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Refrigerator Size and Capacity (Based on Family Size)

The refrigerator is the most essential appliance in the kitchen. Today, manufacturers are always thinking outside the box to bring new technologies, designs, and features into the refrigerator. Do not get your heart set towards a specific one which does not meet your requirements. Instead, let us consider a few essential facts to help find […]

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Is it Alright to Unplug the Refrigerator When Not in Use?

Getting anxious the night before leaving for a vacation is quite normal. Moments before you leave for your vacation you start wondering what loose ends you forgot to tie. After a while, your focus shifts towards kitchen appliances. You might be wondering if you should unplug your refrigerator or not. What will be the effect […]

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Top 5 Kitchen Sinks in India

Health comes from hygiene. Any hygiene comes from taking good care of all the things such as home, clothes and even our daily dishes. Washing dishes can be a little boring but it has to be done and for that kitchen sinks can into existence, so that you can wash your dishes at ease. Kitchen […]

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Essential Kitchen Appliances

The development of technology has led to the innovation of a wide range of kitchen and home appliances. These appliances have made our lives easier. There are different types of kitchen appliances flooded in the market today from trusted brands like Prestige, Lifelong, Pigeon, Glen, Butterfly, and many others. This article provides a comprehensive guide […]

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