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Ultimate Guide to Make your Home Smart with Automation

Home automation is the new norm of our home lives. It uses smart home technology for automating regular tasks and enables you to control practically every aspect of your home living via IoT (Internet of things). You can apply smart home automation technology for various applications like controlling appliances, monitoring lighting, security, and climate; looking […]

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Immersion Blender Vs Hand Mixer

Immersion blender and hand mixer are highly useful kitchen appliances designed for providing simpler, easier, and pleasurable cooking experiences.  However, cooking enthusiasts often seem to engage in immersion blender vs hand mixer debate. Some favour immersion blenders, while others vouch for a hand mixer.  This leaves you in a tricky situation when to use one […]

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How to Fix Recliner Chairs?

The joy of experiencing immense relaxation and comfort while reclining carelessly on your recline chair after an exhausting day is unmatched. Whether you would like to finish reading your favourite novel, binge-watch web series, or simply unwind and fall asleep, recliners serve as a luxurious place to sink into and de-stress yourself. So, what would […]

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How Do You Protect Vinyl Flooring From Chair Legs?

With all the movement of furniture legs throughout the day, it’s challenging to preserve the quality of flooring. Therefore, it’s essential to adopt floor protection strategies to protect flooring from heavy furniture legs, including chairs, couches, recliners, TV stands, tables, divans, etc. Thankfully, there are specific easy-to-follow and workable solutions available that help you save […]

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Why Does My Office Chair Sink?

Have you been experiencing the sinking feeling lately, whenever you sit down on your office chair? The comfort level seems missing, and you are left wondering,” What causes my office chair to sink?” You should address this issue quickly as it affects your body posture and productivity at work. However, you need not worry, as […]

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Why Does the Office Chair Lean Forward?

A fully adjustable office chair is meant to lean forward or backward for providing improved back support, better posture, and improved blood flow in the legs. It helps you to relax between work. However, when your office chair leans too much forward, it gets uncomfortable. It results in bad body postures that exert excess pressure […]

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Is Microwave Radiation Harmful?

Notwithstanding the amazing benefits of microwave cooking, microwaves are also criticized as being harmful kitchen appliances. While some people claim that the dishes cooked in a microwave are unhealthy and unsavoury, others link it with cancer. So, does cooking food in a microwave expose you to harmful radiation? Does the fear of harmful microwave radiation […]

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Are Microwaves Lined with Lead?

Whether it’s about cooking sumptuous dishes, baking cakes, heating meals, or defrosting your dinner, a microwave provides a world of convenience with super-quick recipes in our busy lives. Notwithstanding its amazing benefits, we must not overlook any safety concerns related to microwave usage. The critics of microwaves have voiced their concern against microwave usage, citing […]

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