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9 Best Chromebooks in India

Gone are the days when Windows and macOS platforms ruled the laptops market. Today, with the rapidly advancing technology, even schools are beginning to go for cheaper Google Chrome OS systems because now you can install and run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook. At least that’s a software widely accepted both in academic and professional […]

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Best USB 3.0 Thumb Drives

The USB 3.0 thumb drive is also known as a USB 3.0 flash drive; it comes with a unique shape that fits well in a confined space. The USB thumb drive was designed to store data ranging from 256 megabytes to more than several gigabytes of data. The shape of the thumb drive can protect […]

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10 Best 2-In-1 Laptops Review

2-in-1 laptops tread the extra mile when it comes to flexibility, by furnishing a system that can easily be adjusted to fit different situations. They are quite an exciting breed of gadgets aimed at providing both a laptop and tablet experience without sacrificing the versatility of a modern laptop. However, the 2-in-1’s somewhat techy nature makes […]

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Best 9 Laptops Under 30,000 Review

It’s every buyer’s dream to get a gadget that lives up to his/her expectations at the lowest cost possible. The best models under Rs 30,000 should afford the best experience possible to make the limited investment a worthwhile endeavor. However, it’s often not as easy as it sounds. Coming across the best product in this […]

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Best Business Laptops Review

The advent of laptops has revolutionized the way business is carried out in today’s society. Mankind has never been more efficient and accurate in planning, implementing and evaluating business plans; thanks to the computer’s processing power which enables us to work at an unmatched speed. No wonder it is an indispensable tool in most business […]

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Best Wireless Keyboard

As the world is changing, there are new inventions which are now available to replace old ones; they are considered better, perfect, and more preferable. One of the many new inventions is the wireless keyboard which has replaced old wired keyboards. Recently, people are opting-in for this new device because of its simplicity, ease, and mode […]

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