12 Best Activity Books Set For Kids

If there is a better way to keep your kids engaged, especially during the holidays, it’s getting them activity books. You might consider allowing them time on the TV, but that can never be a better option.

Seeing your kids engrossed in an activity book will give you the confidence that they are indeed learning new skills. When traveling or hanging out with a friend, let an activity book keep your kid busy.

Activity books help kids to acquire the skills needed to succeed in school and life as well. Purchase the right activity book for your kid, and you’ll be surprised at how good they’ll develop their learning and concentration skills.

There are a lot of activity book sets in the market today, and getting the right one for your kid might become difficult for you.

This review includes everything you need to know about the activity book set like the different types availableadvantages of using, the buying guide and top activity book set recommendations and answers to the frequently asked questions that will help you to choose the best book for your kid.

Top Picks for Activity Book Sets For Kids in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Choice
Best Multiskills development Book
Best Educational Activity Set
Best Activity Set for Motor Development
Best Activity Set for Arts and Crafts
Best Mid-range Activity Book
Best for Reading and Writing Activities
Best Paper Quality Feature
Best Coloring Activity Set
Best Complete Set Book
Best set for psychology improvement

Advantages of Activity Books

Activity books have a lot of positive impacts on kids. If you get the right one for your kid, you’ll see a lot of improvement in their ways of doing things. Some of the advantages of these books to your kids include;

Helps Kids to develop great language and reading skills

Activity books are fun to use and help to kill time. If you get an excellent educational activity book for your kid, their language and reading skills will significantly improve.

Activity books help kids to develop their reading ability, especially when they participate in literacy and critical thinking activities.

Improves kids’ comprehension skills

Every time that your kid engages in completing an activity, their comprehension skills improve as they ponder on a different step to take. Books such as those that contain puzzles offer the best exercise to your kid’s brain, enabling them to become sharp at such a young age.

Enables kids to recognize different colors

When kids engage in coloring activities, they get a chance to learn different combinations of colors and what they result from doing after carrying out the activity. Nowadays, you’ll find that kids know a lot of colors, more than most adults.

Fine motor development

Activity books enable kids to develop excellent finger grips. The more they use the books, the better they start holding a pencil when writing.

With time, the motor muscles in their hands develop, enabling them to write better, something that they could never achieve by staring at a screen for hours. Check out toys for kids 

Improves Concentration

The more a kid uses activity books, the more they learn how to concentrate when doing things. If joining dots, for example, they have to focus if they want to come up with the desired diagram or shape.

If they learn the need to concentrate when doing things at such an early age, you will be proud as a parent.

Helps kids to gain confidence

Completing an activity well will help your kid to feel great about themselves. They will gain a sense of self-worth and also become more confident about themselves too.

The kid will feel that they can do anything by themselves and still get it right. As a result, they’ll never be afraid to do anything.

Source of entertainment

Activity books are full of fun activities. You will have a good time with your kid when getting messy in the kitchen, competing to color shapes and joining the dots, playing with stickers, among others.

With an activity book, there’s never a dull moment.

Enhance hand and eye coordination

Activities such as coloring help kids to learn how to coordinate their hands and eyes. Kids achieve this by ensuring that the color within a specified area.

When kids start coloring, they always find it tough to do it within the specified area, but with time, it gets easier. For more fun, you can also check out the laptop toys for kids.

Make kids more creative

The more your kid uses activity books, the more creative they’ll become. You’ll find your kid coming up with new drawing styles and adding more colors to diagrams to make them more appealing.

With time, their confidence will grow and be in a position to even color new characters.

Help kids to acquire skills needed in school life

The more your kid uses activity books, the more skills they acquire. Some of these skills enable them to perform well in school.

Should you purchase a set of activity books for your kid, you’ll be surprised to see a significant improvement in their academic life. Activity books help kids to develop excellent reading habits and great concentration skills.

Provide an avenue for parents to enjoy some free time alone

Sometimes, you might be tired from a busy day at work and noise from kids running up and down the house, the last thing you want to experience. An engaging activity book will keep your kid occupied and allowed you all the time you need to relax.

Stimulates their imagination

Some activity books help kids to identify feelings, something that stimulates their imagination to another level. An art and craft activity book, for example, might require them to draw a picture of a happy boy.

Such activity will make the kid imagine how a happy boy looks like for them to draw right.

Enables parents and kids to bond

Activity books enable parents to spend time with their kids, and this strengthens their relationship. When using a cookbook, for example, you will have a lot of fun with your kid in the kitchen.

The more time you spend together, the more memories you’ll build together.

Sharpens problem-solving and analytical skills

Some activity books contain stories of characters involved in a conflict requiring the kid to come up with a solution to solve the conflict.

To come up with a solution to the problem, they have to weigh the different options to get the most logical solution. Such activities equip kids with skills to analyze and solve problems in real life and not to run away from them.

Types of Activity Books

There are different types of activity books set in the market today.

Coloring Books

Coloring activity book set

This set consists of books that contain activities that require the kid to color some shapes, animals, plants, and even people outfits. Such books help the kids to improve their concentration skills as they try to color the specified places.

Coloring also makes the kid look forward to another activity and fun-filled day. You won’t have to push them into spending time working with the books.

They also become aware of different colors during the process.

Cook Books

Cooking activity book set

Cookbooks help the kids to learn different ways around the kitchen and at such an early stage in life. Such books contain easy recipes that are fun and engaging with the kids.

They are fun, friendly, and an excellent way to keep your child busy.

Even though the kids will make the kitchen messy, they will have learned fundamental skills which they’ll apply in life.

Sticker Books

Sticker activity book set

Most kids love stickers. The reason for this is because the stickers are fun and exciting. If you are busy or require some quiet time, get your kid a sticker book, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Sticker books help kids to sharpen their motor skills when they place the stickers in the right places.

Spy Books

eye spy activity book set

These are the best books to get your kids if you want them to play together. Such books work great, especially when traveling or when it’s raining outside, and you want them to remain indoors.

The books require them to look for different parts in the story, for example, in the ‘’Where is Waldo’’ book.

Such books enable kids to practice their observation skills. They also allow the kids to embrace group work and to always work in a team.

Art and Craft Activity Books

art and craft activity book set

These books involve a lot of drawing and painting. Your kids get the chance to learn how to draw different shapes, plants, cars, people, among other things.

Such books also involve activities such as joining the dots to come up with the desired figure or shape.

Your kid will have a lot of fun when spending time carrying out activities from art and crafts books.

Magnetic Activity Books

magnetic activity book set

Magnetic books tell stories while giving out a fun activity to kids. Some of these books require kids to dress up characters in a variety of outfits, give them different animal activities, among others.

Such books entertain kids and help them to improve their concentration.

To help your kid have more fun with these books, ensure that you carry out the activities with them or, if not available, get the babysitter to help them. Your kid is undoubtedly going to have a lot of fun.

Buyer’s Guide For Activity Books

The following are the things to consider when purchasing an activity book set for your kid.


Before selecting an activity book for your kid, you need to ask yourself the reason you want your kid to have such a book in the first place. If you want a book that will help your kid to learn how to write well, for example, go for an activity book set that requires them to a lot of writing.

What you want your kid to achieve at the end of the day should be the key factor. Go for what you believe will make your kid better.


As much as you would want to get an activity book set you saw with your friend’s kid, you may become curtailed from doing so because of their age difference. What may be relevant to a 2yrs kid may not be relevant to a 4yrs old and vice versa.

Do not purchase a book with instructions that your kid can’t understand, as this will only be a waste of your hard-earned money. Always go for what will be beneficial to your kid.


Look for an activity book set that will increase focus on your kid, one that is engaging. In as much as you would like your kid to have fun, get books that will help to build their brain. A book that requires them to use a little bit of extra mental energy will help them to become more responsible.

Paper Quality

Always check the quality of the papers you wish to purchase for your kid before paying for them. Go for a set with thick papers at all times.

The reason for this is because some kids like tearing things up, and books with thin papers will make things easier for them.

Also, when drawing with paints on a book with thin papers, it becomes difficult to use the next page as it becomes a duplicate of the original one.


You need to know how much you are willing to spend on an activity book set when looking for one. Consider your budget and what you want for your kid.

Remember, it doesn’t always mean that because a set comes at a high price, it has the best for your kid. You might even get a set at a low price, which will still help your kid a great deal.

However, never compromise the quality of the set you want for your kid because of the price. Always go for what is best for them.

12 Best Activity Books Set For Kids

1. 1001 Activities Book – Our Choice

1001 Activities Book
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This activity book has been designed for those pre-school toddlers for their first educative lesson in a fun-filled and playful manner. They will never get bored if they are using this activity book.

Along with that, it helps them develop many skills such as problem-solving, reading, language, and motor skills, which would surely help your kid. Let us have a look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • The book comes with a colorful and vivid explanation that helps your child to understand things more clearly and attract their attention.
  • It comes with a wide variety of activities along with colorful images to grab their attention for a while.
  • The page is thick enough, enabling your kids to complete the activities.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The book helps you to keep your kids engaged in their work, and you can easily complete all your chores.
  • The quality of the paper is very good.
  • The inks used for coloring and images are non-toxic, so you need not worry about your kid’s safety.
  • It keeps your kids engaged for a long time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There are too many activities on a single page. The book should have been designed by keeping some space to complete each activity.
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2. Melissa & Dough Deluxe Puffy Sticker Activity Book Set – Best Multiskills development Book

Melissa & Dough Deluxe Puffy Sticker Activity Book Set
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If looking for an activity book set that will keep your kid engaged for long, this is the set to go for at any time. The set contains two books with compelling glamour and equestrian themes.

Each book has more than 100 stickers and ten backgrounds to keep your kid busy.

These books will improve your kids’ motor skills and also enable them to develop excellent expression and narrative thinking skills. The set will keep your kid entertained and occupied at all times.

With this set, your kid will never suffer from boredom.

Main Feature
  • Multicolored to attract kid’s attention
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Deluxe-spiral bound format
  • Attractive themes to keep kids engaged
  • Great for: Creative expression, fine motor skills, and narrative thinking
PROS (What we liked)
  • Have reusable stickers
  • Easy to carry along when traveling
  • Keep kids happy and quiet for long
  • Cute enough designs
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Thin inner pages that bend with ease
  • Meant for girls only
  • Powerful glue odor
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3. Inikao’s Activity Books Collection For Early Learning 

This pack of activity books offered by Inikao includes a collection of 8 activity books in A5 size with 16 pages each, which are found to help develop the fine motor skills, reasoning capacity, and cognitive skills of early learners in kindergarten.

All 8 books are found to be very colourful and interesting with numerous fun-filled activities for early learners. Each book has 16 pages that include various interesting activities.

The collection includes books on Colouring, Origami, Dot-to-dot Drawing, Pencil Shading, Pencil Control, and Clay Modelling.

These multilevel activities are found to help develop the hand-eye coordination of younger children.

Main Features
  • Colourful and attractive pictures and illustrations grab the attention of the kids.
  • Unique activities listed retain the child’s interest.
  • A great way of introducing multiple art activities to younger children.
  • It comes in an easy-to-carry size, even while travelling.
  • Helps children develop their fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and reasoning skills along with time management in an entertaining, fun-filled way.
  • A perfect capsule for play-way learning.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Attractive and colourful design.
  • Multiple activities to serve children of varied interests.
  • Day-long activities engage the child, without leaving him/her bored.
  • Pocket-friendly pricing for 8 activity books.
  • Helps the child play as well as learn at the same time.

Great way to introduce art development in kids.

CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The book size could have been bigger as it is meant for kindergarteners.
  • 3 books out of 8 are colouring books.

4. Genius Kids Worksheets for LKG-Set of 8 Workbooks – Best Educational Activity Set

Genius Kids Worksheets for LKG-Set of 8 Workbooks
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This set contains a series of high-quality, colorful, and engaging sets of books for pre-school, kindergarten, and even primary grades. The workbooks cover most topics and will keep your kid busy throughout the holidays.

The workbooks contain most of what kids learn in school and will thus not only keep them entertained but also help them to advance in their studies. The books have plenty of activities on numbers, alphabets, coloring, and painting, among others.

Your kid will learn a variety of scientific facts, acquire excellent writing skills, and even improve in reading after practicing pronunciation. These workbooks are an excellent value for your money and will have a lot of impact on your kid.

Main Feature
  • Colorful illustrations to attract kids’ attention
  • Fascinating science facts to sharpen their mind
  • Large full-color photos to attract the kids to the books
  • Simple step by step instructions for quick understanding
  • Set of 8 activity books: ABC’s, 123’s, phonics, spelling, learn to read, mental maths, games, and science.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Colorful and interesting
  • Simple explanations
  • Excellent paper cutting activities
  • A lot of content covered
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not engaging for kids less than 4yrs old
  • Poor paper quality
  • Expensive
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5. Paper Craft Coloring & Activity Book Set for Kids – Best Activity Set for Motor Development

Paper Craft Coloring & Activity Book Set for Kids
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This set consists of three books, and it’s best if you want your kid to engage in activities that help them to learn numbers and letters of the alphabet. The books are brightly colored to entice the kid into learning through different activities.

With these books, your kid will learn how to count, spell words correctly, and even practice their observation skills. By engaging in different crafts, your kid will learn how to hold their pencil correctly, a skill that will help them to write better.

Get the books for your kid, and by the time they get through with them, you’ll notice the significant change they’ll have impacted on them. You’ll always be glad that you bought the set in the first place.

Main Feature
  • Multicolored to entice the kids
  • Has lots of pictures and diagrams
  • Brightly colored illustrations for easy reading
  • High-quality papers for perfect coloring
PROS (What we liked)
  • Excellent content
  • Great for nursery kids
  • Easy to follow instructions
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Highly Priced
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6. Kids Activity Pack for Kindergarten – Best Activity Set for Arts and Crafts

Kids Activity Pack for Kindergarten
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Are you looking for a great activity book set for your kindergarten kid? This set will suit them best. The set contains four books with different, very engaging activities.

With the set, you and your kid will get the best experience together.

The books will help your young one to control their hand movement when forming letters. These activities will help them to write neatly at all times, even without your help.

With time, they have the best handwriting ever.

With the help of these books, your kid will become a pro in art and crafts, paper pasting, learn how to shave their pencils, and even improve in origami activities.

The set will enable your kid to develop imagination powers and also enhance their skills. They’ll also learn different ways of using waste materials attractively.

Main Feature
  • Helps in learning cursive writing
  • Different activities to equip different skills
  • High-quality papers for drawing and pasting
  • Step by step instructions
  • Great for: developing imagination and improving their skills to use waste material in the best way
PROS (What we liked)
  • Good content and engaging content
  • Reasonably priced
  • Age appropriate
  • Interesting and creative activities
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Some instructions require further elaboration
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7. Kids Activity Age 3+ – Pack (5 Titles) – Best Mid-range Activity Book

Kids Activity Age 3+ - Pack (5 Titles)
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If you want your kid to excel in fine crafts, this is the set to go for at all times. The pack has a lot of crafts that will enable your kid to perfect their motor skills a great deal.

With this set, they will improve the ability to concentrate when doing something and perfect on the craft.

Books in this set help younger kids to make beautiful drawings by merely joining the dots and using crayons. The books will help the kid to learn good manners, recognize numbers, and even alphabets.

Whether it’s during the weekend or holidays, your kid will learn a lot from these books.

This set of books contains educational content that will help to develop the IQ level of your kid. They’ll achieve this when solving the different activities that come with these books.

The set contains topics like the environment, which will help the kid to understand our environment better, good habits, IQ, Math, and English.

Main Feature
  • Contain educational content to sharpen kids’ wits
  • Clear guidelines for quick understanding
  • Contain a variety of activities to kill boredom
  • Covers topics like English, Maths, Good Habits, IQ and Environment
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient for toddlers
  • Educative and keeps children busy
  • Entertaining
  • Reasonably priced
  • Make study interesting
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Do not have hardcovers
  • Not meant for nursery kids
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8. Workbook Combo Activity Book Set – Best for Reading and Writing Activities

Workbook Combo Activity Book Set
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This workbook contains a series of activities that will keep your kid busy. Instead of spending a lot of time in front of a screen, get your kid this activity book. With it, they’ll learn a lot of skills that will help them improve their school work.

The workbook contains four sets of activities, which include shape and size, numbers and reading and writing. Using the workbook will enable your kid to tell different shapes and sizes of objects.

They’ll also be able to draw and color them, thus improve their concentration and motor skills.

This workbook set will also help your kid to count and add numbers. Reading and writing activities will enable your kid to practice how to pronounce sounds and read words properly.

They’ll also improve their writing skills.

Main Feature
  • Contains easy to understand instructions
  • Enlarged numbers to attract attention
  • Simple words for quick reading
  • 4 activity books including writing, reading, number, shapes & sizes
PROS (What we liked)
  • Affordable
  • Simple guidelines
  • Colorful and entertaining
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not useful to kids below five years of age
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9. Gikso Combo of Art and Craft 1&2 for Kids Age 4-9 – Best Paper Quality Feature

Gikso Combo of Art and Craft 1&2 for Kids Age 4-9
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This set of activity books will keep your kid busy and engaged at all times. The good thing is that your kid will get to use the set even from a young age of four up to his ninth birthday.

This set will offer excellent value for your money.

The set contains different books with varying activities such as drawing patterns, sticker pasting, joining the dots, paper tearing, among others. Each activity book includes 34 activities to be precise.

Your kid will, therefore, have a lot to learn during their free time.

The quality of papers of these activity books is unquestionable due to their thickness. Most activities require the use of things readily available at homes such as pencils, crayons, and even earbuds.

You will, therefore, not have to buy ore from the market.

The good thing about these activity books is that your kid can carry out the activity on the book itself.

Also, the origami sheet needed for the craft activities comes with the book, and you’ll therefore not spend more to purchase to get it for your kid.

Main Feature
  • Variety of activities to fully engage the kid
  • Comes with origami sheet for craft activities
  • Multicolored to attract kids’ attention
  • Thick papers for effective drawing and coloring
  • Great for: developing the power of imagination
PROS (What we liked)
  • Contains different types of activities
  • Simple explanations
  • Clear instructions for easy understanding
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Affordable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not suitable for children younger than four years
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10.Little Artist Coloring Pack Set of 8 – Best Coloring Activity Set

Little Artist Coloring Pack Set of 8
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This set contains eight perfect books that will help to develop your kid’s level of creativity. With this set, your kid will turn to a super artist within no time.

The books enable the kids to explore and learn more about the world around them.

The books are brightly colored and perfectly blended with simple and complex designs to suit the level of your kid. With this set, your kid will have the fun of a lifetime and also learn a lot of skills.

Using the books will help them to feel great about themselves after completing a task.

This coloring activity book set contains titles like birds, fruits, sea animal dinosaurs, and even cars. Coloring all the images from these titles will significantly help your kid to improve on their observation and patience skills.

Main Feature
  • Simple and elaborate designs for more fun
  • Variety of titles to minimize boredom
  • High-quality papers to enhance coloring
  • Great for: Motor skills, patience and observation
PROS (What we liked)
  • Useful to 4+-year-old kids
  • Simple instructions
  • Contain a lot of activities
  • Very engaging books
  • Affordable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not effective for toddlers
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11. Activity Books Set of 8 from Inikao – Best Complete Set Book

Activity Books Set of 8 from Inikao
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This set contains eight activity books with 16 pages each. The books contain a lot of activities to educate and keep your kid busy for long hours.

With these books, your kid will learn Basic Maths, English, and even improve their IQ. When going back to school after long holidays, your kids will still be able to relate to what they were taught last when compared to those that spent most of their time watching the TV.

Gift your kids with a set of these books and enable them to learn with joyful activities. You’ll also have a lot of fun with your kid when using books together.

Get the set, and you’ll see the results a few weeks down the line.

Main Feature
  • Contains a lot of drawings, pictures, and diagrams to keep kids engaged
  • Step and step instructions for quick understanding
  • Variety of activities to choose from
  • Great for: observation and improves learning skills
PROS (What we liked)
  • Great activity sheets
  • Useful for nursery kids
  • Contains a lot of fun activities
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Paper quality not up to the mark
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12. Activity Books for 5 to 8 years’ kids – Best set for psychology improvement

Activity Books for 5 to 8 years’ kids
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This set contains two activity books that depend on each other. With these books, your kid will get to learn a lot of essential life skills.

Different activities spread across these books giving your kid a chance to have a lot of fun.

The books contain 78 craft activities that require the use of simple household materials. With them, your kids will improve their level of understanding of different things and perspectives.

The books will also play a very vital role in the improvement of their psychology.

Getting this set will give your kid a chance to spend their free time on activities that will help them to grow into a responsible person. Should you decide to purchase this set, you’ll have done your kid a great favor.

You’ll also have gifted yourself a chance to spend more time having fun with your young ones.

Main Feature
  • Hardcover to prevent tearing
  • Multicolored to keep kids engaged
  • Clear and simple guidelines
  • Simple instructions that are easy to follow
  • Great for: psychological improvement, learning, and understanding
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent content
  • Age appropriate
  • Interesting and fun
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Thin papers
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I purchase a set of activity books instead of a single activity book?

Most activity books contain one type of activity. For example, a cookbook will have activities that require your kid to remain in the kitchen only.

Such a book will create boredom to your kid with time, something you do not want your kid to experience.

A set of activity books contains a variety of activities. A set will contain coloring activities, joining the dots, paper tearing activities, pencil shaving activities, among others.

These activities will keep your kid busy and engaged at all times, thus the best option.

2. My kid is a slow learner, is an activity book set a good choice?

Activity books help kids to improve their school work. If your kid is a slow learner, ensure that you complete the activities with them.

Don’t just purchase the book and let your kid do the rest. If you care about the well-being of your kid, you have to help them do the activities.

If you find yourself busy most of the time, ensure that the babysitter spends time with the kid completing the activities with them. An activity book set will be of no use if you do not take time to help your kid in using them correctly.

3. How will my kid benefit from an activity book set?

Activity books help kids a great deal. Besides keeping them engaged, these books equip kids with a lot of skills that will enable them to improve academically.

Some of these skills also allow your kid to grow into a responsible person.

Your kid will get confidence to start doing things by themselves over time, improve their concentration skills, and also become very creative. Activity books also help kids to relax and have fun.

Your kid will thus have a lot to benefit from an activity book set.

4. What if I don’t understand some content in the activity books myself?

You do not have to worry about that since nobody is perfect. Should you find that you do not understand some content on an activity that your kid needs to carry out, do some research about the topic.

The kid can skip that activity until you come up with the right way of doing it.

When it gets challenging for you to help them out, seek help from a tutor. Always remember that people do ask for clarifications not because they are stupid but because they want to equip themselves with information.

After all, you want to help your kid.

5. My kid is a genius at school, do I need to purchase an activity book set for them?

Every kid requires time to relax and have fun. You cannot just ignore the fact that your kid also needs some form of entertainment.

Just because they perform well in school doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t use activity books.

What else would you opt for in their free time, Television? That would be the worst choice. Activity books have a lot of skills to teach your kid.

These books contain activities that help kids to sharpen their wit, exercise their brain, and also acquire skills that they never learn at school.

6. How do I know that a particular set of activity books is the right one for my kid?

The right activity books set for your kid should have activities that will help your kid to become better education-wise and entertain them as well.

A set of books that have clear instructions should be your priority. There’s no need to purchase a set that will require you to be there throughout to guide your kid.

A book that your kid can use on their own is the best. Also, consider the age of your kid and what they like doing the most when going for a set.

7. How often should my kid use activity books?

Kids should use activity books daily if time allows. Activities found in these books give them time to relax from a busy day in school.

They can draw or paste, sew, or carry out any other activity to improve their skills. Don’t make it a habit of availing these books to your kids only during the weekends or holidays.

8. When should I start purchasing activity book sets for my kid?

There are plenty of activity books set online for almost every kid. Getting a set for your kid at an early age is the best thing to do.

This way, your kid will get used to most of these activities and start acquiring life skills at that early stage of their lives.

Today, you can get activity books for preschoolers, nursery, and even kindergarten kids. Purchase a set appropriate for your kid and help them to become responsible youngsters.

The earlier they start using the books, the better.

9. When should I stop purchasing activity books for my kid?

There isn’t a good time to stop. Do you know that even adults use activity books? If you choose to stop buying these books for your kid, ensure that your judgment is right.

Do not rush into the conclusion that your kid is now responsible enough unless they have given you enough reason to believe that.

You should know with every stage in their life; there’s always a new thing to learn. Different activity book sets come with varying lessons of life.

What they learned from these books when they were toddlers is very different from what they’ll learn at the age of 10.

10. What should I do if I purchased a book that seems not to benefit my kid?

It’s always good to purchase goods with a return policy, especially if buying from an online store.

This way, if dissatisfied with the outcome of such items, in this case, a set of activity books, you can send them back and get a refund of your money or exchange.

To avoid cases of getting a set that fails to work for your kid, ensure that you go through all the features before buying. This way, you’ll always receive what’s best for them.

If a victim already tries contacting the seller for a solution.


Our top three picks for the best activity books set are; Melissa & Dough Deluxe Puffy Sticker Activity Book Set Kids’ Activity Age 3+ – Pack (5 Titles) and the Activity Book Set of 8 from Inikao.

Melissa & Dough Activity set is our top pick as it contains a lot of activities to keep your kid occupied for a long time. You can also carry the set with you with a lot of ease when traveling as it has a convenient carrying handle.

Kids’ Activity Age 3+ -Pack and Activity Book Set of 8 from Inikao contain lots of activities, and you can get them without having to strain your budget.

If looking for a way to keep your kids busy and engaged, activity books are the best. Go for a whole set, and you’ll see the magic they’ll work on your kid.

With these books, you will get a more responsible kid, confident, and wise. They will allow you enough time to work without interruption and also get to enjoy some free time on your own.

All the books set in this review will help your kid to get all the skills you want. Whichever you choose to go for, your kid will benefit a lot. Choose wisely and according to your budget.

Swati Jain

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