14 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a celebration of an expected birth of a child and the transformation of a woman into a mother. It is one of the happiest days in the life of the soon-to-be parents. The guests are expected to bring in gifts that will be useful for the new mother and the newborn baby.

So, if you have been invited to this joyous occasion but are confused as to what should the perfect baby shower gift be; we are here to help. Apart from the clothing items that you can gift, we have put together some of the best baby shower gifts in this article. These gifts are essentials required by every new parent and newborn.

Let us take a look at the best and affordable baby shower gifts.

Baby Shower Gifts


These are something which will continuously be required by a newborn baby. Gifting the new parents, a set of baby diapers will save them on the expense of having to purchase a whole lot while it also ensures comfort and protection to the baby.

Baby diapers are available mainly in two types: cloth and disposable diapers. You can opt for any kind. However, a disposable diaper is more convenient, allows quick changes, and is more comfortable for a baby.

Diaper Bags

You can choose a unique and stylish diaper bag to gift the parents as it is beneficial in carrying around all the essential items required by a baby like diapers, bibs, baby rash creams, baby wet wipes, feeding bottles, pacifiers, etc.

There are a variety of styles and types of diaper bags to choose from. However, it is essential to ensure that the bag is spacious and has several pockets so that the parents can carry all their baby essentials.

Baby Monitor

This is another great gift as it helps the parents in keeping an eye on their baby while he or she sleeps. It will help the parents in doing their work in another room while ensuring that their baby is safe.

There are different types of baby monitors available with enhanced features built for the convenience of parents. Consider all the factors like battery life, portability, display type, connectivity, etc. before you decide on gifting a baby monitor.

Baby Food Steamers

Baby food steamers are a lifesaver for working parents. This appliance steams and cooks vegetables in a way that retains all their essential nutrients. This gift comes with several benefits for babies. Be sure to purchase a steamer that can prepare food in a smooth, chunky, and pureed consistency as preferred by the children.

Baby Bottle Sterilizers

Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

A baby bottle sterilizer is considered as a good baby shower gift. A baby should be protected against germs and bacteria. Sterilization of baby bottles, pacifiers, and other baby products is the best way to maintain the health and hygiene of a baby.

You can go for any of the different types of sterilizers whether steam sterilizers, UV portable water sterilizer or a cold water sterilizer after checking its features.


A hygrometer will benefit the parents by maintaining the humidity level in the baby room so that the baby can breathe properly. It prevents the cause of allergies, itchy skin, and chapped lips by keeping the moisture level of the room in check.

Before deciding on the buy, know that there are three main types of hygrometer, electrical hygrometer, dew point hygrometer, and psychrometers. There are also a few factors which will help you make the right purchase-including design, extra features, display, battery life, etc.

Baby Bouncers

Last but not least, you can get a baby bouncer as a fun and entertaining baby shower gift. It not only allows the child to have fun by bouncing on it, but the bouncer also supports the child and facilitates movement. There are many features to look out for before you choose a baby bouncer to gift. You can get a baby bouncer at a different price tags; be sure to choose one under your budget after checking its portability, safety features, and seat inclination.


A baby carrier is an ideal gift that provides several advantages to the baby and mother when used. It will enable a baby to feel the needed warmth while it also ensures ample amount of comfort to both the mother and the baby.

Now, you must go for a carrier that can be adjusted as per the child’s growth. This will save the parents from having to spend on a new one when the baby grows out of it. Also, ensure that the carrier is made of right quality fabric, is sturdy and can hold the baby securely.


Bassinets are the best alternatives to cribs. They are much more convenient to use and help in keeping the baby closer to the mother. Ensure that the bassinet you are going to gift is made of non-toxic materials and is sturdy so that the baby is always safe.

It should be a comfortable resting place for a baby. You can also gift a few baby bedding essentials like mattress protectors, swaddle blankets, sheets, etc. to ensure maximum comfort.

Baby Grooming Products


A baby requires proper grooming. Baby grooming products are essential to ensure hair and nail trimming, ear and nose cleaning to even giving a newborn baby a proper bath with baby shampoo, baby wash, and other baby bathing products.

You need to know the baby grooming essentials before you purchase a baby care kit as a baby shower gift. The products should be safe, comfortable, and easy to use.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is a must-have for a breastfeeding mother as it supports the back and shoulders, helps the mother to relax and also helps in the proper flow of the milk for the baby to feed. You can gift a nursing pillow if you are close enough to the mother to know her body type to choose the right type of nursing pillow.

Ensure that you consider factors like material of construction, durability, size, etc. while making a purchase. The pillow should be comfortable for both the mother and the baby. Moreover, it should help in positioning the baby well so that he or she can latch on easily.



Strollers are a suitable gift to present parents who are expected to be “on the go” with their baby. It is an essential requirement for most parents as it helps in taking babies out for a stroll while keeping them comfortable and well protected.

The baby stroller should have a sturdy construction and portable design with strong seat belts, shades, wheel stability, and handle adjustments so that it can be adjusted as per the height of the parent. If the parents are expecting twins, you can choose to gift them twin strollers.

Baby Wardrobe

This is another lifesaver for new parents as it helps in storing all the essentials of a baby, including clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can go for a wooden, metal or even a plastic baby wardrobe depending on your budget.

However, it is essential to consider a few points before making a purchase. The baby wardrobe you buy should be durable, compact, yet spacious so that it doesn’t take up much space in your room and stores all the essential items conveniently.

Baby Books

Gifting baby books is a great idea as well since it helps in developing the bond between the new parents and their baby. Reading books have a lot of importance, and it also builds the habit of reading from an early age. There are different types of kid’s books based on the genre and age of the child.

The books should be filled with bright pictures and patterns so that the toddler is amused and attentive while the parent reads from them. You can also gift a sound book that comes with different sounds as it enhances learning while keeping the baby entertained.


All these products are essentials required by every new parent and their newborn baby. Hence, we now conclude this article with the hope that you find the best baby shower gift from among the options mentioned in the list. So, go ahead, make the right buyer so that your gift adds to the celebration and happiness of the soon-to-be parents.


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