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Kids are the best gift every parent wish for. Keeping them clean and healthy is one of the paramount need of the child. And getting to know the right temperature to bath the child is often an uphill task for most new parents and caregivers. We are often scared of hurting sensitive skin of the babies through the use of very warm or hot water that we felt would be ideal for them. With the use of the baby bath thermometer, one can now have great peace of mind when giving the baby a warm bath.

In this article, we provide you with every detail you need to make an informed purchase of bath thermometer for your little one like the importance of a bath thermometertypes available in the marketsafety tips for using the thermometeressential tips in knowing the water temperaturea comprehensive buying guide and answers to the frequently asked questions. We have also listed bath thermometer recommendations to help you with the purchase.

Best Baby Bath Thermometer Review

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Importance of a Baby Bath Thermometer – a Few Useful Tips

The right tool in the hands of any workman makes him or her effective in carrying out any task. This is also in light of good parenting and childcare. Having the right bath thermometer for baby comes with some advantages. Here are some importance of getting one for bathing of your bundle of joy

  1. Bathing becomes the baby’s favorite time to relax and also play with the water.
  2. It helps to adjust the water to the sensitive nature of the baby’s skin.
  3. Using of only your intuition or touch can quickly burn the skin of the baby or make them uncomfortable when we use water that we (adults) feel is appropriate for the toddlers.
  4. Use of a baby bath thermometer enables us to know the average temperature of bathwater your baby will be needing.
  5. It saves you time and stress to use most especially a first-time mom.

Useful Tips in Knowing of Baby Water Temperature

In making use of the baby water thermometer, it is necessary to note that the temperature of the room has a role to play at bath time. Knowing the baby’s and room temperature will enable you to make an informed decision when bathing your little cutie. Some of the useful tips to take in buying a baby’s bath thermometer includes

  1. Use your elbow or wrist in checking the temperature of the water. Since our hands can withstand more intense heat, it is not a good judge of hotness
  2. Make sure that the cold and hot water is thoroughly mixed to miss properly and to avoid any hotspots
  3. Check for thermostat control in other to keep the water at a maximum of 122°F (50°C)
  4. Do set the room temperature to be at a cozy heat of not hotter than 75°F.

Safety Tips in Using a Baby Thermometer

  1. In checking of the baby bath water temperature, avoid the use of a regular thermometer as the mercury in it is dangerous and also fragile
  2. Do not use a body thermometer as they’re not waterproof and often costly to change
  3. Don’t leave the tube too cold as it can also be uncomfortable to the kid

Types of Baby Bath Thermometers

There are different types of baby bath thermometers in the India market that moms and caregivers can use when they want to give a comfortable bath to their kids. Some of these types you may come across in the market include the following

Drain Cover

The drain cover is one of the most popular bath thermometers for baby in the market. It is placed over the top of the water plug hole that comes with a color changing ability. This color changing feature helps to show the different water temperature.

The Non-Slip, Heat Sensitive Mat

This non-slip, heat sensitive mat is also a color changing thermometer. It comes with an added heat sensitivity that helps the color to change when the temperature of the water increases or reduces.


This one is a fanciful baby thermometer that often comes in the form of a bath toy. It has other unique features that comes with it that makes it attractive to kids. Another feature of the floating baby thermometer bath is the digital display unit also known as the color changing spot.


This baby bath thermometer can be stuck in two ways when determining the temperature of the water. The submersible thermometer is placed by the side or the base of the tube with the attached suction cup. It also comes with a digital display unit and a color changing feature.

Spout Cover

The spout cover is a new invention that comes with some futuristic and innovative tech item. Mostly for tech-savvy mom. This bath thermometer comes with encasing that covers the faucet sport and a digital display unit.

Energy Efficient

This is an energy saving baby bath thermometer. This energy efficient baby bath thermometer can switch off after use for a period of time to save energy. An excellent choice for parent conscious of buying too many batteries.


This is a very easy to use and simple liquid display card that can be placed on the sides of the water for a bath. It also has a crystal-like display unit.


This is convenient and also easy to make use of. It comes as a built-in bath thermometer. Comfortably built into the plastic baby bath with a color-sensitive pad that easily changes color with a change in temperature or heat.

Buying Guide in Choosing a Baby Bath Thermometer

In choosing to buy a new baby bath thermometer, it is essential to look out for some vital information before committing. It’s true that it often comes down to personal preference when most buying decisions are made – but it is important to look out for some features such as the simplicity of the product, ease of using it, the aesthetical nature of the thermometer, ease of carrying about and other reasons. Here are some features to consider when making a purchase

It’s Use:

One of the most important factor to look out for when purchasing a baby bath thermometer is ascertaining what use it will be to you. Are you just looking for a thermometer that will take only the temperature reading of the water or would prefer a thermometer that performs other functions?

Some of the baby bath thermometers perform different functions such as clock display. Some come with a sponge holder while others can be used as a room thermometer too. All this should be considered.


Most bath thermometer comes with a display unit that shows the temperature state in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Others may prefer a temperature sensitive thermometer that creates a white spot which shows that the water is “HOT” and other signs. Other display units can give you the temperature and even the time depending on what you want.

The Thermometer Design:

This has to do with other functionalities as mentioned above. Some moms want an artistically designed baby bath thermometer to blends with the bedroom.

Ease of Cleaning:

With the various task in the hand of a mom, bathing and removing the bath scum should be taking into consideration. Find out how to clean up the thermometer after use and bathing of the child if it is a submersible, floating or any other type of thermometer that might get dirty while in use.

It is important also to determine if it has been pre-treated with an antibacterial solution to make it last longer before cleaning.

1. MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy Bathtub and Swimming Pool Thermometer – Best Baby Thermometer for Travel

MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy Bathtub and Swimming Pool Thermometer
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The MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy Bathtub and Swimming Pool Thermometer is a very small, portable and fast device to measure the water temperature speedily. Its unique feature is that the temperature of the water is measured every five seconds.

The MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy are also uniquely designed in a way that its shape has smooth arches and edges for the baby to grip and play with it easily. It comes with a display unit that simply read “HOT” or “COLD.” It comes with a flashing temperature alarm and comes with only a Fahrenheit degree option

Main Features
  • Requires CR2 battery
  • It’s slim and lightweight nature masked it easy for it to float in the bath water.
  • Long battery life
  • It has an only one-degree option of Fahrenheit
  • Comes with a display unit
  • Compactable
  • Has smooth arches and smooth edges for the baby to have a grip and play with it
  • The bath thermometer comes with a flashing temperature alarm
  • Shuts off after every 30 minutes
  • This thermometer can also double as both a room and a baby baths thermometer.
  • It has an item weight of 49.9 g
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is so lightweight and portable that it can easily be placed into a bag while traveling
  • Displays the water temperature quickly
  • It is known to have an extended battery of 12 month
  • The MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy is BPA free
  • It can also be used for outdoor pool use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The major drawback is that it displays just the Fahrenheit.
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2. Blue Flower Bath & Room Thermometer by Philips spa – Best Classic Bath Thermometer

Blue Flower Bath & Room Thermometer by Philips spa
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The Philips Avent bath and room thermometer is ideal shot for monitoring of your water and room temperature. It gives a very accurate digital measurement when used to measure the temperature of bathing water. It can be floated on the water tube in reading off the temperature.

The Blue Flower Bath & Room Thermometer by Philips spa helps to monitor your child’s health and also the environment. The bath thermometer is also perfect for children to play with while taking a bath.

Main Features
  • Comes with a bath and room temperature printed on the thermometer
  • Ability to float in the water
  • Digital measurement
  • Item weight of 118 g
  • Requires a 1 button cell batteries
  • It can double as a bath toy for the child to play with
  • It gives a fast report and also safe to use.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The Blue Flower Bath & Room Thermometer is fully secured and waterproof
  • It gives an accurate reading
  • Its dual purpose use makes it ideal for both baby bath and ascertaining the room temperature
  • Easy to determine the bath and room temperature because it is conspicuously written above the display unit
  • The product maintains a very high safety precaution
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product is expensive
  • It can only readout in Celsius degree
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3. Turtle meter the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer – Best Turtle Bath Thermometer

Turtle meter the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer
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The turtle meter bathtub thermometer is artistically designed and built into a fun Turtle bath toy. This floating turtle bath thermometer instantly reads the temperature once it is placed inside the water. It does not require any buttons or switch to get activated.

The Turtle meter Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer display 3 different colors on its display screen to show the temperature of the water. One other feature that stands the Turtle out is that it calculates the temperature of the bath water every second and displays it.

Main Features
  • A floating bath thermostat
  • Provides a per second reading
  • The color display includes “BLUE” indicating “COLD” “RED” indicating “HOT” and “GREEN” indicating “JUST RIGHT.”
  • Does not require any button or switch
  • It is safe to use as it fully complied with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.
  • The product comes with a 3 AAA battery.
  • Designed in such a way that it can easily float naturally and fully submersible
  • An easy to read LCD
  • An item weight of 227 g
  • Reads in Fahrenheit
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very easy to use as it does not require any technicality of switching a button
  • Comes with a battery inside
  • Fun and safe for kids to play with
  • it’s per second temperature reading makes it a good fit in knowing the water temperature at any giving time
  • It is very easy to use, just drop it in the water and it activates
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Has only one option of Fahrenheit
  • The battery casing is often difficult to pull off and on
  • The thermometers reading, often malfunctions when water enters into the battery casing
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4. Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer – Best All-in-one Solution

Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer
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The dreambaby dual purpose thermometer is a fun, safe and accurate thermometer that comes with a reliable digital system. The Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer also comes with a light indicator that shows the temperature of the water. The Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer decreases the stress of too many energy uses thereby allowing the battery of the thermometer to last long.

The red color indicates that the water is too hot, while the green color shows that the water is too cold. Portable and lightweight when compared to others in the market.

Main Features
  • The thermometer rechecks every 10 seconds and then shut down in 30 minutes to save the battery life.
  • It switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit and an easy to read
  • Comes with a switch bottoms
  • Fully submersible
  • Shuts down every 30 minutes
  • LED
  • Dual purpose
  • Comes with two-tone color display
  • An easy to read, intuitive color light system
  • An item weight of 81.6 g
  • Requires a 2 LR44 batteries
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its size makes it handy to use and fun for babies to play with
  • Portable and lightweight
  • It gives an accurate digital reading
  • Durable battery life
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The major drawback is the two color display of “RED” and “GREEN.”
  •  The non-intuitive nature of the color display unit
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5. Babylian Floating Snail Toy Bath Thermometer for Baby Bathing Water Temperature Measure – Best for Budget

Babylian Floating Snail Toy Bath Thermometer for Baby Bathing Water Temperature Measure
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The Babylian Floating Snail Toy Bath Thermometer is a no button easy to use a thermometer. It automatically turns on once it gets in contact with the bath water. The product comes in a snail design and submerges easily when floating. It comes with a three-color LED that displays the water temperature and a smart alert to signal a temperature change.

The Babylian Floating Purple Snail Bath Thermometer doubles as both a measuring tool and a toy for the baby. This display is viewed on the center of the digital LED screen.  The LED displays Blue when the water temperature is lower 95°F “TOO LOW”, Red when the water temperature is over 102.2°F, signifying that the water is “Too Hot” and Green when the water temperature ranges from 95°F to 102.2°F, signifying that the water temperature is “Just Right”.

Main Features
  • The product is designed in a snail form
  • Automatically turns on once it gets in contact with the bath water.
  • Can easily be submerged while floating
  • Comes with a 3 color signal
  • Does not requires any on and off button
  • It’s designed to measure the water temperature per second while displaying the current temperature of the water in Fahrenheit.


PROS (What we liked)
  • It is easy to use as it does not come with a switch or on and off button
  • It comes in an attractive design that makes it fun for the children during bath time
  • it’s waterproof and ensures high safety
  • It comes with 3 colors LED display to give you peace of mind from guesswork
  • The product makes bathing fun
  • It comes with a brand-new 3 AAA batteries that can last for 50 hours
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The Babylian Floating Snail Toy Bath Thermometer can only read in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius
  • Temperature reading becomes inaccurate once the water goes inside the thermometer
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ideal Temperature that Is Safe for Baby?

The ideal baby temperature is 97.7°F (36.5 °C) to 100.4°F (38.0 °C). But water temperature is often dependent on the skin of the baby, age and preference.


2. What is the importance of checking for water temperature?

The major reason is to get the bath water as close to the baby’s sensitive skin. It is also important to keep them comfortable, safe and willing to bath.

3. How deep should the water be for the baby’s bath?

The depth or quantity of the water is determined by the age of the baby. For newborn babies and children within 6 months, the water should be enough for them to be seated with their shoulder covered. While for older kids, not should be within the waist-high when they are sitting down.


4. Is it advisable to put the baby in the bath while running the water?

No. Don’t put your child in the bathtub while the water is still running. This action can change the water temperature. Also never leave the baby unattended for any reason alone in the bath.

5. What type of bath thermometer is better?

No type is better, it all comes down to your preference and the reason why you are getting one. Would you love it to serve a multipurpose need or just a bath thermometer?

6. How do I clean the bath thermometer?

Each of this thermometer has its unique way of cleaning them. Some come with a plugin that allows water to drip out. Read the instruction on the manual on steps in cleaning the thermometer baby bath.

7. My baby plays with the thermometer and places it in the mouth?

Most bath thermometers are safe for kids to play with provided it is BPA free


It is stressful to become a parent and keeping the bundle of joy neat and healthy is one of the duty you must carry out. Children are required to spend some time in bath water in other to develop the muscle, experience some sensory play and also get cleaned up. To achieve these parents and caregivers should endeavor to keep these babies in the bathwater of between 95-102 degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius to be safe and healthy.

Any of this reviewed product will help keep your baby’s bath time fun and safe. Go for that one that catches your fancy as you have a wonderful bonding time with your baby. Our picks: MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy Bathtub and Swimming Pool Thermometer and Turtle meter the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer.

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