15 Road Trip Essentials List

Here is a detailed guide to the important road trip essentials that will keep you prepared for anything that comes your way.

Road trips are the best way to escape from routine life. It is ideal for anyone who loves travel and adventure. So, planning a road trip with family or friends, but don’t know what to carry? If you are someone having the same issue, this article is for you!

Road trips allow you to dwell in nature. However, you don’t get the complete access to all the amenities that you are usually provided with, daily. So, you need to be prepared with all the basic road trip essentials. Everyone knows that last-minute packing is something which will make you forget to carry even the most important essential.

This article provides you with a comprehensive guide to all the important road trip essentials, in no particular order.

Road Trip Essentials

Travel Backpacks

Chris & Kate Black Travel Rucksack Backpack-Trekking Backpacks

You will require a backpack to be able to carry all your essentials, including- a few sets of clothing, food items, water bottle, and accessories like headphones, power banks, etc. Ensure that the backpack is light-weight with padded adjustable shoulder straps to distribute the load evenly on your shoulders.

It must have an adequate storage capacity to be able to carry all your requirements comfortably. You can also carry a rucksack as it is as efficient as a travel backpack. You might have to face tough weather and road conditions during a road trip. Hence, ensure that the backpack you carry is durable, absorbs shock, and is resistant to water.

Sports Shoes

You should always travel comfortably and for that, you should carry a comfortable pair of sports shoes. These are basically sneakers which include different categories of shoes, like hiking shoes and running shoes. They are designed for protecting your feet. The shoes should be cushioned well do that it can absorb any kind of impact which may adversely affect your leg during the trip.

Sleeping Bag

This is one of the essential items to carry along for a road trip. The sleeping bag should be light-weight and compact so that you can easily carry it in your backpack. If you are traveling with kids, ensure that you carry cozy and comfortable sleeping bags for kids as well. There are a few points to consider, like the season in which you are planning.

In case you are traveling during winter, carry a sleeping mat along with the sleeping bag. The mat helps in providing insulation so that you can keep warm and sleep comfortably. Sleeping only with a sleeping bag will not be comfortable. Also, for those who would want to take a quick nap during the day, carry a sleep mask with you.

Camping Tent

Along with sleeping bags and mats, you will also need a camping tent so that you can relax and sleep comfortably. Ensure that the tent you carry is strong, sturdy, and resistant to tough weather conditions. Also, choose a size based on the number of people it is supposed to accommodate. There are camping tents for family, while others are designed just for the accommodation of two people.

You can also carry camping furniture like folding tables, stools, chairs as well as hammocks. This adds to your comfort and experience.

Travel Speakers

Music and travel are the best combinations one can ever ask for! So, don’t forget to carry your Bluetooth speakers. These wireless speakers simply need to be connected to your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth, so that you can relax and enjoy the journey.

The compact and light-weight design enables you to carry it conveniently in your backpack. It is important to ensure that the speaker comes with a micro-USB cable so that you can charge it on the go using the power bank. Also, since its a road trip, go for a waterproof speaker.

Fold-able Cycles

These cycles are designed in a way that allows you to fold it into a compact form. You can easily store it at the back of your car while traveling. These cycles are basically of two types–  Electric folding bikes and pedal-driven fold-able cycles. They can be taken out whenever you feel like parking the car and going out on your own to explore the nearby routes.

It is important that you go for an easy folding mechanism for your convenience. Also, don’t forget to carry cycling gloves and helmet for safety.

Power Bank

You will not be able to gain access to a power source at all times during a road trip, for charging your electronic devices. A power bank is a perfect solution to this problem. It is light-weight and compact allowing you to carry it easily, wherever you go.

It will be able to charge your smartphone, camera or any other electronic device. However, ensure that you use it to charge devices only when it is urgently required.

Instant Camera

A camera is an important essential for any trip. It will enable you to take beautiful shots of nature and capture your memories so that you can relive them again. An instant camera allows to take the best quality images and it also provides you with the immediate print of those beautiful memories.

You can document your entire trip by sticking those pictures and writing about your experiences in a journal. Ensure that the camera has a good battery life and the size of the print matches your requirements. Moreover, the camera must-have features like auto-flash, selfie mode, self-timer, etc.


Apart from an instant camera, you can also choose to carry a more professional DSLR camera. The camera will help you capture beautiful pictures during the trip, with enhanced clarity and depth. In fact, you will be able to capture shots of fast-moving objects with ease, so that you never miss out on a thing.

Vlogging is a great way to reach out to audiences, share experiences and to relive those moments all over again. You can also vlog your entire trip using a good quality vlogging camera. Ensure that the camera you carry is compact and not too bulky so that you can easily carry it around during the travel.

Camera Bag

If you wish to carry your professional DSLR camera along with you, it is important that you carry a camera bag. A camera bag will be able to store your camera and gear including a camera lens, tripod, accessories like SD cards, USB cables, etc. There different types of camera bags that you can go with, based on the type of camera, size, design, and capacity.

Since a road trip may involve tough weather and road conditions. Ensure that the material of the bag is strong enough to withstand rain, wear, and tear. Also, the interior should be padded well so that it absorbs shocks or impact, for better protection of your camera and gear.


A drone is an interesting device to carry along if you wish to record videos or capture images from a high altitude. Most drones come with in-built cameras allowing you to capture the beautiful shots of nature using the best angles.

The drone should be completely charged. It is also important to know how to fly the drone before you decide to carry it for the trip. Ensure that you go with the type of drone that will meet your requirements during the trip.


Monopods are easier to carry during a trip. They are basically a single-pole, designed to support a camera. A monopod ensures stability to the camera, allowing you to capture sharper pictures at a low shuttle speed.

There are many other features and advantages associated with a monopod: for example, during a road or backpacking trip, it can be used as a light-weight walking stick.

Smartphone Car Mount

A smartphone car mount is a must-have gadget if you plan on driving your car during the road trip. You can easily attach your mobile on to the mount for hands-free calling and navigation. It enables you to focus only on your driving, preventing the risks of accidents. In fact, you can also easily control the entertainment system of your car using the attached phone.

There are different types of car mounts, namely- wide mount, magnetic mount and short mount. It is important that you know the type of phone attachment and the interior of your car before deciding on the type of mount to carry for a safe trip.

Thermos Bottle

Instacuppa Thermos Bottle

This is the ideal travel-friendly bottle to carry along with you. It manages to retain the required temperature of the stored drink for a prolonged period of time. Hence, you can easily store your favorite hot or cold beverage in this insulating storage vessel, during the trip.

However, it is important to check that the bottle has a leak-proof design and a lid with a secure locking system. This makes the thermos bottle convenient for you to travel with. The lid should enable you to drink from it directly, without any worry about spillage.

Travel Mugs

These are similar to thermos bottles, in the sense that these mugs manage to maintain the temperatures of your hot or cold drink while traveling. The travel mug comes with a tight enclosure which prevents the drink from spilling on a bumpy road. Hence, it is ideal for a road trip. Ensure that you consider important factors like insulation properties, the material of the mug, lid type, and size before you decide to go in for a travel mug.


So, these are all the essentials you will require for the best road trip experience. With this we come to the end of this article, hoping that you have a great road trip. Ensure that you go through the list well, so that you don’t miss out on anything important while packing.


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