you. We hope you get the best buy and the perfect bullet blender that will make your blending experience super smooth.


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