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The best time to instill a sense of how numbers work is when your child is an infant. There are a wide variety of number games that can introduce basic numbers to your child. Some even allow your child to practice fundamental calculations with numbers. We have reviewed some of the most effective, fun, and educational number games in the market for you to choose from.

1. Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Number Fun 123 Puzzle

This fun card game has been designed by Creative Educational Aids to help your child learn the concept of counting. There are two sets of cards that match. One set has a number of items, while the other set has corresponding numbers.

Each of the cards with items has a groove where the cards with numbers fit. Your child learns to pay attention, observe as well as visually discriminate the cards before choosing which ones to fit together. Holding the cards and manipulating them improves hand-eye coordination.

The game is designed to improve number recognition. The act of fitting the proper cards together also helps with developing your child’s problem-solving skills.

2. Funvention Educational Game

Funvention is a fun counting game that comes with double-sided 25 number cards. The cards have a high-quality graphics pattern with an exquisite illustration. It has clear text with large character images.

The game comes with 25 cards, seven counting games, two whiteboard markers and a wipe cloth.

The kid can write on the card to learn new numbers easily. The card is easy to wipe, which makes it reusable instead of paper cards.

3. SYGA Wooden Mathematics Learning Toy

Mathematics is a subject that needs to have a strong foundation. This mathematics learning toy will help in inculcating the basics and love for numbers in children.

This is a complete basic educational set that includes numbers, blank board and math symbols. They come with a wooden calculation board that can be used to hold the cards and enact various mathematical operations.

4. Webby Wooden Counting Numbers Toy for Kids

This colorful number game has been designed to introduce your child to numbers as well as simple mathematical operations. Pieces shaped in numbers from 1 to 20 and mathematical symbols come with a gorgeous wooden board. All the pieces fit onto the board after your child is done playing with them for easy storage.

The numbers and symbols can also be used to teach your child different colors. The numbers can be arranged in a myriad of ways so that your child learns how to do simple calculations with numbers. Moving the pieces around also helps with the development of your child’s hand-eye coordination.

Your child’s fine motor skills and problem-solving skills also get improved while playing this game. Saying the numbers out loud while playing the game improves your child’s phonetic awareness.

5. Parteet Magnetic Letters & Numbers for Educating Kids

This innovative number game comes with 26 magnetic letters, numbers, and mathematical symbols. You are able to use the number of pieces and mathematical symbols to do simple calculations. The letters can be used to make simple words and show how letters and numbers are different to your child.

The pieces come in a wide variety of colors, which facilitates teaching your child different colors. Children love playing with magnets and watching different magnetic effects. The pieces of this game can be used with a metal board for even more fun.

The game pieces can also be used with your fridge door if you don’t have a metal board handy. The pieces are designed to be the perfect size for your child’s small hands. They are also easy to clean and store.

6. My First Flash Cards Numbers For Kids

This game revolves around the use of flashcards to help your child learn about numbers. There are 30 flashcards with one side with a certain amount of items printed, and the other set has corresponding numbers. The game is about correctly counting the items printed.

The colors and illustrations on the cards are vivid and vibrant, which helps keep the attention of your child. Each card with a number of items will have the corresponding number on a corner of that card as well. These high-quality cards have been manufactured to last for long.

Buying Guide


Number games are a great way of introducing simple arithmetic functions to your child. While these operations are taught to them in pre-school all the way up to grade 1, the earlier you start with your child, the better it will be for the kid to grasp. Try to get one that will help your child calculate all four basic arithmetic operations.



As your child is sure to do a lot more things with his toys than what they are intended for. Make sure that your child’s new number game will be able to withstand all the pulling and throwing around and is durable for the long-run.



Whether your child’s new number game is made from paper materials or plastic, one thing’s for sure; it’s going to go into your child’s mouth at some point. Make sure that all the materials your child’s new game is made out of are toxicity-free and that there will be no harmful effects even if ingested.


Educational Properties

The main focus of a number game is to allow your child to get familiarized with the concept of numbers and basic arithmetic operations. However, there are many secondary skills that can be developed using these games, such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills.


Entertainment Value

Education and skill development are great, but all will be for nothing if your child doesn’t enjoy his/her new number game. Try to get one that has a wide number of brilliant colors and is well designed. The best way for you to promote your child’s development is to encourage his/her curiosity.

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