16 Innovative and Smart Home Decor Ideas

Our irresistible desire to transform our home spaces into a heavenly paradise keeps us busy experimenting with innovative home décor ideas. There is no dearth of smart home ideas, whether you would like to remodel your home interiors or upgrade your décor.

If you have a limited budget or less time for investing in home décor projects, don’t worry, as there are various interesting decorating trends that cater to the home décor requirements of every homeowner.

Incorporating various smart home décor ideas enables you to boost the aesthetics of your home interiors while adding elegance and timeless appeal to your palace. These ideas leave your entire home space looking refined and feeling fresh.

This article will unravel the awesome home decorating ideas for instantly transforming the looks and feels of your home.

16 Innovative and Smart Home Decor Ideas

Add Florals & Botanicals Prints

If you want to infuse new life into your room, nothing works like floral & botanical prints. The floral prints work great for lifting the beauty of both modern as well as traditional setups.

You can add vibrant colours to your room by using nature-inspired designs of florals & botanicals on your fabrics, wall covers, carpets, and other decor items.

Ensure to install the correct type of lights that produce the required amount of lighting to bring alive the magical effects of your floral and botanical décor.

Install Smart Lighting 

By doing something as simple as installing the new smart lighting in your room, you can polish off a room décor and beautify its aesthetics. For example, installing a brass pendant light adds a much more sophisticated and refined touch than a table lamp.

Add stylish lights that contrast with the more traditional elements across your home. You can choose the LED lights of varying colours, sizes, and strengths. This helps you to create customized moods for each room as per your taste.

By installing LED lights, you can also change the feel and vibes of your room depending on the season, occasion, and time of the day. Make sure that your lights match the wall paints, furniture, and electrical devices in the room for creating the intended effect.

To ensure that your lighting is not out of place, you should test out different light settings to find out the desired lighting effect you’re looking for.

You can add special decorative effects for various rooms, including balconies, study rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Thus, lighting serves the dual purpose of functional usage and room decoration.

You can combine different sconces with the right lumens and colours for creating warm and cosy spaces. Moreover, you can also use sconces for smaller areas like patios.

Reupholster Your Furniture

If you look to freshen up an entire space with appealing vibes, try reupholstering your furniture. It will automatically add liveliness to your room. If you are fond of eclectic decorating, make sure that various décor elements are juxta-positioned appropriately.

For example, the softness of the blush pink colours complements the rustic stool, angular mirror, geometric pottery, and marble fireplace for imparting impeccable looks to your room.

Re-Styling a Bookshelf

Re-styling your bookshelf provides a great way of improving the décor of your room. You can colour-coordinate your books, use inky stained wood, and attach a clean-lined ladder for imparting gorgeous contemporary looks on traditional designs.

You can fill your bookshelf with books or add in-decor accents and accessories such as vases and sculptures for breaking the monotonous appearance of a wall of books. This causes your bookshelf to look more cohesive and makes it stand out with bright colours in your collection.

Cane Furniture 

The versatility of cane furniture makes it ideal for lending a warm homely feel to your home interiors. Moreover, these pieces of furniture allow you to make the best use of available space in your room.

The natural look of cane furniture imparts the right texture to your room. It works great for kinds of weather as it keeps the environmental elements in check. You can also combine it with recycled materials for producing interesting combinations.

You can add a bold and patterned tablecloth for leaving a traditional space more eclectic and making a style statement.

Incorporate Dark Colours in Your Design Elements

Add dark colours like black to your interiors as it adds timeless appeal and complements a wide range of bold accents effortlessly. If you are residing in cold areas, you can paint your exteriors black. Other effective alternatives are blue, purple and green colours.

Pairing black in colour with the right furniture and fittings helps you to make your spaces look cosier. Ensure to have sufficient lighting and the required brightness in your darker coloured rooms.

Add shades of blue or the traditional blue to your home interiors to accentuate your surroundings’ calmness. Pair blue colour with various other contrasting colours in light or dark shades. Blue colour can be used anywhere from your fabrics to walls to furniture.

Another innovative way of using colours in your home décor is to colour-block your wall for making a graphic statement. To do so, you may paint half portion of your wall with a bold colour or use two neutral tones.

For example, paint black colour over a quarter of the wall and use a nice steel grey shade to paint the rest of the wall. This creates a unique and subtle style statement.

Arrange a Cosy Reading Spot

If you are fond of reading a lot, you must set up a comfy reading spot. If you don’t have a designated reading corner due to a lack of leftover space, you can design your formal living room for serving a double purpose as a relaxing lounge area.

You can choose sophisticated and homely fabrics and shapes for strategically decorating the furniture. This creates the perfect place for unwinding alone with your books or entertaining yourself.

Add Textured Walls 

Using textured walls helps in adding more depth to your rooms and making space more comfortable. These walls allow you to create awesome effects in your room by using the right lighting and textures.

By using textured wall paints, you can also customize each room as per your liking and the room’s usage.

Install Kitchen Chimneys 

The kitchens in the older homes used to have a simple window for ventilation purposes. Gradually small kitchen vents fans were installed and used for ventilation. However, modern kitchens are installed with kitchen chimneys.

These modern kitchen chimneys work great in maintaining the ideal temperature in the kitchen and keeping your kitchen walls tidy. These chimneys also keep your home odour-free and the sophisticated looks to your kitchen décor

Decorate Your Entryway

You don’t always need a grand foyer for decorating your entryway. Instead, introduce a small console table for sprucing up your entrance table.

Choose a traditional table and decorate it with modern abstract art for imparting a modern yet formal appearance. Moreover, create a laid back look on the gallery wall by leaning some elegant portraits against the wall.

Another smart way of decorating the entrance hall is to hang a colourful curtain in place of a door. The dark coloured fabric of curtains adds rich texture to the space and pops against the regal shades of the wall colour.

Add Charm to Your Bedroom With a Canopy

Add a canopy to your bedroom décor for transforming it into a royal ambience. A canopy looks amazingly beautiful and imparts an ethereal appearance to the minimalist bedroom.

Add cosy and colourful textiles to your bedroom for boosting its décor effortlessly. Install sleek mounted lights, swoon-worthy pendants, and bright coloured rugs in your bedroom for providing eclectic appeal and anchoring the space perfectly.

Display Your Collectables Artistically

If you have a large collection of your favourite collectables, you can display them artistically on a floating shelf in your living room. Arrange your stuff in an organized and innovative way that instantly grabs the attention of your guests.

Arrange Your Decorative Stuff Proportionately

The living room looks exquisite with the shapes and scale of its decorative stuff arranged proportionately. Likewise, the designs of décor elements in their various details offer a royal splendour.

You can hang an oversized mirror in your living room for creating an extra impact. Use a simple and sleek mirror or a classic one with antique looks for proportional intrigue.

Create Natural Divisions 

Most individuals prefer open and undivided spaces as these create larger rooms. You should use separators for organizing the rooms properly, especially if you have a smaller home.

Prefer movable separators manufactured from natural materials such as wood & bamboo. This provides innovative ways for creating separations in a room without sacrificing too much space.

Keep a Bold Floor Lamp in the Corner

If you have a vacant corner in your room, you can install a bold floor lamp. The floor-to-ceiling lamp is a stunning piece of architectural brilliance that sparks awe-inspiring vibes. Of course, you should install a floor lamp that also works as artwork.

Moreover, you can keep a modern leather lounger and graphic rug in the corner for imparting its sleek and stylish looks.

Adopt Minimalistic Theme 

If you love being simple and live in a smaller home, you can add clean and neutral colours to your decorative elements. Adopt a minimalistic theme by keeping minimum essential furniture and appliances in your room.

With the proper lighting and electrical fittings, you can easily create minimalist looks in your rooms.


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