Gift ideas for kids

Gifting is nothing but giving.

Several studies have shown the benefits of giving and gifting. It is found that the people experienced better satisfaction by giving more to others.

Gifting your kids on the occasion of their birthday or during the holiday season can bring the joy to child and satisfaction to the parents. It’s a win-win situation.

But at the same time, you need to stay vigilant about what you gift to your kids. It should be something that they will as well as will help them grow and learn.

Playing is Essential

Playing is an important activity in a child’s development. No matter whether it is outdoor or indoor playing.

While emphasizing on the outdoor activity, parents also need to pay attention to an indoor activity that can help kids to boost memory functions.

Today, there is a wide range of toys, play-activity gadgets that can enhance the engagement of kids and make learning fun.

In such a scenario, while buying a new gift for kids, every parent should ask a question to themselves –

  • “will this gift or toys help my kid to engage and learn?”.
  • “Will it make their life better?”

If the answer to these questions is Yes, you know you are on the right track.

Kids receive gifts often, and parents, do not need a specific reason to gift something to their little bundle of joy. They wish to see excitement and happiness on their child’s face while opening the present.

However, choosing a unique, exciting, yet useful gift for a kid is not very easy. It requires a lot of thinking, and yes, you will need to be creative as well. We have done all that hard work for you in this article. The article lists some of the best gift ideas for kids.

So, all you have to do is read on and then select the item that you think will be best suited for the kid you wish to gift it to. He or she can be your child, a nephew, or a niece, or even a friend’s kid. Now, let us delve directly into the gift options.

Best Gift Ideas For Kids

Scooter Cycle

Scooter cycles will be a fun toy to gift a little kid. This is ideal for a child who has not progressed to the stage of cycling.

A scooter cycle will help a child in balancing. However, you must ensure that the model you decide to purchase is stable and secure for the safety of the kid. There are other points which also play an essential role in your decision, including carrying capacity; the minimum suggested age recommendation, and price.

Play Mats:

Egab Baby Folding mat Play mat

Playmats and activity gyms are suitable gifts not only for kids but also for their parents, because of the benefits they provide. They prove to be the perfect playing area for a child that will keep him or her distracted while the parents can take time off to do their work.

Playmats are available in several designs, sizes, colors, and types. Be sure to check that the one you choose to buy is safe to use, easy to clean, portable, sturdy in nature, and is well-cushioned.

Booster Seats:

Booster Seat is a highly useful gift for a toddler who is four years old or more as it teaches them how to sit on their own. It is the perfect alternative to a high chair as it helps the child to be safely and securely seated in a car while traveling.

These seats can also be used in seating the child by the table while having meals. You must consider a few factors like portability, safety, and ease of use of the product to make the right purchase.

Activity Books:

There is a diverse range of options for activity books. You can choose to gift a kid a coloring book, art and craft book, magnetic activity book, sound book, flip book, or any other kid’s book that will help him or her in learning something new.

Check for the suitable age requirement of the book before you purchase. This is one of the essential points to remember if you have decided to gift a kid an activity book. The book should keep the child engaged and should also be able to enhance his motor skills.

Toddler Toys:

What can be a better gift than toys for a young child? Toys provide a fun-filled playtime for kids. They also help in bringing about improvements in creativity, social interaction, eye-hand coordination, and listening skills. Ensure that the types of toddler toys you buy are creative, fun to play with, and also encourages learning.

Kindergarten School Bags:

A Schoolbag will be the perfect gift for a child who is just about to begin school. The bag you purchase should be comfortable to use with compartments and ample storage space. Check for adjustable straps with padding to evenly distribute the load on the shoulders. Go for a school bag that comes with unique and colorful designs so that it will be loved by any school going kid.

Cycles for Boys:

Cycling is always a great way of staying healthy and active in a fun-filled way. There are different stages of cycling, which progresses as per the age growth of a child. The age group of 2-5 years should ride a tricycle.

You must know the type and size required by the kid before you make a purchase. Ensure that the design and frame of the cycle are suitable for a boy.

Cycles for Girls:

There is a difference between cycles for girls and boys because their physiology differs. So, if you are planning to gift a cycle to a girl child, you need to consider essential points such as the size of the wheel, brake system, weight capacity and safe standing position of the cycle. The cycle should be designed in a way that fits the requirements of your little girl.

Sippy Cups

You can gift a sippy cup to a toddler as it helps in transitioning between bottle-feeding to a regular cup. It improves hand and mouth co-ordination so that the child can learn to feed himself without spilling anything. The cup should be light-weight and durable enough to withstand the toss from a high chair, stroller or a rocking chair.

Toy Guns:

Every kid loves to play with toy guns, be it airsoft guns, water guns, cap guns, pop guns, wooden guns, or laser guns. Hence, gifting a child with a gun, suitable for his or her age is sure to bring happiness. The toy gun should be safe and comfortable for the child to play with.

Roller Skates:

Roller skates are the best way to engage a child in outdoor activities. So, this is an ideal gift option that is available in different styles and sizes of wheels. Roller skates provide several benefits to the child-including improvement of mood, brainpower, physical fitness, and it also helps in creating a social bond. Ensure that the skates you buy come with adjustable and secure straps along with a durable design.

Kids Board Games :

Board games keep kids engaged and also allows them to indulge in quality time with family. There are different types of interesting board games to choose from. However, the board game must be easy for the child to understand. It should also be suitable to accommodate 2-6 players so that it can be played with all the members of the family.

Laptop’s for Kids

You can choose to get a laptop for kids as a gift. Any kid would be more than pleased to have a laptop of his or her own. These child-friendly laptop models are great in the development of a kid’s mental and cognitive abilities.

For the laptop to introduce mathematical and problem-solving skills to the child, you must choose the right model. Factors like the age of the child, features of the laptop, durability, and price of the laptop should also be considered while making a choice.

Kids Headphones

You can choose to gift a kid a headphone if he or she loves to listen to music. However, it is essential to ensure that the headphones you buy come with a volume limiter. This feature prevents the cause of damage to a child’s ear.

There are different types of kids headphones for you to choose from. It should provide a good quality sound and should have limited usage features like a parental lock. This will enable the parent to keep the decibel levels within safety limits.

Smartwatches for Kids

Smartwatches are gaining immense popularity these days among kids. Any child will be delighted and excited to receive a smartwatch as a gift. These are unique gadgets that are worn as watches but perform the functions of a smartphone.

There are many benefits of gifting a smartwatch. The GPS of the watch will allow the parents to keep track of the whereabouts of their kid. It is essential to consider factors like design, display type, battery life of the watch before you make a purchase. Ensure that the smartwatch is brightly colored and has a child-friendly design.


If your little one loves to suck his or her thumb and you wish to remove this habit, a pacifier is a suitable gift idea. It provides comfort to a baby in between feedings and helps them sleep peacefully. While choosing a pacifier for a baby, it is essential to know that there are different types of pacifiers designed according to the different age groups.

The essential point to remember is that the pacifier should be made using BPA free material so that it is entirely safe for the baby. Moreover, it should be brightly colored, easy to clean, and comfortable to use.

Feeding Bottle:

A feeding bottle is an important essential for a newborn baby and toddler. If you are planning on gifting a feeding bottle to a newborn, go for a small bottle with a capacity of 150 ml. On the other hand, a toddler will require a bottle with a capacity of up to 330 ml.

A bottle having a silicone nipple is more preferred since babies tend to be allergic to latex. There are also other factors to consider when purchasing a feeding bottle- including its type, nipple shape, and material. Ensure that the bottle is free from leakage.

Baby Bath Toys:

This is an ideal gift for any baby or toddler who loves or hates bath time. Bath toys not only distract and fascinate children, but they also help in promoting the child’s sensory, gross, and fine motor skills.

You can choose from a variety of brightly colored toys, including rubber ducks, boats, balls and squeeze toys. This category of toys even includes floating letters and bath time books. However, while deciding on the type of toy to purchase, ensure that it is made using BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free material for the safety of the kid.

Encourage kids to give –

Now you know what gifts you can give to kids, but remember, what we discussed earlier in this article?

Those who give to others, get more satisfaction than those who don’t.

Now, you have given the gift to a kid, its time to teach them the importance of giving. Encourage them to gift others or give something to a needy person.

If that is not possible, at least involve them when you are giving something to others and let them understand and learn the importance of giving.


We hope you find an age-appropriate gift from the list mentioned above. The list ensures that all the gift ideas are creative, unique, and useful for a child. Happy shopping!

Anaida Sutherland

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