Best Kids Headphones

There is a good chance that your child will love to listen to music, watch movies, or YouTube videos with their android or tablets phones. But getting the right product that will not harm the child’s hearing is the first step to note in buying a headphone for these kids.

Experts often warn against the possibility of hearing loss due to repeated use of headphones. To find the best headphone for kids in India, it is important to look for a headphone that comes with a volume limiter to reduce the loud noises and prevent the possibility of harm to the child’s ear.

Having a kid’s headphones is a great way to keep the child busy while you keep yourself busy with other tasks. Having a good kid headphone helps to reduce irritation, fit comfortably, and also act as a noise-insulating barrier whenever you are looking for a headphone for your toddler or an older kid, look out for the best in the market.

In this guide, you will find the different types of kids Headphones, a comprehensive buyers guide, few safety tips, and FAQs along with the top 12 kids’ headphones.

Top 12 Headphones for Kids in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Volume control feature
The best dual headphones
Expert Pick
Best Snug Fit
Best Captivating Design
Most popular kids headphones
Best non-breakable headphones
Best Sharing Headphones
Best headphones for older kids
Most compatible headphones
Most durable headphones

Safety Tips For The Use Of Kids Headphones

  • It is important to let the child know that it is unsafe to use the headphone for a long time since the pressure waves go directly to the eardrum thereby causing an accumulated hearing loss
  • Endeavor to limit the volume and let them take frequent breaks
  • Poor fit and construction can cause some kids to have headaches from wearing headphones
  • The kids should be careful with noise-isolation headphones, most especially while they are riding a bike or even walking in the street as this may make the child miss early warning of an upcoming danger.

Types Of Kids Headphones

It is important to understand the different types of headphones in the market to make a good buying decision. Also, the type of kid’s headphone to purchase is determined by what one wants to do with it.

Some of the reason for the purchase of a headphone for kids is for gaming? Listening to Music? Or watching videos?

Here are some of the type of kid’s headphones in the India market

In-ear Headphones

The in-ear headphones for kids are also seen as the canal phones. These types of headphones can easily fit right into one’s ear and block the outside of the ear canal. These headphones often come with an MP3 player, iPods, and smartphones.

These headphones help in canceling out passive noises from the environment. The In-ear headphones are lightweight and pocket-sized friendly. Its track navigation control system is fully built into the wire.

The drawback to this type of headphone is that the wires can be easily tangled and may be uncomfortable for some children to use.

On-ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are known by many names such as Supra-aural or closed-back headphones. This type of headphones does not fit into the ear like the in-ear headphone. Since they are larger than the in-ear headphones, they sit right on top of the ears.

They are fairly portable since most models can easily be folded and carried about. There can also sit comfortably on the ears of the kids and does not easily overheat.

The drawback to this type of headphone is that it is not so effective for noise isolation, and may not deliver that funky bass like that of the over-ear headphones.

Over-ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones are also seen as circumaural headphones or also known as a full-size headphone. These types of headphones are seen as the biggest among the archetypes of headphones.

They fully enclose the ears with the ear-cups that come with it. It also comes with a big driver that gives your child the great sound that they need.

The over-head headphones are known to deliver the best sound quality since the ear-cups create that larger sound stage. They are also very comfortable since it is covered with memory foam, leatherette or velour materials as the ear-cups

The drawback is that it is not portable for the child to carry about. It is also expensive to purchase and leads to heat after using it for a long time.

Wireless Headphones

This is a new trend among young kids. The wireless headphone gives a stable connection. The wireless headphones can come as an in-ear to over-ear headphones.

The unique feature of the wireless headphone is the use of Bluetooth technology in establishing a sound connection to the use of wire.

The drawback to the wireless headphones is that it will require charging often.


Buying Guides Of Kids Headphones

In choosing the right headphones for your kids, it is important to seek out some basic features that will make it comfortable and safe for the kids. It is also important to consider where the kid will be using the headphone mostly.

Different factors come to play when selecting a Childs headphone. Some of these features include design, quality, durability, price, and sound quality.

Here are some features to look out for when purchasing a headphone for your kids in other to give them a fun-filled experience with audio

  • Sound quality

The sound quality is an important feature to look out for when purchasing a new headphone. It is important to try out the different headphones to ascertain the sound quality before purchasing for your kids.  

For parents that wish to purchase online, check for past reviews, and return policies to be sure that you can return or exchange for a better model if you are not satisfied with the sound quality.

  • Style

Kids are more fascinated by an item that looks cooler than a brand name. They don’t care about branding but their favorite carton designs, fanciful designs, and color or what the child next door is using.

  • Ear Protection

Most headphones might look like a headphone designed for kids, but they offer little or no hearing protection. Be sure that the headphone is made explicitly for kids

  • Quality of the headphone

Durability is the bedrock of any item children should be involved with. Kids are known to be rough on almost anything they touch. Every item is a toy to them and often used for play. This means that the headphone needs to be rough, sturdy, and capable of withstanding a lot of abuse. Be sure to get something that is not going to break after the first week of purchase.

  • Noise-Isolating

Children’s headphones should come with a noise-isolating feature to protect the child from harm. Go for a headphone that has an isolating design that can easily muffle ambient noise around.

  • Volume Limiters

A good kid headphone should come with a volume limiters. This automatically reduces the volume of the headphone with the environment. The quieter the noise from the background, the lower the volume of the headphone.

  • Avoid in-ear for kids

It is recommended that children should avoid the use of an in-ear headphone due to the delicate nature of the children ear loop. The in-ear headphone brings the sound closer to the child’s eardrum, which has the potential of causing damages.

  • Determine the cable length

You are getting the headphone for a kid and not for an adult. Endeavor to go for either a wireless kid headphone or a headphone with not too long cable else the child may trip over it or curl the cable.

  • Parental lock

It is important to check if the kid’s headphone can be set-up with a parental lock on mobile devices. The decibel limitation should be below 86dB (decibels) which is within the safety limit for children as recommended by WHO

  • Price

It is important to determine the amount you are willing to pay for a baby headphone before checking out the models. It is up to you to either go for a cheap or an expensive headphone. But always remember that your kid might be rough with it and you might not need to invest much in buying expensive products except if it’s a grown-up kid

  • Appraise the headphones’ sound isolation.

It is often annoying having to turn up or down your volume every other time. Sound isolation also helps to save the life of your battery. Therefore it is important to check that out.

  • Examine the frequency range.

The frequency range determines how much you will hear from the music. A wider frequency range in a headphone will mean that the kid will hear more from the music or the game sound.

1. iClever kids headphones – Volume control feature

iClever kids headphones
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The iclever headphone is an On-ear headset that comes with 85dB volume limit. It is made especially for little ears and is the ideal headphone for the entertainment of your kids. It comes with a 3.5 mm Jack, which is compatible with all android and iOs devices.

With the volume control feature, your kid cannot hear more than 94dB, and that ensures that the sound the child is listening to is within the required and recommended level for children’s eardrums and the inner ear.

These headphones are suitable for all kinds of devices –  smartphones, tablets, such as Apple iPhone, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Lenovo, Android Cellphones, Tablets, and more.

Main Features
  • The volume limit is between 58 – 94dB
  • The earpads can be easily clean
  • It comes with a volume limiter
  • The weight of the  headset is 6.01 ounces
  • It is suitable for a child aged 3 or above
  • It is very light in weight and hence is easy to carry anywhere
PROS (What we liked)
  • The jack is in L shapes, so it will not break easily
  • The earmuff has great pads and is very soft and comfortable
  • The headband can be adjusted easily
  • The build quality is superior, and the price range is affordable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed
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2. LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Premium – The best dual headphones

LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Premium
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This new LilGadgets connect+ is a pro version of kid’s headphone. The untangled pro premium is beautifully designed for the comfortability of the family. With the New LilGadgets Connect+ Pro, the need for wires was eliminated, allowing the children to move easily.

The LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Premium is foldable and constructed from high-quality polycarbonate materials. Very durable and portable. Connect+ Pro also comes with a limited warranty.

Main Features
  • Comes with a SharePort to make sharing between kids easier.
  • A 13dB built-in passive noise reduction
  • 360-degree microphone
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel material
  • Premium nylon braided
  • Has a 3.5mm tangle-free nylon braided audio cable with an inline microphone
  • The headphone volume is limited to 93dB
  • An impedance of 32 ohms
  • Comes with 40mm drivers perfect for a sound
  • Fully compatible with all Android, iOS devices, CD players, PCs, Laptops, and others.
  • Frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz
  • Comes with a high-quality microfiber travel pouch
  • A premium nylon USB cable
  • 12-hour battery life and 180-hour standby
  • Purple in color
  • An item weight of 318 g
  • Comes with a package dimension of 19.1 X 19.1 X 8.1 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • Excellent value for buyers money
  • Versatility and a good option for parents with two or more kids
  • Improve durability due to the metal extenders
  • A perfect device for traveling
  • A flexible headband fully designed with a stainless steel constructionSharePort for sharing of audio without a splitter
  • Comes with soft and comfortable padding, its volume is limited with adult worthy
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The 13 dB noise isolation is not so good
  • Low battery life
  • The ear-cup padding easily falls off
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3. Philips Headphone

Philips Headphone is an ergonomic, adjustable headband that grows with the child. It is specifically designed for little music lovers and to introduce them to the world of music.

It has clear bass and a playful design for growing kids. It has a strong build to handle every situation and a volume cap for the safety of children.

Main Features
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Adjustable headband
  • Soft ear cushions provide comfortable fit 
  • Volume limit of 85dB
  • Screw-free durable design
  • 32 millimeters neodymium speaker drivers provide balanced sound
PROS (What we liked)
  • It provides a comfortable fit and grows with the child as it is adjustable 
  • It promotes safe enjoyment of music with its volume limit
  • Provides clear sound as they have noise isolation ear cushions
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed

4. iClever BoostCare Kids Headphones – Expert Pick

iClever BoostCare Kids Headphones
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The iCleaver BoostCare Kids Headphones is a wired on-ear headphone for kids. It comes with cat ears, and an 85dB volume limited headsets.  

The kid’s headphone is made from food-grade silicone with children between the ages of 3 and above in mind. It’s a perfect gift for a child’s birthday. It comes with an adjustable headband and also a cushioned Earpads headband.

The device is specially designed for all Smartphones, Tablets such as Android, iPhones, CDs, and much more. The kid’s headphone is fully approved by CPSIA, EN71, FCC, and CPSIA.

Main Features
  • Comes in a suitable lightweight
  • Tangled free cord
  • Volume limiter which keeps sound low keeping in mind the kids hearing capacity
  • Comes in an adjustable headband
  • Has a playful cat design
  • Soft ear pads
  • Universal compatibility
  • An item weight of 281 g
  • A product dimension of 15 X 16 X 6 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • Gives the children a comfortable listening experience
  • With its retractable arm, it can be adjusted to fit the kids head comfortably
  • Made from very durable materials
  • Its dual powerful sound stage drivers help to deliver pure and clean sounds
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Expensive when compared to others
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5. iBall Kids Star Wired Headphone – Best Snug Fit

iBall Kids Star Wired Headphone
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The i-Ball Headphones have been specially designed to meet the requirements of kids and to make them feel happy and attached to music. The snug-fit and soft ear cups let them enjoy music for long hours. The maximum sound level allowed with it is 85dB, which makes it safe for their ears. Let s have a look at their features.

Main Features
  • The product comes with a child-happy design as well as it ensures that the product is child-friendly too. This makes it more appealing for kids to buy it.
  • The maximum sound that is allowed with this device is 85dB, which is less than the normal allowed range making sure that it does not cause any aural sensitivity to children.
  • It comes with a built-in mic as well.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The battery backup of this product is brilliant. It has a working hour of 10 hours and a standby time of about 200 hours with just a two and a half-hour charge, which makes it one of the preferable options.
  • The ear cups of the headphones are soft, which does not cause much strain to their ears.
  • The headband has a snug-fit which is apt for kids.
  • The built-in mic allows you even to attend calls.
  • The control buttons are easy and finger-sensitive.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The sound quality could be better.
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6. AmazonBasicsKids On-Ear Headphones – Best Captivating Design

AmazonBasicsKids On-Ear Headphones
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This is a low volume on-ear headphone meant for kids. It is designed in such a way that kids can easily plug it into all their favorite games, videos, music, Smartphones without disrupting the activity or others. This very fanciful headphone comes with a captivating design.

It comes with the ability to be folded, which makes it portable and convenient to carry around. It can be carried along while traveling, ranging from the car ride on the back of dad’s car to airplane trips. With the headphone, the kids can be kept busy, fun, and entertain.

The headphone is ideal for kids between the ages of 3 and older. Easily adjustable to fit comfortably to the child’s head. It also comes in a variety of colors ranging from Blue or Green, Pink or Orange

Main Features
  • Has a volume limiting the ability of 94 dB
  • It has a universal plug-in
  • Comfortable cushion pad
  • Volume limiting based on EN standard
  • It has a 3.5 mm plug-in compatibility with all devices
  • An item weight of 104 g
  • A product dimension of 14 x 5.5 x 17 cm
  •  L-shaped stereo mini plug
  • 1-year limited warranty
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comes in the lightweight, comfortable design of two color combo of Pink/Orange
  • It allows the children to adjust the volume for full immersion but not more than 94 dB
  • Comes with rich, deep and clear audio for the child
  • Since it is portable, children can easily carry it around for outdoor games and fun
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The volume limit of 90 dB is way too loud for the child’s ear
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7. JBL JR300 Kids Headphones – Most popular kids headphones

JBL JR300 Kids Headphones
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The JBL JR300 on-ear headphones is a lightweight and fit nicely with the kids head. It delivers up to 12 hours of legendary sound. This product gives a fascinating sound to young music fans.

The JBL kid’s headphone is designed to protect the kids’ hearing and ensure that the volume does not go above 85 dB. The volume limiter tends to protect the child’s earing, and it is easy to operate without a parent’s help.

Fully designed softly padded headband and ear cushions, and it comes with the option for customization for the kids.

Main Features
  • Designed for kids between 3 to 10 years
  • Comes with a 12 hours battery life
  • Quick recharge of 1-hour battery life within 10 minutes of charge
  • The sound limiter of 85dB
  • Wireless headphone with USB charging cable
  • Quick start guide
  • A dynamic driver of 32mm
  • Frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz
  • A weight of 0.25lbs
PROS (What we liked)
  • It allows kids the opportunity to personalize the headphones with the given stickers
  • It comes with a design that allows kids to listen in comfort as a result of the softly padded headband
  • Comes with a control button that makes it easy and safe for kids to operate the headphones
  • It allows the kids to enjoy a wireless connection of up to 15 meters
  • Ultra-portable and easy to fold
  • Budget-friendly
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Wire quality not so strong
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8. Mumba Kids Headphones – Best non-breakable headphones

Mumba Kids Headphones
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The Mumba kid’s headphone is made from food grade and safe material. The headphone is California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) Certificated, which makes it safe for the kid to play with and even put it in the mouth.

Mumba headphone comes with a volume limit of 85 dB to protect the Childs hearing and also maintains the recommended kids listening by the World Health Organization of 86 dB With its limited volume capacity, your child can use it for all appliance such as CDs, Smartphones, Tablets, Android and others.

It is a perfect headphone for travel on land and an airplane and a perfect fit for kids between the ages of 3 years and above.

Main Features
  • A standard 3.5mm audio jack universal plug
  • Has a 50 inches anti-tangle cord
  • A Package Dimensions of 16.8 x 14.4 x 8 cm
  • An in-line microphone
  • 85-decibel volume limit
  • An Item Weight of 181 g
  • Easily adjustable headband
  • Colorful designs
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
PROS (What we liked)
  • Portable and can be carried about while traveling
  • It can connect to most devices
  • Has a soft cushion to give comfort to the user
  • With the built-in volume-controlled circuitry, it ensures that your child is safe from disturbing sound and volume
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The cable strain relief easily failed.
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9. Best Sharing Headphones – Mpow Kids Headphones

Best Sharing Headphones
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The Mprow kid’s headphones are an On-Ear headphone that comes with a music sharing ability. It does not require any splitter for this function. Mpow kid’s headphone is designed in such a way that it protects the child’s hearing ability.

This headphone is perfect for children seeking fun and entertainment at home, school traveling in the car, or flying. It is designed in such a way that it fits a kids head and ear perfectly.

The Mpow kid’s headphone is appropriate for children between the ages of 3 years and 10 years. Since the product has the children in mind, it was made from food-grade material and allowed little children to play with them.

Main Features
  • Volume restrictor of 86dB
  • Audio Cable Length of 1.2m
  • Has a 3.5 mm audio Jack
  • Has a snug pads
  • Cool share point function
  • The headphone is bendable and twistable
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty and 45 days money back
  • The maximum input power of 10mW
  • Frequency Response of 20~20 kHz
  • It has sensitivity 81±4dB
  • An Item Weight of 159 g
  • Product Dimensions of 15 x 17.6 x 6.9 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • With its adjustable headband, it can fit into any kids head
  • An ability to share without the need for a splitter as this allows your kids to watch something at the same time
  • It is designed in a way to protect the kids hearing ability
  • Portable and easy to move around
  • Another advantage of the Mpow kid’s headphone is its compatibility with different devices
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quite expensive
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10. JLab Audio JBuddies Studio – Best headphones for older kids

JLab Audio JBuddies Studio
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The JLab Audio kid headphone is a good pick for older kids to keep them comfortable while listening to movies or music.  This corded headphone is an Over-Ear cloud foam cushion that gives users a good comfort for a homework session. It provides that smooth-long lasting effect and pleasure to the kids.

The JLab kid’s headphone is tested and approved for the safety of the child. It comes with a built-in volume limiter of 85 dB The JLab audio kid headphone is a perfect fit for kids from ages 6 to 16 years.

With the product pinch-free hinges, it keeps your little child’s fingers safe and also, the headband is easily adjustable to give a perfect head fit for the child. This headband is also made from plush leather materials that make it so comfortable while the kid is putting it on.

Main Features
  • Comes in different color choices and combinations
  • Comes with eight different 3D character stickers
  • Has foldable dimensions of 5.5” x 4” (14 cm X 10 cm)
  • Permanently attached cable
  • Available on only wired models
  • A 90-degree jack fits with most devices
  • The plush circular ear cups can rotate 80 degrees before folding up
  • It has an item weight of 249 g
  • A package dimensions of 23.1 X 18 X 8.1 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is lightweight and easy to be used outside
  • It is made from an easy to clean material
  • Has a volume limiting of 90 dB
  • With its simple wired design, it does not twitch.
  • It comes with folding and non-folding options.
  • The volume limiting features has a built-in headphone and does not require special electronics and cable.
  • It comes with an ear pad that helps to prevent passive noise isolation.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It’s is made from vinyl and plastic construction with average durability
  • The 3.5mm angled plug is an issue for sizeable mobile device users.
  • The plastic ear cup and driver does not produce a deep tone.
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11. Most compatible headphones – Toy4Pick Stereo Headphones with Mic

Most compatible headphones
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The Toy4Pick Cartoon Doraemon headphone is a kid safe headphone that comes with the children’s favorite cartoon characters. It adds some styles to the children’s ears and makes it more attractive to them.

With its user’s friendly design and a life-like rhythmic reaction, this headphone can be a great accessory for children that loves music.

The headphone is lightweight and manufactured in a way that it can easily be folded to a safe space while traveling with a handbag or backpack

Main Features
  • It comes with a 3.5mm stereo jack.
  • Comes with a high energy neodymium magnets
  • Comes with animated cartoon characters
  • It is a very affordable product
  • An item weight of 209 g
  • It has a package dimension of 17.1 x 14.9 x 10.7 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • It delivers a very powerful sound
  • The headphone is fully designed with kids in mind.
  • Very portable and compatible with all Android and Tablets such as iPhone, tablets, mp3 players, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Apple, Lenovo, Cellphones, and more.
  • It is light in weight
  • It is sturdy and can withstand dragging, pulling and rubbing by children
  • The earmuffs help to make it more comfortable for use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Distorting sounds after some time
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12. FSL Protec Kids Headphones – Most durable headphones

FSL Protec Kids Headphones
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The FSL headphones give your kids sound audio quality and do not affect the ears. It came with high-quality construction and made from very durable materials. It is a perfect fit for the rough hands of children. It comes in different unique colors that include Purple, Black, Blue, Aqua, Green, and Pink.

It works in virtually all smartphones and tablets, which includes iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones, mp3 players, car entertainment systems, laptops, desktop computers, handheld video game systems and more!

Main Features
  • Comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • It is universally compatible with 3.5mm jack.
  • Comes with 3 volume setting
  • Comes with an 84dB and 94dB
  • An item weight of 159 g
  • A package dimension of 17.5 x 15.5 x 6.1 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • The dial on the left earpiece helps it to be assessable to adults but not to kids. This help to protect them from harm
  • Option to choose the ideal volume depending on the environment
  • Very durable for traveling
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Has a poor cable strain relief
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are noise Cancelling headphones safe for babies?

Noise-canceling headphones are not much useful for kids. While buying headphones for kids, you must look for features that make it safe for them to wear and has a snug fit.

2. What is too loud for a baby?

Any sound higher than 80-85dB is too loud for a baby. Hearing the high sound for a long period may cause problems to their ears as well.

3. Which is better (Headphones or Earphones)

The use of earphones is advisable only if you have grown up kids. There are less likely to crush or step on it and the possibility of chocking over the earbud

4. What design should I select?

The design to select is depended on where your kid is expected to use it. Over the ear, models are great for kids that wish to listen at home.

5. I need excellent sound quality, which should I go for?

To enjoy the best sound quality, stick with the wired models. Most wireless headphones work well but may not give that clear sonic sound of the best-corded models

6. Where will I buy noise cancellation headphones for kids?

It is quite impossible to see a noise cancellation technology inputted into a kid’s headphone. This is because it is costly but noise isolating headphones can be as effective as us

7. What is the difference between a kid’s headphones and the rest?

One of the most obvious differences is that of size. Kid’s headphones are much smaller to fit the baby’s heads. When the headphones are too big, it won’t give a good fit for them.

8. Is noise-cancelling the same in noise-isolating?

The direct answer is No. The noise cancellation headphone is entirely different from the noise-isolating types of headphones.

9. Is there any need for kid’s headphones to have a volume limiter?

A volume limiter is very important for every kid’s headphone. It is a known fact that the kid’s ears are not fully developed; therefore, listening to loud music for a long time can damage their hearing.

10. What is the ideal volume for a kid headphone?

World health organization experts agree that the ideal volume for kid’s headphones is 85 dB and should not be exposed to more than 8 hours a day.

11. How tough should kid’s headphone need to be

It is important to go for headphones that are very though when getting a headphone for kids. Kids are known to be destructive with toys, and they hand. Be sure that the material used in designing the headphone can withstand the play

12. How can I clean my kid’s headphone?

To clean a kid’s headphone, remove the enhancer (tips) from the headphone and then wash with warm and soapy water. Dry the enhancer after washing and reposition it on the earphone. Avoid using anything that contains alcohol.

13. Are headphones safe for toddlers?

It is safe for a child to use headphones but is dependent on the combination of the volume, size of the ear canal, and the duration of usage.

14. What is the best type of headphones to minimize damage to hearing?

No best headphones minimize ear damage. Any of these reviewed headphones is cool as long as the volume is limited to a suitable level.

15. How will I know if a pair of Kids headphones is of good quality?

Make sure that you look at the specs and features, ask somebody who knows their audio, check past reviews, or research them online.

16. What role does DB play?

DB is known as decibels. It is a measure of volume. 0 is no sound, 86-89 is good, and around 90-110 is very loud.


A headphone is an essential device for most toddlers and kids when growing up. But it is crucial to choose a perfect headphone that will not destroy the hearing capacity of the child and also select a product that will give them the comfort and happiness that comes with listening to sounds.

iClever BoostCare Kids HeadphonesJBL JR300 Kids On-Ear Headphones,  JLab Audio Kids Headphones with Mic are our top picks.

Happy Shopping!

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