Best Baby Potty Chairs in India

Potty training is an important milestone for your baby. We have reviewed the best potty training seats and chairs from the leading brands like Luvlap, R for Rabbit, etc, to help you deal with potty training with ease.

Getting children to use the potty is a breakthrough in the learning process of child growth. As the child moves from the use of diapers to undies, this baby potties acts as a good source of transition for these little cuties.

These children’s potty chairs serve a different need for the growing child. It acts as a source of excitement for toddlers in learning how to control themselves when taking potty and also making it easier for them to access.

With the innovations now, potty seats can now be placed or attached to the adult seat. This makes it attractive for the kids.

Here you will learn about the difference between the Potty Chair and Potty Seat and tips for safe potty training. 

In this article, you will get to know when is the ideal time for baby to use a baby potty chair along with the buyer’s guide and our top 9 recommendations. In the end, you will find the FAQs.

Top 9 Best Baby Potty Chairs

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Best overall potty training seat
Most Popular Baby Potty
Wonderful design
Best Budget Baby Potty
Best Adjustable Potty Chair
Best Comfortable Chair
Best Sturdy Baby Potty Chair
Best Pediatric Brand

Difference Between Potty Chair and Potty Seat

Potty Chair

When we talk about the potty chair, we are looking at that little potty chair use for training little kids in using the toilet by themselves. It is a potty chair that sits by itself on the floor.

This is mostly used for kids below the age of three years as it is less intimidating for them to use.

The potty chair often comes with a removable basin that one can clean. Most new moms or caregivers prefer getting a potty chair for toddlers that are less than two or three years as it makes them more comfortable and close to the floor.

It’s also safer and secure – except if you wish the child to fall off while using the toilet.

Potty Seat

The potty Seat, on the other hand, reduces the size of the adult potty seat to a smaller size. This seat is small in a way that it will prevent the kids from falling into the dump and potty.

The advantage of the potty seat is that it requires no cleaning or transfer of waste, but it is often intimidating and less fun for the kid while having a potty.

When to Buy Baby Potty Chair

Getting to transits from making use of Baby diapers to the use of the potty chair requires mom and caregivers to look out for some vital and tell-tale signs from the baby.

As the child grows, they are encouraged to grow to pass the dependence on diapers to taking care of one of their basic need without the help of mom and dad.

In planning to purchase this essential item for a child’s training, it is important to know if the child is ready to start making use of the potty chair.

Here are some telling signs to look out for in commencing the child’s training of the use of a potty chair and purchasing one.

The baby learns the new word

One of the new words that children learn to use when they are having bowel or urinary movement is “poopy” whoopsie” “weewee” or any other word or phrases that refer to wanting to take a poop or pee.

This sound shows that the baby has begun to understand and identify some of these natural and biological reactions that go on in the body.

 It a good sign that he can now control his or her bowel and will be needing a poopy or potty chair.

Ability to stay dry for hours

When the child can now control his or her ability to stay dry for some hours without soiling themselves, then there are grown enough to use a potty chair.

Ability to stay dry means that the baby has now developed a stronger bladder and can now control the involuntary flow of urine and poo at a more convenient place and time.

It can also mean the ability to at least give the mom or caregiver some time to find an alternative to use than soiling themselves.

Something that also helps in this process is having Baby wipes nearby. They make the cleaning part much easier for the parents

Ability to pull down their pants

When the child begins to know that they ought to pull down their pants when there is press, it means that they are grown enough to understand the right action to take.

The next action now is encouraging the kid to bend down and sit on the potty.

With these steps and signs, we can now know that our cutie is now ready to make use of the potty chair.

Tips for safe potty training sessions

Some of the tips for safe potty training sessions are:

  • You need not have to force your child to potty train. He/she will eventually get potty trained even if we try too hard or not.
  • When your child is sitting on all force is a sign that he/she wants to potty. Offer the potty seat at this point.
  • A tense/taut expression on your child’s face means that they are forcing the potty to go away.
  • When your child holds the thighs together is a sign that he wants to pee at that point in time, offer the potty seat to him.
  • Check for the syllables that your child uses before peeing or doing potty. If he/she makes ‘ooh’ & ‘aah’ sound before the potty goes off, it means that they are suffering from constipation.
  • Walk to the washrooms with the diaper on.
  • Draw your child towards the potty seat. This could be done by buying an attractive toilet seat, attractive bathroom tiles, or rubber toys which could be used to attract them towards it.
  • Parents should demonstrate their child on how to use it. Children usually copy what their parents do. This could be helpful.

Buying Guide Of Baby Potty Chair

Finding the best baby potty chair is often a challenge for most parents as it is more than just walking into a baby section of a mall and picking up any potty chair close to your hands.

Different things need to be put into consideration before making a purchase. Some of these buying guides include

Portability of the Potty Chair

This is an essential factor to look out for when buying a potty chair for your child. This is because it is important to carry about when traveling or going out, especially when the child is still tender and below 2 ½ years.

Different potties come in different versions and styles to make them more compactable.

Age range

The baby’s age also determines whether to buy a potty chair or seat. A potty chair can be gotten for a child when the child is 18 months.

Can it be folded?

The foldability of a baby potty is important in making a buying decision, most especially if you would be going out often with the baby or traveling with them.

Some potty chair comes with foldable seats and also a separate bags that can be used to hold the poop and pee until it can be disposed of. This is important mostly in the early stage of the child’s potty adaptation.

Cost and Value of the Potty Chair

The cost of the potty chair should also be put into consideration with respect to its value before purchasing. Some potty may be cheaper, but does it add value to the life of the child.


How durable is the material used in producing the potty chair? This should be checked about the weight of the child. Except you want the child to break the chair just sitting on it for the first time.

Ease of Cleaning

The different potty chairs can be clean differently. One drawback of using the potty chair to the potty seat is cleaning the potty after use by the toddler.

To reduce the stress of usage, it is important to go for the one that the seat is removable and can be clean, more comfortable.

Economic Value

How economical will the potty chair be to you and the child, in the long run, is a good question one needs to ask before buying. Check reviews to determine if the product is as good as the manufacturer’s claims.

Note that most often a cheap product might look ideal in the short run, but more expensive as you need to buy more than one of the same product or repairs in the long run.

Environmental safety

How versatile are the product and the ability to disinfect the potty is also worth noting? Ease in cleaning and disinfecting this potty chair helps in cutting down on landfill waste and help in keeping the environment safe


Some new baby potty chairs come with different designs that attract the baby to seat on it and also keep them occupied while they are taking a poop.

The popularity of the product

Each product brand is manufactured differently with its unique features. It is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each brand and type before making a purchase.

Different reasons can lead to the popularity of a brand in comparison to another. This could be as a result of its quality or reviews by past users.

Storage Space

Potties comes in two different types (a stand-alone potty and a seat reducer potty). In selecting a stand-alone potty, safety, simplicity, and size should be considered in making a purchase.


How stable is the potty chair is another factor to consider while purchasing a potty chair. The potty chair should be stable to allow your child’s bottom to fit comfortably on the seat of the potty.

Seat Handle

Also, most stand-alone potties and seat reducers come with a handle that makes it more secure for the child to make use of. This handle gives the child something to hold on to.

It also helps them to push. The seat handler also provides an easy way for one to pick up the seat when putting it away to hang.

Multitasking Potty

Most stand-alone potty performs multitasking duties, which help to save space and perform different roles.

Some come with a removable seat that is used as a potty seat or seat reducer. It also comes with a closed lid that can also be used as a stool.

Potty Fit and Size

Another factor to consider when buying a potty chair is the rim sizes and heights. It is necessary to choose one that comes with a good fit that the bottom of the toddlers will fully cover the rim so as not to be uncomfortable or nervous.

The right seat size will allow the base to rest comfortably with the feet firmly on the floor.

Look for Splash Guards

For potty chairs for boys, selecting one with a splash guard will help to reduce the time for cleanup.

Select one with a high splash guard to enable the pee to stay in the potty but not too high that it will be difficult for them to sit down by themselves.

Extra Fun Features

Different baby potty comes with a variety of entertaining features that is electrifying and captivating to the children. Some of these include light, a variety of themes, sound effects, and music. Some of this can be important to keep them glued to the use of the potty.

Ease of Emptying

The ease of emptying the potty is another vital feature to consider. Go through the online product reviews or the exterior of the box to determine the steps required in emptying or cleaning the potty.

9 Best Baby Potty Chairs

1. Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat – Our Pick

Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat
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The LuvLap baby potty is one of its kind. It’s a potty training chair that gives your baby the ideal comfort. It comes with a smooth surface for their gentle skin and a guarantee to help your child make a splash in comfort.

The product is fully certified as per European Standard (EN 71). It also comes with a backrest that allows them to sit comfortably. The detachable inner bowl enables mom or caregiver ease to wash and clean.

The lid acts as a protector from germs. Also, the Luvlap baby potty is easily detachable and can be stored easily. It is also portable, lightweight, and can be carried about easily.

Main Features
  • Can be easily detachable
  • Ease of storage
  • Comes with a smooth edge surface
  • Comes with a back and front support
  • A product dimension of 37.6 X 32.8 X 18.2 cm
  • The item weight 1.3 kg
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ideal for travel since it is easily detachable and easy to assemble and use
  • High-quality material
  • Fanciful and attractive
  • The back of the seat is very comfortable like a mini sofa
  • Can be attached to the adult toilet
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quite expensive when compared to others
  • The seat might not fit into every pot (Square shaped pot)
  • Small for babies over 8 kg
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2. R for Rabbit Convertible 4 In 1 Potty Training Seat – Best Overall Baby Potty

R for Rabbit Convertible 4 In 1 Potty Training Seat
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The R for Rabbit 4 in 1 convertible Ding Dong potty seat for toddlers is a unique potty chair that can be used for multifunction use. It comes with a light seat that is also easy to wash. The seat is comfortable to use since it is wide in nature.

This design puts the comfort of the baby in mind. It can be attached to the bathroom and also the Ding Dong potty can also be clamped into an adult toilet seat for the babies to use directly.

One other feature of  The conversion of the Ding Dong potty seat enables it to be used in the bathroom so that the little kids can easily access the bathroom Basin for brushing of teeth.

It is also uniquely designed with nice curves that make it comfortable to the skin of the baby. It also allows for easy cleaning of the seat after usage.

It comes with a lid used in covering the Ding Dong potty to prevent foul smell. Due to its weight, it can be easily carried about while traveling and stored conveniently when not in use or after usage.

Main Features
  • Can be attached to an adult toilet
  • Light in weight and Portable
  • Nice designs and curves
  • Package dimension of 39.1 x 37.4 x 18 cm
  • Item weight 1.85 Kg
  • Comes with a lid cover
  • Made from quality plastic material
PROS (What we liked)
  • the convertible Ding Dong potty seat for toddlers is its convertibility to a high and low step stool.
  • Multifunction use makes it ideal for every home
  • Attachable to a basin for brushing of teeth
  • A good potty training for hygiene for children
  • Easily convertible
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Expensive to buy
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3. Online Choice Baby Toilet Training Potty Seat – Most Popular Baby Potty

Online Choice Baby Toilet Training Potty Seat
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This new and innovative potty seat is suitable for both boys and girls as they move from the use of diaper to the potty chair. It comes with a removable tray that makes it easy for cleaning.

The ideal age bracket is between the ages of 6 to 48 months. With its perfect design, your child can easily sit on it comfortably. The potty seat is easy to clean and dries quickly too. With its portability, it can be carried around easily.

The baby potty comes with a wide seat for comfortability and it can easily be hung around to save space in the home. It has a package dimension of 37.7 x 30.9 x 23.9 cm and item weight of 721 g.

Main Features
  • Made from 100 percent virgin plastic
  • Made for unisex
  • Comes with a wide comfortable seat
  • Durable and light-weighted
  • Designed using the western potty seat style
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its removable tray makes it easy to wash after use
  • It is known for its durability and tensile nature
  • Highly hygiene due to its 100 percent virgin plastic material
  • Western baby potty design
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Due to the lightweight nature of the potty seat, it skids sometimes or falls by the side
  • Its stool pan is very tiny, and this often leads to the pee to spill over
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4. Kidoyzz Potty Trainer – Wonderful design

Kidoyzz Potty Trainer
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If you are deciding to buy a product to gift mothers, it is one of the best options. Kidoyzz Potty Trainer Plastic Seat Box for Kids (Multicolour) is made up of non-toxic material, which makes it safe for use.

The stability of the product is brilliant as it has antiskid edges, which prevents any movement while your child sits on it.

It is perfect for kids between the age of 6 months to 3 years old. Let us look at the other features of this product.

Main Features
  • The product is made up of non-toxic and eco-friendly material. This makes it a good option for those parents who are concerned about their children’s health. It is a safe-to-use product.
  • It is designed for children who fall in the age group of 6 months to 3 years.
  • The side structure is a little higher than the other products which make it comfortable and safe for your kids.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The potty seat has a wonderful design and comes in a variety of colors which attracts your kids to do potty. This makes it easier for you without even forcing them to sit.
  • The edges are non-skid, preventing it from moving while your child sits on it, improving the stability factor.
  • The material is durable, and it is very easy to clean and maintain it.
  • It is very easy to use and highly portable, so you carry it while traveling.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Product has good height might not be comfortable for all kids.
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5. Little’s Baby Potty – Best Budget Baby Potty

Little's Baby Potty
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This very specially designed potty trainer comes with a smooth edge to make the taking of potty an easy task for babies. Its bowl is specially designed in other to prevent any spills or leaks. It is an ideal choice for babies’ convenience.

It is child-friendly with an anatomical seatThis seat is wide for comfortability while sitting and a splash guard with high back support.

The potty top lid helps in maintaining good hygiene when not in use. Also, this little baby’s potty comes with a handle to help in carrying it from one place to another. Very portable for traveling. It is also cost-effective and a good transition from diaper to potty use.

Main Features
  • Extremely Durable and lightweight
  • Comes in different bright and eye-catching colors
  • Ideal for infants of 6 months to 4 years
  • It comes with a wide and comfortable seat design
  • Comes with a high back support
  • Meant for Unisex
  • Comes with a splash guard
  • Product dimension of 27.5 X 27.5 X 21 cm
  • It comes with a product inner dimension of 6 inches
  • Potty top lids to maintain hygiene
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to wash
  • Helps in regulating the right spinal posture of infants while seated on the potty chair
  • The top lid is used to maintain hygiene
  • Cost-effective
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were found.
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6. Goyal’s Brezza Toilet Training Seat – Best Adjustable Potty Chair

Goyal's Brezza Potty Toilet Training Seat
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The Goyal’s brezza potty toilet for toddlers is a fun and exciting potty training item chair for your child. The potty seat, which can also be used as a chair is suitable for all gender (male and female) so as not to mess themselves up when having to poop or pee.

It comes with a relaxed seat that allows the kid to stay comfortably on it without it causing any damage to the baby’s skin or falling off.

This potty chair comes with a foldable backrest, which helps in maintaining hygiene as a cover.

Main Features
  • Comes with a higher side chair/seat features that make it more relax and safe for the baby
  • The potty chair comes with a foldable backrest used as a cover in other to maintain hygiene
  • Comes in a beautiful and attractive car shaped design with a steering wheel that keeps the baby playing
  • Ease in cleaning and washing
  • The potty wheels are displayed but not for moving purposes
  • Made with Non-toxic Plastic material
  • Suitable for children between 9 months to 2 years
  • The baby potty requires no battery
PROS (What we liked)
  • Beautifully design along with Ergonomic features
  • Safe to use as a result of its sturdy nature
  • Easy to clean due to its removable bowl
  • Has a removable lid
  • Dual-purpose potty (seat and chair)
  • Durable and portable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Requires washing
  • Need to turn the dump into the toilet
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7. Sukhson India Potty Training Seat – Best Comfortable Chair

Sukhson India Potty Training Seat
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The Sukhson India 1234 baby potty is an ideal chair for potty training your child. It can be used both as a seat and a chair depending on the age of the baby.

It comes with different unique features such as a wide seat, removable potty bowl, a splash guard, and a high seat that makes it convenient for kids to use.

The Sukhson potty comes with a smooth edge that prevents your baby from getting hurt as it makes it comfortable for them to sit on it.

It also comes with a lid to cover the potty bowl to maintain hygiene. It came with different colors and made from a plastic material

Main Features
  • It is a dual-purpose potty bowl (seat and chair)
  • It is  a baby potty training chair
  • Made from plastic material
  • Comes with a removable tray to aid cleaning
  • Product dimension of 10 X 5 X 5 cm
  • Removable potty bowl
  • Comes in a high seat
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sturdy and strong for your child’s safety
  • It comes in different attractive colors that are striking to the child
  • It comes with a smooth edge that prevents hurt to the delicate skin of your baby
  • Its removable potty bowl and tray aids in easy washing and cleaning
  • Its splash guard protects the child’s skin from the bounce-back of the pee or poo
  • Its wide seat gives the child comfortability
  • Since it is a dual-purpose potty, it can be used for different purposes
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The pee guard is not high enough for boys
  • Need to be taking out to dry after using
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8. Ehomekart Toilet Training Chair for Kids – Best Sturdy Baby Potty Chair

Ehomekart Toilet Training Chair for Kids
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The Ehomekart baby potty chair is an ideal chair for toilet training for babies. It comes with an attractive color that adds joy the act of toileting for the kids. It comes with a ring that kids can play with and very easy to assemble.

The baby potty chair comes with a lid that helps to maintain good hygiene. Ehomekart baby potty comes in a smooth surface to give a comfortable feeling on the baby’s body.

The potty baby chair is ideal for babies between the age of 9 months, and 4 years and the product comes with a dimension of 35 X 30 X 30 cm. It is made from non-toxic plastic material of (2000 g) and easily foldable.

Main Features
  • Comes in attractive colors
  • Wide seat for baby to sit
  • Can easily be folded when not in use
  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • A sturdy design and highly durable
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with a lid that helps in maintaining proper hygiene
  • Its removable potty bowl aids in its washing
  • The splash guard protects the child’s from urine splash
  • The backrest provides comfortability to the child
  • A rattle rod that keeps the baby busy while using the potty chair
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It should be a little bit higher
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9. Toyboy Panda Potty Seat – Unique design

Toyboy Panda Potty Seat
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The Toyboy Panda is reputed to be the best pediatric brand of the baby products in India. The production of this potty chair followed the highest safety standard and made from 100 percent quality polypropylene plastic material.

It was pedantically designed in such a way as to provide a safe and comfortable position for your little child to take a potty. It comes with a very smooth edge that will not leave any injury to the baby skin nor harm the baby’s buttock.

This very unique potty chair/seat weight 1.5 Kg and comes with a size of  L(28) x W(33) Cm , Seat Height With Handle 26 Cm , Seat Height 18 Cm , Cover L(30)x W(27) Cm , Bowl L(20) x W(17) x H(10) Cm. it comes with very unique colors that are attractive to babies, and the Package Dimensions of the product is 30 x 25 x 10 cm

Main Features
  • Made from 100 percent polypropylene plastic material
  • Fully designed with a backrest design
  • Have smooth edge and Colorful designs
  • Item size weight 1.5 Kg
  • Comes with a removable bowl
  • Comes with a closable cover
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very durable and sturdy as it is Made from high-quality plastic material
  • The removable bowl makes it easy to wash
  • It closable cover helps to prevent germs and smell after use
  • It’s very attractive designs is attractive to children
  • Comes with a backrest that acts as a form of relaxation for the baby
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Its carrying capacity is low, might not carry a baby of 9 Kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should the baby start using the potty?

There is no particular year for that. It is dependent on the behavior and psychology of the baby. But most develop these skills from 18 months to 24 months of age. Others might not start until when they get to 2 1/2 to 3 years.

2. How can I know the baby is ready to use a potty chair?

Start by accessing the child’s readiness through the ability to retain urine and ability to recognize when they have a full bladder or rectum.

3. How do I know that the child is not interested in potty training?

When the child is actively resisting taking a potty rationing, it is a good sign that you need to give them a short break. Compelling them because you need them to stop the use of diaper or registering them in preschool might be counterproductive. Give the child a few more weeks and try again.

4. Should I be the one asking if they need to go to the bathroom?

Having always to ask or remind the child of this might make them less receptive. Allow them to be in charge. You can watch out for some signs like swaying from side to side or grabbing themselves when pressed. Allow them to make the connection between knowing how they feel and sitting on the potty.

5. When is the right time for a kid to wipe themselves?

Different children have different development timeline. Some may need a helping hand wiping their bottom for a couple of years while others get the drill within some weeks of using the potty chair

6. How do you clean potty training seats?

  • After your child has done potty, carry the toilet to the bathroom, taking care that urine and faeces do not spill on the floor.
  • Use toilet papers to remove any visible fecal matter from the seat stuck to the inside of the bowl. Wipeout using baby wipes, the area on which your child sits to make sure that there is no residual matter of urine.
  • Using dishwashing soap and water, clean out the potty. Empty the matter and fill it with hot soapy water. Now swish the soapy water left behind using toilet paper.
  • Pour the excess water left behind and rinse.
  • Now use a clean toilet paper to clean the outside and the seat.
  • To make sure that the seat is disinfectant, use bleach and water solution every week to clean the training seat.


Having to get your child to start using the potty chairs brings joy to every parent. The toddler potty chair is the ideal choice for every parent that has a child that is less than three years and getting the best potty chair makes it super easy for them to take a pee or poop with ease and comfort.

Before making the decision, make sure it will suit your child’s comfortability, age, and size. Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat and R for Rabbit Convertible 4 In 1 Potty Training Seat are our top choices

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