12 Best Baby Wipes Review

Your baby is your bundle of joy, and you will do anything to make sure no hard ever comes to him/her. Changing time can be a bit of a hassle and inconvenience for you.

Your little one may feel uncomfortable and start crying, which makes the whole changing process even harder. Baby wipes are a great way to clean your baby quickly and properly.

Whether you are wiping their little bottoms or hands and legs, baby wipes help clean your baby without causing any harm or irritation to their skin.

Top 12 Best Baby Wipes in India

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Best Chemical-free Baby Wipes
Best Natural Herbal Baby Wipes
Safe and Hygienic Baby Wet Wipes
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Best Water-Based Baby Wipes

Why Use Baby Wipes over Cloth

Gentle care for the skin

The skin around the baby’s diaper area is often exposed to poop, urine, and wetness and usually has more folds than other body areas.

Effective and continuous cleaning of this urine and other faecal enzymes makes the use of these disposable wipes more ideal for cleaning the baby.

Use for different purposes

The wipes can be used for various purposes when compared to clothes. A baby wipe can also be used to clean the face, hands, and knees. It is also used for dry and dehydrated skin.

Does not require washing

Most parents and caregivers complain of the task involved in the cleaning of a baby mess. Adding the hassle of washing the cloth after changing the diaper can also be another task for most moms. 

With the disposable baby wipes, the mess can be disposed of with the wipes.

Effective cleaning

While it is true that washcloth and water are also seen as a good option for the cleansing of the baby, it is essential to note that water alone cannot remove oily substances from the skin of the baby easily.

Also, washcloth alone cannot provide a pH balanced buffering action compared to a baby disposable wipe.

Saves water

Using baby wipes is feasible to clean the baby’s bottom when there is water scarcity. Using baby wipes is the best alternative to clean your baby after every diaper change.

Using Baby Wipes in Winters

Giving baths and cleaning your baby is a task during winters. In such a case, baby wipes come handy. It is essential to set the water temperature right before giving a bath to the baby, or else they might catch a cold.

Using baby wipes to clean your baby and to give him/her bath every two days is feasible. You can even use wipe warmers to keep the wipes warm and baby bottom friendly.

Maintains pH balance

Skin’s pH balance may get disturbed due to diapers. Babies are prone to diaper rashes, and redness and water alone can not restore the skin’s pH. Baby wipes have components that help in restoring the pH of the skin.

Safety Warning for the Use of Baby Wipes

While using a baby wipe, the following safety precautions should be adhered to keep the baby safe and the environment protected.

  1. Endeavour to dispose of all used or expired wipes in a waste bin
  2. Avoid flushing the used wipe
  3. Wipes are for external use only and should not be used in the eyes, nose, mouth, or ears
  4. Ensure always that child does not chew or swallow the wipes
  5. Avoid storing the wipes under the direct sunlight or at a high temperature to prevent it from drying up
  6. Don’t throw wipes on the road even if they are biodegradable

Buying Guide of Baby Wipes

While buying a wipe for your baby, some vital information needs to be ascertained to make the right buying decision. The wipe needs to be gentle on the baby’s skin but should be sturdy enough to withstand a big mess.

Here are some tips to follow when buying a baby wipe


Price is always an important factor in the purchase of any product. Hence, it is essential to check the price before making a purchase. There are many good options to consider in an affordable price range. Check that the quality of the wipes is worth the price.


The wipes should be made using non-toxic and organic materials that are skin as well as environment-friendly. Hence, the chemical-free wipes, when disposed of properly, do not pose a threat to the environment.

Safe to use

Check that the baby wipes are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic so that it is gentle and soft on the sensitive skin of your baby. It should be free of paraben, toxins, soap, chlorine, and alcohol.

These features make them safe to use on your baby. Moreover, they prevent rashes, allergies, and irritation.


The materials used in making the wipe is one of the most critical items to consider while purchasing new baby wipes. No matter how good a wipe cleans a baby’s mess, if it irritates the baby’s body or other sensitive parts, then it’s a big no to buy.

Wipes that contain alcohols such as isopropyl, ethanol, and denatured or other aromatic options are not a good option for the baby’s skin because it can dry out the skin.

One other ingredient to avoid when buying a wipe is a synthetic fragrance that is often a source of phthalates.

How tough is it

The toughness of the wipes is another factor to consider when buying a baby wipes. Check if it can tear easily and also if it would withstand a yank from its packaging. 

For a wipe to be good, it needs to show an impressive toughness when stretched to gather more mess with a single swipe.

The size and thickness of the wipe

The size of the baby wipe matters. While choosing a good wipe, you need to check how large and thick the wipe is and if it can withstand severe usage.

Some wipes are noticeably sturdier and more durable. The size also allows for a cleaner bottom with a few wipes.


The texture of a wipe determines how efficient the baby wipe will turn out to be. A textured surface cleans better. It captures much of the mess with a more durable feel while leaving the rest of the wipes to take care of the other residuals.

The smoother ones just move the mess around without doing the main work of total cleaning.


The container type is another factor to look out for. Should you go for the giant tube or the one that dispenses one at a time?

The sensitivity of the skin

The sensitivity of the surface should be taken into proper consideration when making the purchase. Know that there is a high possibility that your baby will have susceptible skin if you have one. Therefore go for a specially designed formula to purchase.

Scented or unscented

The baby is not aware of or cares about how their bottoms smell after taking a poop. The person that often cares about how scented it smells is you.

Be aware that most of these scented wipes contain ingredients that can be sensitive or irritate the child’s skin.


Keep an open mind when purchasing a wipe base on the brand name or store brand. Most often, a popular brand does not always mean a better product.

Safety of the baby wipe

Organic and natural alternatives can go a long way to keep your baby safe from all the additives in most wipes brands on the market.

12 Best Baby Wipes

1. Little’s Baby Wipes 

Little's Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes (Pack of 3, 80 Wipes)
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Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes are very mild and also thick. They are used for regular wipes and are entirely safe and sensitive to the skin—they ideal for the child’s safety.

These wipes contain anti-bacterial agents that help keep and protect the baby from harmful germs and bacteria.

The baby’s skin is delicate and needs to be taken care of with utmost care since it is easily irritated by dirty nappies, change in weather, and other cradle caps.

Main Features
  • It is paraben-free. Parabens are mostly a type of preservative used to prolong the shelf life in many health and beauty product
  • It is clinically tested and is harm free for your baby
  • It has soft cleansing
  • It contains vitamin E. Vitamin E is known for its moisturising and nourishing properties
  • It is fully absorbent
  • It is free from alcohol with a floral aroma
PROS (What we liked)
  • The viscose property of the wipe has a moisture-retaining ability
  • Its blend of polyester and viscose is a better alternative to cotton
  • It is durable and doesn’t tear while cleaning the baby’s bottom, face, and legs
  • The product is extra thick and also soft on the baby’s body
  • It comes with extra moist wipes so as not to aggravate the child’s sensitive skin
  • The product is fully enriched with Aloe Vera that makes it comfortable to use for babies with dry skin
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They’re a bit thinner than most other brands
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2. Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) baby wipes

Mother Sparsh pure water baby wipes are 99% water-based wipes prepared using medical grade and plant-derived fabric. This ensures that these wipes feel utmost gentle on the baby’s soft and sensitive skin.

These baby wipes provide the gentlest cleaning possible for keeping babies comfortable and protected. These skin-friendly wipes are a perfect blend of water and organic fiber.

The presence of the gentlest element water makes these wipes safe even for babies with highly sensitive skin. Whether you would like to clean the baby’s sensitive areas, delicate bottoms, hands, or mouth, these wipes serve as an ideal cleaning companion.

Main Features
  • Made up from plant fabric extracted from plants and their pulp for ensuring super velvety softness and gentle feel on baby’s skin
  • Safe wipes for babies as these are free from plastic and petrochemicals derived fabric, polyester, parabens, dyes, etc
  • Unscented baby water wipes that are free from any synthetic fragrances and ensure extra protection for the baby’s tender skin
  • The presence of 99% pure water in these baby’s wipes makes them gentle and safe for use on the delicate skin of babies
  • Manufactured using 3-times thicker medical-grade and germ-free fabric from bamboo and sugarcane pulp
  • It contains 72 pieces in a single pack
PROS (What we liked)
  • Water-based wipes that provide effective cleaning for both normal and sensitive skin
  • Suitable for cleaning all the sensitive areas of the baby’s skin, bum, hand, face, and mouth
  • Feel gentle even on the skin of babies with high skin sensitivity
  • Prevents rashes, redness, or skin-related allergic reactions in babies
  • Alcohol-free wipes that are as good as cotton and water
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed.

3. Johnson’s Baby Wipes

Johnson's Baby Wipes, Pack of 2 (160 wet wipes)
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The Johnson wipes are uniquely made in a way using water-saturated fibre. The product packs three times the weight of other moisturising lotions. It helps to keep the baby’s skin moisturised and skin soft.

Each wipe of the Johnson’s Baby Skincare wipes is made so that it protects the baby’s skin against rashes and redness and removes flakiness of dry and cracked skin.

The wipes are mild to the skin as running water on the skin. It is 100 percent clinically tested and found to be gentle to the body.

Main Features
  • It has a free body lotion of 200ml
  • The product passes five levels of the safety assurance process
  • The product is allergy-free
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is 100 percent clinically proven to be gentle and mild to the skin
  • It is dermatologically tested
  • It is fully enriched with three times the weight of the moisturising lotion
  • It helps to protect the body against rash and redness
  • The moisture in this wipes are excellent
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • With the stick-on cover, the wipes often get dry, thereby making them unusable
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4. Huggies Baby Wipes

Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Baby Wipes (72 Count)
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The Huggies baby wipes are fully embedded with Aloe Vera is made in a way to give your baby a clean wipe and also help protect the baby’s skin from rashes and irritation.

These baby wipes are clinically tested to be gentle on the baby’s skin and safe as it is free from MIT, paraben-free, and soap-free.

One other unique thing about the Huggies baby wipes is that it is alcohol-free – this means that it does not contain isopropanol and ethanol. This makes it safe to be used on the baby’s face, bum, and hands. It also comes with a nice smell.

Main Features
  • It is made from a natural extract of cucumbers and aloe vera
  • It is clinically tested
  • It is fully enriched with vitamin E nutrients to soothe and moisturize the baby’s skin
  • Each wipe contains natural fibres, and about 68 percent of this wipe is pulp – this makes it a good absorbent
PROS (What we liked)
  • With its chemical-free ingredients, it’s healthy for the baby
  • It is refillable with a plastic cap on the top to save both time and money
  • It protects the skin from irritation and rashes
  • It is known for its thickness, softness, and absorbency – Triple Clean Technology
  • It is made in such a way that it moisturises and soothes the skin
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points have been observed so far
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5. Himalaya Baby Wipes

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes (72 Sheets)
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The Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes are the best herbal baby wipes in the Indian market. They are used to clean the baby while changing diapers.

It comes in a pack of 7 sheets, and it is suitable for cleaning the mess that occurs when diapers are changed. It is a handy pack that is easy to carry about while travelling.  

The Himalaya herbal baby wipe’s nature helps prevent rashes and redness after the diaper has been changed and the bottom wiped.

The product is made from the natural extracts of lotus and aloe vera as it leaves a soothing effect on the baby’s skin, making them feel happy and fresh.

Besides cleaning the skin, the Himalaya baby wipes also help to moisturise the skin to prevent irritation or the dryness of the skin. The hypoallergenic formula used for this wipes is dermatologist tested and does not cause allergies to the baby’s skin.

Main Features
  • These are herbal baby wipes
  • Has a resealable cover
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • The product is portable and easy to carry
  • The pH-balanced (5.5) and hypoallergenic of the wipe helps to reduce skin irritation
PROS (What we liked)
  • The ingredients that are used in making the product makes it ideal for the baby’s skin to prevent irritation
  • Its scent helps to clear up the airways after cleaning the messy job of the baby
  • The India aloe vera used in making the wipes helps to moisturise your baby skin
  • The Himalaya herbal wipes are free from silicones, alcohol, and lanolin
  • The Indian lotus helps to keep the skin soft and supple
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The resealing cover may lose its stickiness after being opened
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6. Supples Baby Wipes

Supples Baby Wet Wipes
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The Supples Baby wet wipes have a pure water-based formulation, making it suitable for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. The Vitamin E and aloe vera extract present in these wipes ensure nourishment and moisturise the skin.

They are completely safe and skin-friendly, offering protection against rashes and allergies. The wipes can also be used for cleaning your baby’s hands, face, or any other body part.

Main Features


  • It is made using soft but thick fabric for the gentle yet efficient cleaning of your baby
  • It is enriched with Vitamin E for the nourishment of your baby’s skin
  • Mildly scented
  • It contains aloe vera extracts to moisturize the skin along with preventing dryness and irritation
  • 100 % free from alcohol, parabens, soap, chlorine, and toxins
PROS (What we liked)
  • Maintains the pH balance of the skin, making it ideal for newborns
  • These wipes are skin-friendly, safe, and hygienic
  • Protects your baby from allergies, rashes, irritation, and ensures comfort
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality of the wipes could be better
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7. Mee Mee Wipes 

Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes with Lemon Fragrance (72 pcs/pack) (Pack of 3)
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The Mee Mee caring baby wipes are made from non-woven material and spun lace. They are ideal for the baby’s gentle skin and sensitive skin.

It is alcohol-free and thoroughly infused in a unique formula to ensure that the baby stays fully protected against rashes, redness, and other bacterial infection that comes with wipes.

The Mee Mee wipe is portable and comes in the fresh lemon fragrance that gives a fresh newness feeling. The Mee Mee wipes can also be used for other purposes such as cleaning the baby’s palms, legs, and knees.  

The pack of Mee Mee wipes comes in a pack of 72 sheets with a resealable cover that helps in keeping the wipes fresh and full moisture. It is clinically tested with hypoallergenic agents.

Main Features
  • Thoroughly infused with aloe vera extract to cool and soothe the baby’s skin while leaving it fully moisturized and fresh
  • Comes with hypoallergenic agents
  • The Mee Mee wipe is a dermatologist and clinically tested
PROS (What we liked)
  • The Mee Mee wipe gives out a very inviting lemon scent that keeps the baby smelling good all-day
  • The spun lace and non-woven fabric makes it soft and soothing to the baby’s skin
  • It is resealable and keeps it protected from getting dry
  • It cleans the baby’s delicate skin thoroughly.
  • It can be used for other purposes such as cleaning of the baby’s hand and kneel
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The scented nature of the wipe can affect a baby with a sensitive skin
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8. Mamaearth Baby Wipes 

Mamaearth India's First Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes (72 Wipes)
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The Mamaearth India’s first organic baby wipe is an ideal wiper for a messy diaper and used to clean the baby’s face. It is safe for the baby’s delicate skin, hypoallergenic wipe, and very good for sensitive skin.

The Mamaearth wipes are made from 100 percent organic Bamboo and do not cause rashes to the body.

One other factor that makes this wipe a good choice for most parents in India is that it is baby-friendly and toxin-free. It also meets international standards and ultra-awesome.

Main Features
  • Blended with essential ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E, and almond oils and extracts of lavender oil 
  • Toxin-free as it is made from 100 percent organic bamboo
  • It is portable and travel-friendly and also comes with a protective lid that helps to protect the wipes to keep it fresh and moisture
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is perfect for the cleaning of messy hands, body, knees and face
  • The Mamaearth is an infusion of potent skin-friendly ingredients
  • The unbleached organic bamboo fiber is more breathable than other cotton fibre
  • It helps to prevent irritation, rashes, dryness, redness and cracked skin
  • The wipe is pH balanced and hypoallergenic
  • The product is excellent for skin sensitivity due to the absence of petrochemicals, dyes, bleach, sulfates, polyester, synthetic fragrances, and mineral oil
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The wipes are on the dry side
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9. Luvlap Baby Wet Wipes

Luvlap Paraben-Free Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera - 6 Packs (432 Wipes + 48 Wipes Free)
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The Luvlap paraben-free baby wet wipes are enriched with chamomile and aloe vera extracts. This aloe vera extract helps to create a soothing effect on the baby’s skin.

The chamomile also provides a soothing and calming effect because of its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

It has a good pH hypoallergenic effect. The product also comes with a mild fragrance that is comfortable for the baby’s skin.

Main Features
  • Alcohol-free makes it safe for baby’s skin
  • The product is dermatologically and clinically safe
  • It is pH balanced and hypoallergenic
  • It comes in a handy pack
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a pH-balanced level and a hypoallergenic effect that makes it bacterial free and safe
  • The mild fragrance gives the child a fresh smell after cleanup
  • The Luvlap baby wipe contains vitamin E extract that acts as a good moisturizer, paraben, and alcohol-free
  • The aloe vera extracts helps to create a soothing effect on the baby’s skin
  • The chamomile extract also provides a soothing and calming effect because of its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The possibility of losing the self-adhesive seal stickiness when it’s half-empty
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10. Trumom Baby Wipes

Trumom (USA) Hypoallergenic 100% Natural Vitamin E Baby Wipes, White, 240 Wipes (Pack of 3)
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It is a perfect wipe for newborn baby skin. It helps to nourish the skin of the baby and is intensely hydrating. This Trumom wipe is a dermatologist and paediatrician tested.

Main Features
  • The Trumom babe wipes contain vitamin E
  • Trumom wipe is dermatologist and paediatrician tested
  • The wipe contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Corn extract (Everpro LCG), Coconut Oil, Lemon (Citric Acid), Soya Bean (GLDA)
  • It also comes with purified water that makes a perfectly natural baby wipe and hypoallergenic
  • Portable and easy to travel with
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is 100 percent natural 
  • It protects from allergic reactions and unwanted rashes
  • The product is thick and textured enough to wipe the baby’s bottom
  • Very portable and easy to carry about whenever one is travelling 
  • It has a pH balanced of 5.5
  • It has no added fragrance that might be irritating to the skin as the natural scent keeps away foul smell
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Chances of losing the stickiness of the label when pulling out
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11. BodyGuard Baby Wet Wipes 

BodyGuard Premium Paraben-Free Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera - 216 Wipes (Pack of 3)
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The BodyGuard premium baby wipes are made specially to clean up a baby. Each of this wipe is fully enriched with extracts of aloe vera that helps to moisturize and soften the baby’s skin.

It also contains some special emollients and conditioners that also nourishes the baby’s skin.

The glycerin helps to keep the moisture locked over the skin as it makes it subtle and soft. It is enriched with vitamin E that helps block free radicals from the baby’s body. BodyGuard is ideal for cleaning a baby’s bottom after a pee or poop.

The wipes come with buttermilk to moisturise the skin, shea butter that helps soften the baby’s dry skin, Beeswax to lock in moisture, and aloe vera and coconut oil. 

Main Features
  • Fully enriched with aloe vera extracts
  • Comes with special emollients and conditioners
  • Fully enriched with Vitamin E
  • Each pack of BodyGuard contains a total of 72 wipes
PROS (What we liked)


  • Each of this wipe is fully enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera that helps to moisturize and soften the baby’s skin
  • It is fully blended with some natural ingredients that help protect the body from free radicals
  • It comes with a natural fragrance which is free from chemicals
  • It is comparatively economical to use
  • Contains 98 percent DM water which is the purest form of water
  • The wipes are safe and gentle for the everyday use on the child’s face or bottom
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Wipes are a little too soapy
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12. Bey Bee Baby Wipes

Bey Bee Water Base Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin, 80 Wipes (Pack of 3)
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Bey Bee is the first India water based baby wipe that is 98 percent water and ideal for the healthy growth of the child. The baby wipe is used to clean the baby’s skin and dehydrated skin.

It is hypoallergenic to protect the baby’s sensitive skin. The wipe is made from spun lace and non-woven fabrics. It is alcohol and paraben-free.

The product is fully enriched with vitamin E and gentle enough to clean the baby’s bottom, hands, and face.

It also comes with a very soothing scent that covers terrible smells. Each pack comes in about 80 wipes, and the packaging makes it easy to carry about. It can be easily placed in a handbag or a baby’s diaper bag.

Main Features
  • Comes with 98 percent water and is India’s 1st water wipes
  • Soft but very thick
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It is dermatologically tested and also free from the toxin
  • Made from spun lace and non-woven fabrics
  • It comes with a cover lid
PROS (What we liked)


  • It is ideal for newborn sensitive skin
  • The product is free from sulfates, parabens, and alcohol
  • It is less prone to allergens and maintains the baby skin sensitivity
  • It also comes with a very soothing scent that covers terrible smells
  • Very portable and easy to carry about
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The wetness of the wipes are not up to the mark
  • It is non-flushable
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to store baby wipes?

It is important that you store the wipes properly. Make sure to close the pack’s sticker after taking out a wipe to prevent the other wipes from drying up. A well-packed baby wipe pack can be easily carried in your diaper bag along with the diapers.

2. Which brand of baby wipes is the best?

Some of the best baby wipes brand are as follows:


3. What is an organic baby wipe?

Note that no baby wipe is fully certified as organic, but some might have some trace and ingredients of organic materials. These are wipes that are biodegradable and contains organic aloe. These organic ingredient wipes are good for parents that want to go green.

4. Are there some wipes more ideal for sensitive skin?

Yes. Some wipes are more skin sensitive when compared to others. For babies having or prone to rashes or eczema, going for a preservative-free wipe or water wipes are the best options.

5. Can a baby wipes that have dried out rehydrated?

No. Even baby wipes with preservatives are manufactured with some pharmaceutical-grade purified to help keep then sterile and clean. Adding additional water (either bottle or tap) can lead to discoloration, mold growth, and odor eventually.

6. Should I buy baby wipes in bulk?

Yes. But the things you need to keep in mind, do not bulk buy if your baby is not born yet, you need to know what type of skin baby has and then accordingly buy wipes.

7. Is price the most important factor to consider when buying?

No. There are tons of budget-friendly options out in the market to consider when buying. But make sure the wipes have good size and thickness while making a deal. Often, the least priced wipes may require us to use more than one wipe in other to get a better job done

8. Must I buy eco-friendly wipes?

Opt for wipes that are biodegradable and are chemical-free. Only biodegradable baby wipes are green even when flushable is written on it.

9. Do baby wipes expire?

Yes. Baby wipes can expire most, especially if the brand or wipe comes with an added oil or lotion. It can last for three months while opened and two years unopened, as seen from most of their product packaging.

Plain water wipes last longer as it comes with lesser ingredients and as long as you don’t allow it to dry out. (Always check for the product expiring date on the package)

10. Which part of the baby’s body should I not use the wipes on?

Do not use the wipe to clean up the baby’s mouth, eyes, nose, or eats. Wipes are only safe for external use.

11. My baby has very sensitive skin, which wipes should I get?

If your baby has sensitive skin, go for unscented wipes with few added ingredients such as preservatives and fragrance that might trigger an allergic reaction on the baby’s skin. Go for hypoallergenic products.

12. Scented or unscented, which baby wipes should I go for?

They both are good, but it depends on your baby’s skin’s sensitivity and preference in making a decision.



Baby wipes are a great helping tool when you have kids and need to clean them up without harming their delicate skin quickly. They provide the necessary moisture without leaving any harmful rashes or irritations on their skin.

Our top picks are Johnson’s Baby Wipes, Huggies Baby Wipes and Himalaya Baby Wipes.

Remember to try out different wipes to find the best one for your little one so that he/she gets the perfect care and soft wipe that they deserve.

In case of any serious rashes or irritation, always consult your paediatrician on the safe side.

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