Best Bathtubs for Baby

Time seems to freeze, and countless moments pass by as you bathe your newborn and gently caress his/her body. It gives you the ideal opportunity to bond with your babies as you keep him/her entertained during the bath. 

Besides your parenting love and care, your baby needs a high-quality baby bathtub during their shower for experiencing the world of comfort and safety. 

A baby bathtub gives you ample space for bathing your baby conveniently without hurting the baby’s body. Moreover, it has enough room for your baby to play with toys and splash water-droplets with exhilarating strokes of his/her little hands.  

If you are a new parent, then all this might feel a bit overwhelming. This article will give you all the information about using the baby bathtub and the different types of bathtubs available.

You will also get useful tips on the benefits of using a  bathtub, the precautions to be taken while using an infant bathtub, and a buying guide, which will help you to decide on buying the best baby bathtub.

Also, check out our FAQ’s and the list of the top 9 best baby bathtubs.

Top 9 Bathtubs For Your Baby in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Dual seater
Best Antislip Tub
Convertable bathtub
Easy adjustable
Our choice

How To Use The Baby Bathtub?

As we have different types of bathtubs available, always choose which makes you and your baby feel comfortable. Generally, baby bathtubs are smaller in size when compared to adult bathtubs.

Also, it doesn’t require any specific hard mechanism to understand the working procedure. The first and foremost thing is filling the water.

The bathtub you are using must be clean from dirt, and no scratches or leakage should exist. Fill the water in the bathtub till the water-line.

Next, check the water’s temperature, ensuring it is not too hot or cold and is warm. Now, place your baby into the tub with one hand below her/his head.

Do not remove your hand and use your free hand to wash your baby.

If your baby can sit in an upright position, then make them sit in a proper position but make sure not to fill the water above the water-line.

Once you have applied the soap and cleansed them, remove the drain plug and allow the water to leave the bathtub.

Now take your baby out from the bathtub and wrap them in a washed towel with a face opening. Wipe the water from their body and dress them neatly.

Benefits of a Baby Bathtub

  • Portable- easy to carry in any corner of your home
  • Toddler will be in one place
  • Water can be used in a restricted way
  • It provides a fun time during bathing
  • It provides relaxation time for your baby

Precautions To Be Taken While Bathing Your Baby

  • Never leave your baby unattended
  • Always check the temperature of the water before letting in – it should be warm but not hot
  • Never fill the water above the waist-line of your baby
  • Remove the water which will not be in use
  • Always clean the bathtub after use
  • Moreover, the bathtub must be placed on a flat surface
  • Also, use mild soap and shampoo for your baby
  • Keep all the necessary things like soap, shampoo, towel, scrub in reach before you start bathing your baby
  • It is advisable to place the non-skid mat below the bathtub. Make sure that you clean the carpet after you clean the bathtub. Otherwise, the rug will be damp and may attract infection
  • Never place your baby under running water

Types Of Baby Bathtubs

Infant tubs

Infant baby bathtubs are considered the foremost bathtubs. They are designed so that the bathtubs have a slope to place the baby at an angle.

Many infant bathtubs come with a foam sling for providing comfort to your baby. Also, they help the babysit in the correct position.


Mesh sling tubs

Mesh sling tubs are specially designed for babies who prefer soft texture even in the bathtubs. These kinds of bathtubs are ideal for a newborn baby.

Mesh slings can be removed once your baby no longer needs them and can be used as regular bathtubs. Also, the mesh sling will not make your baby slip in the bathtub.

Luxury tubs

Luxury bathtubs give an additional spa effect to your baby. Usually, they operate on a battery, and some can create vibrations and bubbles. These bathtubs have an extendable shower which makes it is easy to wash your baby.

The shower feature is safe to use as you just click on the button to activate the shower. Moreover, some luxury bathtubs come with a soft headrest. Luxury bathtubs give more relaxation to your baby.

Convertible tubs

Convertible bathtubs are ideal if you want to use them in the long run. Generally, these bathtubs grow along with your baby. Convertible tubs come with a sling that can be used for a newborn to 6 months.

As your baby grows, you can remove the sling and use the base tub for bathing your baby. Moreover, they can be adjusted in two or three positions.

Foldable tubs

Foldable tubs are more convenient during travelling. They can also fit in the adult tub as well as large sinks. Foldable tubs can be used for both infants and grown-up toddlers.

After using the tub, it can be placed in a wardrobe or cabinet. They can also be used as a storage container.

Baby bathtubs to be used in adult tubs

Baby bathtubs are specially designed innovatively and conveniently to place them in an adult tub. Moreover, the bottom legs are given protection to avoid slipping.

Few variants of baby bathtubs are designed so that they are foldable when not in use and can be placed in the regular bathtubs while using. These kinds of bathtubs must be stable and standard in quality.

Baby bathtubs to be used in a sink

The bathtubs that can be used in sinks are practical and convenient to use. These tubs fit precisely in the sink, and the baby is secure and safe.

They are made from non-toxic plastic material, are smaller in size, and fit in most sinks. They are designed especially for newborns and infants when the baby is little.

Bath seat

The bath seats are specially designed for a baby who is 5 to 10 months old. Bath seats can also be used as chairs when not in use. Bath seats provide complete protection to your baby while bathing.

The baby can sit in an upright position comfortably. The base of the bath seats are made strong enough and does not allow your baby to slip.



Standing Tubs

Standing tubs are ideal when mothers have C-section. They can be adjusted to the height as per the mother’s convenience. Also, they can be placed in any part of the room.

Usually, the stand provided to place the bathtub is collapsible. Hence, when not in use you can remove the stand. 

Guide To Buy a Bathtub

Based on the vast range of bathtubs available in the market. We have listed out a few points to be considered while purchasing the bathtubs.


Consider which type of material is used in making bathtubs. If the plastic material is used, then it must be non-toxic, harmless, strong.

Cushion bathtubs must be made from smooth fabric and the sponge used inside must not smell foul. Moreover, bathtubs that are made from cloth-like material must not be fragile.


One must consider the bathtub’s weight before buying the bathtub as the weight of the bathtub must not be too light or too heavy. The weight of the bathtub should not exceed 2 or 3 kgs and no lesser than 500gms.


Your baby bathtub must be easy to carry here and there. If you are a frequent traveller, consider foldable type which is more portable than other kinds of bathtubs during travelling.

Also, the bathtubs should not get damaged during carrying. However, baby bathtubs are small in size, and they will be easy to carry.


It is one of the essential features to be considered while buying bathtubs. Many bathtubs come with a special kind of temperature indicatorIt indicates when the water is too hot.

Few variants of bathtubs have temperature indicator strips which change colour when the water is hot. Other variants of the bathtubs have digital indicators that display a message when the water is hot.

Water capacity it holds

Ensure your bathtub comes with a water-line. This water-line will help to fill the bathtub with the correct level of water. Never fill the water exceeding the water-line. 

It is better to fill the water up to the waist of your baby. Choose the bathtub which has enough room to hold the water. Some bathtubs have shallow space even after filling the water till the water-line.

Draining out facility

To maintain the cleanliness of your baby bathtub, the draining facility must be good. Usually, baby bathtubs may either have the drain plug at the bottom of the tub or the tub’s sidewalls.

Hence, the leftover water can be wiped off, or you can turn the bathtub over.

Non-slippery surface

The base of the bathtub, as well as the place where your baby sits, must be made from a non-slippery surface. Generally, a soaped baby may slip around, so you need a non-slippery surface to protect your baby.

Shower options

Luxury bathtubs or spa bathtubs come with shower options. Ensure the nozzle of the shower is suitable, and the water flow is smooth.

Moreover, many showers can be extended to wash the baby easily. Also, the material of the showers must be rust-resistant. Some bathtubs have an easy feature of activating the shower just by clicking the button.

Cleaning options

Ensure that your baby bathtubs are easy to clean, rinse and wash. Also, they must be easy to dry. Wash the bathtub with liquid soap and hot water. Make sure that the tub does not have any stains.

How long can it be used?

One must consider until what age you are using your baby bathtub. If you want to use the bathtub for more than one kid, choose the bathtub which is strong and made from high-quality material.

Also, ensure that the bathtub is made with good durable material.


Look for the bathtubs that are made from BPA-free plastic, PVC, Phthalate free. Using an eco-friendly bathtub ensures that your baby is having a bath in a healthier environment.

Non-toxic baby bathtubs keep your baby secure and safe. Moreover, BPA-free bathtubs can be used for a longer time.

Ease of use

Using the baby bathtub must be comfortable, including removing the drain plug to empty the water, filling the water to the water-line, maintaining correct water temperature and cleaning the tub.

Bathtubs that come with the spa effect should not create trouble in using the shower part. Above all, the bathtub should not harm your baby while using it.


Ensure the bathtub’s rim is smooth otherwise, your baby may get scratches while moving in and out from the bathtub.

Few bathtubs come with an overhanging rim that is quite comfortable to hold and carry the tub to your desired location. Be careful not to carry the baby with water in the bathtub.


The mother and the baby must be happy with the bathtub. Your baby should feel comfortable once they are placed inside the bathtub.

Also, You should feel comfortable bathing your baby in the bathtub. If your baby feels comfortable in the bathtub, they feel fun to have a bath.

Therefore, before buying a bathtub, consider all the above mentioned essential things.

1. Baybee Bathtub

Baybee Amdia Multistage Bathtub Newborn to 18 Month - (Blue)
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The Baybee brand provides you with tested and good quality products. Also, they have a wide range of collections. The categories include baby care, baby toys, nursing & feeding, baby walkers.

This bathtub is no different and will make bathing time fun, safe, and convenient for both baby and mom. It is designed to keep your baby in an ideal position and prevents any kind of accidents.

Main Features
  • The Baybee baby bathtub is safe and convenient to use
  • Dual sitting positions helps to avoid slipping
  • The shape of the bathtub is made in such a way that it provides support to forearms and legs
  • Drain plug for easy draining and clean up
  • The bathtub provides enough space for your baby and makes them feel comfortable
  • The legs of the bathtub provide adequate support to the tub
  • The bathtub comes with a space for placing soaps or shampoos
PROS (What we liked)
  • Excellent quality with a smooth texture
  • The material used in making the bathtub is strong and non-toxic
  • The bathtub looks attractive
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Baby slips if the tub is not positioned properly
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2. Fwqpra Baby Tub

Fwqpra is a well-known bathroom baby supplies brand that offers a plastic baby tub and bath sling for providing a pleasurable bathing experience for your baby.

It is a perfect bathtub for bathing your newborn during their first months. It makes bath time a fun-filled session for the babies and a convenient and pleasurable activity for the parents.

Main Features
  • Both the bathtub and bath sling are featured with an anti-slip suction base for utmost safety from slipping
  • It comes with a water level indicator that helps you check and maintain the required level of water in the bathtub
  • It is suitable for babies of age 4 months and above
  • It is prepared from sturdy and durable plastic material that makes it long-lasting
  • It is designed for providing maximum comfort and security for your baby during the shower
  • This bathtub features an easy built-in plug that ensures easy and quick water drainage once your baby has completed his/her shower
  • This innovative non-slip bathtub comes with a padded backrest and built-in support bump to keep the newborn secure in his/her seating position.
  • The dimensions of this bathtub measures 87cm x 50cm x 21cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • Your baby would enjoy the splashes of water while taking a bath in this bathtub
  • It has an anti-slip bottom for securing the baby’s safety
  • Its simple drainer ensures a smooth flow of water without leaving any stain. All you need to do is remove the plug for draining out the water within no time
  • It is prepared from high-quality and hygienic plastic that can be easily wiped and cleaned
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed.

3. LuvLap Baby Bathtub

LuvLap Baby Bathtub
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Babies need to be taken care of well in their early years, and they should always feel playful and cheerful.

LuvLap Baby Bathtub is suggested for all the parents who are looking for a bathtub for their babies. Since babies need special care, this product takes care of your baby’s gentle skin.

Let us look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • Their protection has been taken care of, especially as the edges are curved, which are safe while taking a bath
  • The design of this bathtub is ergonomic and spacious, which creates ample space for your baby to jump and play while taking a bath comfortably
PROS (What we liked)
  • The safety feature has been specially taken care of as the base is anti-slip
  • To prevent the soaps from slipping while taking a bath, this product has an in-moulded soap case which proves to be helpful
  • You can quickly drain off the water easily from the plug 
  • It is very light to be carried anywhere you want.
  • The maintenance is also easy, and you need not spend too much time cleaning it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The grip below the bathtub is missing which can cause imbalance
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4. Skip Hop Bathtub

Skip Hop Moby Bathtub with Sling (Grey)
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Skip Hop products are beautifully designed, well-curated, and attractive. They have a wide range of categories like diaper bags, playtime, and toys.

The bathtub consists of a sling that locks in two positions. First: Higher for full-body support and second: lower for seated support.

The slings help babies by providing comfort to those learning to sit. Once your baby learns to sit, you can remove the sling, and you can get a full spacious bathtub.

Main Features
  • Mesh sling can be adjusted in two positions and can also be locked
  • The mesh supports the baby in a safe position as it has a dual-layer
  •  The bathtub is easy to clean with a provided drain plug
  • The material is non-slippery and PVC-free
  • Moreover, the sling can be removed when your baby doesn’t need it
PROS (What we liked)
  • Tub is comfortable
  • The Mesh of the sling is made of high quality
  • Grows with your baby (up to 11 kgs)
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Expensive
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5. Sunbaby Bath Tub

Sunbaby Bath Tub with Bath Sling Combo (Blue)
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Sunbaby India has a wide range of collection of products and baby care essentials. Moreover, the products are trusted ones. Their products include outdoor, indoor, bath time, playground essential, potty trainer.

This bathtub is made of high-quality plastic and is anti-slippery ensuring safety for you and your little one.

Main Features
  • It is provided with a simple outlet for the water drainage system
  • The bathtub also provided with a water indicator, so, you can fill the water as per your requirement
  • The weight of the product is 3.32 kg
  • Moreover, the bathtub has an embossed soap case 
  • It can be placed in any large adult bathtubs
  • Babies of age 0 to 24 months can bathe in the bathtub
PROS (What we liked)
  • The bathtub is available in attractive colours
  • The quality of the product is good
  • The sling is comfortable and the bathtub is spacious
  • This tub is portable
  • The chair can be used for infants and once they grow out of the bathtub

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • It does not drain the water properly
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6. R For Rabbit Baby Bathtub

R For Rabbit Bubble Double Elite The Folding Baby Bath Tub For Kids (Green)
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R for Rabbit has very innovative, patented design, quality, and safety standard certified products.

This bathtub is ideal as it grows with your baby and is suitable for 0 to 3-year-olds. It is a compact tub as it can be folded and kept away when not in use.

Main Features
  • The bathtub can be used for infants in an inclined position and also for babies who are capable of sitting without any support
  • The colour of the plug changes if the water is hot
  • User-friendly to carry during travelling by occupying small space when folded
  • The non-slippery legs of the bathtub can be placed on any flat surface
  • Plastic is used for making the bathtub, and it weighs 3.06 kg
  • The bathtub can be used for babies of age 0 to 3 years
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • The bathtub is portable
  • It comes with a temperature-sensitive plug
  • The legs have additional rubber grips to hold the bathtub firmly
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality of the bathtub could be better
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7. Shnuggle Bathtub

Shnuggle Bath - White With Pink Backrest
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Shnuggle products are designed in such a way that comfortable to use for both parent and baby. Categories included are bath time, sleep time, accessories, etc.

This product will make bathtime fun for your baby and can be easily placed anywhere. The features of this bathtub are given below.

Main Features
  • The bathtub can easily be placed in the sink or on the stand
  • It is comfortable to use
  • The bathtub has a rubber stand at the bottom for safety
  • foam backrest makes it comfortable for when your baby is sitting 
  • It has a perfect angle for securing the baby as it is steep enough at the back and wide in front
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is portable and easy to carry
  • It is made from durable and robust plastic
  • It is affordable and worth the money
  • It is small from back to front and huge from top to bottom which makes it easier to fit in the sink
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The bathtub cannot be folded
  • No drain plug
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8. Costzon Baby Bathtub

Costzon Baby Folding Bathtub Infant Collapsible Portable Shower Basin
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Costzon Inc. has a wide range of baby products, including bathtubs, strollers blocks, cribs etc. The quality of the products is excellent.

This bathtub offers a unique mesh sling that provides infants safe bathing. It provides versatility and convenience to bathe your baby which makes the bath time fun, more comfortable, and safer.

It is foldable and does not take too much space. Here are more features of the bathtub.

Main Features
  • The portable bathtub is easily foldable and easy  to carry
  • Odourless and non-toxic material is used for manufacturing the bathtub
  • The ideal age to use this bathtub is six months to three years old
  • The bathtub is designed innovatively by providing space for storing shampoo and soap
  • The legs of the bathtub are made from non-slippery material and come with a rubber grip
  • Cleaning the bathtub is easy
PROS (What we liked)
  • Colour of the bathtub is attractive
  • Has enough space for your baby to play around
  • Complete water drainage facility with a quick access drain plug
  • The seat position can also be changed
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed so far
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9. Mee Mee Baby Bather

Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby Bather (Pink)
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This bather makes bathing time more fun and gives you a unique time to bond with your baby.

It provides extra coziness to your baby. It makes the bathing experience easy for you and fun for your baby.

Main Features
  • Premium quality materials have been used to ensure zero toxicity
  • The bathtub is portable and easy to carry as it is foldable
  • separate pillow is provided for a headrest which is soft and comfortable to use
  • The base of the seat is made of strong plastic while the frame is made from strong metal
  • The baby feels comfortable due to the cushioned seat edges
  • The strong anti-skid base at the base ensures the bather is stable at all times
PROS (What we liked)
  • Good mesh cloth and the water gets drained easily
  • Comfortable to use and cozy
  • Cushion head ensures that your baby is seated comfortably
  • You incline and recline the backrest just by pushing the lock button provided on the base
  • Durable product with a compact design, that does not take up a lot of space to store
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Could be more secure for your baby by adding a belt
  • The size is compact which cannot be used for babies that are tall
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What safety tips should be followed while using a baby bathtub?

  • Never leave your babies alone while taking a bath.
  • Check that the temperature of the water in the tub should generally be around 24 degrees celsius
  • Do not fill the bathtub with water completely
  • Avoid giving your baby a bubble bath. Adults may find it relaxing, but it can cause irritation to the baby’s urethra and can also cause infection

2. How can I disinfect my baby’s bathtub?

You can easily coat all the bathtub sides using a 1/2 cup of bleach for every 4 litres of water. This will take extra care of your babies.

3. When can I put my baby in the bathtub?

It is recommended to place your baby in a bathtub after 10-14 days after their umbilical cord falls.

4. How long should bath time be?

For a newborn baby, 5-10 minutes of bathtime is enough in the bathtub. Keeping them too long in the water can cause health issues.

5. Difference between the baby bathtub and baby bath seat?

A baby bathtub is a basin tub that can be filled with water to bathe your baby. A baby bath seat is a chair that can be placed in water and to bathe your baby.


A baby bathtub is one of the baby’s essentials that make shower-time very entertaining. These bathtubs come in attractive colours and designs. 

Pick a baby bathtub that oozes liveliness and captures your baby’s attention effortlessly. Our top three are Fwqpra baby bathtub, Skip hop bathtuband R for Rabbit baby bathtub

Baby bathtubs are a must-have product in your baby’s kit that offers convenient and improved baby care. Bathtubs are a great product for introducing the concept and sense of personal hygiene and cleanliness in babies.

Vibha Navarathna

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