Best Travel Backpacks For Adventure Lovers

Everyone has a travel enthusiast within them who wants to trek on mountains or scuba dive in deep seas or go on a safari in dense forests or travel every corner of the world. For such trips around the globe, you will require a backpack to carry along the journey.

Backpacks are the apt ones for traveling as they are more convenient, gives you more mobility and easy-to-carry rather than suitcases or handbags for traveling.

A variety of size and type of backpacks are available to suit your requirements accordingly. So the wanderlusts, adventure-lovers and travel freaks, get your backpacks, pack your stuff, tie up your shoelaces and get started for some holiday time. ( Refer Luggage Bags here , Briefcases here )


Travel Backpacks Buyer’s Guide


1. Weight of the Bag

The foremost point to keep in mind while buying a backpack is the weight of the pack. You are going to carry that on your shoulders throughout the tour and wouldn’t want a backache for sure.

Getting a heavy bag along with all the packed stuff will just keep adding on to the total weight. Also, it might lead you to drop some of your essentials for the trip. Instead, a lightweight backpack would save you from an additional unwanted load.


2. Bag size and capacity

Packing sufficient and minimal belongings is the key for a trip to be enjoyable and comfortable. A luggage packed under 50L is of an ideal type. Airports also have limits on the weight of the bag that you carry. Carrying a big-fat backpack will not only slow down you but also irritate the public around you.

Hence pick up a bag with smaller size and optimal capacity you think will do, depending on the tenure of the trip. Smaller the bag, easier it is for you to carry it around. So, do not forget to have a look at the capacity of the bag mentioned in the product description.


3. Material and its durability

Of course, you wouldn’t want your backpack to degrade itself after a few days of usage. Buying a backpack from a branded company with some extra bucks rather than going for a cheap one which is usually low in quality will be an intelligent one. Plus, the tenure of the product increases with the input of good quality material. You should be able to reuse a backpack for 5 to 6 tours at the least.

Also, check out for the ones with thin and strong materials. That would increase the capacity of the backpack too. Materials like sailcloth, Cordura nylon, ballistic nylon, rip-stop nylon are a few which you should be on a lookout.

4. Resistance to weather conditions

While talking about the material of the backpack, one more point to keep in mind is the weather resistance of the material. Getting your backpack soiled and hamper your belongings is the biggest turn down for a tour. Hence, make sure to look out for some waterproof (rain covers) and dust-proof materials. Materials like sailcloth are very effective to water resistance while rip-stop nylon, as the name suggests is resistant to rips and tears.


5. Organizing inside the bag

Packing the entire stuff in an organized fashion is of prime concern for every traveler. Rucksacks become inconvenient because of the fact that a lot has to be unpacked every time you need something to be taken out from the bottom. Having defined compartments in the backpack rather than a big hollow sack makes the job a lot easier. In case compartments are not available for your choice of the backpack, you can opt for packing cubes. That will help you separate your clothes from your gadgets inside the hollow space.


6. Comfort of the pack

The comfort of the backpack is also very important as you might have to carry that for long hours.

Firstly, the backpack straps should match your body type. Else, a mismatch might lead you to back pain. High quality foamed thinner straps are more comfortable than the thicker ones. Bags with load lifters can also be a good option to adjust the total weight.

Secondly, the back panel should be comfortable enough and have some ventilation in humid areas.

Thirdly, the hip belts can be beneficial for heavy backpacks. It adjusts the bag weight uniformly on the body.

7. Safety systems of the backpack

The utmost feature to look forward in a backpack is its safety system. Lockable zippers can prevent your bag from thieves to zip off and flee with your belongings.

Materials like ballistic nylon and Cordura are stronger which prevents your bag from getting sliced by sharp knives to some extent. Some companies have a mesh-like structure as prevention for such thefts.


Top 10 Backpacks to select from:

1.Victorinox VX Touring Backpack

Victorinox VX Touring Backpack


This can be the best option for a global traveler for its high weather resistance and comfort.

The security of the backpack is ensured by the lockable zippers too. Its clever construction will allow you to pack all your essentials in an organized fashion.


  • Capacity of 25L
  • Multi-purpose side stretch pockets for umbrellas or water bottles
  • Single compartment
  • Waterproof material
  • Has a weight of 950g
  • Material used is polyester
  • A global warranty period of 10 years


  • It is suitable for both men and women.
  • An adjustable sternum strap evenly distributes the weight of the entire load.
  • Padded backpack straps and a padded back panel is provided for some extra comfort.
  • The water-resistant zippers keep the backpack from getting drenched at all.


  • It has got no rain cover with it.
  • Laptop chamber is not available separately within the backpack.
  • Although it is quite comfortable to carry, there is no trolley support for the bag.
  • The price is slightly high compared to the features.
  • Although it has a pretty high cost, its popularity is not that widespread.


2.Wildcraft Ace 2 Medium Backpack

Wildcraft Ace 2 Medium Backpack


The company Wildcraft has been a reputed and a trusted one by the consumers. This backpack will allow you to organize your materials in the best way possible. One can rely on this company with the quality without much thought. Also, the casual look of the backpack makes it even more attractive.


  • Material is of fabric
  • Has a capacity of 21L
  • Width of the bag is 13inches and height is 18inches.
  • A depth of 150mm
  • 3 compartments along with a pocket are available
  • More comfort with back padding
  • The material used is fabric
  • Has a padded handle and a padded haul loop
  • A 5-year manufacturer warranty is available


  • This model provides space for laptops of around 15 inches to carry.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap also makes it a comfortable one.
  • A side mesh pocket is provided to keep things frequently needed.
  • The get-up of the bag is pretty casual which makes it useful for purposes other than touring.
  • It is available at a pocket-friendly price in accordance with quality and durability.


  • It falls under the category of men only.
  • The body of the bag is water resistant but not waterproof.
  • It lacks a hip strap which makes it difficult for trekking steep places.
  • No rain cover is available with the bag.
  • The quality might degrade after rough usage for a couple of times.


3. Skybags Brat 8 Backpack

Skybags Brat 8 Backpack


Skybags Brat 8 Backpack is a product which is comfortable and spacious enough to carry all your belongings in an organized fashion. Apart from its features, it comes at a very affordable price. Not only tourists and trekkers, but also college going students can opt for this one.


  • 25L of capacity
  • Has a width of 18.8inches, depth of 4.72inches and a height of 12.5inches
  • The material is a combination of polyester and fabric.
  • 2 compartments along with front stash pocket, dual straps, mesh bottle holder and padded handles
  • 12 months of international warranty is available


  • The backpack comes at an extremely pocket-friendly price.
  • Front stash pockets and mesh a holder on the side makes the bag an organized one to pack up stuff.
  • The lightweight of the backpack also makes it easy to carry for a longer tenure.
  • Padded straps and handles make the bag a comfortable one.


  • This product is ideal for men only.
  • A lack of a laptop sleeve makes it incompatible to carry laptops.
  • No rain cover is available with the product.


4. F Gear Luxur 25 L Backpack

F Gear Luxur 25 L Backpack


If you want to opt for a backpack with a fashionable statement, then F Gear Luxur backpack is the one for you. Its sleek design with the leather finish makes it eye-catching. The full-featured pack also makes space for all your belongings in an organized manner.


  • Has a capacity of 25L
  • A padded laptop compartment is available
  • A width of 12.5inches and a height 17.5inches makes it spacious.
  • Bag is 800g in weight
  • The material is of artificial leather
  • Has a warranty of 12 months


  • 2 separate compartments allow you to organize your stuff properly.
  • This bag is provided with multiple zip pockets on the exterior for keeping the handy things.
  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price too.


  • This backpack is ideal for men only.
  • No rain cover is available with the product.
  • There is a lack of trolley support to the bag.


5. VIP Radian Laptop Backpack

VIP RADIAN Laptop Backpack


To travel around for official or business purposes, this backpack is the best option. With this product, you have the option to carry your laptop and all office organizers along with you at ease. Hence, for professional purposes, VIP Radian Laptop Backpack is the best-suited one.


  • Has a capacity of 27L
  • It has a width of 13inches and a height of 7inches.
  • Along with that, a depth of 18inches makes it very spacious.
  • A laptop sleeve is available.
  • It weighs 810g.


  • This product is suitable for both men and women.
  • It has 3 compartments which will allow you to do your packing more efficiently.
  • The product is of a brand with good reputation. This gives reliability to the customers.


  • The product fails to be waterproof.
  • Trolley support for the bag is not available.
  • The price is a bit high compared to other products with almost similar specifications.


6.Inlander A2ZIL1007TBBP Rucksack

Inlander A2ZIL1007TBBP Rucksack


If you are more of a hiking person and prefer rucksacks over backpacks, then this is your product. With a stylish yet casual look, this backpack is good to go with you for adventures or hiking. And with the double padded straps for extra comfort, it serves as the cherry on the cake.


  • It has a capacity of 70L
  • Has 1 compartment along with 2 pockets.
  • It is also waterproof in nature.
  • Polyester material is used for the bag.
  • Provided with a hip strap and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Also has a one-piece handle strap
  • Bag has a width of 320mm and a height of 680mm.
  • The weight of the bag itself is 1500gm.
  • Provided with zip closure for security.


  • The size is larger than the average size of a backpack for you to fit in more stuff you need.
  • The hip and adjustable shoulder straps help to adjust the weight of the bag uniformly.
  • Its double padding feature makes the bag a comfortable one to carry around.
  • The material of the bag is light and durable with a casual look to it.


  • This is suitable for men only.
  • A trolley support to the bag is not available.
  • The material might not be very promising for a long tenure.


7.Fur Jaden Grey Backpack

Fur Jaden Grey Backpack


Bring out the aesthetical fashion statement within you while exploring cities with this Fur Jaden Grey Backpack. Its lightweight and durability will get you all along the day keeping your stylish, bold look on point.


  • Capacity of 20L is available
  • The material of the product is of artificial leather.
  • Product is compatible with a laptop by providing a laptop sleeve
  • It is waterproof in nature
  • Width of 30inches, height of 42inches and depth of 16inches makes it spacious enough.
  • A charging extension is provided with the bag.
  • The empty bag weighs 400gm.
  • Has a warranty of 6 months against manufacturing defect


  • This backpack is suitable for both men and women.
  • The laptop sleeve of the bag can hold a laptop of around 16.5inches.
  • The design of this backpack is anti-theft.
  • The USB charging is a plus point of this backpack and lets you charge your devices on the go.
  • This bag can be used for casual purposes like college/school by students and by office goers too.


  • No rain cover is available with this backpack.
  • The bag provides only 1 compartment to stuff all your belongings.
  • No trolley support is available for this product.


8. Billion HiStorage Backpack

Billion HiStorage Backpack


The Billion HiStorage Backpack provides too much storage space and allows you to place your belongings in an organized fashion. Along with that, it is a very comfortable bag to carry around for a long stretch of time. It can hold up to 18 kilos of weight too.


  • A capacity of 30L
  • Material of the backpack is of eco-friendly polyester fabric
  • Has a width of 13inches, height of 20inches and a depth of 8inches
  • Laptop sleeve is available in the compartment
  • Has adjustable shoulder straps with padded air mesh
  • Along with that, back padding is also available with a breathable back system


  • It is suitable for both men and women.
  • A spacious compartment with additional 3 pockets makes a lot of space for you to carry your stuff.
  • The backpack has a pattern of textured fabric which gives it an attractive look.
  • The laptop sleeve is compatible with a laptop with a size of 17inches.
  • The material is stain and fluid resistant which helps to retain the new and fresh look of the bag for longer period of time.


  • It has no trolley support.
  • Also, it fails to be waterproof in nature.


9. Wildcraft Alpinist Rucksack

Wildcraft Alpinist Rucksack


For the travelers who like to explore that one more destination or trek that one extra mile, Wildcraft Alpinist Rucksack brings to you the apt product.


  • A width of 330mm and a height of 760mm is crafted
  • The material used is of 210D nylon ripstop
  • Has a capacity of 55L
  • 1 compartment with 5 pockets are available
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and hip strap is embedded with padding features
  • Has a textured pattern
  • Bag weighs 2220gm
  • Zipper closure is provided for safety reasons
  • 8 months of domestic warranty is available


  • The backpack material trusted on its durability and endurance to damages for long tenure.
  • The sleeping bag carrier on the hood and carry mat straps at the bottom is beneficial for trekking.


  • Absence of a trolley support to the backpack.


10. Skybags Footloose Colt02 Backpack

Skybags Footloose Colt02 Backpack


Skybags Footloose Backpack can be your companion to a short trip to your favorite destination. Its cool, casual and vibrant look will not fail to attract eyes.


  • A capacity of 29L
  • Made of polyester material
  • 3 compartments and 1 pocket in front
  • Bag is waterproof in nature
  • Has a 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • The look of the bag is attractive for which it can be used for other purposes too.


  • Trolley support is unavailable.
  • No laptop sleeve is available in this backpack.
  • The rain cover is not supplied.



The perfect backpack is just a myth. Although there is no such thing as a universally perfect backpack, you can choose your own backpack according to your requirements. For a long trip with trekking, climbing mountains or hiking, a rucksack would be a preferred one. On the other hand, for a casual trip to your favorite city or town, a casual backpack will do just fine. Choose your backpack on the number of things you need to carry. To a destination of a city, you do not require much to carry, but you do need on mountain tops. Hence, packing the minimal luggage is best while traveling.

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