11 Best Sport shoes

There are different types of sports shoes including basketball shoes, football boots, tennis shoes, running shoes, and others. We have reviewed the best sports shoes from brands like Adidas, Reebok, Puma, etc. to help you make the right choice.

The ubiquity of athletics and footwear related to it did not commence, not until the mid-1950s. However, it is good to know that these shoes were designed with specific purposes in mind; functionality, comfort and the maximization of athletic performances.

Sports shoes are commonly referred to as sneakers, though for some sports they might be called boots. Sneakers, in any case, can also be referred to as trainers, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoessports shoes, or runners.

They are designed specifically for sports or any other form of athletic exercise that might take a physical toll on the body. Irrespective of the intention in the history of its use, these shoes are now being worn daily by users.

Sneakers are usually footwear with flexible soles, which are made of rubber or some other synthetic material. It also has an upper part which is mostly made of leather, synthetic materials or cloth.

The name given to this footwear form differs from location to location. This term is used verbatim in the Northern United States. However, in the United Kingdom, it is preferably called “Trainers.” In some very urban parts of the US, it is referred to as “kicks”. Different places with different names for footwear.

Well, having knowledge about the shoes before buying is always a great idea. This is the reason why in this article to help you in buying a sports shoe, we have included a guide which comprises of things to know about sport shoes, benefits, features, buying guide, FAQs and the top 10 best sports shoes available in the market.

Top 11 Sport Shoes

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Our Pick
Great as Sports Equipment
Outstanding durability and stability
Great quality
Offers enhanced performance
Enough underfoot cushioning
Funky and Beathable
Durable rubber for easy movement
Optimum Security
Comfort at its best

Types of Sports Shoes

If you are looking to get in fitness or other forms of sport that exerts on the physical body, it is not complete without the sports shoes. Getting the right one is important, but there are various types of them out there, and picking the best could be a very daunting task. Except if you are looking to buy all sports shoes out there.

Various sports have various types of sports shoes adapted to them;

Football boots

Commonly called soccer boot, this footwear is adapted for the game of football. There are various designs of them, and these boots have sure undergone some very wild evolution since they were created.

They are mostly designed for grass pitches, and they have studs on the outside, which is essential in aiding grip. These boots can put a whole lot of stress on the leg, especially when the game is played on hard surfaces such as the artificial turf.

It is very possible for footballers to develop corns and calluses in the leg, or the leg ending up being damaged if the boot is too tight or not comfortable. These boots are required to have no pressure on the leg, either during training or actual games.

Tennis or squash shoes

These boots are used extensively in the game of tennis. These shoes are typically sneakers in design; however, they are more adapted to be used for the game of tennis.

Tennis shoes are specifically designed for these sports, as it involves moving from one side to the other. However, in this case, running shoes will not suffice. Athletes, in this case, require stability, and it must be gotten right.

These shoes are also very heavier than normal running shoes since the toe of the shoe is designed for stop and go actions. In this case, too, comfort should be the number one factor to be considered when picking one. Replacing these shoes should also be frequent.

Aerobics trainers

Sneakers are the best for aerobic exercises because they combine flexibility, support, and cushioning. This is in a bid to be able to absorb impact and lessen the shock that goes to the feet.

Running shoes

These shoes are designed specifically for running, and it is only for running. They are designed to be very flexible, as they allow the front part of the shoe to bend and flex through each step that is being taken. However, they cannot be used for sports like tennis.

When getting running shoes, it is advised to always have run shoes that properly fitted to the leg. When these shoes are too small and hence tight on the leg, they can lead to blisters and black toenails.

Walking and Hiking shoes

When looking to achieve the activity, walking can be a really good idea. When an adventure is a core of what you want, hiking shoes would be a good idea. However, going through these activities would require shoes that are specifically designed for the purpose.

When you are going for a short walk, it is best to choose good pairs of shoes that are very comfortable, and won’t cause blisters for your leg. Make sure the shoes are tough and a very good fit for your leg.

It should also have arch support and a heel that is slightly elevated. The upper part should also be breathable.

If you are going to be walking frequently, your investment should be towards shoes that are proper for walking, walking boots are preferred. This will help provide your feet and ankles with support.

Basketball and netball shoes

These shoes are designed for court games, and they are designed specifically to offer support, and aid sideways movement.

Benefits of Sport Shoes

Overall, sports shoes are of great benefit to the user. Choosing the very right shoe for yourself can be of great benefit, in that it prevents you from unwanted injuries that are peculiar to the type of sport you do.

Good shoes will reduce the impact of your step and pad your feet from heavy landings. Also, making use of specific shoes in your activity can help you increase performance.

In specific sports like racing, running shoes can be of the following effect;

  • Protection of your feet: If you are going to start running, buying the right pairs of shoes is your best bet. This is because your body might not be used to the effects of running, hence, it would be better to get running shoes. Having a proper running shoe can prevent all your weight from falling on your leg as it touches the ground. Generally, running shoes protect your leg from injuries and torsions.
  • Better performance: With the right pairs of shoes, you are assured of the very right performance. The more proper your shoes are, the better will be your results, as you would feel less impact, due to the comfort of your shoes. With the right shoes that help you prevent excess impact and is very comfortable, you are bound to go longer distances, and that would be done with a better time.

Features of Sport Shoes

The cushioning one gets from the sports shoe is from the material that is used in making the insole. The natural ability of the foot to roll inward also provides it with cushioning and can help it reduce the impact it has on bones and joints.

The best shoes are those that are set to offer cushioning, flexibility and stability. Also, it would be great if the shoe is one that is breathable and light. Listed are some very important features of sports shoes.


There are three layers of the sole. The bottom part of these soles is referred to as the outsole. This part of the shoe is mainly made of carbon rubber so that it can be more durable. This part is segmented in a bid to achieve flexibility and grooved or patterned, to achieve traction.

There is also the middle layer which is referred to as the midsole. This is the part of the shoe that provides most of the cushioning felt in the sports shoes. This part is made of shock-absorbing foam ad might incorporate gel or air sacs and plastic torsion supports.

There is also the other part of the sole referred to as the insole, which provides additional cushioning and shock absorption. It also provides arch support. You can always remove and wash the insole, especially in running and walking shoes.

The upper

This is the body of the shoe, which is above the sole. The toe box is part of the upper which should be wide enough for your toes to be free, and there must be the presence of about a half-inch space between the longest toe and the front of the shoe.

There is also the heel counter at the back of the shoe, which prevents the leg from slipping backward. This part of the shoe is designed for breathability; hence it is mostly made of leather.


This is the part of the shoe that makes it more strapped to the feet. The lacing of the shoe can either be of fabric, plastic or metal speed lacing. There is the presence of the extra top eyelets which provides a snug fit for the leg. Flat laces are preferred to round laces, as they are less likely to become loose.


There are different types of shoes, and there are some featuring styles that make them usable for casual wear. However, having these shoe types might undermine the primary purpose of the shoe.


Some shoes are fitted with reflectors, which is to make it possible for it to be visible when it reflects light from cars. The only purpose is to prevent accidents, nothing more.

Sports Shoes Buying Guide

Since there are various types of sports shoes in Amazon, there are various factors that must be considered for the various shoes. However, there are some general tips for shoes you should be wearing;

  • Do a critical analysis of your walking gait: The various shoes available in the market are designed for various types of gaits. For example, if you are one with legs that roll inwards so much, it would be best to get a shoe that is designed to stabilize and control your motion. However, if your feet are one that lands on the outer edge, the best would be to get a shoe that emphasizes on shock absorption.

People whose legs overpronate typically have legs with low arches, while underpronators have a high arch. You should know that the wear pattern of the two types of legs is different, and you should get shoes that correspond to your type of leg.


Sports shoes are made up of three parts- the upper, midsole, and outsole.

The upper sole is constructed of synthetic leather for durability, mesh for breathability, and reflective material for safety. It holds the foot in place and protects from rocks and dirt.

The midsole is an essential part of the shoe and is made up of 3 materials: EVA, which is lightweight and provides foam-based cushioning, dual-density EVA, also known as a medial post. ‘Medial’ because it is inside of the shoes and ‘post’ because it has a beginning and an end.

The outsole has flex grooves for flexibility and head for traction, which protects the feet from dirt and rocks. The outsole is made of carbon rubber or blown rubber.


Comfort is an integral part of sports shoes. The material used in the making of sports shoes are expensive but at the same time provide maximum comfort.

Sole that is made of good quality foam and cushioning material along with better upper materials, make the shoes last longer and adds to the comfort.

Hence they are comparatively expensive.


Buying shoes that are either small or big can dangerous and painful while playing. People often find it challenging to find a proper shoe size. The factors you should look for before buying shoes are securely locked in heels, enough space between the toe and shoe, and breathability.


Fitness here does not refer to exercising, but how well fit the shoe is for your leg. The very first thing that you need to consider when it comes to athletic shoes is the fact of if the shoe is your perfect fit.

You don’t want to suffer hurting feet when you move around in the shoes. When the shoe is not a good fit, it can always result in fatigue and discomfort.

With the bad fit, you can suffer from a lack of motion control and the cushioning of the feet will be less effective. When you want to shop for your sports shoe, you should ensure that it is towards the end of the day, since the leg is known to be in a swollen state towards the end of the day. put the shoe on and know exactly how it feels on your leg.


You should consider if your feet is one that gets swollen when you run around for a while. The orthotics are custom made shoe inserts that are used in the place of insoles. However, this is very expensive, and it can result in lesser comfort for the user.


If there is anything to be considered majorly when talking about fit, it should be a comfort. Don’t buy a shoe if you are not comfortable in it, no matter the aesthetic it might be.

Your feet need to be comfortable in your sports shoes if you are going to be performing so well. Test the shoe and see if it is comfortable for your feet.


Go for shoes with the best material. You don’t want to be changing sports shoes frequently. Your leg gets used to the shoes you were for a longer period, and they feel more comfortable as you wear them.

To avoid changing shoes frequently or experiencing shoe breaks while in the middle of the activity, it is best to go for ones with the best material, irrespective of price.  

11 Best Sports Shoes

1. Asian Men’s Sports Shoes 

The Asian, white navy blue sports shoes are specially designed for Indian men as they provide not only style but also comfort. The shoes undergo stringent quality check before packing to give you maximum comfort.

The shoes come with just a precise toe box and are true to width, which makes them ideal for any sport. The shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and durable, which most sports shoes lack.

Main Features
  • The closure is lace-up
  • Shoe width is medium, and the material used is mesh.
  • Damping protection avoids feet sweating.
  • Superior quality and accurate fitting.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Premium and elegant look.
  • Can be used for everyday use, gymming, running and walking
  • Economical and robust build quality.
  • The shoes are breathable and have a good grip.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Sole is made of plastic, which might feel uncomfortable for some.

2. FURO by red chief Sport Shoes – Our Pick

FURO by red chief Sport Shoes
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The very first thing to be prioritized in a sports shoe is comfort and this wear is all shades of comfort. Coming in a very sleek design, and features optimized for running, these pair is all you need to get started.

Designed to be very lightweight, and highly comfortable, it is just the perfect fit for you. It is very comfortable to wear, stylish, and offers the necessary protection to your feet.

This footwear is not just comfortable, it is also very durable and would last a long while. The combination of style and comfort is all you need in contemporary footwear. This low top shoe fits perfectly to your feet and provides the lift available when needed. You wouldn’t even feel that you have shoes on.

Main Features
  • It is designed specifically for men
  • The upper is made of soft but durable material
  • The sole material is rubber
  • This is a lace-up closure
  • It has a cloth lace
  • It weighs just about 939g
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is very easy to wear
  • It is very lightweight
  • It has a commendable flexibility
  • It fits perfectly when worn
  • It has great aesthetics
  • It has a great texture
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is made mainly for the men, not unisex.
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3. Lotto Mens running shoes – Great as Sports Equipment

Lotto Mens running shoes
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Designed to be the perk of innovation by Lotto, this is just the right sports shoe you can always combine with fashion. Designed with a lace-up closure, this shoe is made of a mesh material, and it is effective in its function as a sport equipment.

The shoe is simple to care for, as all that needs to be done is its exposure to the air and regular deodorization. With this, the shoe can retain its shape for a longer period.

Dust or any other form of dirt on the surface can be cleaned with a cloth – a clean one. It is not advisable to use polish or shine on this sneaker.

One very impressive about this shoe is the fact that it is lightweight, despite its heavy appearance. It is very comfortable and nice on the foot, with the gentle upper that protects your foot from sores.

The shoe is very flexible; hence, it can make your walking very delightful. It is the best quality you can hope for you regular exercise.

Main Features
  • It features a lace up closure
  • It is made of a mesh material
  • It is designed mainly for the sport
  • 90 Days of warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • It is designed in the Italian style
PROS (What we liked)
  • Can be used for both sports and leisure
  • It is very light and comfortable to wear
  • There is a great deal of flexibility provided by the footwear.
  • It does not lose shape easily, even after long use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The sole quality is a bit questionable, however, the shoe is good overall.
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4. Power womens vize running shoes – Outstanding durability and stability

Power womens vize running shoes
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Your athletic spirit is very dependent on your footwear, and how pumped up you are for the exercise at hand might depend on how well your leg is stable. This is just the perfect shoe to rev up your sporting spirit.

This is the trendy running shoe, and it is very sure to provide you with a great deal of stability and durability. The performance with this shoe is very top-notch and excellent. This is one of the best women sports shoes.

This shoe ensure that you experience a sturdy grip as you move around. This shoe is also designed to keep your leg relaxed and comfortable. This is achieved by the premium material that has been used in the making of this footwear.

This is the seamless blend of functionality and style. It allows for great freedom of movement with responsive cushioning and enhanced lightweight feet. This is the perfect shoe for your next exercise out there.

Main Features
  • The shoe is designed with a lace up closure pattern
  • It is made of canvas material
  • The heels are designed to be flat
  • It is designed for casual lifestyle
  • It is designed to have a responsive cushioning
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very comfortable and easy to wear
  • The maintenance is very easy to carry out
  • It is the perfect combination of style and design
  • Its texture and color are good
  • Great durability and strong grip
  • Keep the feet relaxed
  • The grip is anti-slip
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It doesn’t look super durable for the long run.
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5. Sparx womens Mesh running shoes – Great quality

Sparx womens Mesh running shoes
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This is one of the very few shoes that combine functionality with style. This shoe is designed to have the latest trend spelt out on it. This is not just any sneaker; it is known to be very sturdy and stylish.

The sneaker is designed with the youth at heart. If you are looking to explore the world, this is the sport shoe for you. The sole on this shoe is made of nylon, carefully crafted by hand to be of great quality, as the outer material is made of mesh.

Main Features
  • The sole is manmade
  • The outer material is made of mesh, so also is the inner material.
  • The sole is made of phylon
  • It is designed to function well in sport and fashion
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are of the perfect fit
  • It has a very nice design
  • It is very lightweight and can be easily worn.
  • Feels very comfortable
  • It is very fashionable
  • It is very sturdy when worn and does not slip.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points found.
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6. Nike Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes – Offers enhanced performance

Nike Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes
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The outstanding basketball Sports shoes Nike is crafted to deliver support, comfort and enough traction as needed in the game of basketball. With this shoe, you are set to compete at the highest level of the game.

These shoes come in different forms, such as the technology-based infused classics, street style all-stars or the enhanced performance basketball shoes with the wider base.

Carefully made with synthetic materials, this shoe is specifically designed for optimum sport. The closure is designed to have a lace up pattern. With this shoe in your game, your foot is set to remain in position, firmly, whenever you want it.

You don’t need to be worried if your feet will slide or not, because they will not. This is the best shoe to get you through tough training and game sessions.

Main Features
  • It is made of synthetic material
  • It is designed to be optimal for sport
  • It features a lace up closure pattern
  • This shoe provides support, comfort, and traction
  • It features a wider base
PROS (What we liked)
  • It keeps your leg firm
  • It affords the user an optimal performance
  • It assures enhanced performance
  • They help your feet remain in position
  • It is very comfortable and offers great support
  • It provides enough traction to help you compete at highest levels.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not so great for stylish wears.
  • They are a bit narrower
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7. Adidas Mens serves tennis shoes – Enough underfoot cushioning

Adidas Mens serves tennis shoes
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Every inch perfect, this footwear is the perfect combination of high tech and comfort. These adidas sports shoes for men have a premium design of a make of synthetic and mesh upper, which provides it with a great deal of flexibility.

The shoe has enough cushioning underfoot which provides it with enough connection to the ground. This allows for better control.

The shoe also features the injection of EVA, which in turn offers it with long term lightweight cushioning and a non-marking outsole. The shoe is of a great design and comes in various colors of black, solar yellow, and grey.

The shoe has a synthetic upper cushioning underfoot which made it very sensitive and stable. This shoe is made of durable material, and it is a sure way to performance.

Main Features
  • The closure is made of lace-up pattern
  • It is made of synthetic material
  • It features a cushioning underfoot
  • It is made of injected EVA for cushioning
  • It features a non-marking outsole
  • 90 days warranty against any defects
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is of a very snug design
  • It fits perfectly well
  • It is very durable and last for some time
  • It is of great quality and fits people perfectly
  • It is very comfortable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It might not last for so long
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8. Bacca Bucci Mens shoes – Funky and Beathable

Bacca Bucci Mens shoes
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The Jordan lightweight breathable shoe is made to have lace up closure pattern, while the outer material is made of high-quality thick PU leather. The outsole is also made of premium TPR.

This is the shoe of dreams to every basketball player. It comes with a great deal of comfort, and it aids in providing users with massive jump power. This is the right shoe for long walks, and you can have them on for the whole day.

This shoe comes with a casual cum funky look design which makes it perfect for daily use, hence, they can be used for various outdoor events.

The upper material of this shoe is made of synthetic leather with molded quarter panels which are designed to be breathable. It also comes with a structured support that has comfortable locks in the foot. The durable leather brings about stability that locks your foot in the midfoot.

Main Features
  • The sole is made of TPR
  • The closure is of lace-up pattern
  • The upper material is made of synthetic leather
  • The outer material is made of high-quality thick PU leather
  • It has a funky look design
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoe is cool, just as it looks in the pictures
  • It is very comfy to wear
  • It provides athlete with a great jump power
  • The material has a sturdy look to it
  • It is perfect for outdoor and casual wear, while great for sports.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Be careful of the size you order to avoid getting larger sizes.
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9. Nivia energy Tennis shoes – Durable rubber for easy movement

Nivia energy Tennis shoes
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This is simply one of the best shoes for professional tennis players. Made of premium quality materials, this shoe is all you need to be in top performance. Made to stand out, this shoe is also very affordable when compared to other shoes. It is made with a duofoam technology which will offer you a greater shock absorption and helps protect your joint the more.

It comes with a Nonmarking rubber gravity technology and a herringbone structure on the outer side, which helps the player in lateral movement as the game goes on.

The soles of this shoe are made of durable rubber, with the lace up closure type of the shoe. The non-marking rubber which has been used in its production offers a great deal of ground traction and enough stability to the player.

The air-culate technology that is employed in the upper mesh allows for a great circulation of air, proper ventilation as well as sweat absorption. The shoe features a duo foam midsole which is very durable and can absorb as much shock.

The shoe also features a flexipro technology in-sole which makes it flexible. There is also the presence of the toe guard in the front of the shoe, which will provide extra protection for the toe.

This is your best bet if you are out in search for a tennis shoe, as this is bound to offer increased performance.

Main Features
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • The closure is lace up design
  • It comes with a no-marking rubber outsole
  • The midsole is made of geofoam
  • The insole features a flexipro technology for flexibility
  • Great shock absorption
  • The upper mesh is fitted with the airculate technology
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is enough value for the money paid
  • It is very great for use in the gym
  • Outstanding grip
  • It has just the right amount of ankle support
  • Commendable quality
  • It is made of very good material
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It might not be stylish enough for casual use.
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10. Vector X Blaster Cricket shoes – Optimum Security

Vector X Blaster Cricket shoes
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This is one of the best shoes out there, carefully constructed with PVC material, and its durability is one that would allow you to play the game of cricket to your heart’s content.

The shoe has a padded footbed, and the ankles are cushioned to provide maximum security for the leg while you are at a game. The footbed is adequately textured and this in turn prevents you from slipping.

The shoe features a secure lace up closure design that makes the footwear intact all through the game’s period.

The shoe boasts of a textured sole, which allows for a sturdy grip as you run or play sports. It is fitted with studs that brings about stability and balance in the middle of game play

Main Features
  • It has a padded footbed which allows for greater comfort and security
  • It is made of premium PVC material which ensures durability
  • The shoe features a pull strap for easy wearing
  • The shoe features a lace closure
  • It has a padded and textured footbed
  • The ankle of the shoe is cushioned
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoes are very nice
  • They are highly comfortable
  • They are easy to wear and remove especially with the pull strap
  • The ankle is well padded and textured, hence, maximum security
  • It has a very sturdy grip and ensures balance
  • It is highly durable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It cannot be worn for casual outings, strictly designed for sports
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11. Victall V-001 basketball shoe – Comfort at its best

Victall V-001 basketball shoe
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This is the premium shoe with various luxurious designs. These designs are not just premium, they are as attractive as they can get. The outer material used in this shoe is synthetic PVC leather. There are also variations of this shoe made of rubber and EVA sole. When this pair is worn, it looks graceful on the feet.

It is a combination of comfort and performance and investing in it would not cost a great deal.The sole is made of premium rubber, offering it a very good quality make and comfort at its peak. The upper material is also made of PVC.

This is the shoe needed to be at top performance. If there is anything that this shoe is cool for, it is performance.

Main Features
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • The sole is also of EVA material
  • The upper part of the shoe is made of PVC
  • Great quality and ensures comfort
  • It is made of synthetic leather
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is of a very good quality
  • The sole is bound to last
  • The outsole is very hard
  • The shoe looks good and strong
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality of the PVC material might be questionable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions come to mind about sports shoes. Of course, we’ve been able to narrow down a few of the best sports shoes in this guide. However, it is equally important we talk about the frequently asked questions and the possible answers or suggestions.

1. How do I choose sports shoes?

Consider the following factors while choosing sports shoes

Your weight- Each foot strike is equal to up to 5 times your body weight. Heavier runners put more material stress than lighter ones.

Age of the shoe- The cushioning and stability of the shoe will gradually degrade due to weather and oxidation even if you are not using them. The sole becomes hard and will not provide maximum comfort.

Running approach- A light-footed fast running person will put less stress on the shoe material and vice versa. Therefore, knowing your running style is essential before choosing sports shoes.

Running surface- The running surface plays a significant role in the wear and tear of your shoes. A rough surface like asphalt will damage the thread and cushioning of your shoes fast than a smooth surface.

Shoe size- Choosing the right shoe size for sports is critical for comfort. Buying fit to size or small size shoes can affect its functioning, causing discomfort and sometimes shoe bites. Your foot expands when it touches the ground, thus putting pressure on the shoes. Hence it is recommended to buy a size larger than your foot size.

2. What’s the difference between stability and neutral running shoes?

Excessive pronation is bad as it may cause injuries like tendinitis, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, and patellofemoral pain. Stability shoes, as the name suggests, helps balance extreme pronation or inward rolling of the runner’s feet. Neutral shoes allow the foot to turn and flex without any stability and guidance.

3. Is it advisable if I get more than one pair of sports shoes?

Yes, absolutely. It is a nice idea to get more than a pair of sports shoes. It does not only help you maintain the shoes but also helps to avoid injuries because of shoe overuse. It will do you a great deal of good to get extra pairs.

4. Will the running surface affect shoe breakdown?

Yes, the running surface takes its toll on shoes. You may get your shoes worn out faster if you’re running on roads than someone running on a trail. Also, the way you hit the ground matters especially if you have a lot of weight. You may likely wear your shoes out faster than someone with a lighter weight if you hit the ground with your heels.

5. What is the best time to retire your sports shoes?

Well, you should follow your instincts. When you discover that your shoes are not giving you enough protection after an exercise, then it’s probably time you started thinking about replacing them.

6. Will lacing my shoes tight help me perform better?

Yes. When you tight lace your shoes, it gives a good wrap of your arches. It also helps you to become more stable. It is however important not to lace your shoes too tight so as not to bring discomfort to your legs.

7. I’ve got the right shoes, but my feet slip out during an exercise. What can I do?

Basically, this occurs among women. Most sports shoes are designed to be suitable to both sexes. Most of these shoes come with wide heels. Women generally have more slender and leaner feet than men.

However, to solve this issue, you should consider putting an insole below your sock liners.

If you are a guy and your feet are slipping out, it’s probably time you laced your shoes more tightly.

8. What tests can I do to know the type of feet I have?

You can take a few tests to determine the type of feet you have. The wet test gives you some clues. When you wet your shoe soles and the print leaves half of the arch shown, then your arch is normal.

If your footprint shows the whole foot, you are likely to have a flat arch. If your footprint shows the heel and the ball of your foot, then you probably have a high arch.

You may also visit a professional and have him recommend the sports shoes that work fine for you.

9. What size of the shoe should I be wearing?

This is one question that plagues the heart of most sports’ person, and it one of such that they get the right answers to. You should make sure that the shoe you get for sport is slightly bigger than the one you have for your outdoor fashion dress.

There is a need for there to be at least half-thumbs width between your longest toe and the front part of the shoe you wear. There is a lot of movement in your exercise and sport activity, and you would want to prevent your leg from soreness and injuries.

10. Is it normal for my leg to hurt after wearing my shoes for quite some time?

It is an indication that the midsole is due for repair. The midsole is made to be lighter and more responsive. This is achieved with the type of material used in making the midsole. However, after some time, the midsole begins to compress and then you feel it is worn out. This will result in it leaving painful sensations.

The midsole is made to last about 300 to 600 miles, at this point, it is due for a change. It is best to replace the midsoles once they start hurting.

11. How do I know that it is time to get my sneakers replaced?

Well, shoes should be replaced when they are dead or show signs of being dead. There are however some signs you would notice when the shoe is dead.

  • There is the presence of visible wear in the midsole: this appears in the form of creases, crinkles, pockmarks. If these are noted on the shoe, then it is best to get a new one.
  • When the upper part of the shoe is worn out: Take a close look at the shoe from the top, once you see a hole, wears or tears, then its time to get a new one. Also, when the shoe is losing its shape, it would be best to get a new one.
  • When the midsole is compressed: you can do an experiment for this, drop the shoe on a hard surface and notice how it bounces around on impact. If it bounces and stops, the shoe is still good. However, if it keeps rocking, it is an indication that the midsole is compressed. Hence, get another shoe.


There is no way you would attain optimum performance if you are not in the right sport shoe. Every sport and exercise activity have a shoe designed and adapted for it. Most of the sneakers out there are adapted for the various sports and designed to be stylish.

From the top 10 best Sports shoes online, out top three picks include FURO by red chief, Lotto Men’s Portline Subli Running Shoes and Power women’s vize running shoes.

Getting the right sport shoe is very key to your performance, and there is a need to take ample time thinking it through. There is no rush it, but it is a necessity for your next exercise activity.


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