9 Best Drones With In-Built Camera

Drones with a built-in camera allow you to capture high-quality shots and images from an altitude. Here we provide detailed reviews of the best drones with in-built cameras of different types based on size, aerial platform, range, and equipment.

With the increase in technology, drones are made available to the common man.  We have plenty of drones available in the market. Every drone is different from others.

Each drone is different with fly time/battery life/equipment enabled/ altitude it can fly etc. If you are a newbie and looking forward to buying the best drone, then this article helps you.  Here, we have listed different types of dronesworking principle of drone, How to fly, few features to be checked before buying a drone Our top recommended product, and a few FAQ.

Now, with modern drones flying, capturing pictures, videos have become more manageable. Drones can be used for both fun, professional. Also, drones with GPS positioning are available. However, the type of drone used for a different purpose will be different.

9 Best Drones With In-Built Camera in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Auto takeoff/land
Auto takeoff/land
Auto takeoff/land
Best pick
Intelligent fly battery
GPS based

How do drones work?

Drones are unmanned aircraft that are made from lightweight materials that allow flying at high altitudes. They need some sort of power that can be from either gasoline or methanol. Drones are controlled from the ground.

The rotors in the drone help to move the drone from one direction to another and take turns or rotate. Drones are also equipped with cameras/stabilizers/FPV/GPS.

A drone fitted with a stabilizer can stand still for a longer time.

How to fly a drone?

One must need to read all the instructions carefully before flying the drone. Charge your battery first. Never fly your drone with a low battery. Ensure that the drone you are flying is free from danger.

There might be the possibility of your drone getting hit to some objects or trees. Always choose free space to fly a drone. Know about the controllers.

The drone controller comes with Yaw and Throttle, Roll, and Pitch. To rotate your drone clockwise or counterclockwise, use Yaw, and while pushing throttle you can change the altitude of the drone as required.

On pushing pitch, you can make the drone move forward and backward. While Roll helps the drone roll while flying. This also helps in avoiding hitting trees and other obstacles.

Now, check the transmitters before takeoff. You must connect drones battery by pushing throttle way down and turning on the transmitter. Similarly, after landing, you need to disconnect the drone battery and turn the transmitter off.

Finally, by pushing the stick for Yaw, Throttle, Roll, and Pitch command you can make the drone take off or land. Practice many times until you feel perfect.

If you want to use the drone for commercial purposes, do not forget to take a license and do the registration. Do always remember not to exceed your drone’s transmitting range.

Types of Drones

You may be heard of acronyms or seen acronyms like RTF, ARF, BNF while looking for a drone. RTF is ready to fly a drone that is fully equipped and does not require additional accessories while ARF drone is almost ready to fly a drone that requires minimum assembling.

Whereas BNF is Bind and Fly that needs a transmitter or receiver to be attached. We have different types of drones based on the feature to fly.

Drones based on Aerial platform

These drones are based on how they manage to fly or stand up in the air.

Single Rotor

A single-rotor drone looks similar to helicopters. These drones have one big size rotor and another small rotor near the tail. A single-rotor drone can travel higher than a multi-rotor drone, and they are efficient than a multi-rotor drone. Also, they use gas to power up instead of electricity.


A multi-rotor drone comes with many rotors and they allow the drone to stand in one position for a longer time. Generally, multi-rotor drones are used for photography purpose. Also, they can not fly for a longer duration time.

A multi-rotor drone can be classified based on the rotors into a Tricopter, Quadricopter, Hexacopter, and an Octocopter.

Fixed Wing

A fixed-wing drone is designed entirely different, and they look differently to rotor based drones. These drones have a fixed-wing similar to an airplane. Also, they cannot stand still in the air and they fly in the direction of the path set.

Size based drones


A mini-drone is the smallest of the small drone. They cannot fly higher and usually designed with fixed wings or small rotors. Mini drones are mainly used in closed spaces and where the facility of flying is not typically high.


A small drone is bigger than the mini or nano drone yet the size is small when compared to other drones. Usually, small drones have fixed wings and are more powered.


Medium drones are smaller and lighter than aircraft and can carry heavy weight up to 200 kg. Usually, these drones are used for goods delivery as they can carry the load.


Large drones are with the size of aircraft and usually, in the military, these drones are used. Also, they are used for surveillance. Large drones are equipped with an efficient and good camera that is capable of capturing images from a far distance.

Range-based drones

Range-based drones are categorized based on the distance it can fly away from the user.


Short-range drones can be controlled from a more far distance when compared to close range drones. They can be controlled from 150km away. They are more popular as they can stay up to 12 hours.

The short-range drone is used in the military for spying and surveillance.


The medium-range drone can be controlled from 650km away. Mostly, these drones are used to collect scientific data. Also, the drone is used for surveillance applications.


Close range drones can fly only 50km away, and they come with a battery backup of 1 to 6 hours only. Also, powerful batteries are included in this close range of drones.

Equipment based drones


These are the most popular drone for their usage. Camera-based drones are used popularly for spying and surveillance purpose. Also, popularly used during film shooting


GPS drones are fly based on the signals received from the satellite. They are linked to the satellite and follow the path provided thereafter the drone fly back to the owner. The drone flies back either on button press or due to the low battery indications.


Stabilizer based drones are used when there is a necessity of the drone to fly in the air for a long time or stand still for a longer time. Stabilizer improves the capability of the drone.


FPV drones are more popularly used to capture face to face interviews or in film shootings. They are capable of capturing or recording when viewers are watching. FPV stands for First Person Viewing.

Buying Guide for Drones


If you are looking for a drone with a camera option, then ensure that it is provided with the excellent capability of capturing the photos and videos. A well-equipped camera can provide you with good photo quality.

Also, while video shooting it must be capable of capturing at high resolution and good frame rate.


Every drone is limited to a certain range only. They use WiFi signals to communicate. By any means, if the signal is lost, your drone will lose communications. However, there are only a few drones available in the market that use GPS technology if WiFi signals are lost.

If the signal is lost and the drone is not equipped with GPS then the drone will be heading in the same direction until the battery life is reduced or it hits some obstacle or tree.


Currently available drones come with good flying speed, and sometimes you may lose control over flying. Always choose the drone that matches your flying speed. Initially, an individual may feel challenging to fly the drone at high speed or balanced speed.

You need to practice similar to bike riding. It is always better to start at low speed and then go for high speed.


Each and every drone come with limited battery life. The flight time of the drone entirely depends on battery life. Also, the bigger the battery more energy is provided to the drone, and the flight time is increased; eventually, the drone weight is increased.

If the battery is small, the weight of the drone is less, and it can not provide great energy to flight. Otherwise, if you want to fly the drone for a long time, you can also swap the battery, but this swapping will increase the cost of the drone.

Return Button

Not every drone has the feature of the return button. One needs to provide the path of drone returning. Drones with this feature really help and make the flying simple.

A simple press button will allow the drone to fly back to you even by avoiding obstacles. This type of drone will be expensive. If your drone is not GPS equipped then ensure that it is heading towards you before pressing the button else the drone may land in another direction.

Top 9 Drones With In-Built Camera

1. Super toy 360p Camera Drone 

The Super toy 360p camera drone is a remote control quadcopter with altitude hold and one key return. It weighs 0.310 Kgs and flies up to 40-45 meters. 

The drone’s flying time is 10-12 minutes, and it takes 40 minutes to charge completely. The material used in construction is plastic and hence is only 699 grams in weight.

Main Features
  • It features 2.4GHz 6-axis gyro altitude hold function, which keeps the drone stable in air and gives better control.
  • With a 360p camera, the drone is wifi compatible, which sends real-time images and videos with fantastic picture quality. 
  • It has LED lights and a one-button takeoff and landing that makes it very convenient to use in darkness.
  • The drone has various functions like Sideward flight, turn left/right, up/down, and forward/backward.
  • The product comes with a remote controller, 1 3.7V 380mAh lipo battery, 1 cellphone holder, 4 spare propellers, 4 propeller protector, 1 charger and 1 user manual.
PROS (What we liked)
  • he drone can be controlled through your smartphone since its wifi enabled.
  • Decent build quality.
  • It has high/low-speed switch mode, headless mode, and 3D flip which makes it an exciting product.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.

2. Amitasha Remote Control Quadcopter 

The Amitasha Quadcopter comes with a camera remote control and is wifi enabled. The device works on charging and has various camera modes. It weighs 0.310 kgs and has dimensions of 11 x 9 x 4 cm. This device is ideal for children above 14 years of age.

Main Features
  • The device has one camera mode as well as a selfie mode.
  • You can also record videos as well as gesture photography by switching to flight mode on your cell phone.
  • It has an air pressure set, auto return, and headless mode.
  • The drone has 2.4 GHz RC, 360-degree flight and 6 axis gyro and light.
  • The drone flies up to a height of 35 meters and flying time is 10-15 minutes.
  • The drone battery required is 3.7V 500mAh and the remote requires 4 AA Battery which needs to be charged after every 40 minutes.
  • The package comes with a mobile stand, quadcopter, remote control, four installed propellers, one spare propeller, four drone support, user annual, USB charger, and camera.
PROS (What we liked)
  • You can control speed by 30%, 60%, and 100%
  • In case you are not familiar with transmitter, you can use your phone to control the quadcopter as it gives you features like one key takeoff./landing, rotation control, throttle control, master mode switching, forward/backward control, emergency stop, VR split-screen mode, headless mode, camera inversions, and emergency stop.
  • The drone has lights so that you can spot it in the dark too.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • It is a foldable drone camera.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The drone does not hover accurately.

3. Chawla Agency Pioneer Foldable Drone

It is a dual-camera drone with a robust motor and dual lights features. The drone is easy to fly and provides amazing features, including dual lights and a wide-angle lens.

The drone comes with two modes of flying – headless and master mode. It has an emergency stop feature and app control system.

It provides its user with the ability to control the speed and switch between the cameras.

Main Features
  • Flying Time: 8-10 minutes
  • The drone has a high definition wide-angle lens.
  • Flying height nearly 40-50 meters.
  • It comes with a dual-camera system. The primary camera is of 7 Mega Pixels, and the secondary camera is of 2 Mega Pixels.
  • One key take-off and landing.
  • Battery: 1200Mah
  • It has foldable WiFi.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Switching between the cameras is exceptionally easy.
  • It supports hand gestures for taking selfies.
  • The drone has auto-return features that command it to return to its original position after flying.
  • It has a compact design.
  • The drone is very stable, and the camera quality is good.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The battery backup is just 8-10 minutes.

4. DJI Tello Drone with 5MP HD Camera – Auto takeoff/land

DJI Tello Drone with 5MP HD Camera
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With the increase in technology, DJI is constantly providing various drones with great features. Now, DJI has become the leading manufacturer of drones with innovative features.

Camera stabilizers, accessories, drones, gimbal cameras, flight controllers, video transmission device are few products to list.

DJI Tello drone helps to capture clear images with high resolution and also perform stunts while capturing images. Now, you can learn basic programming for fun purposes with the help of DJI Tello drone.

Precise hovering is obtained with the downward-facing model. Finally, the DJI app helps to operate the drone efficiently.

Main Features
  • The drone comes with lithium-polymer batteries that are rechargeable
  • It includes Intel processor
  • 5 MP built-in camera is provided for high-resolution photos and videos
  • The drone is capable of flying at the height of 50 m from ground level
  • You can capture clear images with electronic image stabilization
  • Flight time is 13 min
  • Basic programming can be learned with the MIT-developed coding system
  • Precise hovering is possible with the downward-facing camera
  • Easy operation of the drone with DJI app
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ideal for entry-level aerial photography because of it’s easy to use features.
  • Lets you learn more about the drones with the MIT-developed coding system. 
  • Good build-up quality with stable hovering
  • With the single tap, you can easily take off or land the drone
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • As the drone is weightless, it cannot withstand high wind
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5. DJI Spark Fly More Combo Selfie Drone – Alpine White – Best pick

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Selfie Drone – Alpine White
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DJI has started its journey from a small office and is now widespread across the globe. They have a great team that are dedicated to providing innovative products. Consumer drones, professional drones, enterprise, and components are their category of products. DJI has now become the leading manufacturer in drones.

The selfie drone DJI comes with a gimbal camera that works perfectly for video footage and photos. It is designed in such a way based on aerodynamic construction that makes the drone light in weight.

This drone comes with a unique feature of a mechanical gimbal for stabilized photos. Moreover, the drone can also be used to capture images at high speed.

Main Features
  • Professional video and image capturing
  • It has a GPS navigation feature
  • It comes with a special feature of mechanical gimbal stabilization that allows capturing shake-free images
  • Batteries provided are lithium-ion, and they are long-lasting
  • The drone can fly up to 16 minutes with a 1.2-mile control range
  • It has a 12 MP in-built camera that helps to capture photos and videos perfectly
  • Special sport mode feature helps to tackle capturing images with great speed
PROS (What we liked)
  • Offers 2-axis stabilized gimbal camera hence the quality of the video is extremely good
  • Light in weight because of its thoughtful construction.
  • Sports mode lets you take pictures even in motion.
  • Build-up quality of the drone is excellent
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is expensive
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6. DJI Mavic Pro with Fly More Combo – Intelligent fly battery

DJI Mavic Pro with Fly More Combo
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DJI drones help to capture images that were lost due to stabilization. Their drones are categorized into consumer, professional, enterprise, and components. With constant dedication, good R & D, DJI is providing innovative products. They are widespread across the globe. The company tries to provide fast, safe, high-quality products.

We have rated DJI Fly More Combo drone as the best pick as it is loaded with good technology for capturing photos and videos. This drone can be used for professional use.

Also, with the help of the intelligent fly battery flying time is improved and assembling, dismantle has become easy. Angle photography, stabilized footage is possible only with DJI fly more combo drone.

Main Features
  • The drone provides hassle-free live streaming with OcuSync transmission technology
  • Powerful remote helps to control the drone easily
  • Design of the drone is compact
  • Highly durable lightweight intelligent flight battery provides efficient flying time for capturing good images
  • stabilized footage with this drone is possible
  • Reading the instruction manual, you can clearly assemble or dismantle the drone
  • The drone comes with accessories like a battery charging hub, car charger, aircraft, remote controller, battery bank adapter, power cable, propeller pairs, RC cable, RC slider, micro USB cables
PROS (What we liked)
  • Offers intelligent flight battery that will provide efficient flying time
  • Quality of the drone is good
  • DIY option to assemble or dismantle the drone on the go.
  • It is durable and performs well
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Landing this drone on an uneven surface is a tough job
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7. Syma Z1 R/C Foldable Selfie Drone FPV WiFi Camera Altitude Hold Mode App Control Quadcopter, Black – Foldable

Syma Z1 R/C Foldable Selfie Drone FPV WiFi Camera Altitude Hold Mode App Control Quadcopter, Black
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Foldable drones, smart drones, GPS drones, helicopters, and boats, are the category of products designed by Syma. After a vast experience in this field, Syma becomes a leading manufacturer of innovative drones.

They maintain high-quality and well design. Also, the drones are designed in such a way to provide fun to the users.

Syma foldable selfie drone is ideal for beginners who want to learn flying the drone. By connecting to the mobile app you can easily control the camera and drone flying.

Also, you can customize the route mode and allow the drone to follow the path. Easy takeoff and landing are possible with the OneKey feature.

Main Features
  • Weight of the product is 0.074 kg
  • The drone can fly up to a height of 199 feet
  • It comes with an in-built camera, USB charger cable, manual book, extra propeller, and protection frame
  • The drone has low battery protection, optical flow positioning, FPV live video stream, gravity sensor mode, hover function, waypoint control
  • Also, the drone is foldable and comes with OneKey takeoff landing
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ideal for beginners who are learning how to use drone
  • Build-up quality of the drone is good and withstand drops
  • You can easily capture photos and videos
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Fly time is only 8 minutes
  • Battery charging time takes one long hour
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8. Syma X8PRO RC Drone 2.4G WiFi HD Camera FPV GPS One Key Return RC Quadcopter – GPS based

Syma X8PRO RC Drone 2.4G WiFi HD Camera FPV GPS One Key Return RC Quadcopter
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Syma is 10plus years old company, and now they are the leading manufacturer of high-quality drones. The designed the drones innovatively to provide fun, inspiration, and fantasy. Category of their products includes folding drones, smart drones, GPS smart drones, helicopters, and boats.

If you are tired of the drones that need to be provided with the return path, then GPS based Syma X8Pro is the ideal one. Now, you can take off or land the drone with Onekey pushing. Also, it follows the GPS while returning to the user.

Moreover, you can pair live videos with your mobile app.

Main Features
  • The product comes with a WiFi camera, remote controller, phone holder, battery, propeller, guard ring, landing gear, screwdriver, charger, card reader, wrench, user manual
  • It can fly for 9 minutes and require the battery to be charged for 150 minutes
  • When the battery is low, the drone returns back automatically. Also, the drone returns back automatically when the connection is lost
  • The headless mode drone has OneKey takeoff/landing function
  • With altitude hold mode you can obtain stable aerial photography
PROS (What we liked)
  • Good quality of photo and video can be captured
  • Now you can pair the live video captured from the drone to mobile app
  • Easy to assemble hence ideal for beginners
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Battery life is less
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9. SUPER TOY WiFi Camera Drone Professional Quadcopter with 2.4G Rc Helicopter Toy – Small

SUPER TOY Wi-Fi Camera Drone Professional Quadcopter with 2.4G Rc Helicopter Toy
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SUPER TOY is well known for providing a wide range of quality toys. Also, they are now providing a professional drone that has good user ratings. All their products are designed well and can be used easily.

A Quadcopter WiFi camera drone has the capability of flying for 8 to 10 minutes. It also comes with 2 MP camera used for capturing photos. It is ranged under mini pocket drone due to the size and portability.

Main Features
  • It comes with an in-built camera
  • The drone can fly from 8 to 10 minutes
  • Also, it can fly to a height of 30 meters
  • The battery must be charged for a minimum of 30 minutes for every use while the capacity of the battery is 360 MAH
  • Moreover, it has 360 degrees flip action
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality of the camera is good
  • The drone is made from excellent quality plastic making it durable.
  • Easy to control
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not good battery life
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are ARF drones and RTF drones?

ARF drone stands for Almost Ready To Fly, and RTF stands for Ready To Fly.

RTF drone is an entirely constructed one and it includes all components, equipment that are required to fly. Also, they do not need any kind of setup. Usually, RTF drones are costlier than other drones as it is well-equipped.

While ARF drones need partial assembling or manual assembling as it comes disassembled. Few ARF drones do not come with a transmitter and receiver.

2. Best drone for beginners?

A simple RTF drone is the ideal one for beginners who do not have any piloting experience. As RTF drones are well equipped, and it may feel easy to handle.

Also, they do not need any additional accessories to fly the drone. As they are fully equipped, they may cost higher.

3. Do all drones come with a camera?

It is not necessary that every drone you look for comes with a camera feature. Many drones are available in the market that does not have an in-built camera yet the drone can be mounted with an external camera.


If you are looking for a buying option of the drones mentioned above, then simply follow the link provided. If you have reached this part of the article, then you are looking for a good drone. Here, we have mentioned the best picks after good research.

To capture images in sport mode DJI spark fly is the ideal one. Also, this selfie mode drone is the best pick from your picked drones.

If you are looking for a drone that provides you with stabilizing footage, then I suggest Intelligent Fly battery DJI drone. More interested in having a foldable drone, then I suggest Syma foldable drone.

To enjoy night time flying you can go with LED lights drone. GPS positioning Syma RC drone is ideal that has auto takeoff and landing features.

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