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10 Best Mixer Grinders in India

Visit most Indian homes, and you’ll come across a mixer grinder. It is an inevitable part of today’s households thanks to its ability to make things around the kitchen easier. If you always leave your home for the office every morning or have to wake up early and prepare kids to school, you know how […]

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Best refrigerator above 30,000 INR

With the changes in the lifestyle of people and increase in demands of food and beverages, the need for storage has also increased. In accordance with these demands rose the idea of an electrical appliance called Refrigerator. Ten years back, we could see that the richest had Single door refrigerator but, nowadays, finding a double and […]

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8 Best Water Filter Pitchers

Water is the basic necessity of mankind which is available in abundance on earth in the form of lakes, rivers, oceans, and seas. However, water obtained directly from these sources is unfit for drinking purposes as they are contaminated with germs, bacteria, viruses along with heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Thus, every home requires a […]

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10 Best Refrigerators

No more worrying about your food items being spoiled. Bring refrigerators to your home. It is necessary to store the food items for a longer time and to keep them fresh with this busy lifestyle. The first refrigerator for the home purpose was invented in 1913. Over a period of time, they became the necessity […]

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Best Kitchen Scales

Kitchen Scales are one of the most underrated appliances that you can use in your kitchen. Although their functionality can be easily grasped, no one has been quite ready to adopt it into their daily lives until now. This trend is slowly changing in India for the better as people are becoming more aware of […]

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10 Best Coffee Grinders For Daily Use

With the change in lifestyle, many are preferring for pre-powdered instant coffee powders than the traditional way of coffee filtering method. A nice flavored coffee starts your day happily and the taste of the coffee will remind in your mind till the end of the day. Also, pre-powdered different flavored coffee powders are increasing day-by-day […]

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Best Microwave ovens under 15000

Microwave ovens are becoming popular day by day in Indian household. This is because of the ability of microwave ovens. Along with cooking food quicker and easier, it can also be used for other purposes such as reheating, defrosting, fermentation, baking, etc. In this fast-paced life, we need equipment that can make our life easier. […]

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High End Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are now an integral part of Indian household. The market is flooded with hundreds of microwave ovens. Microwave ovens are basically of three types – Solo microwave ovens, grill microwave ovens, and Convection microwave ovens.  Also, you will find counter-top microwave ovens and built-in microwave ovens. Everyone has a different budget. If you can […]

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Top LG Microwave Ovens

If you want to buy a microwave oven, it could be a great decision if you will go for a brand that already has a credible reputation that has been tried and tested for years. When it comes to those criteria Top LG Microwave Ovens of buying the best microwave oven, you might want to consider buying […]

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