Must-Have Products for Newborns

As a new parent, getting all ‘essentials for your baby can be quite an overwhelming task. You will have a big problem if you’ve got no idea of what to purchase or if you have one, what to prioritize.

Most stores will provide you with a list that will exhaust you because they are there to sell. They would be much delighted if you buy everything, but the question is, is everything necessary?

Strive to get most of these essential products before your baby comes to get fully prepared and accustomed to them. You’ll need to learn on how to use some of them before your baby arrives. You also don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ve not gotten baby clothes when your time to get the baby arrives.

This checklist will inform you of the items you need to get for your newborn. Some of them are ‘must haves’ while others are there to make your baby gets comfortable and also to make parenting easy.

If on a tight budget, you can purchase the’ must haves ‘first and go for the rest after some time.

Here is the list of the items you will need for your little one.


A nursery is where your baby will spend most of his time when sleeping. You, therefore, need to ensure that you make it the most comfortable place for your baby. To achieve this, you’ll need the following nursery supplies;

Must Haves  

  • Bassinet or crib– A bassinet will enable you to sleep in the same room with your newborn. Safety experts recommend that you sleep with your young one until they become six months old. With a Best Baby Bassinet you will be able to keep a close eye on your baby, makes it easy for you to feed your baby even at night as they are portable and also makes co-sleeping easy.There are many different types of baby bassinets. A co-sleeper is the best type of bassinet to use with your baby. It will enable you to hold your baby snugly and also enable you to have quick access to your baby. With it, you’ll be quick to notice when your baby falls sick.Ensure that you get a sturdy and robust bassinet that can hold your baby comfortably and safely at all times. Get one that you can move around with ease and also fold up when going for a vacation with your baby.After a few months, your baby will outgrow a bassinet, and that’s why you’ll require a crib. Cribs are strong and durable, and even though they come at a higher price, your baby will use them for a very long time.
  • Rocking chair – A rocking chair will help your kid to relax and fall asleep with ease. If you have a fussy baby, a rocking chair will help you a great deal. With a rocking chair, you’ll also enjoy the comfort it brings along when breastfeeding your baby.

  • Baby Monitor – If you have a large house you might consider getting a baby monitor that will show you what your baby is doing at all times. Using a monitor will enable you to keep a close eye on him if working in a different room. With it, you’ll always tell what your baby is up to.

  • Humidifier – A humidifier will not only help keep your baby healthy but also keep your baby’s nursery clean and pure. During winter, when the air gets dry in the room, the humidifier adds moisture in the air creating optimal breathing conditions enabling your baby to sleep comfortably.
  • At least two fitted crib sheets– For your baby to enjoy all the comfort when sleeping in a crib, you have to cover the crib mattress with a fitted sheet. Ensure that the sheets fit snugly to deny your kid of pulling it off.
  • Two mattress protectors-With a baby, anything can happen, from diaper blowouts to formula or milk spillage. That’s why you need a mattress protector to keep it from absorbing pees in case of accidents.
  • Thin-hard Mattress- Avoid getting soft mattresses as these can increase the risk of SIDS. Instead get a thin firm mattress for your baby’s bassinet as this will be okay with them. Also avoid adding pillows, toys or extra blankest on the baby’s crib as these can make your baby suffer from suffocation.
  • Thin cotton blankets-ensure that you have several thin cotton blankets to protect your baby from catching a cold. Thin blankets are the best since your baby won’t suffer from overheating during hot climatic weather conditions.
  • Changing table-A nursery would be incomplete without a changing table. Get a sturdy changing table with a comfortable pad to lay your baby on during the process.

  • Dresser-A typical nursery should have a baby dresser. The reason for this is because babies go through several changes of clothing in a day. The ideal dresser should have drawers, a compartment for socks and other small items.
  • Clothes Hamper- with the many types you’ll be changing your baby’s clothes, you’ll require a hamper to store the dirty clothes for laundry. Hampers come in different styles giving you a chance to select one that works best for your baby’s nursery.

Baby Proofing

When you have a baby in your home, you need to take extra caution since, with them, anything can happen. Remember that you should never leave your young one unmonitored at all times. Sometimes, however, something might come up requiring your attention making you leave the baby unattended for a few minutes. Should that happen, you need these baby proofing items to keep your baby safe.

Must Haves

  • Gates at the top and bottom of Stairs – Gates will keep your crawling baby safe from falling down the stairs. If possible, get a gate that screws into the wall as its safer than a pressure mounted one. Never pull the gate down unless convinced that your baby can walk up and down the stairs safely.
  • Cabinet and drawer latches- Cabinet or drawer latches will keep your baby safe from potentially harmful substances that can compromise his safety. Once you get these for your household, you’ll always enjoy time with your young one more knowing that he can’t get access to something that he shouldn’t.
  • Outlet Covers-Outlet covers will protect your curious toddler from inserting his fingers into the electrical outlets. You know what can befall him if this was to happen. You can get plugs, box outlet covers or sliding outlet covers to keep your baby safe at all times.
  • Fireplace Bumper-Fireplace bumper guards will protect your baby from getting bruises from the sharp corners of the fireplace. The bumpers have great foam padding that makes the hard edges soft keeping your baby safe at all times.

  • Furniture Anchors-Furniture restraints hold furniture’s in place and prevents them from tipping over. After installing the anchors, ensure that they are tight and regularly check them. If possible, avoid using plastic anchors as they break over time.

  • Corner guards for low tables-When your baby starts crawling and can hold on tables and stand straight. A problem will arise if the comes into contact with the sharp edge of a table when doing so. Should such a scenario happen, your baby will get bruises either on his head or face, something that you would rather not see happening. To keep your toddler safe from this, you need to get cover guards for such tables.
  • Toilet Locks-A toilet seat lock will keep your baby from drowning. With it, your baby and his toys will have no access to the toilet. You can consider using the lock that fastens on the top requiring one to press on top to open or a latch that you can you can undo to open.

Formula Feeding

Feeding time is the best time for you and your baby to bond. The same also happens with any other person helping to feed him. For feeding to be successful, you’ll need to get the right feeding necessities for your baby. Below are some of them.

Must Haves

  • Feeding bottles-To feed a newborn, you’ll require a baby bottle. If you can get one with nipples that imitate the mother’s nipple the better since it’ll give you an easy time when feeding the baby. Try out several feeding bottles first until you get one that works for your baby.

  • Bottle cleaning brush – To get the baby feeding bottle clean, you’ll need a brush. The brush should have a handle to give your hands a firm grip. It should scrub all the small parts of the feeding bottles as well as the crevices. The hard nylon bristles help to remove dirt but remain gentle on the baby bottle.

    • Bottle drying rack-A bottle drying rack will help you to dry your baby’s bottles within the shortest time possible. The best bottle drying rack should dry the bottles upright. The tire should accommodate both the bottles and the nipples.
  • Several weeks’ formula-If you are a working mum, your baby may not survive on breast milk alone, and you thus need to get your newborn a few weeks’ baby formula for a start. You might require to test with a few from different brands to ascertain what works best for your baby.

  • Cotton bibs-During meal times, you wouldn’t want your cute baby’s clothes to get dirty from food slips. A cotton bib will help keep your baby clean even after taking a meal. A cotton bib will give your baby all the comfort he deserves as they have softer straps than plastic bibs. With a plastic bib, your baby will never get skin rashes which are highly possible when using a plastic collar.
  • Muslin Clothes-Ensure that you get several pieces of muslin clothes for your baby at all times as these are very useful. When feeding your baby, you’ll require a muslin cloth to keep your clothes from baby burps. Get a cotton muslin cloth since the material will absorb the dribbles keeping your clean at all time. You can also use a muslin cloth as a light towel when bathing your baby.

On a hot day, you can use it as a light blanket or a swaddle to cover your baby. Some moms also use the clothes as traditional nappies or nappy liners.

  • Bottle Sterilizer – Get either an electric, microwave or a cold water sterilizer to kill bacteria in your baby feeding bottles at all times. Baby Bottle Sterilizing will keep your baby safe from germs which can keep your young one’s health at risk.
  • Insulated Cooler Bag – Get an insulated cooler carrier for your baby’s formula. The insulation on the inner side of the bag will keep the formula cool for long enabling it to stay fresh for the baby’s use.


Must Haves      

  • Nursing/ feeding pillow- A nursing pillow will enable you to hold your baby in the proper position when breastfeeding. These pillows come in different styles and shapes, and you need to know that which will work for you and your baby before getting one. Whichever you choose to go for, ensure that you can clean it with ease and that it will support your baby comfortably.
  • Burp Cloths – Burping makes your baby spit when you hold him up. Without a burp cloth, your baby will get your clothes soiled which might be a great disadvantage if far from home. Get cotton burp clothes that can absorb all the spit. The texture of the burp cloth should also be one that enables you to clean it with ease.

  • Breast Pump – Working moms require breast pumps to extract breast milk for their little. You store the milk in storage bottles after which the baby’s caregiver feeds the baby. Breast pumps imitate a baby’s sucking action making it easy for the mother to get enough milk for their baby.
  • Breast milk storage containers or Bags – These will help you to store your breast milk which will later be used to feed your young one. Plastic storage bags are the best to use as these won’t take a lot of space in the freezer.
  • Nursing bras (at least 3) – Get fitting nursing bras before your baby arrives. The best nursing bra should provide you with adequate support when lactating and also offer you comfort. These bras come with clasps that you can open to expose the nipple during breastfeeding.
  • Breast Pads – As a nursing mum, you are likely to experience milk leakage, and that’s why you need a breast pad to save you from the embarrassment that comes with experience. Breast pads absorb the milk preventing it from leakage.Always change a breast pad if damp to prevent the growth of bacteria that can expose your breast to problems such as candida. Warm moist environments can also cause thrush that can cause severe pain on the mother’s breast flaky rashes on the baby’s mouth.


You will need to change your baby diapers from time to time. The following are the items that you’ll need to make this process successful;

Must Haves:

  • Two packs of newborn diapers – For a start, you need at least two packs to start with. Ensure that you try a few packs at first to ascertain the ones that will work best for your baby. The diapers should fit your baby well and also not irritate his skin.

If you choose to use cloth diapers, you need to have plenty of them since, in a day, you might find yourself using about 1o to 12 of them.

  • Wipes – You will need wipes to clean your baby when changing his diapers. You need to get plenty of baby wipes for your young one. You don’t have to purchase some if operating on a tight budget. Just make your own or use a washcloth.
  • Diaper rash Ointment – Sometimes, your kid may get rashes after using a diaper for a long time. These rashes are very painful and bring a lot of discomfort to your baby. A diaper rash ointment will help your baby’s skin to heal within the shortest time possible. The creams also stop itch while moisturizing your baby’s skin at the same time.
  • Diaper pail – Once you’ve changed your little one’s diapers, you need a trash a can to put away the dirty diapers. The diaper pail should have a lid to keep the smells contained. You do not want your baby’s room to smell like a porta potty.
  • Baby Cream – You will need a baby cream to help moisturize your young ones at all times after changing his diapers.
  • The non-talc powder – The powder will help keep the diaper area dry at all times and thus prevent your baby from getting skin sores and rashes.
  • Wipe Warmer – A wipe warmer will keep the wipes warm and safe to use on your baby’s delicate skin. You, however, don’t have to buy one since you can use warm water to warm the cloth you’ll use to wipe your baby

  • Potty Seats – A potty seat will train your little one of how to use the toilet. Ensure that you get a sturdy one that doesn’t slide around for the safety of your baby. The biggest downside of using a potty is that you have to clean the poop out. But eventually you will have to do it for your bundle of joy.
  • Diaper disposal Bags – Having diaper disposal bags will help you to get rid of smelly diapers and keep your baby’s room smelling fresh and clean. Get the ones that you can use both when at home and when traveling with your baby. Ensure that you get long and wide bags that can hold even the messiest of diapers.

Solid Food Feeding

At the age of four to six months, your baby is ready to start taking solid foods. To make the transition easier, you need to have the following feeding supplies;

Must Haves

  • Highchair – A high chair will enable you to hold your baby in an upright safe feeding position. You can choose to go for a plastic High Chair that you can clean with ease or one with wipeable cushions, reclining seat and one that you can adjust with ease. If you have a small space, you can choose to get a full-size chair that you can fold for storage after feeding your baby. 
  • Feeding bowls – With your baby staring down at a bowl full of food, they’ll always get the urge to scoop the food with their bare hands or grab the bowl and throw it around. Get baby bowls with suctions at the bases and high sides as well. This way, you can help keep any mess in check.
  • Baby Spoons-Get rubber tipped or plastic spoons for your newborn as these are gentle on his gum. These spoons are also small and will thus fit his little mouth comfortably and with a lot of ease.

  • Sippy Cups – Sippy cups come with a lid and a spout and should not spill when knocked over. Get sippy cups that come with handles that your baby can hold when sipping milk from it. Avoid going for sippy cups that come with attached straws as these tend to leak and are also difficult to clean.
  • Bibs- Get waterproof bibs with a pocket at the bottom to catch falling food.

Bathing and Grooming

There’s no limit as to how many times you can bathe your baby. However, if a newborn, three times are enough. To ensure that your baby gets clean, and remains safe and comfortable when taking a bath, these are items you should consider going for;

Must Haves

  • Washcloths – To get your baby squeaky clean, get your baby several washcloths that are soft, durable and if possible, those that come in sets. The best thing about getting quality washcloths is that you can use them as soft wipes after meal times, diaper changes and also clean up spit ups.

  • Bath seat– A bath seat will make it easier for you to clean your baby. Bath seats come in different styles and design offering you a variety to select from. Ensure that you get one with a backrest and a headrest to fully support your kid when taking a bath. The bath seat should also offer your young superior comfort.

The best thing about using a bath seat is that you will have your hands free as you won’t have to use them to support your kid. You will, as a result, wash your baby clean within the shortest time possible. When selecting a bath seat for your baby, go for the sturdy one that won’t buckle when filled with water.

  • Hooded towels – After bathing your baby, you’ll need a towel to wrap and dry them. You, therefore, need to get several towels to make this possible.
  • Baby bath wash and baby shampoo – To bathe your baby clean, you’ll need a baby wash or a baby shampoo. The ideal baby wash should help to keep your little one’s skin soft and supple after a bath. It should also leave your baby moisturized at all times.

Ensure that you get a non-tear shampoo or baby wash that won’t irritate your baby’s eyes should they come into contact.

  • Baby Massage Oils – Ensure that you get your baby massage oils since you’ll need to massage his tiny body from time to time. Massaging his body will calm his skin and can also ease his tummy.Ensure that you get the right oils for your baby in winter, those that provide a warming effect. During the summer, you’ll need to purchase oils that have a light texture and absorbs into the skin with ease offering a cooling effect.
  • Hair oil – Your kid’s hair requires efficient maintenance that only the right hair oils can provide. Purchase air oil for your baby that will keep his air moistened protected and nourished. The hair oil you choose to go for should leave your baby’s hair soft at all times.
  • Baby Powder – Baby powder will help to keep your baby’s skin comfortable, dry and also feeling soft. Some powders are used to treat diaper rash.
  • Baby Cream and Lotion – After washing your baby, you’ll need to apply a cream or lotion on his body if you want to keep his skin moisturized and soft at the same time. Creams and lotions help to seal in hydration. Ensure that you don’t use a creamy lotion.


  • Bath Toys – Your baby should have a lot of fun when taking a bath. Bath toys will make it easier for you to clean a baby gives you a hard time when taking a bath. With the toys, he will be engaged throughout the process enabling you to wash him with a lot of ease.


  • Bath Thermometer – The ideal temperature for a baby’s bath water is around 36 to 38 degrees Celsius. Getting this temperature by touching the water with your hands is almost impossible. That’s why you need a baby bath thermometer. The baby bath thermometer will enable you to get the right bath water temperature for your baby at all times.
  • Nail Clippers-Don’t risk the safety of your baby’s finger by using a razor blade to trim your baby’s nails, instead, get a nail clipper.


When shopping for baby clothes, get the ones with soft fabrics and roomy enough to give your baby all comfort. Roomy clothes are also easy to put on your baby.

Choose clothes that you will use for a long time and not those that can’t withstand frequent washing. Also, avoid clothes with harsh dyes or chemicals that irritate the delicate skin of your young one.

Must Haves

  • Snap-crotch Bodysuits – You will require about five to seven snap-crotch for your newborn as these make it easier for you to change diapers. With these bodysuits, you won’t have to remove all clothing to make diaper changing possible. You are likely to face no resistance from the baby as it when doing so; you won’t have to pull the clothing over his head.
  • Several T-shirts – Choose those with a stretchy neckline or around the neck snap-ones. The reason for this is because you don’t want to have a difficult time when changing your baby. Shirts with stretchy necklines or snap-on swill slip with ease over your baby’s head.
  • Pajamas or sleeping gowns – When going for baby pajamas, you need to ensure that the ones you get for your young one will provide him with safety, keep him comfortable and also enable you to change his dirty diapers with ease at night. Ensure that you get at least five sleeping gowns for your baby. These gowns or pajamas should not give you a difficult time when trying to get them on or off. Go for ones with soft fabric, preferably cotton. The pajamas should fit snugly and have no ribbons hanging strings or ties as these can expose your baby to the risk of SIDS.
  • Sun and Cold Weather Hats – Get your kid broad-rimmed hats to wear during summer to protect his delicate skin from sunburn and a winter hat that covers his ears to keep warm during the cold winter months.
  • Cardigan Sweater – You need to get your baby at least three to five cardigans to keep him warm at night, or the weather gets cold. Such a cardigan should have loose armholes preventing struggle or fussing. If possible, get a few of them with hoods.
  • Booties and Socks-Booties and socks act as baby’s shoes in the first few months. Ensure that you get ones with skid bottoms to prevent your baby from slipping on the floor. Booties and socks are the best for your baby to wear when indoors.
  • Leggings and stretchy Pants – Leggings and Stretchy pads make it easy for you to change your baby without having to remove all the outfit. Most have elastic waistbands that will fit your baby with a lot of ease. Your baby will get to use the clothing even after they gain weight.
  • Wearable sleep Sacks – You will need about two to three wearable sleep sacks or blankets for your baby to keep him warm at night. If you can get sleep blankets with flaps to fold over your baby’s arms, the better. Do not use traditional blankets as these may cause SIDS. You may or may not use the wearable blankets depending on the climate of your residence.
  • Swaddlers – You’ll need two to three Swaddlers to cover your baby when taking a nap during the day. Swaddlers are the best to use if using a bassinet as they’ll keep your baby safe from SIDS. When using a blanket, the baby can pull it over and even suffocate himself, but this can never happen when using a baby swaddler especially if it has fasteners.
  • Baby Hangers for closet – Without baby hangers to hang your baby’s clothes, his room will appear disorganized making it difficult to find some of his outfits. Ensure that you get hangers and always keep his closet in order.
  • Diaper Covers – A diaper cover helps to keep your baby’s clothing dry by providing a waterproof layer. You can either use a diaper cover that fastens with hooks or a loop or one that requires you to purchase pins for it to be effective.

Going Out

If traveling with your baby or going out for a few hours, you’ll need the following;

Must Haves

  • Car Seat – You cannot survive without a car seat if you often travel with your baby. A car seat is a must-have if you want to travel with your young one safely. Get a chair that fits your baby and offers him all the comfort he needs for a smooth ride. Even if operating on a tight budget, resist the temptation to purchase a used one. What you need to know is that safety measures keep on changing and you might end up buying one that won’t help your baby after all. Another thing you need to have in mind is that most car seats come with a warranty period of about eight years and should you buy a used one, the manufacturer can’t compensate you if the date has expired already. Even when purchasing a new one, ensure that you check the expiry date of its warranty.
  • Stroller – Once in a while, you will need to take your baby out for a stroll. Sometimes, it might be because you have to go shopping and you’ve got no one to help you watch your baby. You, therefore, have to get a baby stroller for your baby. You, however, need to ensure that the stroller you get suits you and your baby best. If you are expecting twins, for the best baby stroller for twins. Ensure that the stroller you get for your baby has a canopy to cover your baby from direct sunlight, has locking wheels for your baby’s safety and that its seat can recline fully to offer your young one all the comfort he deserves. When going for one, ask yourself whether you’ll be using it for hiking, on rough terrains or in busy streets if you look forward to getting the right one.

  • Carrier – A carrier will help you to wear your baby and enable him to snuggle close to you. Using a baby carrier will leave your hands free allowing you to carry out other household activities as well. When looking for a baby carrier, ensure that you get one that will enable you to wear your baby in different positions, one that you can wear with ease and one that also offers your baby superior comfort. You also need to think about your comfort when looking for a carrier, ensure you get one with a waist belt to keep your shoulders from suffering from strain. Also, get one with sturdy straps and buckles for the safety of your baby.
  • Rain cover for the Stroller – Once you get a stroller for your baby, you need to get a rain cover for tithe cover will keep your baby safe it starts to rain when taking a stroll with your baby. Ensure that you get a cover that covers the whole stroller without leakages.
  • Warm Blanket – You need to get your baby a warm blanket to wrap your baby when taking him out for a stroll on winter months. Sometimes, the weather may turn cold when out with your baby, and a warm blanket will be of great help.
  • Diaper Bag – You’ll need a diaper bag if traveling with your baby. Get a bag that can carry enough diapers for your baby’s use. The diaper bag should also carry baby wipes and a spare outfit for your baby.
  • Sunshades for car Windows – What will happen when traveling with your baby and sun hit the side where your baby sits? Without widow sunshade, you’ll have to keep on changing your baby’s sitting position which can be quite a tiring task. Ensure that you purchase one for the comfort of your baby.

For Sitting

Must Haves

  • Bouncing Seat – A bouncing seat will help keep your baby comfortable at all times. With every move, your baby will bounce up and down and have a lot of fun as a result. This seat will keep your baby engaged enabling you to carry out other activities around the house in peace.
  • Stationary activity Center – An activity center should have all sorts of toys, rattles and activity books to keep your baby engaged. With it, your baby will have a lot of fun, develop motor skills and also improve their listening skills.
  • Swing – A baby swing will help you to rock your baby and enable you to do other things. With a baby, a small task such as taking a shower can be a big problem if you don’t have someone around to help you take care of the baby.
    A Baby swing will save you all the trouble, place your baby on it, and he’ll calm down and might even fall asleep giving you the chance to spend some time alone. Your baby can also sleep comfortably on the swing and also get entertained as well.
    Ensure that the swing you get for your baby has strong buckles that help to hold him in position.

For Soothing

Baby soothing supplies are not a must have, but they’ll keep your baby engaged, calm him down and also enable him to have a lot of fun.

  • A baby Rocker – Babies love to get rocked on a rocking chair. A rocking chair will enable your baby to enjoy the comfort they seek to get. A baby rocker provides gentle rocking motions that help to keep your baby calm and relaxed. With it, you’ll be able to keep your baby relaxed at all times and also get a chance to spend time with older siblings. Rockers also come with music that entertains and keeps the baby entertained at all times. Most baby rockers come with toys as well and thus improves the kid’s visual and hand coordination when trying to reach out for the toys.

  • Several Pacifiers – Baby Pacifiers are not a must for babies. Some babies like them while others don’t. They help in soothing the babies. Pacifiers come in different styles and shapes. Ensure that you buy the one that is made of safe material.
  • Toys – Kids love toys and getting them a few toys will make your baby the happiest kid ever. Get a few rattles, musical toys and soft toys to keep your baby engaged during the day. Toys will enable him to have a lot of fun.
  • Mobile– Get music mobiles and attach them to your baby’s crib or changing table to soothe him to sleep.

Medicine Cabinet

If possible, ensure that you have all these items in your baby’s medicine cabinet;

  • Digital Thermometer – Ensure that you have a digital thermometer with you at all times to measure the temperature of your baby from home. If your baby feels warm or cold, you need to get their temperature which you can’t do without a thermometer. With it, you’ll be able to tell when your baby needs immediate medical attention.

  • Nasal Aspirator – A baby with a blocked nose is an unhappy baby. To clean your baby’s stuffy nose, you’ll need a nasal aspirator. With it, your baby will be able to breathe comfortably within a few seconds. When looking for an aspirator, go for one that you can open and clean to maintain your baby’s hygiene.
  • Anti-gas Medicine– Gas, a bloated stomach or a stomach upset can make your baby give you’re a caregiver the biggest nightmare of the time. The baby cries uncontrollably, and they might have a tough time trying to calm him down. Always ensure that you have an anti-gas medicine to help your baby in case this happens. An anti-gas medicine helps to relieve the gas-relieving the baby of discomfort. Should the problem persist, even after giving the baby the anti-gas, seek medical attention with immediate effect.
  • Teething Toys – When teething, babies undergo a lot of pain and will keep crying from time to time. Cold teething toys help to relieve sore and sensitive gums. Chewing a toothier feels great as it helps to counter pressure the rising tooth if you can get teethers that you can cool in the freezer, the better as these help to numb the baby’s gums.
  • Lanolin Ointment – Lanolin ointment helps to treat dry, sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding. If allergic to wool, avoid using the cream at all costs. You can also use it to treat a diaper rash.

Babies are prone to minor illness, and you should thus ensure that you get directions on the medication to give your baby from a doctor at all times.

Use the cabinet to store baby’s medicine, cotton balls, baby thermometer, nasal aspirator, medicine dropper or spoon, saline nasal drops, baby gas drops, antibiotic cream, and your disinfecting hand soap.


This checklist has almost everything you’ll need to make your baby’s life comfortable and also enable you to have easy parenting. Even though everything listed is essential, ensure that you get the ones that your baby can’t do without first. Also, make sure that you go through the features of the items listed before you pay for any of them.

If you can get the items at a low price the better. You do not have to spend a fortune going after an item when you can get an alternative, that works as fine and comes at a lower cost. While doing so, however, ensure that whatever you choose to go for functions just as well.

Finally, just because you got these baby essentials, it doesn’t mean that your baby should be left unmonitored. Ensure that your kid is never left alone. Accidents can still happen, even after taking all the necessary precautions.

Use the list and have an easy time bringing your baby up. Happy shopping!

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