5 Best Smartwatches For Kids

Kids and adults both need smartwatches. Here we have reviewed Top Smartwatches for kids that will keep them up-to-date with the technology. 

A smartwatch is a small device that is capable of performing the functionality of smartphones. Usually, a smartwatch is worn on the wrist of a person.

Demand for kids smartwatches is increasing day-by-day. Kids are more excited to buy a smartwatch, and also parents can track your kid’s route using GPS.

If you plan to buy a smartwatch for your kid or want to gift someone, but you are confused, then this article will bring you the complete information.Here, you will find what smartwatch is capable of doing, the different types of a smartwatch for kids, benefits of giving your child a smartwatch, comprehensive buyers guide, and top 5 smartwatches for kids’ recommendation.

Top 6 Smartwatches for Kids

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Easy Bluetooth connectivity
SOS enabled

What Does a Smartwatch Do?

Today’s smart watches are capable of doing several tasks. Using a smartwatch daily or for a specified reason has a good number of features. Few smartwatches are equivalent to mobile phones or smartphones.

GPS-Global Positioning System

It is the essential feature of a smartwatch. Smartwatches will have a GPS to trace the location. Receive location notification and also have maps to follow the particular route.


Many smartphones are notifications enabled. You can receive or send a notification to smartphones when they are paired. This may help when you are far from your phone. Also, smartwatches can display the notification of any particular event or activity if it is set priorly. It can work simply as a reminder.


Nowadays, applications are performing major actions in your life, like keeping track of fitness or monitoring your diet needs or reminding you about the checkups or preparing you for an entrance exam.

So, all such kind of apps can be supported in a few smartwatches once installed. This helps to make the tasks easier.

Fitness tracker/ Fitness Tracking

It is widely used in smartwatches. If you are very cautious about your fitness and want to keep track of your regular exercise routine, the fitness tracker smartwatch can do the trick. Many smartwatches are also capable of reading the heart rate.

Management of media

Some smartwatches paired with smartphones are capable of managing media players doing simple tasks like playing music, adjusting the volume and tracks. Also, you can play music either in order, randomly.

Answering the calls/messages

Answering the calls or providing voice messages will be an easier task if the smartwatch is paired with a smartphone. But these kinds of option will be available in only fewer smartwatches only.

Benefits of Giving Your Child a Smartwatch

A smartwatch comes with multi-functionalities and hence has many benefits.

  • Smartwatch with GPS facility helps to track where your kid goes.
  • Smartwatch also makes your kid learn playfully.
  • Also, your kid can call you or text you when they need you in an emergency.
  • Apart from this feature, the smartwatch makes monitoring sleep timings and calculate the walk counts or exercise counts. Moreover, few smartwatches have an additional feature of reminding water intake.
  • Also, the smartwatch has the capability of displaying the notifications of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and hence, you don’t miss any updates.
  • Smartwatch also keeps your kid entertained with games and learning apps.
  • Your kid can listen to the music as a smartwatch is capable of playing MP3 music files.

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Types of Smartwatches

It will be difficult to categorize the smartwatches as it keeps changing based on the requirement of the user. Moreover, every smartwatch has its purpose.

The design of the smartwatch does not do much in deciding the type of smartwatch. The only similarity they may have is tracking the fitness. However,  smartwatches are categorized into three types.

Companion Smartwatch

Smartwatches that can be easily paired with the smartphones are called companion smartwatches. This type of smartwatch can easily sync the phone data to the smartwatch and vice versa.

Also, they are capable of answering calls, sending calls, receiving a notification like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter messages, and even some time email. The only condition is the smartwatch must be compatible with Android phones and iOS phones.

Standalone Smartwatch

Usually, these smartwatches have a SIM card along with it. So, making calls, answering calls, browsing the internet can be done without wireless limitations. Also, the smartphone comes with a rechargeable battery. They work similarly to smartphones.

Guide to Buy the Best Smartwatch for Kids

Before buying a smartwatch blindly, it is advisable to check all the features that you need are present in the watch or not. Buyers’ guide will help to look at the presence of the below-mentioned thing in the smartwatch.


Usually, the smartwatch uses an LCD or LED display for a richer display of color. Also, the apps must be visibly brighter. The display of the smartwatch must be perfect and should not make your kids eye strained. The touch screen should work perfectly. Also, all the things on the screen should be displayed in an organized manner.

Data synchronization

It is an important feature because once you synchronize your data, you never miss any notifications. All your notifications like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS will be displayed on your smartwatch. So by pairing your smartphone with a smartwatch, you never stay away from the phone.

Life of the battery

Any smartwatch for kids usually comes with battery life for 1 to 2 days, depending on the usage. So, battery life should be good enough to hold all your kid’s needs. If the battery needs to be charged frequently, then the smartwatch does not exist for a long time.

Moreover, kids smartwatch also comes with gaming features and learning apps. Hence, the battery should be of excellent quality, and also it must take less time to charge.


While buying a smartwatch, make sure that your smartwatch has all the necessary functionalities your kid wants. Ensure that too many features do not make the smartwatch to execute slowly or fail the application in seconds.

Functionality like a pedometer, sleep monitor, call function, anti-lost, a reminder is the most common function seen in the smartwatch.


This is an essential feature in the smartwatch because you do not want to waste your money once invested in it. Kids tend to play in water or rain, so the smartwatch must have a good water-resistance capability.

Nowadays, many smartwatches for kids are water-resistant, but few watches can even be worn while swimming or during the shower.

Look and feel of the watch.

You are planning to buy kids smartwatch. Kids get attracted to good looking smartwatch with bright colors.

Also, the smartwatches must not be more in weight, so they feel hard to move their hands easily. Moreover, smartwatches must not distract them with an odd look.

Remote features

Many smartwatches can do more apart from just answering calls or sending calls, displaying messages. Your smartwatch can also connect your phone remotely and also find a lost phone. Also, your smartwatch can play music and do things much more.


Depending on the functionalities, your smartwatch price varies. Usually, a smartwatch with minimum features comes around Rs 1000  to Rs 1800. An expensive smartwatch is not ideal for kids. If a smartwatch with good and accurate GPS features, the SOS feature may be priced more. If you are looking for a smartwatch for kids’ security, then investing a few rupees more does not make any difference.


The durability of the smartwatch is the most important thing that needed to be checked while buying a smartphone. If you buy a smartwatch and it gets damaged within six months, all the money you invested gets wasted. Choose the smartwatch which has the warranty, and the material used in making the smartwatch are good durable quality.


GPS is a must and should be in the kid’s smartwatch. You can actually track your kid’s location, and also you can watch the history route.

The history route will make to know where your kid has traveled all-day-long—few kids smartwatch with GPS alert parents when he misses the route by alarm or message. GPS provides security with the location.

SOS feature

Usually, kids smartwatch comes with a special SOS button. Whenever your kid is in danger, he or she must press hold the button for three seconds, and the watch gets activated in SOS mode and starts calling the emergency stored numbers until someone answers the call.SOS feature is like an added security for your children.

Fitness tracker

Your smartwatch can also work as a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker is capable of tracking your step count, sleep cycle, regular intake of water, exercise counts. Similarly, many smartwatches are also capable of doing all those things.

Consider buying such a watch if you are more concerned about your kid’s fitness. However, it will be helpful if your kid is lazy and tend to sit in one place more time—the smartwatch alerts either by a ring alarm or message.

Phone Calls/Messaging

Your smartwatch must be capable of either receiving calls or sending calls as if your kid is in danger/emergency; he/she must be able to call the needy. Many smartwatches have the feature of answering the calls, sending emails, or even texting or sending a voice message. This feature helps a lot in need. So, prefer a watch which has dual-communication

Voice Command

Few smartwatches can work on voice commands like searching the internet or making calls or answering calls. You never get tired by typing on the small screen.

Smartwatch interface

The interface which you are using for the operation of the smartwatch. Are you looking for buttons or a touchscreen? It will be difficult to use the touch screen and swipe for apps on the small screen.

Also, you can not choose an impropriate smartwatch with buttons on it. So, the touch screen interface must work perfectly; there should not be any disturbances while opening the apps.


Smartwatch you are buying must be easy for the children to use as you are looking for kids smartwatch. Too many functionalities and too many applications may lead confusion to your children. Also, ensure that the smartwatch you are buying can be used by your kid’s age.


Smartwatches are not only for the time, SMS, calls. They can also be used for entertainment purposes. Many smartwatches can play MP3 and MP4 songs, and simply it can work as a music player. Also, the smartwatch has special gaming and learning apps for your kids. Your kid can learn new things in the play-way method.


Every smartwatch is not compatible with every smartphone and hence, ensures that the smartwatch you are buying must be compatible with your smartphone. Few smartwatches are compatible with Android phones, few with iOS, and few with both.

9 Best Smartwatches for kids

1. ProTech Electronics SmartWatch – Our Pick

ProTech Electronics SmartWatch, Bluetooth Smartwatch
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Now make your life easy and convenient using ProTech Electronics SmartWatch. It is a Bluetooth Smartwatch with Touchscreen. One of the great features of this watch is that it comes with a Camera.

This smartwatch is waterproof and is compatible with all android devices. It is suitable for men, women as well as kids. With a lot of different features, it is a new arrival in the market.

Main Features
  • ProTech Smartwatch uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect it with your smartphones.
  • The range can last up to 33 ft,
  • The smartwatch is compatible with almost all the Android and IOS smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Huawei, HTC, Sony, LG, Google Pixel, ZTE, OPPO, XIAOMI, Motorola and so on.
  • It has a 1.54″ TFT LCD touchscreen, which has 240*240 pixels, which make the screen visible and bright.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a long-life battery, which can stay up to 5-7 days with just a half an hour charge. Along with that, the manufacturers provide an extra replacement battery. So, you need not have to worry about the charge.
  • The stainless steel surface, precision laminating process, Nano TPU85 material watch strap, anti-sweat matte finishing, ergonomic convex design, and soft strap makes the wearing comfortable.
  • The unique waterproof design allows you to use it for outdoor activities as well.
  • You need not have to worry about after-sale problems; they provide lifetime refund services.
  • The Camera/Music Player controller helps you to control your camera from the smartwatch.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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2. SmartWatch for Kids GPS Tracker band 


Make your kids safe with a double positioning system that comes along with SmartWatch for Kids. It has GPS Tracker, Micro Sim Card Support, Smart Phone Control (Android, iOS), SOS Call, Two Way Calling, GPS Position – Camouflage. There are a lot of features in this product. Let us have a look at that.


Main Features
  • The product is compatible with devices having Android 4.0 system, iOS 8.0 system above. It makes this product user-friendly and versatile.
  • It comes with GPS +LBS (Base station positioning). Dual Mode positioning means it would be double safe for your kids. You can track your kids via SMS, website, iOS, or Android APP.
  • You can have a voice chat with compatible apps.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This smartwatch supports Micro SIM card, which can be used for calling functions also. In case of an emergency, you can connect an SOS emergency call through it.
  • This smartwatch can be connected to your Parents” mobile phones as well using an app called ”SeTracker.” This allows them to monitor your kids wherever you go.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • This watch would not work with 4G or JIO sim. It needs 2G GSM Sim.

3. RUilY® GPRS 4G Kids Smart Watch

RUilY® GPRS 4G Kids Smart Watch is a high technology special featured watch with multifunctional usage. It is compatible with mobile phones and works with wireless technology.

This smartwatch is the latest upgraded version that comes with an embedded chip that supports core GPS tracking.

Main Features
  • Supports two way calling and allows blocking of strange numbers through a special app function. Only the numbers saved in the app can call.
  • Smallest real-time GPS designed specifically for children
  • Comes with remote monitoring, automatic correction time, intelligence games and more.
  • 1.44’ HD touch screen display allows brighter and wider view
  • SOS emergency call function, remote shutdown, low battery warning and Geo-fencing controlled security are additional features


PROS (What we liked)
  • High quality product with high technology that is easy to operate
  • Soft straps are delicate on the child’s wrist and do not hurt them
  • Flashlight function enables reading in concentrated light to avoid lighting up the entire room
  • Camera helps in recording every moment of the child to ensure safety
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed

4. MySecureKid Kid’s’s Smart Wrist Watch – SOS enabled

MySecureKid Kid’s Smart Wrist Watch with GPS Tracker and Sim Support System Touch Screen Watches for 2G Android and iPhone (Blue)
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MySecureKid is the product of Franciscan Teamcare Pvt. Ltd. MySecurekid is the GPS and SIM-enabled smartwatch. Also, it has GPS, GPRS, LBS, and wifi technology for easy tracking.

Main Features
  • The smartwatch has a special feature of storing the contact numbers in the smartwatch itself by MYSECUREKID application
  • Also, the smartwatch is enabled with a feature of calling and receiving the calls
  • Tracking is easier with dual-mode GPS and LBS, and also you can track the history with MYSECUREKID application
  • Special SOS emergency call feature. The smartwatch comes with a button whenever he/she feels under security threat and if they press it for 3 seconds the smartwatch switch on in SOS mode and start dialing the numbers until the call is picked
  • Smartwatch needs to be charged with a magnetic charger cable. The charger cable can be connected to laptop/desktop for a smartwatch to get charged
PROS (What we liked)
  • Battery life is good
  • Position tracking is accurate
  • This gadget helps in kids protection
  • Smartwatch comes with extra security for kids, whenever your kid goes in a geofencing zone the alarm starts ringing
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of the display can be improved
  • Too many functionalities may sometime stop the smartwatch work
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5. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Sweatproof

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Pink
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VTech Electronics develops innovative and high-quality kid products. Also, VTech has a wide range of pre-school and infant products in the market. Moreover, their products have good ratings and chosen by customers to make it easy to learn while playing.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is ideal for 4 to 9years old. The smartwatch is filled with fun activities. Also, kids can connect to the Learning Lodge to download games and clock faces. However, the smartwatch has eight games where kids can play them using the touchscreen.

Main Features
  • Kidizoom smartwatch has two quick-access buttons,  one home button on one side of the watch while another button used for a camera is at another side of the dial
  • The quick access camera button is easy to use, and your kid can capture the photos and videos
  • Kidizoom Smartwatch has a special feature of built-in photo effects, frames, and filters
  • The Kidizoom Smartwatch comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Smartwatch comes with a voice recorder, calculator, Alarm, Calendar, Timer
  • Also, the smartwatch comes with cool 3D clock faces and customize the clock face
  • Moreover, the smartwatch comes with enough memory to store plenty of photos, apps
PROS (What we liked)
  • The smartwatch is user-friendly
  • The durability of the watch is high
  • Comes with a lot of storage memory
  • Long-lasting battery life
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Smartwatch does not have SOS
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6. 3Keys™ Kids Smart Watch – Anti-dropped

3Keys™ Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker for Children Boys Girls Smartwatch with Anti-Lost SOS Location Pedometer Smart Wrist Watch for iOS Android
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3Keys provides high quality and stylish gadgets, pet supplies, travel and fitness products, handicrafts. They aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Also, they provide their products at a reasonable price.

Their collection of products include electronic rechargeable cigarette lighter, HD camera, Music audio stereo adapter, digital temperature, a dual USB port, and many more.

3Key kids smartwatch comes with multi-functionalities like SOS, two-way calls, security fence, fitness tracker, pedometer, etc.

Main Features
  • Smartwatch comes with three modes positioning GPS, Lbs. This helps to check the location anytime and anywhere. Also, location can be tracked via SMS, android app, website
  • It has two-way communication feature and remote monitoring
  • The material used in making the smartwatch is of lower radiation and environmental friendly
  • A built-in microphone which helps to hear the sound from a remote location without disturbing your kid
  • Also, it has a built-in speaker which aids in listening to the music
  • Moreover, it has the anti-dropped feature. If the smartwatch is dropped or is not on the child’s wristwatch, parents will receive an alarm
PROS (What we liked)
  • The smartwatch is available in three different colors
  • Smartwatch has an SOS button which can be used when your kid is in danger
  • The smartwatch is durable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • GPS can be more accurate
  • The watch works with only pre-paid plans and does not work with ”pay as you go” plans
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can smartwatches make your kids safe?

Smartwatches are GPS enabled, which makes it safe for kids to use. Some of them have GPS Tracker, which can keep track of where your kids are. Even in the case of emergencies, it proves to be helpful.

2. What is the lifetime of a Smartwatch?

The lifetime of different watches varies depending upon the company by which it has been manufactured. The average lifetime of smartwatches is 700-1000 charging cycles.

3. Do all smartwatch have a camera?

The camera is not a popular feature in these smartwatches, and there are rare products that have camera features along with them.

4. Do kids smartwatch have a USB connection?

Smartwatches come with USB charging cables, which can also be used for data transfer, which makes the work easy.


Now, you are in the last part of the article. I hope you are clear about different smartwatches and their features. If you are choosing a smartwatch without any security like GPS, then you can choose a basic smartwatch with minimal features. If you are worried about your kid’s security, then choose smartwatch with GPS tracker feature.

Based on extensive research, we have listed the top smartwatch, which is best to use and secure. ProTech Electronics SmartWatch is our choice for kids, which can be paired with a phone via Bluetooth. If you are looking for an anti-drop smartwatch, then Orbo kids smartwatch is good.

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