Best Kids Sleeping Bags

Camping, scouting, a movie on a big screen and backpacking can be a fun adventure for adults and kids.

But they need proper equipment like a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, backpack, etc.

The need for baby sleeping bags is to give them fun while they are sleeping.

A comfortable and quality sleeping bag will guarantee that your child has a good night’s rest whenever they sleep in the bag.

A good baby bag is expected to be comfortable, of high quality and also affordable.

Getting a very fanciful and the quality bag will keep your baby refreshed when they wake up.

Always know the purpose of buying a sleeping bag.

If you want a sleeping bag for movies night or night over at a friend’s house, go for children’s indoor sleeping bags.

This article will provide you all the information like the best insulation, steps in cleaning a sleeping bag, its type and a buyers guide.

Lastly, we have also mentioned Our Top 10 recommended products and FAQ’s to solve any of your queries.

Top 9 Sleeping bags for Kids

Baby sleeping bags and the best insulation materials

In getting a baby sleeping bag, the insulating material should be noted. Here are some materials for an insulator

  • Cotton

The cotton material is considered as an inferior sleeping bag insulator among other sleeping bag insulators.

This is because it performs poorly when wet. It is also bulky and a bit heavy.

Cotton types of insulators are known to be a cheap source

  • Down Insulation

The down insulator blows everything else out of the water.

It is lighter, more efficient, and compressible.

The drawback to this is when it is wet; it becomes practically useless.

It might also lead to a dangerous hypothermia situation when they get saturated

  • Synthetic Insulation

These types of insulators are man-made fibers which come with the great property.

It is quite affordable when compared to the down insulator.

The synthetic insulator can retain the majority of its insulation when wet.

It can also be lighter than the cotton but not as light as a down insulator.

Steps in cleaning a baby sleeping bags

In keeping a sleeping bag clean, the following steps should be followed

  1. Unzip the sleeping bag: To clean the container, the first step is to unzip the bag to be able to clean it properly.
  2. Wash the sleeping bag: In washing a dirty or stained baby sleeping bag, different ways should be followed. You can either hand wash it or by making use of a front-loading machine depending on the delicate nature of the material.
  3. Use a delicate cycle: In washing using a machine, make sure that it is run on a delicate cycle in other not to destroy the fibers.
  4. Check instruction: Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the type of detergent to use in washing the sleeping bag. This helps to prevent wear and tear and other toxins that might be harmful to the baby’s sensitive skin.
  5. Dry: After washing, rinse, and hang the bag to dry. Also, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instruction on this (tumble dry low)
  6. Insulation: Take care to redistribute the insulation evenly by hand or by shaking the bag. You can even use tennis balls or wool balls in the dryer to fluff up the insulation as it tumbles dries.

Types of Sleeping Bags

Baby sleeping bags come in different types due to seasons and reasons.

The various range of these products makes it essential to choose the type that is ideal for your child and needs.

Beyond the numerous sleeping bags in the Indian market, different bags suit different ages of the baby.

This types of products include  

  • Square Sleeping Bags

The square sleeping bags come in a rectangle shape and do not close around the torso and neck.

It does not come with any head protection or warmth.

One feature that makes it unique is the ability to unzip it completely to turn to a large flat comforter.


  • Mummy Sleeping Bags

This type of sleeping bag is tightly cut to the body.

It is fully fitted and mostly partially unzip.

These sleeping bags can be restrained around the neck and the head to keep the body fully enclosed apart from the head.

Buyers Guide

In buying a baby sleeping bag, many factors should be considered in selecting the best one for your child.

Some children come with a lower body mass when compared to grown-up.

A sleeping bag is an important baby bedding essential.

It is usually of two types which can be used either indoor or outdoor.

Depending on the need for the sleeping bag, the following features should be considered.

  • Dimensions

The dimension of the baby bag is one of the essential features to consider when buying a sleeping bag.

The dimension determines the suitability for the child.

Most of the baby sleeping bag comes with the measurement listed out.

  • The Carrying Weight of The Baby Bag

The weight of the bag should be considered when purchasing a sleeping bag.

Each of the sleeping bags comes with its carrying capacity.

It is important to get a lightweight bag that comes with a sack for easy transportation.

It is also essential to determine the bag weight to make sure that your baby can carry it without you assisting them.

  • Style

Sleeping bags come in different styles.

Like we stated earlier, the baby sleeping bag can either be in envelop or a mummy style.

Both of these styles have their pros and cons as they create a barrier between the baby’s body and the floor.

Envelop (rectangle) offers more room while the mommy models offer the child body to get warmer easily.

  • Comfort

The comfortability of the baby bag is also essential when making a purchase.

Endeavor to consider the material used for making the lining, shell, and fill.

Be sure that the lining is comfortable against the baby skin

  • Easy to Clean

Consider the ease of cleaning the sleeping bag.

Make sure that the outer material is easy to clean.

It should be easy to wipe with a damp cloth when it gets dirty.

  • Durability

The durability of the product should also be considered when buying the product.

This material could be polyester or ripstop nylon.

It is important to go for a product that can repel water

  • Temperature Rating

Getting to determine the temperature of a baby sleeping bag is essential.

It is necessary to buy a sleeping bag whos numeric indicator corresponds to the weather condition that the bag can endure.

  • Zipper Options

The Zipper options are also important for a child’s sleeping bag. With the zipper, the opportunity of the child to be adequately covered is high.

It also helps to protect the child during chilly times, and when the weather is hot, the zipper can easily be opened-up for proper ventilation.

  • The Rims

The rims in a child’s sleeping bags help to prevent a child from falling off.

This acts as a safety feature and should not be overlooked when making a purchase.

It is an important issue to deal with.

  • The Cuffs

The use of a cuff in a sleeping bag for kids is for their heads to rest lovingly in the cuff hold.

It enables them to sleep properly. The softness of the cuff is ideal for your child’s comfort.

  • Pillows and other accessories

The presence of a couple of accessories in the sleeping bag package can make a difference when shopping for the best children sleeping bags.

A pillow will aid the comfort of the sleeping child at any time.

1. Amardeep and Co Baby Sleeping Bag – Best for carrying babies

Amardeep and Co Baby Sleeping Bag Cum Baby Carry Bag
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The Amardeep and Co baby sleeping bag is a very attractive cum baby carrying bag. 

It is an ideal sleeping bag that will allow your kids to enjoy a very wonderful sleep both indoors and outdoors.

The very soft fiber keeps their skin smooth and safe from toxins.

It also provides your toddlers with a comfortable, safe, and cozy environment all day and season.

It is lightweight and thus enables you to carry it wherever you go.

Main Features
  • Comes in a cartoon character and theme
  • The product is made from fabric and cotton materials
  • The Amardeep sleeping bag cum carrying bag comes with Trundle bed
  • It is easy to fold
  • A product dimension of 5 x 5 x 5 cm
  • Ideal for unisex
  • Item weight of 399 g
PROS (What we liked)
  • The Amardeep sleeping bag can also be used as a carrying bag for the baby when going out
  • It also doubles as a mattress for babies to use to sleep at night
  • Quite durable even after machine wash, the thickness, and the quality was maintained
  • It comes with a head zipper, which is important for the protection of the toddler’s head.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Comes with a very thin sponge
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2. The sleeping bags for kids – Best non-toxic sleeping bags

The sleeping bags for kids
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This sleeping bag for kids allows kids to sleep comfortably at night at a temperature approaching 20 degrees Celsius.

It is also important during hiking time with the child.

This sleeping bag is fully tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX).  

In taking care of the baby bag, wash the bag separately from other clothes or those with delicate colors.

Make sure it is washed with 1/3 of a dose of washing powder on a synthetic cycle at degree Celsius.

It is suitable for a child with a height of less than 140cm.

Main Features
  • Comes in a dimension of 130 x 65 cm
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Can be fully zipped
  • Tested by (AITEX) under the European standard EN 13537
  • Consist of outer fabric and lining
  • Consist of 100 percent of polyester
  • Has 180 g/sqm filling
  • A weight of 300 Gramm
PROS (What we liked)
  • An excellent quality material
  • It is ideal for the kids since it is not so bulky
  • It comes in a very beautiful colors
  • Very light and easy to carry about
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Zipper issue
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3. HuntGold Sleeping Slumber Bag – Budget Friendly

Elegant, stunning HuntGold Sleeping Sheet Slumber Bag
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HuntGold big cartoon child is a unisex sleeping bag for your child’s comfort and good sleep.

It is a multipurpose bag, which can be used as a sleeping sheet as well as a slumber bag.

It comes with a built-in pillow.  Its design is very attractive and is instantly loved by children.

Main Features
  • Comes with a great selection quality
  • Comes with an elegant big cartoon design
  • Comes with a blue dinosaur design
  • A product dimension of 140 x 60 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • The sleeping bag materials have a high quality
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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4. Brandon Sleeping Bag for Babies – Lightweight and portable

Brandon Sleeping Bag for Babies
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The Brandon sleeping bag for babies assures the child gets a sound sleep and keeps them comfortable and safe.

It is also a good item that can be used as a gift for loved ones.

Main Features
  • Its outer material is made from very soft polka printed furry flanno
  • A very attractive jump in baby blanket cum sleeping bag
  • The inner material is pure fiber flannel cotton
  • A size of 30 inches from hood to toe
  • Ideal for the age group of 0 to 6 months
  • Made in proportion to wrap the child with ease
  • Item weight of 290 g
  • A product dimension of 33.5 x 24,9 x 9.9 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • This sleeping bag is ideal for all seasons
  • Ideal for keeping a baby warm
  • Very soft material, hence no rashes.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The leg pouch is not of much use since it is difficult for the baby to keep their legs in the pouch
  • The Velcro strap of this product is short in length
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5. Baybee Baby Sleeping Cum Carry Bag – Soft and Skin-friendly

Baybee Baby Cotton Printed Sleeping Cum Carry Bag
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The Baybee Baby Cotton sleeping bag is fully printed and can also be used as a carrying bag.

It is made from very soft and skin-friendly material that is good for the baby’s sensitive skin.

This product lets you allow your baby to drift away in their world as they sleep in the comfort of this sleeping bag.

It provides the baby with a comfortable, safe, and cozy environment.

It is lightweight and allows one to carry it about wherever one goes easily.

Main Features
  • A sleeping bag cum carrying bag
  • Product weight of 58 x 28 x 12 cm
  • Meant for girls and boys
  • Made from non-toxic cotton fabrics
  • Comes with a superior and quality cotton and poly fiber filling
  • Ideal for babies between 0 to 6 months
  • A 2 in 1 multipurpose product
  • Item weight of 399 g
  • Easy to fold and carry around
  • Crafted with quality fabric
PROS (What we liked)
  • The sleeping bag is lightweight and easy for one to carry about
  • It is a soft and nurturing baby bed that fully protect the toddler from head to tail
  • An easy alternative when traveling since it can be easily folded
  • Very easy to wash
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product doesn’t stay as soft as newly bought after a few uses
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6. Fareto Baby Mattress & Sleeping Bag – Value for Money

Fareto Baby Mattress with Mosquito Net & Sleeping Bag Combo
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The FARETO baby mattress comes with a mosquito net and a sleeping bag for the full comfortability of the child.

It gives the child an exquisite experience of a lifetime.

This sleeping bag provides a safe and no mosquito sleeping area for the child.

Main Features
  • The sleeping bag is a combo of a sleeping bag, baby mattress with net
  • Both products come with the same designs
  • The sleeping bag gives support to the baby when you carry them
  • It comes with a mosquito net which allows for fresh air to come in and blocks out mosquitoes and insects
  • Item weight of 299 g
  • A Product dimensions of 30 x 20 x 10 cm
  • Soft sleeping bag
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is an ideal product for all season
  • Comfortable to the child
  • A breathable clear view mesh to allow for full airflow
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality is not up to the mark
  • The threads of the sleeping pots come off after a few uses.
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7. Mee Mee Baby Cozy Carry Nest Bag – Best for Infants

Mee Mee Baby Cozy Carry Nest Bag
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The Mee Mee baby sleeping bag is a very cozy and easy to carry about while at home and travel.

It comes with very attractive features that make it stand out from others.

This soft and soothing sleeping bag is best for newborn babies and safe for their sensitive skin.

Main Features
  • Easy to carry around
  • The product is reputed to be warm, comfortable and also safe
  • Comes with a zip that closes on the sides
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors use
  • Item weight of 449 g
  • An product dimension of 58.4 x 38 x 10.2 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • The baby sleeping bag is extremely comfortable
  • Ideal for a baby up to three months old
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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8. My Newborn Baby Cotton Carry Bag for Sleeping Cotton- – Best Bags for colder days

My Newborn Baby Cotton Carry Bag for Sleeping Cotton-
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My newborn baby curvy bag is a trusted brand for all parents.

This superior sleeping bag comes in high cotton material.

It is intended to give your baby a warm and comfortable sleep.

It is a multipurpose sleeping bag that can be used for a variety of purposes such as blanket, wraps, multipurpose spreadsheets, and extendable bedding.

This sleeping bag for kids is made from soft polar fleece to give the child comfort.

It is travel-friendly and lightweight. I

t is also an ideal alternative for colder days when your baby requires more coverage

Main Features
  • Made from warm and fluffy materials –Fleece, Velvet and cotton materials
  • Remains soft even after numerous washing
  • Item weight of 200 g
  • Recommended age of o to 3 months
  • A combo of baby carry bag cum sleeping sack
  • The Cartoon Character patch, prints, and embroidery often vary subject to availability
  • Ideal for baby boy and baby girl
  • A product dimension of 30 x 9 x 9 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • This sleeping bag is very safe
  • Very easy to wash
  • superior quality and comfort
  • The sleeping bag can be used in all season
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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9. OutdoorsmanLab Ultralight Sleeping Bag  – Mummy style bag

OutdoorsmanLab Ultralight 32F Sleeping Bag For Backpacking Hiking Travel
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It is the extremely durable made of polyester.

Its temperature rating is 29 °F, which is suitable for both winter and summer. 

It is mummy-shaped, so it is very warm and comfortable.
It is made of 100% polyester having features like comfort, weather resistance, and durability.

It is water-resistant and also very easy to clean and dry.

It is very lightweight, compact, and tough, which makes it perfect for camping and hiking.

Main Features
  • Machine washable
  • 1.3 Kilograms weight
  • Packable Bag With Compression Sack
  • Built-in pillowcase
  • Extra inner pocket inside the sleeping bag
  • Both side zipper
PROS (What we liked)
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean, fold and crease-proof fabric
  •  Can be used both in winter and summer
  • Variety of accessories available like the inner pocket, pillow and backpack
  • Very Long life-span
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • High price
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10. Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa Slumberbag – Attractive

Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa Slumberbag
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Disney sleeping bags are the most admired and famous around kids.

Kids love Disney product, and they decide to buy immediately after seeing the graphics.

It is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, or any occasion.

It is a rectangular sleeping bag made up of 100% polyester.

It is only for indoor use and not for camping and tracking.

It has a very attractive pink color and beautiful picture of Frozen character Anna and Elsa and provides easy open and close zip.

It comes with a Slumber bag with a drawstring carrying bag which is perfect for sleepovers.

It is very light in weight around 0.68kg and very warm and cozy. It is very easy to but spot clean only

Main Features
  • 0.68-kilogram weight
  • Slumber bag with drawstring carrying bag
  • 100% Polyester
  • Dimension – 30 x 54 x 1 inches
  • comes in vibrant pink color with Frozen character picture
PROS (What we liked)
  • Premium quality and design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It has a slumber bag with drawing string carrying bag
  • Beautiful graphics
  • warm and comfortable
  • Reasonable pricing
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not for extreme weather condition like other mummy sleeping bag
  • Not machine washable
  • poor zipper quality according to some user
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy a special sleeping bag for my kid?

This bag is specially designed to make sure that your child has the needed comfort, warm and cozy sleep while in the bag.

It also protects and keeps them safe from insects and mosquitoes due to the special head zipper.

2. What type of baby sleeping bag should I get?

For a baby sleeping bag to perform its duty well, it must fully fit the baby’s body perfectly to keep them warm and comfortable.

A right baby sleeping bag should come with the right length and weight to make sure that the child has an optimal thermal efficiency.

3. Can I use an adult sleeping bag for my baby?

An adult sleeping bag will be too long and wide to give the baby the needed warmth and comfort.

Since there is too much air for a smaller body to heat, it will lead to the air to escape through the extra air.

4. How often am I expected to Replace My Kid’s Sleeping Bag?

It all depends on the durability and way you use the sleeping bag.

If you purchased a high quality and very durable sleeping bag for babies that can withstand rough handling and regular washing, then it may be changed after some years.

It may also require more frequent change when the child has outgrown it since babies grow bigger.

5. What should I know about washing the baby sleeping bag?

Endeavor to go through the manual to determine the ideal washing need of the sleeping bag (hand washing or machine washing).

Rough handling and frequent washing can often degrade the bag and make them lose their quality or thickness.

Take proper care of it to prolong the lifespan of the bag

6. Is it better to get a bigger sleeping bag for my kid since the child will grow or should I go for the right size?

It is a known fact that kids grow faster and tend to outgrow most of their products and children’s accessories in a very short time.

Children may comfortably fit a sleeping bag this year and outgrown it the next year – making it tight and short for them.

It is important to get a proportional sleeping bag that is the right size for them or a slightly bigger sleeping bag with extra space for comfort and also to accommodate the baby’s growth for the next couple of years.

Never go for too big sleeping bag else the child will be uncomfortable and cold.

You can also go for the ones that are expandable to elongate them as the child grows.

7. Does my child need a mummy bag?

It involves the weather and situation.

In cold weather or when it requires you to camp outdoors, then a mummy bag is needful.

This is because of the design and shape of the mummy bags.

Mummy bags do a better job of conserving and keeping heat inside than the square bag.

8. How can I repair the zipper on my sleeping bag?

In repairing the zippers for a baby sleeping bag, the following ways should be followed

  • Take the sleeping bag to a tailor to look at it
  • Use a plier to gently pinch together the spoilt zipper (you can see some videos on Youtube)
  • Look out for loose thread or some fabric that got folded or get caught in the zipper
  • Use the second zip to zip in, if the first zipper is splitting open. This is often an easy way to solve this issue.

9. How can I keep my baby sleeping bag warmer?

Make sure that your kids are sleeping on a good sleeping pad.

Make sure to use a summer pad during the winter period.


It is challenging to figure out how a child will grow or their needs.

Kids can easily destroy the bag if adequate supervision is not taken.

It is also important to note their needs in making the decision.

The list gives a variety of sleeping bags that come in different sizes, designs, temperature ratings, and shapes.

It is up to you to select the one that suits your child and price.

Check some other features as listed above in making your decision.

One basic attraction that is held by most parents is a sleeping bag that cuts across the different age range.  

For parents seeking high-quality bags for hiking and backpacking, closer attention should be paid to sleeping bags that can survive in extreme weather conditions and easy to adjust.

We believe that this guide will be helpful for you in finding the perfect fit for your child as they derive the best comfort and safety.

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