Best Baby Carriers In India

Babies relax when cradled in the arms. Feeling your warmth beside them gives them comfort while making them feel secure at the same time. However much you would like to do so for your newborn, you’ll get tired after some time, and that’s why you require a baby carrier.

A baby carrier allows you to carry out other duties as your baby relaxes against you as they leave your hands free. With it, you can move quickly, navigate busy streets with your baby, and carry along your baby in places where it would be difficult to use a baby stroller like bushy paths.

The best baby carrier is one that offers both the parent and baby comfort. Getting the best baby carrier can be difficult since different brands have mushroomed the market claiming to provide the best.

If not careful enough, you can end up spending your hard-earned money on a carrier that fails to work for your baby or one that strains your back.

In this baby carrier review, however, we have simplified your search, we have provided you with the Various Types of Baby carriers available along with the advantages of using a baby carrier and a comprehensive buyers guide.

We have also provided a small guide on how to wear a baby carrier. We have also mentioned Our Top 10 Best Baby Carrier and FAQ’s to help you out.

Top 10 Best Baby Carriers

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Best for Traveling
Best baby head cushioning feature
Best for reducing shoulder back strain
Best air circulation feature
Our pick for an everyday baby carrier
Best ergonomic design
Allows Ventilation
Best easy to use carrier
Best adjustable carrier

Advantages of Using a Baby Carrier

Good for babies physically

A baby carrier helps in holding a baby comfortably and in the correct position. Carrying the baby upright promotes their digestion while massaging their body at the same time.

Baby carriers also help in preventing physical abnormalities that result from leaving your baby on his back or belly for a long time.

Makes parenting easy

When wearing a baby, your hands are left free, enabling you to carry out different tasks. You won’t have to wait until the baby sleeps for you to clean the dishes or prepare dinner. Get yourself a carrier, and your parenting life will never be the same again.

Promotes healthy mental and emotional development

A baby carrier enables a baby to get comfort, warmth, and access to breastfeeding with ease. Such a kid cries less and spends more time in an alert state. The state enables her to learn about the environment and thus develops both physically and mentally.

Protects the baby from the flat head syndrome

Placing a baby on their back to rest for a long time exposes them to the risk of developing a flat head. Carrying or holding your baby with a carrier prevents them from this position.

Also, ensure that your kid doesn’t spend a lot of time in the crib or swing as that can also lead to this condition.

Enables the kid to sleep better

Your baby will always relax when around you. Wearing your baby will reduce stress and crying, allowing her to sleep well. Some carriers even come with headrests that will enable the kid to sleep comfortably at all times.

Privacy when breastfeeding

Most mothers get embarrassed when breastfeeding in public. When wearing a carrier, breastfeeding becomes easy since the kid has proximity to the mother’s chest.

You will breastfeed at the go with all the privacy you need. Check out the best baby pacifiers

Strengthens the bond between the parent and the young one

Wearing the baby keeps them close to you at all times. As a result, the baby feels your warmth, recognizes your face, and even your voice as you talk.

A strong bond gets created between you and the baby. If their sibling or dad helps in carrying them from time to time, the kid will get used to them as well and always feel safe when around them.

Prevents colic

Most babies suffer from colic, especially after feeding. Colic is merely a painful condition in the abdomen that mostly results from indigestion. Nowadays, you can find feeding bottles that help prevent colic.

A carrier helps to hold the baby in an upright comfortable position and massaging her stomach, and this helps in preventing them from such pain. Also, check out the best baby feeding bottles that help prevent colic

Enables parents to spend time with older children

When a newborn arrives, all attention shifts to them, and this might make older kids feel left out. Such a feeling isn’t healthy and can make them resent the baby.

Using a carrier keeps your hands free, enabling you to have some fun time with your other kids as well. You also get the chance to help them to carry out specific tasks such as doing their school assignments.

Promotes speech

Wearing a baby keeps them very close to you, and that enables them to pick up your language and that of those that you talk to at a faster rate. Most parents read books to their babies in order to promote speech while commuting.

Promotes physical development

Babies become very active in baby carriers, and this can help them develop head and neck strength and control. Their muscle strength also increases with time.

Free exercise

Wearing your baby every day helps with exercise. You will get a free workout every time you carry your baby. Hiking while wearing your baby is one form of this exercise.

How to wear Baby Carrier

  1. Ensure that all the buckles get securely fastened when using the carrier for maximum support and safety of your baby.
  2. Hold the baby with both hands and place his legs first from upwards into the baby carrier. Always carry the kid in a sitting status.
  3. It’s advisable to wear your baby 30 minutes after feeding them for comfort.
  4. Ensure that the baby sits with legs wide open, knees bent, and slightly above your waist. That position helps to maintain your baby’s hip and back health.
  5. Should the baby fall asleep in the carrier, turn his face to the side. This position provides the baby with unobstructed access to air.
  6. Always ensure that a room is left between your chest and the baby’s face to provide the baby with a clear source of air.
  7. Adjust the carrier so that the baby is high on your chest.
  8. For small babies, their arms should always be positioned through the armholes while the arms of bigger babies should rest comfortably over the sides of the carrier’s head support.

Types of Baby Carriers

There are different types of baby carriers in the Indian Market today, they include;


A sling is simply a cotton or linen fabric shaped like a loop. Of all the other carriers, this is the best for carrying newborns as it keeps them close to you all the time.

Slings do not have heavy padding on the shoulder strap as they are meant to hold infants who are light in weight. To carry the baby safely, you only have to wear the sling over one shoulder.

To people suffering from shoulder pains, a sling should be the last option you for you since if used for an extended period, it strains the shoulder of the wearer.

Ring Sling

A ring sling is a long piece of non-stretchy fabric, soft in nature, that you attach at one end with two small rings when carrying your baby. To fasten the sling, you have to thread the free end through one ring and then tuck it under the other.

When using a ring sling, you can carry your baby facing outwards or on your hip. Ring slings are light in weight and easy to adjust. The only downside is that they can strain your shoulder if used for a long time.

Fabric Wraps

A fabric wrap is a long stretchy piece of fabric that you configure and tie around your shoulder and midsection. Covers are fully adjustable and thus offer a comfy and snug fit enabling you to carry your young one for long.

These wraps do not strain the wearer’s back as they distribute the baby’s weight evenly. They are also very easy to clean.

Fabric wraps can carry kids of all ages, especially if you learn how to fold them. To make a snug, all you have to do is tie the loose ends and secure a place to carry your kid. Her only downside with wraps is that they can be a bit difficult to use for you if a beginner.

Soft Structured Carriers

Soft carriers are perfect for older kids as supportive pieces like shoulder straps, and the waist sash distributes your baby’s weight evenly, minimizing backaches and pains. 

These carriers have the softly padded shoulder straps, a feature that enables the baby wearer to carry the baby for a long time.

These carriers also have adjustable buckles that enable the wearer to fasten them to a personalized fit, one that is comfy enough for them and their baby.

A-Mei Tai Carrier

These carriers look just like the common carriers only that they do not come with straps. Instead, they come with buckles that the wearer ties together to a perfect fit. The fact that these carriers have large buckles makes them the best. The reason for this is that everyone can assist you in carrying the baby to a personalized fit.

A-Mei Tai Carrier is easy to adjust, and you can wear it in different positions. The downside, however, is that it lacks padded fabric and that it’s only suitable for older kids, six months and above.

Frame Carriers

Frame carriers are the best when wearing the baby for long periods, for example, when hiking. The carriers are the best for carrying older kids who have good control of their head and neck and can sit up on their own.

These carriers come with padded shoulder straps and additional straps. Others even come with additional pouches where your baby can keep snacks or small toys. The carriers are heavy and may strain your back.

Buyer’s Guide

Consider the following before purchasing a baby carrier

Type of the carrier

Different carriers work differently. For instance, the way you would use a sling isn’t the same way that you’ll use a framed carrier. You, therefore, need to know the type that works for your kid before making an order.

Your body and that of your kid may also determine the type of carrier to use. Try different types if you want to get the best for you and your baby.

The weight of the child

You can’t purchase a sling with the intention of using it to carry a baby with a weight of 15kgs. You will suffer from shoulder pain now that slings lacks pads on the shoulder and also from back pain.

Ensure that you get the right carrier proportional to the weight of your baby.

Babies with a bigger weight capacity require carriers that can hold much weight. For infants who mostly have a small weight, you can use a sling or a fabric wrap.


Ensure that you get a carrier whose seat and straps will support your kid securely. Ask for clarification on the durability of the snaps, buckles, and belts before paying for it. Ensure that everything is in perfect condition and good working order.

Easy to use

Of what use is a carrier that you can’t fix by yourself? Some carriers prove to be too difficult for one to wear on their own. What if there’s no one to help you do it? Always ensure that you get a carrier that you can use with ease. Get one that comes with a user manual.


Check the fabric of the carrier you wish to purchase before paying for it. Ensure that you get one with non-toxic dyes, one that does not have textile chemicals.

You need to remember that kids like to chew things, and since they’ll spend a lot of their time on the carrier, they might end up chewing the fabric. If it contains the chemicals, your baby’s health will be at risk.


Ensure that you get a carrier that you can adjust for comfort with ease. An adjustable carrier can help you to save a lot since even the kid grows you won’t have to buy a new one. All you’ll have to is adjust the one you already have to fit your baby.

An adjustable carrier will also protect you from back pains since you’ll only have to adjust it to the right fit to avoid suffering from strain.


You need to know the reason as to why you need the carrier in the first place if you want to get the right one. For example, the best carrier for hiking isn’t the best to use when wearing the baby in the house and vice versa.

Air circulation

Check whether the carrier you want to purchase provides the best air circulation. Remember that your baby will be enjoying the warmth from your body when wearing them, but at times, especially in hot climates, the heat can be extreme.

If the carrier doesn’t allow for air circulation, your baby might become uncomfortable and start crying or even get skin rashes.

Nursing friendly

Always go for a carrier that will enable you to nurse your baby with ease. You should be able to feed your baby without removing them from the carrier.

A nursing-friendly carrier should allow you to breastfeed your baby even in public without exposing your breasts. Slings and wraps are the best nursing friendly baby carriers.

Comfort for you

Look for a carrier with four wide and well-padded straps. If going for a strap, ensure that you get a sturdy one that will help to evenly distribute the weight of your baby and save your neck, shoulders, and upper back from strain.

Go for one that you can adjust with ease since you’ll share it with a caregiver or the other parent.

Comfort for the baby

Get a carrier with padded leg holes and loose enough to keep the thighs of the baby comfortable. The holes should also not be too losing as your baby can slip through them. Also, select a carrier that has a padded headrest to support your baby’s head and neck.

Easy to clean

You should always carry your baby with a clean carrier if you want to avoid numerous trips to the hospital. The more you use the carrier, the dirtier it gets.

You will thus get a difficult time if your baby carrier proves difficult to clean. Always go for a carrier that cleans with ease. A machine-washable one is the best.


When purchasing a baby carrier, the overall safety of your baby should be your number one concern. Remember that there are lots of carriers in the market, but not all are safe for your baby. Ensure that the carrier you get for your baby has a clean and comfortable space for your baby. There should be enough air circulation to protect your baby from suffocating.

Check for a carrier with sturdy padded straps, strong buckles, and a wide supportive seat to protect your baby from suffering from hip problems. Get a carrier with an attachable hood as well to protect your baby from adverse weather conditions like the scorching sun.

Also, ensure that you get one with a waist belt for your safety as well. You do not want to suffer from back pains after wearing the baby for long.


Before you get a carrier for your baby, ask yourself how flexible you want it to be. Do you want a carrier that can help you carry your baby in different positions or not? The best carrier should enable you to take your baby in multiple positions.

A model that offers limited positions may require extra accessories that may end up straining your budget.

1. U-GROW Hip SEAT Baby Carrier – Multi-Purpose 

U-GROW Hip SEAT Baby Carrier
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The baby carrier offers versatile right, left, or center positions that enable you to carry your baby in a snugly embrace easily and comfortably.

The breathable head cover prevents your baby from feeling suffocated while ensuring complete protection from unwanted weather conditions. It is also comfortable for you to carry because of the wide straps that distribute the weight of your baby evenly.

Main Features
  • Suitable for ages 3-24 months.
  • Ideal weight capacity: 3.6-15 kg.
  • Comes with a detachable hip seat allowing you to tote your baby in the front carry face in and front carry face out position.
  • It is designed and developed to provide support to your baby’s neck, spine, hips, and head.
  • Comes with wide straps to distribute weight evenly and lessen the burden of the weight.
  • It features a breathable head cover to keep your baby in the shade and well protected from weather conditions.
  • The carrier comes with a number of pockets and pouches with a zippered closure.
  • The hip seat supports the thighs and butt by the knees keeping the hip joint safefrom any abnormal undue pressure, especially during long journeys.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Made from soft and non-toxic material, ensuring the complete safety of your baby.
  • Durable, ergonomic, and stylish design.
  • Ensures multi-purpose versatility of comfortable and easy positions.
  • Keeps your baby well protected and supported in a snug fit.
  • It comes with spacious pockets and pouches that enable you to carry many items and accessories.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Seating could be more secure.
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2. Infantino Baby Carriers – Best for Traveling

Infantino Baby Carriers Multipocket
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If looking for a baby carrier which is ergonomic in all positions, this is the carrier for you. This carrier provides four carrying positions: facing in with a reduced width seat, facing in with an expanded seat, facing out and backpack.

The carrier has a higher weight carrying capacity since it can hold babies with a weight capacity range of 3.6kg-18. 14kgs. The fabric making the carrier is sturdy enough to ensure the safety of your kid at all times.

The seat of this carrier expands for older kids and narrows for younger kids making it unique. This feature makes the carrier the best overall since you won’t have to spend more money to purchase a new carrier when your young one gets bigger.

For perfect air circulation, the carrier has a breathable mesh fabric. The mesh fabric also keeps your baby cool in all weather conditions. You won’t suffer from strain when carrying your baby with this carrier since it has a supportive waist belt and padded shoulder straps that evenly distribute the weight of the baby.

The carrier has a handy pocket on the shoulder strap, waist panel pocket where you can keep your phone and keys and front pockets where you can keep the baby’s diapers and wipes. The good thing about the pockets is that they always stretch forwards since they come in a stretch forward design. Your kid will, thus, always remain safe.

Main Features
  • The supportive waist belt and padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Breathable mesh panel to keep your baby cool and comfy
  • Allows your baby to stay in a sitting position
  • Higher weight capacity enabling you to carry older kids
  • Cinch seat that narrows or expand to accommodate your baby.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The ergonomic feature makes it comfortable for your kid
  • Comes with a free hoodie to help cover the baby’s head
  • Has adjustable and enough number of buckles
  • This carrier provides four carrier position. Light in weight hence easy to carry
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Gets a bit hotter
  • Expensive
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3. Mee Mee Premium Baby Carrier – Best baby head cushioning feature

Mee Mee Premium Baby Carrier
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All materials are making this carrier get carefully tested to ensure that your baby gets all the comfort while you wear them. This feature also assures you of the safety of your baby at all times and the durability of the carrier as well.

The fact that premium quality fabrics make this carrier makes it the best for your kid. The material feels gentle on your young one’s skin, making them relax whenever you carry them using this carrier. In it, they’ll even sleep faster and cry less.

The design of this carrier enables it to accommodate four positions for carrying your baby. You can thus carry the baby facing the front and the back as well as the kangaroo positions.

The headrest also protects the sensitive neck area while it’s ergonomic design provides support for your baby’s head and back.

Main Features
  • Premium quality made fabrics to provide safety and comfort to your baby
  • Soft cushioning headrest to support your kid’s delicate scalp and neck
  • Adjustable height and seat for comfort
  • Four different baby carrying positions
PROS (What we liked)
  • Strong and sturdy to hold your baby safely
  • Well-cushioned for extra comfort
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ergonomic and thus very comfortable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A little challenging to set up
  • No waist strap
  • Expensive
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4. R for Rabbit New Cuddle Snuggle – Best for reducing shoulder back strain

R for Rabbit New Cuddle Snuggle
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This carrier passes the European Standards for baby care products. With it, you’ll always get assured of the safety and comfort of your baby. The carrier comes in a design that helps to carry your baby in a vertical position while attached to your torso.

You can carry your baby in three ways with this carrier: front carry face, back carry, and front carry facing out. The carrier is suitable for three or four months old kids, and in it, they will always relax and feel comfortable beside you.

These straps also help by evening out the weight on your shoulders. Wide lumbar straps, which is also an essential feature of the carrier, support your waist, enabling you to carry the baby with ease.

The soft mesh fabric of the R for Rabbit carrier provides ventilation and comfort to your young one. The breathable fabric gives the baby a cool and comfy ride.

Main Features
  • Strong strap buckles help in holding the baby firmly
  • Foldable headrest to support the baby’s head and delicate neck
  • Soft mesh fabric for ventilation and comfort
  • Wide waist belt to reduce strain on your back
  • This carrier has a wide shoulder strap for proper support
PROS (What we liked)
  • Light in weight hence easy to carry
  • Easy to adjust for extra comfort
  • Comfortable to wear even for beginners
  • Attractive design
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Has a tiny base
  • Straps are not up to the mark
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5. Luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier – Best air circulation feature

Luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier
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The fact that the carrier comes certified by the European standards for baby care means that you can rely on it to carry your baby safely and comfortably. The carrier has four carrying positions giving you a chance to choose the one that helps your baby to relax well.

The carrier has two shoulder belts and a waist belt for extra lumbar support. While wearing the carrier, you will never suffer from back pains or strain. Your baby will also enjoy all the comfort that this carrier provides.

This carrier also has adjustable and removable hardboard support with air holes. The hardboard provides protection and support to the little one’s head, neck, and back. An adjustable side opening buckle on this carrier ensures the baby’s safety at all times.

For the parent’s comfort and convenience, the carrier comes with wide padded and easy to adjust shoulder straps. The straps also contain a breathable mesh fabric lining. It is ergonomically designed and conceived with the latest marvels of technology.

Main Features
  • Two shoulder belts and a waist belt for superior lumbar support
  • Adjustable hardboard offers protection to the baby’s head and back
  • Wide padded shoulder straps for parent’s convenience and comfort
  • It comes with extra pockets to carry baby diapers, etc
  • Cushioned armholes to provide comfort to the baby’s delicate arms.
PROS (What we liked)
  • High-quality fabric makes it extremely sturdy and comfortable
  • It is highly cushioned, making it very comfortable for the baby.
  • Provides a lot of relief to the parent’s arms
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Removable hardboard offers decent baby support
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A little bit flimsy
  • Expensive
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6. Little Pumpkin Baby Carrier – Our pick for an everyday baby carrier

Little Pumpkin Baby Carrier
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This carrier comes in an ergonomic design and is specially developed to provide the baby with the proper head, spine, neck, and hips support. With this carrier, you can wear the baby facing forward when she becomes old enough to hold her head.

This carrier gives you three options to carry your baby and is suitable for kids with a weight capacity range of between 0 and 15kgs. The carrier is easy to wash and maintain since it’s machine washable. You can also use it with ease.

The carrier comes with wide shoulder straps that have adequate padding. The wide straps support you in protecting you from the strain. The straps also distribute the weight of the little one evenly giving you a lot of comforts when wearing your baby.

Main Features
  • Quality material makes the carrier durable and long-lasting
  • Adequate padding provides the baby’s legs with optimal comfort
  • It is suitable for six to twenty-four-month babies.
  • Ergonomically designed to provide your baby with extra support on the head and neck
  • Wide shoulder straps to provide you with comfort when wearing your baby
PROS (What we liked)
  • Lightweight therefore easy to carry
  • Spongy providing the baby with extra comfort
  • Looks great as it comes with good colors
  • Durable and thus provides you with good value for your money
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not useful for babies who weigh more than 15kgs
  • Not comfortable for nursing
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7. Ciern Fabric Carrier – Best ergonomic design

CIERN Fabric Multifunctional Carrier
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You can begin to use this baby carrier from birth since with it; you can carry the baby horizontally. This position keeps the baby in close contact with you as he will be facing you at all times. This carrier will make your baby feel secure at all times.

The high-quality cotton fabric makes the carrier making it durable. You will use it for a long time without any signs of wear or tear. With it, you’ll get the best value for your money as it will provide both you and your baby with a lot of comforts.

The carrier has an airflow system inner which provides maximum air circulation. Your baby will remain cool at all times and thus never get restless. The ergonomic design of this carrier ensures that you and your baby get all the comfort you require.

Main Features
  • Quality cotton fabric for durability and comfort
  • Airflow system inner provides maximum air circulation keeping the baby cool
  • Padded straps to provide you with comfort when wearing the baby
  • Ergonomic design to provide you and your baby with extra comfort.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Adjustable long straps for a personalized fit
  • Multifunctional and lightweight thus easy to carry
  • High-quality fabric makes it durable
  • Safe and skin-friendly
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not easy to use especially with beginners
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8. Chinmay Adjustable Baby Carrier – Allows Ventilation

Chinmay Kids Adjustable Baby Carrier
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This carrier has a soft mesh fabric that helps in providing ventilation and comfort to your kid. The breathable fabric enables the baby to have a relaxed and comfy ride every time you carry them in this carrier.

With this carrier, you can carry the baby in three positions, all of which provide your baby with superior comfort. This certified carrier comes in a design that supports the baby at all times, especially when you carry them in a vertical position.

With the carrier, you’ll carry your baby and still get the chance to carry out other tasks as your hands will always remain free. The adjustable straps help by easing the burden on your shoulders and create a comfortable fit.

A 3D ventilating back pad controls the airflow maintaining a cool temperature for your baby at all times.

Main Features
  • Soft mesh fabric provides ventilation for your baby
  • Adjustable straps help to distribute the baby’s weight evenly
  • It comes with superior lumbar support.
  • The sturdy material makes the carrier durable and long-lasting
  • Comes in a unique design to support your baby comfortably
PROS (What we liked)
  • Strong and durable enabling you to use it for long
  • Very easy to use
  • It comes with pockets to hold things.
  • Cost-effective and thus won’t strain your budget
  • Beautiful and aesthetically  appealing product
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A bit small
  • Strains the back if used for long periods
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9. GTC Chuan Que Carrier – Best easy to use carrier

GTC Chuan Que Adjustable Carrier
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This carrier is best if you’ve always had a problem when using baby carriers. You can get the baby in and out with ease without seeking help from another person. With it, you have a chance to carry the baby in either of the four positions: cradle, chest facing, backpack, and forward-facing.

The carrier comes with dual side adjustments to fit your baby comfortably around the legs and waist area. The padded shoulder straps help to ease the burden on your shoulders, enabling you to wear your baby for long periods.

The carrier has pockets where you can put your baby’s favorite items. The carrier comes with a manual for washing instructions and cautions to exercise when wearing the baby.

Main Features
  • Padded shoulder straps to minimize strain
  • Movable headrest to help support your baby’s head and neck
  • Adjustable buckle and strap to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Breathable fabric to offer the perfect air circulation for the comfort of your baby
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comes with an instructions manual making it easy to use
  • High-quality material makes it durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Four different carrying positions to choose from
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Small in size and thus not useful for bigger kids
  • Weak plastic rings
  • Lacks the waist belt for lumbar support
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10. Ineffable baby Carrier – Best adjustable carrier

Ineffable baby Carrier
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If looking for a carrier that will offer superior comfort to you and your baby, this carrier will provide you with precisely that. The high-quality cotton fabric makes the carrier to last for a very long time and will thus provide you with great value for your money.

The airflow system inner that comes with the carrier provides adequate room for ventilation, maintaining the best temperature for your baby. With it, your baby will relax and even get to sleep well while carrying them.

The ergonomic design of this carrier provides comfort for both you and your baby. As a result, you get the chance to carry out other tasks while still wearing the baby. The design also helps to hugs the baby securely.

You can adjust the carrier to various carrying positions and keep your baby comfortable at all times. With this carrier, your baby will get the chance to interact with you and all the people around them.

Main Features
  • High-quality cotton material makes it sturdy
  • The ergonomic design provides comfort for you and your baby
  • Inner airflow system reduces perspiration and helps maintain a cool temperature to your baby
  • Has a weight carrying capacity of 12kg.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Very comfortable due to the ergonomic design
  • Hugs the baby securely
  • Soft and resistant
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A bit confusing when assembling
  • Weak stitching
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can you carry a baby in a carrier?

You can carry a newborn baby in a carrier till the age of 2-3 years old.

2. When can you start using a baby carrier?

You can start using a baby carrier for a newborn baby. However, it is essential to know that your baby’s neck is not strong enough to support their head until 4-5 months of age.

Hence, you should carry a baby who is less than four months in an inward-facing position with a proper head, hip, neck, and bottom support.

3. Is Baby Carrier suitable for the baby?

Baby carriers are suitable for a baby as they are firm and sturdy. They manage to ensure complete support to the neck, hip, bottom, and head of your growing baby.

4. Is it ok for a baby to sleep in a carrier?

Yes, it is completely OK for a baby to sleep in a carrier. However, ensure that the carrier offers a snugly embrace to your little one.

5. What is the most comfortable baby carrier to use?

Our top picks for the most comfortable baby carrier to use are:

Infantino Baby Carriers
R for Rabbit New Cuddle Snuggle
Luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier

6. Is it safe to use a baby carrier for my newborn?

The best type of carrier to use with a newborn baby is a baby sling. Avoid the other types at all costs if possible. Most slings have soft fabrics that help to carry newborns safely, but you also have to exercise all the safety guidelines.

Note that if you use the sling in the wrong way, it can also suffocate the infant.

7. When should I stop using a baby carrier?

Baby slings are best for infants, but after some time, you’ll have to get a structured carrier when the baby gets bigger. When to stop wearing your baby will solely depend on your ability to carry your baby comfortably.

If the weight starts straining your back irrespective of the carrier you use, it’s high time you tried an alternative.

8. Can a carrier hurt my baby?

A carrier will never hurt your baby as long as you use it in the right way. Always ensure that when using a carrier, your baby’s legs are widespread. Choose a baby carrier that allows healthy hips positioning, and you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your kid.

9. Can I clean a baby carrier with detergents?

Avoid using strong detergents and bleaches at all costs. You need to know that babies have very sensitive skins, and using detergents can make them suffer from skin problems like rashes. You do not want to expose your baby to such issues at their tender age.

10. How do I tell that a particular carrier is the right one for my baby?

To get the right carrier for your little one, check the weight capacity first, and compare it with your baby’s weight. You cannot purchase a baby carrier just because it looks great or you saw a friend using it.

Also, check the fabric to ensure that you get a reliable carrier, one that can hold your baby safe at all times.

11. Can I use a baby carrier if my back hurts?

If you suffer from back pains, ensure that you get a highly padded carrier with a waist belt as well. The padding helps to distribute the baby’s weight evenly on your shoulders and across your torso.

The waist belt helps by providing superior lumbar support. If the pain becomes extreme, take a break from babywearing and consult your health provider.

12. What if my baby rejects the baby carrier?

In most cases, newborns feel comfortable when put in a baby sling, and the chances of rejecting it are very minimal. Problems mostly arise when older babies get introduced to the carrier for the first time, they might resist as they are not used to it. With time, however, they’ll get used to it.

13. Can I use a baby carrier when pregnant?

You can use a baby carrier even when pregnant. All you need to do is adjust to carriers and carrying styles that suit your baby bump. As the bump grows, you’ll need to use different positions to carry your baby.


Our top three picks include; Infantino Baby Carrier Multipocket U-GROW Baby Carrier and  Mee Mee Baby Carrier that are listed in this review.

Infantino Baby carrier, though high priced will provide you and your baby with superior comfort all day long. With it, your kid will relax, sleep well, and cry less. Little Pumpkin Carrier, on the other hand, comes at a reasonable price while its ergonomic design offers all the comfort that your baby requires when besides to you.

If you feel that holding your baby on your hands prevents you from carrying out different tasks, it’s high time you got your baby a carrier. Get a carrier and carry your baby along when hiking or riding a bike.

All the above-listed carriers will provide you and your baby with all the comfort you need to keep going. Select the carrier that appeals to you most and enjoys having your baby hugged beside you all the time.

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