Best Musical Phones For Babies

Your child will need an endless amount of entertainment and stimulation to keep him/her developing at a steady pace. Musical phones come in a variety of forms that will provide just that. He/She will spend many joyous hours with the new toy while developing a whole host of skills. We have reviewed some of the most technologically advanced, innovative, and fun musical phones for babies for you to choose from.

1. Higadget Musical Mobile Phone Toy

This special little musical phone is made to resemble a real cordless phone. It has been designed to improve your child’s sound and colour recognition. The fully functional keypad on the phone will help your child learn about numbers from 0 to 9, as well as the hash and asterisk signs.

Different sound, along with light effects, can be seen when the different buttons on this innovative device are pushed. It will also improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. This toy is made with high-quality plastic for your child’s safety.

This lovely musical mobile phone for kids has been made from non-toxic and child-friendly materials. The 2 AA batteries that are required to activate the phone.

2. FunBlast Musical Mobile Phone for Kids

FunBlast musical mobile phone for kids is made of plastic and comes with buttons on it that function differently. It comes with a fun cartoon screen and four sound modes.

The number keys on the toys can teach your child numbers and different colours while playing with them. The toy has soft music and fun voices that help stimulate hearing development.

The toy can also improve your child’s vocabulary, improve language capacity and hand-eye coordination.

3. CkTech Musical Mobile Toy

This toy mobile phone can help babies learn different numbers and colours. The buttons emit attention-grabbing lights and sounds which help develop the baby’s auditory and visual senses. It also improves their motor skills as they learn to play with the toy.

The toy features 3 mode changing keys that changes the expression making it dynamic and entertaining to play with. The toy has various melodies, ringtones, and music that will keep your baby occupied for hours on end.

4. WP Learn PAD Tom Mobile

This innovative mobile phone comes in the shape of a standard adult smartphone. There is a string that comes with the package that your child can use to sling his/her new toy around his/her neck and carry it around easily.

This lovely little machine allows your child to play a whole host of sounds, including animal sounds, ringtones, and dial-pad sounds. It is also able to play the music that includes piano music and pop music. One of the unique aspects of this toy is that it can play poems.

There are also light effects to entertain your little one. The pack includes three batteries that are needed to activate the phone. This musical product is recommended for 3 years or older kids.

5. METRO TOYS & GIFT Changing Face Musical Mobile Phone

This lovely little musical mobile phone for kids has a full-fledged number pad. There are 3 mode buttons, one of which switches it to reading numbers from playing music when the keys are pressed. The other 2 modes are ring mode and sound mode. There is a crunching sound that plays to gain your child’s attention as well.

There is an innovative face-changing display on the top that will alternate between differently stylized faces as your child presses buttons.

Another mode is available where the phone will make ringing noises for your child when the keypad is pressed. There is a total of 10 midi music included that can be played by pressing the midi button. There are children’s songs that are programmed into the phone to soothe your baby if he/she is feeling distressed. The midi button will convert your child’s new phone into a music player that plays midi instrumentals.

6. Luvlap Interactive Music Phone For Babies

This lovely little multi-coloured battery operated musical mobile has been made to fit just right in your infant’s hands. It is recommended for children above the age of 6 months. It contains 5 keys that are brightly coloured and are easy-to-press for your baby.

It plays a myriad of sound effects and animal sounds when pressed. This will help stimulate the sight, hearing, and touch senses of your child. It will also help develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. His/Her creativity and role-playing ability will also be augmented.

There is a volume button on the unit to help you make sure that the sound level is child-friendly and house-friendly! You can clean the toy using a wet cloth to keep it hygienic.

Buying Guide


Most musical mobile phones for babies have some music programmed into them. Some of them play different tunes depending on what number is pressed. This might also vary with different sounds versus different music depending on what mode the toy is currently on.



Musical mobile phones for babies are a great way to get your baby familiarized with the world’s touch number dialing system. It should have the full 0 to 9 character keyboard with hash and asterisk signs, if possible. It can also help you teach them the number system with the help of programmed songs.



You should choose the size of your child’s musical mobile phone according to his/her current growth rate.

Try to choose one that will fit well into your child’s hands so that he/she will be able to manipulate it easily. It might be a good idea to buy a slightly bigger phone as your child is continuously growing.



Some musical phones will add an added visual element with flashing lights. This is a great way of making sure that your child is even more interested in his/her new toy, one that will continuously flash different lights according to the music that is played will give him/her the most entertainment.

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