Breast Pump Reviews

Breastfeeding a baby is vital for the growth and nourishment of a child. It can be difficult, with all the pain it can be quite uncomfortable for the mom’s but it is rewarding when you see the baby grow healthy.

This task of breastfeeding of babies for working-class mothers requires alternatives in order to get the much-needed rest or to concentrate at work.

There is an option of baby milk powder, but it is often suggested to give breast milk for healthy growth.

To solve this dilemma mothers can use breast pumps to remove milk and store it in a bag. Breast pumps have been used by many mothers, it helps them remove all the milk from the breast and store it for the day for the baby.

Here is a complete guide to know all about breast pumps. You will find the 9 different types of breast pumps, care tips, and what are the various uses and benefits of using a breast pump.

We have also mentioned the buying guide and FAQs for your better understanding. In the end, you will find our 10 electric Breast pump reviews.

10 Best Breast Pump in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Best breast pump for working moms
Best rechargeable breast pump
Anti Flow back
Best travel breast pump
Expert pick
Best affordable breast pump
Best breast pump bra
Best hospital-grade breast pump

Uses and Importance and Few Safety Tips of Using Breast Pumps

Like we have stated before, breast pumps are used to remove breast milk from a lacerating mom. Other uses or importance of breast pumps includes the following

  • For mom wishing to return to work or school
  • The baby is a preemie or still hospitalized and cannot be breastfed
  • The need to occasionally relieve the pressure and pain of engorgement
  • There is a need for you to pull out inverted nipples or flat nipples
  • A need to provide breast milk for the caregiver to give the baby while you are out for some time
  • Be safety conscious when making use of the breast pump by going through the instructional manual before using
  • Avoid the use of the pump continuously as it can reduce milk supply and store often depletes some of the nutrients of the breast milk
  • A need to provide milk supply for an adopted child
  • To increase your breast milk supply
  • It is important when one needs to feed twins or quadruplet
  • Can also be used by your partner to help take over feeding duties
  • Make sure to sterilize some part of the pump after use

Care tips for maintaining Breast Pump

It is very important that you should maintain the breast pump regularly because you cannot compromise with the baby’s health. All the parts which have touched your breasts and milk should be thoroughly cleaned. When dried milk stays stuck to the pump, it can cause bacterias to grow and cause health issues for babies.

  • After using the breast pump, wash all the parts separately in a dishwasher and allow it to dry completely.
  • If you want to wash them inside the sink, make sure you use a large bowl full of water so that none of the parts touches the sink directly. Allow the parts to be in soapy water for 5 minutes and then in warm water. Rinse all the parts thoroughly and let it dry completely.
  • To sanitize the parts, take a bowl full of water and allow it to boil. Now place the parts inside it for about 10 minutes. Let the water cool, remove them, and let them dry completely.

Types of Breast Pump

Breast pumps are a special type of device that can be used to remove milk from the breast of a nursing mother before feeding the child or stored in a container or a breast milk storage bag to be used later.

Making use of the breast pump comes in different ways and types depending on the frequency of usage. The different types of pumps include the following.

The Manual Breast Pumps

This type of breast pump is mostly the common type that is operated by hand. The manual pump requires one to squeeze a trigger button or by sliding a cylinder to the breast back and forth to create the suction that will remove the breast milk.

The manual pump is often inexpensive, portable, and easy to carry about while traveling. There are mostly used for occasional pumping and short term use. One of the drawbacks of the use of the manual pump is that it might be time-consuming if there is a need to remove a large chunk of breast milk.

Battery Operated Breast Pumps

A battery-operated breast pump is those pump needed when one need to pump occasionally or once a day. These breast pumps are usually not strong enough to stimulate consistent milk production or maintain a stable milk supply.

These pumps are usually small, easy to use, and very portable. For it to operate, it would require the insertion of batteries to power it. The drawback to the use of this battery power breast pump is that it become costly due to the continuous purchase and replacement of batteries.

The Electric Breast Pumps

The electric breast pump is needed for mons that need to pump breast milk often. The electric breast milk pump is known to be the best among the personal purchase types since it can be stronger and pumps faster.

It helps to increase the milk supply over a short period when compared to the manual process. The drawback to this is that it is more expensive, would require a power supply to function, and also large to carry about.

Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps

These types of breast pumps are the size of a car battery. It often weighs 5 to 11 pounds. It is mostly used in hospitals and birth centers.

It can also be rented and has sensitive control that allows one to regulate intensity, suction rhythm, and pressure. It comes with an identical baby’s natural sucking sensation that helps in building and maintaining milk supply.

They are so expensive to purchase but can still be rented. The advantages of the hospital-grade breast pumps are that it is fast and efficient. Some of its drawbacks are that it does not come with a carrying case that is discreet. It is also heavy and awkward to carry about.

The Bulb-Style Pumps

The bulb-style pumps look like a bicycle horn pumps. It is also called the bicycle horn pumps as a result of its shape and size. The drawback to the use of this type of pump is that it might be unsanitary and inefficient to use.

The Mid Weight, Personal-Use, Automatic Breast Pumps

This type is usually bigger than a briefcase. They are lighter than less efficient than the hospital-grade pumps. The personal use of an automatic breast pump also has a fast pumping time due to its powerful motor and its strong suction. It mimics a baby’s sucking to increase faster milk flow.

It is mostly housed in a black microfiber or backpack. This allows for ease in carrying around. It comes with an adapter for the car charging or a battery pack when there is no electric sock around. The drawback of this is that if you need to use it occasionally, it will be too cumbersome.

Buying Guides for Breast Pumps

In buying a breast pump, some factors are put into consideration before making the final decision. This consideration is related to where you will be making use of the pump.

Is it in the office or at the privacy of your home? The following are what you need to consider before buying. Here are some things to look out for in buying a breast milk pump

Does it work with Adapter or Batteries?

Getting to know where you will be pumping will determine if you will need an adapter powered pump or one powered by a battery. If you will be pumping on transits, it is recommended to go for a pump that can be run on batteries.

Check the suction settings.

This is an essential feature to look out for. Good breast pumps tend to imitate a baby’s natural sucking rhythm. It automatically pumps in two distinct modes that are rapid and also slower.

Check if the pump allows you to automate or adjust the pumping rhythm in other to fit the sanction and speed at the touch of a button.

Does it come with a carrying case?

For those that will always be on transits such as working-class or schooling mom, a sporty backpack, professional pump briefcase or a shoulder bag is ideal.

The newest model of the pump comes with a black microfiber case or a shoulder strap. Other models also come with a pump motor and a removable cooling compartment.

Look out for an insulated bag, cooler or ice packs.

These are some other features to look out for when purchasing. These bags or coolers are for keeping the milk cool and preserved ounces it has been pumped.

Does it come with a double pumping option

For the mom that would be requiring pumping often, it is essential to get an automatic pump, mid-weight or hospital-grade pump.

Double pumping makes it faster to express both breasts at once and also increases the level of prolactin which is the hormone responsible for the production of milk.

Pumping Bra

The pumping bra acts as a hold to the collection bottles – therefore keeping your hands free for the expression. It also allows you to use your hands to do other chores likes to chat with your phone while pumping. With the pumping bra, there will be no need for you to derive entirely.

Carry out some research

Shopping for a breast pumping gear is the same as shopping for other personal needs. Do some research to know some of the features it comes with before purchasing? Does the manufacturer accept a return once the product is open? So be very sure that it is what you want before committing your money.

Cost of purchase

Different models and types come with different prices. The Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps are often more expensive to compare to the manually used ones. Know that your needs determine the one to get.

Check with the birthing center or the hospital

Most birthing centers and hospitals now have breast pump machines for nursing mothers. There often offer very competitive prices and an assortment of pumps to choose from.

The memory indicator and LCD

The newest model of breast pumps comes with a programmable memory indicator and an LCD panel that allow users to record their preferred and suitable pumping pattern. It also saves the time of resetting each time you use the pump.

Check for breast shields or flanges

These are a soft cone-shaped cup that can fit perfectly over your areola and nipples. Check for a pump that comes with the option that allows you to change out the flange sizes because you may be needing to change them over time.

The Weight of the Pump

The size and weight of the pump should be put into consideration before purchasing. A 5-pound pump will seem heavy after carried for a long time “back and forth”. Look for a very light breast pump if you would need to carry it often.


The ease of getting a replacement for each part when spoilt, breaks or even when it gets missing should be considered. You should be able to get a replacement easily online or at a nearby mall, store or by calling a customer care line.

Also, you don’t need to wait for weeks or months before the replacement is found or sent across to you. Keep these on hand for leaky breasts. There is nothing like going into an important meeting with small signs of lactation on your chest.

Check the accessories

Look out for some other important accessories that will make pumping easier and fun. Such could be knowing if the breast pump is offering a handful of sizes of breast shields or just a limited version? Does it come with Feeding bottles? Is it compatible with other brands in the market? And lots more.


Check out the warranty on the package or with the manufacturer. The higher the quality, the better the warranty. Most breast pumps usually come with a year’s warranty.

1. Syga Electric Double Breast pumps Storage Bottle – Best breast pump for working moms

Syga Electric Double Breast pumps Storage Bottle (White)
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The Syga electric double breasts pumps are easy to use the kit for nursing moms. It is made from 100 percent BPA free materials. It comes with two modes and nine gears that work separately. It is perfect for short or long-distance use. This is one of the best electric breast pumps in India.

The double pumps work at all times when plugged in. It acts as a breast messenger to pump breast milk faster. It is white. It gives the best comfort for milk suction, breast pump, and also breast massager of one choice.

Main Features
  • Made from polypropylene material
  • Lightweight travel breast pump
  • Double electric breast pump
  • Push on/off key (auto on massager mode with red light)
  • Push mode key to converse (massager is red light/breast pump is blue light)
  • The Redlight comes up for massager mode
  • The Blue light of breast pump mode whenever you push a plus/minus key, the indicator light will flash.
  • It comes with a continuous flashing of indicator light to show its minimum gear or the maximum gear.
  • It has a product dimension of 21.1 X 10.2 X 20.3 cm
  • It has an item weight of 449 G
PROS (What we liked)
  • It’s efficient
  • It is easy to use a double breast pump
  • It is lightweight and portable to carry about
  • It comes with nine different gear
  • Save milk capacity of 150ml.
  • Most Patanjali Churna bottle lids can fit these Syga bottles well
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The double pump means that it comes with two bottles and a suction pump and not 2 pumps
  • It does not come with a battery unit or a charger. Powering it requires the use of 5v/ 1 A adapter
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2. Trumom Advance Electric Breast Milk Feeding Pump – Best rechargeable breast pump

Trumom Advance Rechargeable Battery Electric Breast Milk Feeding Pump with PPSU Gold Bottle, Pink
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The Trumom advance rechargeable battery electric pump comes with a PPSU GOLD Bottle and a rechargeable battery. It comes with a charger and is reputed to be one of the most advanced electric pumps one can get in the Indian market.

It comes with 3 phase expression, designed for faster milk flow and let down.  This pump starts with the massage mode in other to make the lady’s breast tender follow then by the stimulation mode before proceeding to the expression mode. The massage mode is intended to increase the flow of breast milk. The flange size of the pump is 24 Mm and very comfortable and pain-free.

Main Features
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • It comes with a charger to power the pump
  • Theflange size of the product is 24 Mm
  • The product is light enough to be carried about
  • Very portable to carry about
  • It can be easily assembled using the instructions on the Manual
  • The body of the bottle is very hard and durable
  • It comes with a 9 Stage Milk Suction
  • The product dimension is 20.8 X 22.9 X 9.9 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its ability to be charged with a power bank is a big plus
  • Made from 100 percent BPA material that is suitable for human skin
  • Comes with an automatic 5 stage massage mode that is useful to the nursing mother
  • It’s an excellent option for working mothers
  • Its 3 phase expression helps in letting down milk faster and also for milk flow
  • The massage mode helps to make the woman’s breast tender before the expression takes place
  • It enhances the safety of the milk due to the availability of a PPSU Gold 180 ml. Bottle.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The battery backup capacity is very low
  • No connecting cable was provided for the power bank
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3. Dr Trust Manual Breast Pump – 6001

Dr Trust Manual Breast Pump – 6001 is a manual breast pump that is totally comfortable and safe for nursing moms. Expressing milk using this manual, easy-to-use kit, is found to be very simple for mothers without having to experience any discomfort.

This breast pump uses pp material and is free from bpa and pvc that are hazardous to health. This also makes this manual breast pump more durable. The maintenance and cleaning process is also simplified because of the simple ergonomic design. The milk can be easily expressed by squeezing the ergonomically designed handle manually.

This manual breast pump comes with a milk bottle that helps in expressing, storing, and feeding a lot easier. It is a budget-friendly and useful product.

Main Features
  • Dr Trust Manual Breast Pump – 6001 is a manual breast pump that comes in a convenient shape and size.
  • The dimensions are 20.3 X 19.3 X 9.1 cm and it weighs 320 grams.
  • It has a suction strength of 350 mmhg to induce quick pumping of milk.
  • This breast pumping kit is gentle and easily manageable manually.
  • It is easy to use and comfortable to carry while travelling.
  • It includes a silicone cup that that helps in positioning and comfortably expressing milk.
  • It comes with a fitting bottle as well.
  • Manually controllable for natural breast pumping experience.
  • It is made of pp material and not bpa or pvc that are found to be hazardous.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very easy and convenient to use and carry.
  • Gentle and completely manual.
  • Doesn’t involve usage of any batteries or doesn’t need any power supply; easy to use anywhere anytime.
  • It is safe and bpa free.
  • The milk bottle included helps in pumping the milk hygienically directly into the bottle.
  • The textured massage while pumping helps in stimulating the flow of milk.
  • Manually controlled for natural pumping experience.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning and storing of milk.
  • This milk expressing breast pump is completely noise-less.
  • Reasonably priced.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Might be painful.

4. BabyGo Automatic Electric BPA-Free Double Breast Pump

BabyGo brand is popular for quality products. When buying baby products, you don’t want to compromise in quality. BabyGo automatic electric breast pump makes it easier for mothers to feed babies with ease.

Main Features
  • The breast pump is made with BPA-free and food-grade material, which makes it safe to use for babies.
  • It has an anti-backflow design that helps prevent contamination due to milk reflux.
  • The breast pump has two modes of operation: stimulate and express to facilitate smooth milk flow.
  • It is designed to ensure the comfort of the mothers. Unlike other breast pumps, mothers don’t have to lean forward at the time of milk expression.
  • It comes with two bottles with the pacifier nipples for providing babies with a feel of breastfeeding.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is easy to assemble and clean.
  • The pump has an auto cut feature that automatically stops it after 30 minutes of milk expression.
  • It is gentle to the breast.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is an electric breast pump. You will have to sit near a plug to keep it working.

5. R for Rabbit Delight Electric Breast Pumps – Anti Flow back

R for Rabbit Delight Electric Breast Pumps
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When it comes to your babies’ health, you have to take at most care to feed them in proper time. R for Rabbit Delight Electric Breast Pumps for Mom with Anti Back Flow, Touch Screen, 2 Modes and Rechargeable Battery is a new and innovative product.

It has an Innovative Touch control panel which allows you to adjust the settings of the breast pump such as the suction power as well as the frequency, so as to make it more comfortable for babies to have milk.


Main Features
  • A product that is designed to meet the highest safety standards for babies as it is designed with materials which are BPA-free, you need not have to worry about the health of your babies.
  • The product is made with 10 levels of massage mode and 15 levels of suction mode to stimulate the mother’s milk flow. It also has 3 different levels of frequency for mother’s to choose, which is best for their babies.
  • It is also equipped with an Anti-backflow system for safe working, and it operates on  1.5s Bionic Frequency.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This baby breast pump allows you to set the frequency according to your baby’s sucking power, which makes it easy for milk to flow.
  • It is an easy-to-use product. You need not have to lean forward to facilitate the sucking of milk. While mothers sit in a straight posture, babies can feed themselves.
  • One of the unique features is the rechargeable batteries. The 800mAh battery helps you to serve the purpose. The easy and compact design of this product allows you to carry it in your bag as well.
  • The LCD screen comes with an Intelligent Touch control, which allows you to adjust the settings according to your wish. Just change the suction power and frequency with just a single finger touch.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The suction power is less.
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6. Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump – Best travel breast pump

Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump
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Medela’s Swing Maxi Double Breast pump now comes in an electric model. It comes in a small and portable pump that makes it easy to be carried around. This breast pump is ideal for moms that require daily pumping. This pump comes with various unique features and settings that make it stand out from the other model.

Main Features
  • It is powered by electricity
  • Requires batteries
  • The battery life lasts for 2 hours
  • It comes with a 150 ml bottle
  • It is made from a BPA free material
  • It comes with an item weight of 649 g
  • A 6 AAA battery is required
  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • The product dimension is 12 X 12 X 5.6 cm


PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very portable as it is Small and compactable
  • Perfect for frequent and daily pumping
  • Made it a way to suit the lifestyle and needs of every mother
  • It comes with extra features and settings
  • Cleaning the machine is also easy since you are meant to sterilize just the items that were touched by the human body or breast milk
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The battery life is low
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7. MotherLike Electric Breast Pump with Feeding Bottle – Expert pick

MotherLike Electric Breast Pump with Feeding Bottle | Backflow Protector, Automatic Breastfeeding Pump, Touch Screen, Multiple Suction, Super-Quiet, BPA-Free
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The MotherLike pump is an automatic electric breast pump that is made from PP materials, and it is 100 percent free from BPA.  To ensure for the best safety for both the baby and mom, the breast pump parts are designed from edible Food Grade Silicone.

The MotherLike pump comes with a feeding bottle to make it a multi-purpose. The product comes with two modes that are complemented with 8 Gears. The prolactin mode of the pump helps to massage the breast in other to allow the nursing mother to have an effective milk flow.

It also came with a one-way design in other to avoid breast milk contamination as a result of milk reflux. The breast pump also mimics the way the baby suck which includes the short and quick sucks to a deeper sucking method.

This smart mode of the device helps to meet the different pumping demands of mom and a button to adjust the suction level in both the pumping and massage mode. The pump is also super quiet while pumping due to the 47dB control of the motor.

Main Features
  • The product comes with a connecting tube
  • The product comes with a nipple with a lid
  • It has 2A data cable
  • The pump motor is controlled by a 47dB
  • It comes with a 180 ml Bottle
  • It comes with a user manual
  • The product comes with a pump host
  • It has a free extra duckbill valve
  • It also comes with a warranty card
  • It has an item weight of 381 g
  • It comes with a product dimension of 20.4 X 13.6 X 10.2 cm
  • It also has a smart control mode
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with the ability to store milk
  • It is very easy to use
  • It comes with multiple modes that allow one to adjust to user’s comfortability
  • It is designed in a way to maintain hygiene as a result of milk reflux
  • It provides different pumping needs for the mom
  • The product is designed from edible food grade for the safety of the baby and mom
  • The product is free from BPA
  • It is convenient to use
  • It comes with a revolutionary design and a touch screen Ul
  • It allows for a comfortable position for pumping.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It might be expensive to use
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8. LuvLap Electric Breast Feeding Pump – Best affordable breast pump

LuvLap Electric Breast Feeding Pump with Anti-Backflow and Rechargeable Battery
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The LuvLap electric breast pump comes with a rechargeable battery and an anti-backflow feature. It comes with a unique operating mode (3) that is used for massage, stimulation, and expression. The product soft and large massage cushion helps to stimulate faster milk flow and the gentle cushion of the breast pump helps to stimulate the milk flow.

The product comes with simple settings that one can choose from for pain-free and comfortable flow of milk. One of the unique features that make the product stand out is its amphibious mode (manual and automatic design) in one machine. It also comes with a dual power source that can either be rechargeable or electric powered.

Main Features
  • Comes with 3 unique operating modes
  • It is amphibious in nature (Manual as well as automatic)
  • It has an anti-backflow and anti-leakage mechanism
  • It has an item weight of 1.01 kg
  • It is portable and easy to carry when traveling
  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • It comes with a product dimension of 27.9 X 10.2 X 22.9 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes cheaper when compared to other brands
  • It comes with a dual charging point which is USB and charger
  • The product comes with a manual pump that allows one to interchange
  • The last usage memory feature allows it to automatically save the pumping modes and level of past sessions
  • The LuvLap pump allows for a more comfortable position for expression
  • It comes with a spare handle that allows one to use also in a manual mode
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The manual does not give clear instruction on how to manage the rechargeable batteries.
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9. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump – Best breast pump bra

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump
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The Philips Avent breast pump is a manual breast pump that comes with very unique designs and free from BPA. It comes in a way that allows for an easy flow of milk from the breast to the bottle even when sitting upright. This allows one to milk more easily.

The breast pump also comes with a 6 easy to use visual matching parts that aids assembling. The Philips AVENT pump can also be used in a combination with other feeding products such as milk storage containers and Natural bottles.

Main Features
  • It is free of BPA
  • It is more comfortable to use due to its unique design and position
  • Intuitive assembly mechanism
  • It comes with a fully compatible range
  • An item weight of 431 g
  • Comes with a handle for the breast pump
  • It comes with milk storage cups
  • It comes with (2 Day pads & 2 Night pads) breast pad
  • It has one travel cover
  • Comes with a milk storage adaptor
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its soft massage cushion makes one feel warm while using
  • It comes with a Natural nipple to act as a natural latch on
  • It has a good design that makes it compact and light-weighted
  • It comes with an intuitive assembling
  • Its easy visual matching makes it easy for anyone to assemble and use
  • Made for multiple use of express, store of milk and also to feed
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It comes with only one expression setting
  • To buy other flange sizes, it must be purchased separately
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10. Spectra Electric Breast Pump S-2 – Best hospital-grade breast pump

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The Spectra Electric breast pump is a hospital grade double electric breast pump. This electric pump comes with an innovation that makes it easier for lactating mums. It has a very powerful 300 mmHg suction and a double pumping feature.

It also comes with a massage mode that enables speedy letdown of breast milk and also the ability to adjust both the cycle speed and the suction strength of the machine. It is portable and a stylish hospital grade pump. It is quiet when in use with its 12 suction level.

Main Features
  • Comes with a powerful 300 mmHg suction
  • A cycle length of 38-54 RPM
  • It comes with an item weight of 898 g
  • The product comes with a two years warranty
  • It is powered by a motor life of 1,500 hours
  • It has a product dimension of 19 X 19 X 19
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with the ability to adjust to both cycle speed and suasion strength
  • With its massage mode, a double letdown is accelerated
  • The product also comes with a light at night for easy in pumping
  • It has a long life span
  • It is very easy for one to clean
  • It comes with different vacuum settings and speed
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • it’s a bit bulky to carry around
  • It requires a plug point for it to run
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it advisable to borrow a pump from a friend or lend mine out to someone?

Don’t make use of a used pump. It can be hazardous to the health of the baby. Breast milk is known to carry some bacteria and other viruses such as HIV and cytomegalovirus. A contaminated pump can easily be passed over to your baby and you.

2. Can breast pump deteriorate?

Yes, breast pump kits can deteriorate with usage. That’s why hand-me-over your pump is not encouraged. Droplets of breast milk can get into some internal parts of the machine and cause a loss of suction or the motors may lose, its strength.

3. How many persons can use a pump?

Always check the label or with the manufacturer to ascertain if the breast pump is designed for multiple users like those used in the hospitals, birthing centers or rental pumps.

Make sure to use them with your own collection kit when renting or using a multiple user’s pumps. If it is designed for a single-user use, only an individual should use it.

4. How do I use a double side pump?

When you are using only a side of a double pump, make sure that the other side is properly sealed. This helps to increase the suction of the pump and makes it more efficient and effective.

5. Is nursing pads essential?

Yes. Endeavor to always go out with a nursing pad. Nothing is as nauseating as going into a board meeting or presentation with patches of lactation showing on your chest or cloth.

6. As a working class lady returning to work, how can my child have expressed milk?

Get a lightweight and portable breast pump that is handy. It could be an electric or battery powered model. This is important so as to collect more milk in less time

7. I want to breastfeed exclusively but want to pump occasionally?

If you are into exclusive breastfeeding but may require to express milk occasionally for your caregiver or partner to feed the child when you are not around – then go for a manual or single electric breast pump.

8. Which breast pump should I choose?

This is dependent on your need and circumstance. Go for a pump that will suit your lifestyle and needs. This could be initiated (the first 5 days) build (6 to 30 days) and maintain (beyond 30 days)

9. How can I choose the right breast shields or flanges size?

Watch your nipple when you are pumping to know if the shields that came with the breast pump is the right one for you. If the nipple turns red or rubbing painfully against the sides of the pumping tube, then you may need to get a new shield. Consult a lactation consultant for more information when you are confused on the right size for you

10. Are pads essential kits to get?

Yes. When pumping is getting hard on your breast. Pads are then placed inside the nursing bra to help relieve the pains

11. Should I clean the pump parts after each use?

It is not necessary that you clean the breast pump after use. It is not necessary to sterilize the pump. A wash ones a day with hot water for 10 to 15 seconds before allowing it to air dry on a clean paper towel. Endeavor to check the pump’s manual for other instructions.

12. What else should I know about the cleaning gear?

Clean any part that comes in contact with milk. The membranes, flanges, collection gear, and valves need to be washed after each session. Tubes should be washed when there is milk overflow or moisture.

13. My baby don’t like feeding on the breast directly

Some babies have special needs, born prematurely or find it difficult to suck or latch comfortably. Therefore it is vital to express every feed.

14. How long will it take me to master the use of a breast pump?

Getting a mastery of the use of the pump requires practice.  Also, there is a need to re-learn when you start using a different type of pump that is different from the one you were used to.

15. What is the cost of a breast pump?

The cost of a breast pump varies. The manual breast pumps are usually the cheapest types of pumps since it does not require motor or batteries. The hospital and electric pump are more expensive to purchase but safe time in the long run for busy moms

16. What are the ways to use a breast pump?

To use the breast pump, place the cone-shaped shield over the breast so as to completely cover the areola and the nipple.

17. How can I store breast milk?

Expressed milk can be kept refrigerated until when it is needed to be used. It can also be kept in a storage bags and put in a freeze until when it will be needed.


To continue breastfeeding it is important to know the right product that suits your disposition. Know that breast milk is good in boosting the immune system as it provides antibodies against sickness, healthy digestive tract, promote child’s brain and also help to reduce the risk of the child sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Get the best for your comfort and full satisfaction by selecting from our product pick.  Syga Electric Double Breast pumps Storage Bottle, Medela Swing Maxi Breast PumpLuvLap Electric Breast Feeding Pump are our favorite picks.

Swati Jain

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