Best Baby Rocking Chairs

Are you awaiting the arrival of your little one? You must be very excited to hold your baby in your arms.

However, no matter how much you would like to have your baby cradled in your arms, it’s quite not possible. You’ll get tired of holding her in your arms after some time.

Sometimes, it’s also because of some tasks that you can’t carry out with the baby in your arms, and that’s why you require a baby rocking chair.

Baby rocking is something that cannot be compromised on. It’s a place you will spend most of your time, whether it is for nursery rhyme readings or making your baby sleep.

You want to be comfortable for your baby.

Babies love being gently rocked, and even if not in your arms, the sensation comforts them. Baby rocking is believed to emulate the sensation that your baby enjoyed for nine months in the womb every time you walked.

Nowadays, there are tons of baby rocking nursing chairs, and getting the right one for your baby isn’t a simple task. The truth is that the exercise will leave you overwhelmed.

This review contains the best baby rocking chairs in the Indian Market today and will make your search more natural as it narrows down your options.

This article will guide you through different types available, its advantages, a comprehensive buying guide to help you, and Frequently asked questions about rocking chairs to solve any of your queries. Also listed below are our top  10 recommended baby rocking chairs.

Top 10 Best Baby Rocking Chairs in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
our pick
our pick
Colorful and Attractive Design
Colorful and Attractive Design
Most comfortable baby rocker
Best to improve baby’s motor skills
Best durability feature
Best easy to clean feature

Advantages of Using a Baby Rocking Chair

Calms a crying child

The rocking motion keeps the baby calm as it makes them feel secure. The sensation establishes a healthy heart rate and blood circulation as well.

If your baby gets fussy or tends to cry a lot, rocking her with a pacifier in her mouth will do the magic of soothing her. You will have an easy time running errands around the house with the help of a rocker.

Safety and security

A rocking chair makes the baby feel that they are not alone. A rocker makes the baby feel as if they are still on their mother’s hands.
As a result, they feel safe and secure at all times. Whether indoors or outdoors, the baby will always get relaxed and comfortable in the rocking chair.


Babies are never born with a sense of balance, meaning that it has to get developed. Gentle, slow rocking is one of the best ways to help them get the balance mechanism in the inner ear.

Your baby will also become more alert and attentive.

Bonding and attachment

Rocking a child enables both the baby and the person rocking them to bond. The kid gets to know them and always feel safe with them around.

The mother, dad, or caregiver, on the other hand, will feel more responsible for the well-being of the little one when rocking them, which is a good thing.

Introduction to rhythm

Whether rocking him or doing it on his own, the baby develops a sense of rhythm. The slow and fast movements that a rocking chair provides enables the child to master rhythm at such a tender age.

If possible, always accompany your kid’s rocking with a simple rhyme.

Helps the baby to develop visual perception

Using a rocker to help your baby relax will enable them to view the environment from different viewpoints. When rocking them, play with how you position them to give them this fantastic experience.

You can place him on the rocker facing forward or on the chest.


Rocking the baby enables him to relax. When having a difficult time getting sleep, the soothing sensation will allow them to relax and sleep within no time.

If the baby keeps on fussing about, the rocker will calm them down and make them feel comfortable again.


A rocking chair will help keep your hands free for a while. As a result, you’ll be able to carry out other tasks around the house, such as cleaning, cooking, or helping the older kids to carry out their school assignments.

A rocking chair will also enable you to have your free time.

Motor development

Most rocking chairs come with toy bars. Kids try to reach out for the toys with their tiny hands, something that improves their motor skills.

Apart from toys, activity books also help in developing the motor skills, The back and forth motion makes the baby smile.

Kids also try to hold their heads up when trying to catch the toys hanging on the toy bar.

Types of Baby Rocking Chairs

There are two types of baby rocking chairs in the market today; bassinet rockers and the inclined rockers.

Bassinet Rockers

These rockers are approved for the little ones to sleep in overnight. If looking for a comfortable portable place for your baby to sleep, a bassinet rocker is the best option.

These rockers are mostly powered mechanically and enable your baby to relax rather than play.

Inclined Rockers

These are small rocking chairs that come equipped with a toy bar and music. These are the best to rock your baby as you carry out your daily duties as he will remain busy all through.

Motors or a vibrating function power some of these rockers. For the rocking motion to commence, the rocker has to be powered by an adult or your baby’s activity.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a baby rocking chair, there are a lot of features that you need to look out for. Ensure that you get a chair that is compatible with your baby since, just like adults, kids also have likes and dislikes.

While a baby might like a rocker that comes with music, another one may not. Just ensure that you purchase a rocker that keeps your baby comfortable and safe at all times.

That said, consider the following before buying a baby rocking chair.


A good rocking chair is one that lasts for a long time. You do not want a chair that you’ll replace a few months down the line.

Get a durable chair that your baby will use years down the line. Such a pair will enable you to save a lot of money that you could have spent on repairs and replacements as opposed to a weak one.

Removable covers

While selecting a rocker for your baby, ensure that you get one with removable covers. Remember that you’ll not only use the rocker to calm the baby but also during feeding time.

As a result, food or milk formula will, at times, spill on it, meaning that you’ll have to clean it.

If you can’t remove the covers, cleaning a rocker becomes a little challenging. Always get one that is machine washable and whose covers come out with ease.

Easy to clean

Some rocking chairs are a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. Select the rocker for your baby very carefully, having it in mind that you’ll have to clean it at some point.

Plastic baby rocking chairs, for example, are very easy to clean as all you’ll have to do is wipe them clean, and your baby gets to use the rocker within no time.

Simple to use

Do not purchase a rocking chair that you have little or no idea at all on how to use it. That will be a waste of your hard-earned money as it won’t benefit your kid.

Select a rocker that every other person left to take care of the baby can use with ease.


When purchasing a baby rocking chair, you need to ask yourself what will happen when your baby outgrows it. Will you give it out, keep it in the store or throw it away.

Get a rocker that your kid can use in the long run. Such a chair should be one that can become converted to a stationary chair.


Like when going for anything else, you have to consider the cost of the rocker you wish to purchase. Consider your budget and buy one that doesn’t strain you out.

While doing so, however, keep in mind that you can never compromise quality over price. The health, comfort, and safety of your baby come first.


The best baby rocking chair is one that doesn’t produce a lot of noise when rocking. You do not want the sound to disrupt everyone’s peace in the house.

Your baby may also get frightened by the noise and instead of relaxing while in the rocker, feel unsafe and start crying.


Always consider the safety of your child when selecting a rocker for them. Get one with strong straps to hold the kid secure at all times.

Also, the rocker should have a good headrest to protect your little one’s head and neck.


Go for a rocker that is sturdy enough to rock your baby safe at all times. A sturdy rocker will not rock all the way forwards or backward, throwing the baby into the ground.

Get one that comes with a strong stand to hold it in position at all times when the baby rocks.

The seat

Ensure that you get a rocker with a seat that provides your baby with a comfy incline and surface. The best seat for your child should have an adjustable seat incline.

With a good incline, your baby will continue to use the rocker comfortably and for a long time.


The main reason you would go for a rocking chair for your baby is that you want them to relax and get all the comfort he or she requires to remain calm. You thus have to get a rocker that will provide your kid with superior comfort.

Such a chair should have a seat with excellent cushioning.

Toys and sounds

Select a rocking chair with light toys made from soft materials to help soothe your baby. As the baby rocks, they can play with the toys, something that will keep them engaged, allowing you to carry out other tasks.

You can also get one that comes with music to ensure that your kid gets entertained while rocking.


When purchasing a rocking chair, ask yourself whether you want one that you can only use indoors or outdoors or both. The best rocking chair is one that you can fold and carry with ease to any destination.

Such a rocker will enable your kid to have fun and relax at all times, whether at home or when traveling.

Soothing Vibrations

Ensure that the rocking chair comes with soothing vibrations with zero noise. This feature will offer comfort and calmness to your child so that it turns out to be his or her favorite resting place.

Suitable Age

Check the appropriate age requirement of the rocking chair before purchase. It should have enough room for your infant to grow.

The rocker should come with adjustable seat recliners so that it can suit the growing requirement of your child. Also, check its maximum weight capacity so that it is useful to you even when your infant grows into a toddler.

1. LuvLap Rocker Cum Bouncer 

Luvlap company has proven to be one of the top companies that provide premium quality baby products. One such product from luvlap is this rocker that will allow new parents to get a little time to rest in peace.

The LuvLap rocker is ideal for newborn babies to toddlers. This rocker cum bouncer has a jungle tale theme and is portable.

Main Features
  • The rocker has 3 positions adjustable backrest and soft cushioned seat that provides a comfortable time to babies.
  • The rocker is fully secured as it comes with three safety point harness.
  • It comes with an attractive toy bar with two detachable soft toys. This stimulates the baby’s senses.
  • The rocker is suitable for newborns up to 3 years babies who weigh up to 20 kgs.
  • Its dimensions are 45 cm x 70 cm x 64 cm.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Kickstand stimulates static position, which is very beneficial for feeding and sleeping.
  • It has 8 different melodies with adjustable sound and vibration. It soothes and relaxes babies, which helps in putting them to sleep.
  • Stands are robust.
  • Soft and comfortable bedding.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Assembling is tricky.
  • It does not come with batteries.

2. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker – Our pick

Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker
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Are you looking for a rocking chair that will grow with your baby? This chair from fisher price will do precisely that.

Excellent for use to both infants and toddlers, the rocker will provide your kid with all the comfort he requires to remain calm at all times.

This rocker is the best when feeding, playing, and also acts as a good resting place for your young one. The rocker has a deep seat and a soft cloth that greatly helps in comforting newborns.

The engaging toy bar stimulates the infant keeping him upright at all times to observe the surroundings.

The vibration setting of this rocker will soothe your baby and thus the best for fussy babies or those having a difficult time trying to sleep. The rocker has colorful toys that keep the baby engaged during playtime, enabling you to carry out other tasks around the house.

You can remove the toy bar with ease in case the baby wants to sleep.
When it comes to cleaning the rocker, you have nothing to worry about since it can get cleaned with ease.  As your kid grows, you can convert this rocker to a toddler rocking chair.

Ensure that you get a battery for this rocker for the calming vibrations.

Main Features
  • The deep seat and a soft cloth for comforting newborns
  • The rocker is sturdy enough to hold kids of up to 40 pounds
  • Noiseless vibrations to soothe and calm your baby
  • Colorful toys to entertain and keep your kid busy during playtime
  • Removable covers make it easy to clean.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sturdy and durable enabling your kid to use it for a long time
  • High-quality material makes it reliable and sturdy
  • Comes with an instructions manual making it easy to use
  • Mild and quiet vibrations soothe and help your baby to relax
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Big toys that appear as if they can hit the baby
  • One has to keep on changing the battery
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3. Baybee Baby Rocking Horse

Let your child rock their time away with Baybee Rocking Horse. It is an EN 15883 Certified product which means it is manufactured based on the European standards for the safety of Babies and Toddlers.

It is suitable for children ages 1 to 3 years. It is available in two colors – blue and pink. The sturdy design keeps the child safe and comfortable.

Main Features
  • It has a thickened non-slip bottom plate that keeps the child safe.
  • The dimensions of this Rocking Horse are 39x51x72 cm.
  • It is made from Virgin PVC plastic. 
  • The back seat rest ensures your child’s maximum safety.
  • The swing function goes up to 45°.
  • The anti-slip footrest prevents your child from falling or getting hurt.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The widened pedal prevents your child from slipping.
  • This is a multi-purpose rocker that can be used as a rocking chair, seat, and dining chair.
  • The 45° movement gives your child a good exercise that enhances their movement, grasping, and kicking abilities.
  • It is suitable for both indoor or outdoor playing.
  • The material is odorless and non-toxic.
  • The design is simple and easy to install.
  • The seat belt keeps the child safe while rocking.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • This is not a foldable rocker and so it is not travel-friendly.

4. Baybee Baby Horse Ride Rocking Chair

Being EN 71 Certified, Baybee Horse Riding Rocking Chair is manufactured keeping your child’s safety first. It has easy-grip handlebars on the sides to help your child rock safely.

Riding this rocker will improve your child’s balancing skills while keeping them entertained for a long time. It makes an excellent gift for your child on their birthday or on any occasion.

Main Features
  • This rocking chair measures 80x39x53cm.
  • It is made with non-toxic virgin plastic.
  • This is a stable rocking chair that can withstand up to 20kgs.
  • It is suitable for homes, restaurants, parks, and playschools.
  • It swings up to 45°.
  • It is suitable for children aged 1.5 to 5 years.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Your child can use this rocking chair indoors and outdoors.
  • The artificial trimming of this chair has smooth edges that don’t hurt the child.
  • Your child can hold themselves steady on this chair with the help of the backrest.
  • The anti-slip seat is perfect for a baby’s tender skin.
  • The stoppers on the edge of the footrest prevent your child from losing balance.
  • The easy rocking action of this chair helps your child develop gross motor skills in a fun way.
  • It is easy to assemble and dismantle while traveling.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no safety belt.
  • The build is not sturdy for heavier or highly active children.

5. Webby Fiddle Diddle Baby Multipurpose Rocker 

This multi-purpose rocker is one of the safest and most comfortable rocking chairs that you can get for your child. It features melodies and vibrations that soothe your baby while the adjustable reclining positions, along with its aerodynamic design, ensure comfort.

Apart from this, it also enhances the visual and auditory senses of your little bundle of joy.

Main Features

  • Dimensions: 60.2 x 44 x 13.6 cm.
  • Weight: 3.36 kg.
  • It has been aerodynamically designed with reclining positions.
  • Comes with a toy bar that features hanging toys so that your baby is entertained.
  • Features a music button which, when activated, plays soothing melodies.
  • It requires two LR20 1.5 V batteries for producing vibrations.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The vibrations and the music relaxes and soothes your baby.
  • The bright colors and rattles of this rocker help in stimulating your child’s auditory and visual senses.
  • Its position can be adjusted according to the convenience and comfort of your baby.
  • BIS Certified, making it safe for use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is tough to assemble.

6. Baby Bucket Rocker Cum Reclining Chair – Colorful and Attractive Design

Baby Bucket Rocker Cum Reclining Chair
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The colorful and attractive design of this multi-purpose chair cum rocking chair makes it appealing to your child. It is suitable for children up to the age of 36 months as it has enough space for your child to grow in.

This is a comfortable, rocking chair that is safe to use and easy to wash and maintain over the years.

Main Features
  • It is a multi-functional chair cum rocking chair.
  • Features 2 point reclining seats.
  • Comes with dangling toys that are removable when required.
  • Suitable for children aged: 0-36 months.
  • Max weight capacity: 20 kgs.
  • Comes with music and soothing vibrations.
  • Requires 3 1.5 V batteries (not included).
PROS (What we liked)
  • Promotes motor reflexes and hand activity.
  • The seat covers can be easily machine washed.
  • It has enough room to grow.
  • Colorful and attractive design.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not come with a handle making it difficult to move around.
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7. Toyshine toddler Rocking Chair – Most comfortable baby rocker

Toyshine Newborn to Toddler Rocking Chair
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This rocker has a shallow profile frame, perfect enough for newborns. In it, your baby will relax and stop being fussy.

If crying, expect your baby to relax and feel safe. When your baby appears to outgrow it, all you’ll have to do is extend the frame.
The rocker has calming vibrations that will calm your baby at all times. For interactive play, all you’ll have to do is reposition the seat closer to the toy bar.

The toys sit within the baby’s reach, enabling them to have some fun. The toys are detachable, allowing you to carry them along.

If you want to carry it along when traveling or want the baby to use it outdoors, all you’ll have to do is fold it up and carry it along with you.

The rocker’s high-quality material enables kids to enjoy every moment in it. The good thing is that it can be positioned to a toddler’s rocker or stationary seat and thus won’t go into waste when your kid outgrows it.

This rocker can hold a maximum weight of 18kgs.

Main Features
  • High-quality material that makes the rocker sturdy giving the baby comfort
  • Calming vibrations to soothe your baby when uncomfortable
  • Has a removable toy bar and won’t interfere with your baby’s nap time at any time.
  • Toy bar to keep your baby engaged and entertained at all times
  • Easy to fold away and thus portable.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Strong vibrations that help to keep the baby calm
  • Sturdy enough to hold a kid with a maximum weight of 18 pounds
  • The bright colored toys keep the baby entertained
  • Easy to assemble
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The toys hanging stick is a little weak
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8. Samaira Toys Newborn to Toddler Baby Rocking Chair – Best rocker to improve baby’s motor skills

Samaira Toys Newborn to Toddler Baby Rocking Chair
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This baby rocker has a low profile frame, the best for newborns, but can get extended as your baby grows. The rocker has calming vibrations that enable the child to relax and keep calm at all times.

With it, your baby will remain comfortable at all times.

The rocker has a toy bar that holds colorful toys that your baby can play with at all times. You can remove the toys if you want your kid to take a nap and also when you want to carry them along.

Your baby will get thoroughly entertained when using this rocker.

The rocker has three incline positions; for newborns, infants, and toddlers, meaning that your baby will get to use the chair for a long time. You can position the rocker to a stationary chair when feeding your baby or reposition it for napping.

You can carry it along when traveling since it’s portable or stores it away with ease if you do not want to use it.

Main Features
  • Has a toy bar that holds colorful toys to entertain the baby
  • Calming musical vibrations that enable the baby to master rhythm
  • Machine washable thus easy to clean
  • Can be inclined to different positions to offer superior comfort to your baby.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Strong and sturdy enough to hold a baby with a maximum weight of 40 pounds
  • Calming vibrations stop a crying baby and lull them to sleep
  • Portable and thus easy to carry along when traveling
  • Easy to use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Comes with no battery and you have to purchase one
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9. Aashi Enterprise Cane Art Horse Rocking Chair for Kids – Best durability feature

Aashi Enterprise Cane Art Horse Rocking Chair for Kids
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Are you looking for a unique rocking chair for your kid, one that will add more life to your living room, garden, or lawn? This rocking chair from Aashi will do precisely that.

With it, your baby will relax and have all the fun they want.

The chair comes beautifully crafted using seasoned cane using traditional hand tools. Your kid will fall in love with this rocking chair.

The chair will beautify your home as well and for a long time since it’s made to last for a long time.

The chair’s paint also lasts for more than two years, and the good news is that you can repaint it as well. For your baby’s extra comfort, get cushions for the chair.

The chair comes wholly assembled, and thus no assembly required. The chair is sturdy enough to hold kids of all age groups.

Main Features
  • Made with eco-friendly material and will thus not affect the health of your kid
  • Very sturdy and therefore long-lasting
  • Long-lasting polish makes it look good even after years of use
  • Comes fully assembled
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very well made
  • Sturdy and robust and thus suitable for older babies
  • Spectacular finish therefore worth the money
  • Light in weight
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not foldable therefore one can’t use when traveling
  • No pillows for extra comfort
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10. Surprise Plastic Elephant Rocker – Best easy to clean feature

Surprise Plastic Elephant Rocker
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Are you on a tight budget and want a rocking chair to help your baby relax? This chair from Surprise has got your back. The chair comes at a low price without compromising quality.

In it, your baby will enjoy all the comfort, keep calm, and get a chance to enjoy his surroundings.

The chair has an extended front to prevent it from tumbling. Your baby will thus remain safe at all times when rocking in this chair.

When your kid grows, you won’t have to get another rocker for your baby, all you’ll have to do is adjust this rocker to accommodate him.

The chair comes in radiant colors, suitable for kids. Your baby can use it safely on any flooring.

Main Features
  • Non-toxic plastic and thus won’t affect the health of your baby
  • Adjustable seat arrangement and, therefore, useful even when your baby outgrows it.
  • An extended front to prevent it from tumbling.
  • This rocker is strong enough to hold kids with a maximum of 13kgs in weight.
  • Safety bar to keep your baby from falling.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Light in weight and thus easy to move it around
  • Sturdy and thus long lasting
  • Comes with an affordable price tag
  • Doesn’t tumble because of its extended front
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Requires nuts tightening because it gets loose after some use
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a rocking chair safe for my baby?

Rocking chairs are always safe for babies. What you need to do is ensure that you get the appropriate one to hold your kid’s weight.

You cannot get a small rocking chair for your baby and expect them to be comfortable in it. Always the best for your kid.

Another need you need to keep in mind is that, just because you got a rocking chair, it doesn’t mean that you leave the baby on his own as you carry out your errands.

Ensure that you put the rocker near you as you carry your daily tasks, as this will enable you to monitor your kid at all times.

2. What if my baby rejects the rocking chair?

If you introduce a rocking chair to your kid when still a newborn, the chances of them rejecting a rocking chair are few. Remember that a rocker imitates the sensation that the kid experienced when in the womb whenever the mother walked.

Introducing a rocker at a later stage might be the reason your baby feels uncomfortable in it. You shouldn’t worry about it since with time, he will get used to it.

3. How do I tell that a certain rocker is the best for my baby?

First of all, ensure that you know what your baby likes and avoid getting things for your baby because you want to copy your friend. Babies are different, and what works for your friend’s kid may not work for you.

Also, consider the age of your kid since as they grow, they’ll have different demands meaning that the rocker they used when newborns will be irrelevant when two or three years old.

4. At what age should I introduce a rocking chair to my kid?

As early as when he is still a newborn. Babies enjoy rocking even at a young age. You do not have to wait until they reach a certain age for them to use a rocking chair.

All you have to do is ensure that you get the right chair, appropriate for their age.

5. Can I feed my baby while in the rocking chair?

Yes, you can. Most baby rocking chairs are appropriate for baby feeding. All you have to do is recline the seat and position the baby properly for feeding.

You, however, have to be extremely careful since a little recklessness can make your baby choke on the food due to poor positioning.

6. When should my baby stop using a rocking chair?

Do you know that even adults use rocking chairs for relaxation purposes? You thus don’t have to worry about when the time when your baby should stop.

They should use the chair until they get bored or tired of using it. The rocking chair keeps your baby comfortable even when reading and, thus, a perfect companion to your child.

7. How do I stop the chair from rocking?

For those chairs that use electricity to rock, all you’ll have to is switch off the power, and you’ll be good to go.

Most rockers in the market today come with an on and off switch box that is usually located on the battery box making the process quite easy.

8. Are there chairs suitable only for older kids?

There are different types of rocking chairs, some for younger babies and others for older kids. For example, the baby rocking chair from Fisher-Price in the review suits newborns and toddlers, while the Aashi Enterprise chair suits older kids.

So, yes, there are chairs best suited to rock only older kids.

9. Is it safe for my baby to sleep on a rocking chair?

Most rocking chairs provide enough comfort to let your baby sleep peacefully. Some rockers are even the best to use when you need a portable place for your baby to sleep in.

Your baby will thus remain safe when sleeping on such a rocker, but you still have to keep on looking after them.

10. What should I do if unable to assemble a rocking chair?

Ensure that you confirm that a rocking chair comes with a user manual before purchasing it. This way, you’ll avoid all the trouble that comes along when trying to set it up.

If you still can’t assemble it even with the manual, seek help from a friend or a professional if it deems fit.


Even though pricey, the rocker from Fisher-Price will enable your baby to enjoy all the comfort that comes from its vibrating sensation. Your baby will relax and also stop crying when placed in this rocker.

Cleaning it isn’t a problem due to the removable covers, and you’ll be at liberty to carry it wherever you go.

All the baby rocking chairs in this review will provide your baby with the most relaxing experience ever. Select the one that will comfort, calm, and help your baby to relax at all times.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have given the best gift to your baby

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