Best Baby Bathing Products

There’s nothing that will make your baby feel more relaxed than a soak in the bathtub. A clean baby is a happy baby. Bathing your baby can be a lot of fun but to a new parent, a nightmare. Soapy babies are slippery and washing a squirmy kid while trying to keep her safe makes it more difficult.

To keep your baby clean and healthy, most doctors recommend that kids should get a bath every other day. Clean their hair once or twice in a week if she doesn’t have cradle cap problems. You also need to wash her hands and feet at least once or twice a day. Also, ensure that you wipe her bottom with a damp washcloth before changing her into a clean one.

To give your baby a proper bath, you need to equip yourself with the right items. First of all, you should get the essential products you’ll require when washing your baby such as a bathtub, bathing soap or shampoo, bath thermometer, washcloth, bath toys among others. Get these items early enough to avoid last minutes’ rush which might make you get low-quality products.

This article will give you a guide on how to wash a baby. You will also learn of the things to look out for when looking for baby bathing products, safety tips as well as the procedure to follow when bathing your little angel and the baby bathing essential products. The guide also contains Top 10 recommended products you can consider getting for your baby and FAQ’s.

Top 10 Baby Bath Products

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Best moisturizing baby wash
Best affordable baby shampoo
Best baby bath seat
Best Baby bathing tub
Best baby washcloths
Best baby natural shampoo
Best natural baby wash
Best baby towel
Great design for Eye Protection
Best baby bath thermometer

How to wash your baby

To clean your baby with ease, you need to;

Set the washing station and ensure that there aren’t any sharp or hard things that can cause injuries to your little angel if she accidentally knocks against. Also, make sure that your baby’s head gets positioned away from the faucet. If possible, get a faucet cover for your baby’s safety.

Keep the temperature of the room you intend to wash your baby in so that your baby doesn’t get shocked when you undress her and after you get her out if the bath.

Fill the bathtub about three inches with warm water. Use your elbow or a bath thermometer to get it right.

Though some people like using soap only on their babies, use soap to clean your baby since the sweat and dead skin that accumulate on your little one can produce bad odor making your baby smelly. Look for a mild tear-free that you can use both on your baby’s hair and body. Even after getting a tear-free one, ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with your baby’s eyes.

Designate a specific pattern or color for your kid’s washcloths; you do not want to get confused and use diaper cloths to clean our baby. If your baby cries when you use a washcloth to wash her, you can use your bare hands and soap to clean him instead.


What you should do first is undress your baby while cradling her head with one hand.

Wash your baby’s face at first ensuring that you clean one is at a time. You do not want to cover the whole of your kid’s face with a washcloth or a sponge as this can make a very angry baby.

After cleaning her face, clean behind her ears, the neck, then move to her elbows, knees and between the fingers and toes. Ensure that you wash all the creases behind her ears, on her hands and also around the neck and genital area. The folds are home to sweat and dead skin, and if not properly cleaned, your baby might get nasty rashes and odor as well.

Since you do not want your baby to get cold before you finish, you should always clean her hair towards the end of bath time. The reason for this is because kids lose heat through the head. Newborns only have few strands of hair, but you can still clean the little that’s there. To avoid making her eyes wet, use a bathing cap or tilt her head back, just a little.

Always wash your girl’s genital area from front to back.

If the water is still warm, you can let your baby have a little play time but ensure that it doesn’t take long.

To get your baby out of the bath without tears, ensure that you keep him warm at all times.

Bath side Set up

Ensure that you have the following things nearby when washing your baby;


Keep a few towels handy, one to carefully dry out all the folds and the other to wrap your baby in. To get your baby dry, gently pat her and avoid rubbing her as this can irritate the skin.

Clean diaper

Ensure that you have a clean diaper together will any other diapering supply you might need. You do not want your baby to mess herself up after you’ve just bathed her. Prolonged diaper wear can lead to rashes, hence ensure to use a good diaper rash cream.


Kids love lotion massages after a bath, gently massage her body to help her relax. She might even fall into a deep sleep after that.

Safety Tips to Observe When Baby Bathing

Ensure that you test the temperature of your kid’s bath water before dipping him in the bathtub.

Do not overfill the tub. There should never be more than two inches of water in your baby’s bathtub.

Always keep your baby away from the faucet as this prevents her from playing with it.

With all the splashing and pouring of water around the surface of the tub, you need to get a non-slip mat and also ensure that you wipe up the spills. You do not want fall especially when carrying the baby.

At no time should you leave your baby unattended when in the bathtub.

Baby Bathing Essentials

Let’s check the Best baby bathing products in India and that you need for your baby to stay safe and protected.


Babies are very tiny when you bring them home from the hospital, and you can’t use a giant bathtub to help bathe him. You need to get a the best baby bathing tub specifically for them. A small tub for your baby will make work easier for you, and it’s also safe for your child too. You can also choose to go for a mat since these are less slippery than bathtubs.

When washing your baby in a tub, never leave him unattended. You need to know that kids drown even the smallest amount of water.

Baby bath seat

Using a baby bath seat when cleaning your baby will help you a great deal especially if you are a new parent. It will take away the fear of cleaning your little one for the first time. The seat supports the baby’s back and head making him stay put.

Something you need to know however is that bath seats gives parents a false sense of security and may tempt you to leave your kid unattended leading to severe injuries.

Gentle soap, shampoo, and lotion

Babies have very delicate and sensitive skins, and therefore you need to get best baby soap in India as well as shampoos that are free of chemicals. You do not want your little one to suffer from skin irritation and allergic reactions. The soap should also be tear-free.



To wipe clean your newborn, you’ll have to use a soft sponge for the fast few days. A small washcloth with smooth scrubbers on it is helpful since kids get messy and dirty and you’ll need something more than just your hands and soap the dirt on hair face and other parts of the body.

Cup for rinsing


As your baby continues to grow, their hair gets thicker. Some kids even have thick hairs at birth and rinsing the hair clean after may be quite a difficult task if using your bare hands. That’s why you need a rinsing cup. The cup will help you rinse off the soap with a lot of ease. You can use a plastic cup of your choice. The bigger, the better.

Hooded towel


After washing your baby, which should take the least time possible, you need to wrap them in a towel as this will help them keep warm. Hooded baby towels are the best since they help cover your baby’s head protecting him from catching a cold. Most kid towels come in beautiful patterns and colors, and all you’ll have to do is select one that you feel your baby requires first.

Bath toys


Having a few bath toys for your little one makes bathing time more fun. You’ll need these toys especially if your baby is one that starts crying immediately you place him in a bathtub. The toys will keep him engaged, and before he realizes that he’s in a tub full of water, you’ll have completed bathing him. Get those that can stick on the walls of the tub as well as those that your young one can use to splash water with.

Spout cover


A spout cover will help avoid accidents during bath time as it prevents head injuries. It covers the hard metal faucet.

Always go for a softcover that sticks firmly and one that turns your tub into a water park attraction. If you can get a spout tub with a thermometer the better as it will save you from going after a bath thermometer.

Baby bath thermometer


Before you place your baby in a tub, you need to ascertain that the temperature of the water isn’t too hot or cold. Water that feels warm to you might be too hot for your baby. To get the right water temperature for your baby’s birth, get a thermometer. If you can’t afford one, get used of your elbow, if it feels hot, you’ll know that you need to lower the temperature by adding more cold water.

Baby Shower Cap


A shower cap will help to protect your baby’s eyes from water and soap when you clean her hair. With it, your baby will have a comfortable bath free of breath clogging.

Buyer’s Guide

The following are the things you need to consider when looking out for baby bathing essentials;


When shopping for the baby bathing tub for your baby, shopping for the best can be difficult for you. Remember that you have to be extra careful if you want to get the safest one for your little one.

Look out for the following;

Water fill line

Get a tub that will enable you to know the right amount you need for your baby’s bath. Such a bathtub should have a water fill line. The line comes printed around the tub or as a raise.

Temperature gauge

If you can get a tub with a temperature gauge, the better. It will help you to know whether the water is too hot or cold for your baby to bathe in. These types of tubs come at a higher price but will save you the hustle of shopping for a bath thermometer.

Non-Skid Surface

Always check out the surface of a bathtub you wish to purchase. If it lacks the non-skid surface, walk away. The surface helps to keep your baby in place during bath time.

Smooth overhanging rim

A tub with a smooth overhanging rim will make it easier for you to pick your baby from the tub without the worry of her getting injuries from scratches.

Drain plug

Can you imagine carrying a tub full of water to drain? That’s one difficult task. To avoid going under such an experience, look for a bathtub with a drain plug.

Baby soap

Before purchasing baby soap or shampoo, ensure that you go through the ingredients list first. Most soaps in the market today come with the label gentle and natural, but the question is, are they safe to use in your kid’s delicate skin?

Many baby soaps have been linked to various skin conditions and cancer as well. You need to get careful when buying one.

Baby soap ingredients to avoid:

Triclosan and Triclocarban- the chemicals are mostly found in anti-bacterial soaps and associated with liver problems and inhalation toxicity.

Phthalates and Parabens-You’ll find most of these chemicals in cosmetics and skin care products. They are classified as highly toxic and disrupt hormonal systems.

Diethanolamine, Monoethanolamine, Triethanolamine-DEA, MEA and TEA are hormone-disrupting chemicals known to cause liver and kidney damage. The ingredients also cause cancer.

Fragrance-Most parents go for soaps with fragrance but what they fail to know is that the chemical can cause allergic reactions to the skin and lung irritation.

Retinyl Palmitate-The chemical causes biochemical and cellular level changes. It’s also toxic to the human reproductive system.

DMDM Hydantoin-This chemical causes chest pain, dizziness, ear pain, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate– These harmful and toxic substances cause skin irritation and also irritation around the eyes.

Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol-PEG strips off the protective oils on a baby’s skin and hair making him vulnerable to toxins. Propylene Glycol, on the other hand, is linked to brain, kidney and liver abnormalities.

Most baby soaps and shampoos contain these chemicals, and you can’t tell unless you go through the ingredients’ list. Ensure that you check the list if you care about your baby’s health and wellbeing.

Baby Towels and washcloths

Look out for the following;


Most towels have cotton and flannel fabrics which work best. If money isn’t much of a big deal to you, you can use more exotic ones like bamboo.


When going for a baby towel or washcloth, look for one that you’ll use on your baby for a long time. Such a towel should hold well without pilling even after vigorous washes. Pilling can make fabrics rough, something that you do not want to happen.

Also, look for fabrics that come tightly knit as these won’t pill with ease. Get such a fabric if too do not to spend your money from time to time purchasing washcloths for your baby.


Always get a washcloth or towel that absorbs the water off your baby’s skin. You do not want to wash your baby, and he gets difficulty drying out the water from her skin. The longer she stays without diapers, the higher the chances of her peeing or pooping on you. To avoid this scenario, get your baby quality washcloths and towels.


Get a towel with a hood if possible. Such towels help to keep your baby’s head warm.


Look out for the following when getting your baby bath toys;


Get toys that your baby can use in the tub safely without putting her health at risk. The toys shouldn’t have smaller parts that your baby can swallow or strings that can strangle her.

Splashing toys

Toys that your baby can use to splash water with are much fun and will keep him engaged enabling you to wash him with ease.


Get bath toys that are light in weight. You do not want your baby to have difficulty trying to lift them when playing with the water in the tub. Get the most lightweight toys you can get in the market.


Purchase toys that will last for long for your baby. You do not want to keep on spending money on the same items from time to time. Get ones that your baby will use until that time they need toys to enjoy a bath no more.

Bath Thermometer

To get the best baby bath thermometer, look out for the following;

Heat resistant

Go for a thermometer made of heat resistant materials. You do not want to dip it in water, and it starts melting. The thermometer should also not break after using it in hot water.


Go for a waterproof thermometer if you want to use it for a long time. Such a thermometer won’t get destroyed even if it fell in a tub full of water.

Ease of use

Ensure that you get a thermometer that you can use with ease. Of what use will it be if you can’t even read the temperature by yourself. Get one without complications.


Purchase a thermometer that lasts for a long time. You can even pass it to other siblings. Such a thermometer will save you a great deal.

Rinsing cup

Look out for the following when purchasing a rinsing cup for your little one


If you want to rinse your baby’s hair effectively, do not go for a small rinsing cup. It should also not be too big to hold a lot of water making it difficult for you to lift. The best cup to go for is one that holds just the right amount of water, enough to rinse your baby’s hair with ease and with only a few water scoops.


You need to remember that a rinsing cup will hold water to rinse your little ones’ hair. You, therefore, need to go for a very lightweight cup so that even after adding water to it, it’ll still not be too heavy for you to use effectively.


Ensure that you get a cup that lasts for a long time to save on money. You also don’t have to go for an expensive one when you can get a high-quality one at a low price.

1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath – Best moisturizing baby wash

Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath
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If looking for the best formula to wash your newborn, this is the best you can ever get in the Indian Market today. You can use the body wash to clean your baby from head to toe without subjecting their skin to irritation.

The formula contains Chickpea that helps in cleansing and soothing your baby’s skin, Fenugreek and green gram that moisturizes kids’ delicate skin and scalp while making their skin soft and supple at the same time.

This soap is also free of parabens, SLS/SLES as synthetic colors meaning that it’s safe for your baby’s skin. It’s mild on kids’ scalp and will never irritate the eyes. It also hydrates your baby’s skin and keeps his skin protected from infections and dandruff.

Main Features
  • Contains herbs that help in moisturizing your baby’s skin at all times.
  • Free from chemicals and thus very safe for your baby.
  • Cleanses your baby’s body with ease leaving the skin soft and supple.
  • The formula keeps skin infections and dandruff at bay.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Helps to treat skin problems
  • Nourishes the skin leaving it soft at all times
  • Helps to clean your baby’s skin gently
  • Keeps kids’ skin hydrated
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Kid’s skin may become dry after using this product
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2. Johnson’s Baby no more tear shampoo – Best affordable baby shampoo

Johnson’s Baby no more tear shampoo
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This is the best baby shampoo in India will help you keep your baby’s hair healthy and smooth at all times. With it, you won’t have to buy any other soap to use on your kid’s hair. It doesn’t sting the eyes or irritate the skin and thus safe to use on your baby.

Most doctors recommend parents to use the shampoo as it is mild and delicate on kids’ skin. It is also hypoallergenic and won’t expose your child to any allergic reactions. The shampoo passes a thorough 5 level safety assurance process and thus the safest baby shampoo to use in your kid’s hair.

The shampoo is free of soap and makes it easy for you to rinse your kid’s hair. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that protect your baby from allergies and infections.

Main Features
  • Tear-free and thus won’t irritate your baby’s eyes.
  • Recommended by doctors and thus safe to use on your baby
  • Free of soap and therefore very easy to rinse.
  • Gentle on your baby’s skin and eyes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Makes hair shiny and smooth
  • Very gentle on hair
  • Reasonably priced
  • Very easy to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A user stated that the shampoo is very watery, leaving the hair dry
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3. Luvlap Pink Ocean Compact Baby Bather – Best baby bath seat

Luvlap Pink Ocean Compact Baby Bather
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If you have a newborn baby and having difficulties trying to wash her, you need a bath chair to make the process easy. Do not go looking for one any further because this seat from Luvlap will have your back. With it, bathing your baby will become a lot more fun.

The seat lasts for a very long time since it comes from very high-quality materials. It has a solid base and will provide excellent support to your baby. With it, you will have an easy time bathing your young one. Get ready to use it for a very long time.

The seat has soft molded feet that prevent it from slipping. It also has a mesh sling that makes the baby relax when taking a bath. For extra comfort, it has a padded head and footrest. It also has an adjustable backrest with three-position recline.

The fact that it’s foldable makes it easy to carry around to your convenience. You can also clean it with ease since it’s machine washable.

Main Features

Has three recline positions for comfort and that also makes it easy for you to wash your baby.Has a  solid base that provides proper support. The seat has a soft mesh sling and padded footrests for comfort. Foldable and easy to carry around to your convenience

PROS (What we liked)
  • Makes it easy for you to bathe the baby
  • Makes baby bathing fun
  • Good for kids who can’t seat
  • Very easy to clean
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Lacks proper side protection
  • Expensive
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4. Baybee Divo Bathtub for Newborn Baby – Best Baby bathing tub

Baybee Divo Bathtub for Newborn Baby
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If looking for a baby bathing tub for your baby, one that will last for long and keep your baby safe during the bathing process, this is the tub for you. It is ENTI certified meaning that you have nothing to worry about when cleaning your baby in it.

The tub comes in a unique design with anti-slip armrests. It also comes with an additional anti-slip mat that will ensure that your baby stays put in the ideal bathing position all through with this tub. Your baby will never be at risk of sustaining injuries from slips.

This tub features a gender neutral design and will; as a result, it’ll suit you regardless of whether you have a girl or boy child. Since it lacks non-toxic materials, the tub will never have any negative effects on your baby’s skin. All she’ll do is enjoy her bath.

It has an innovative drain plug making it easy for you to drain after use. The fact that it comes from high-quality materials makes it durable enough to pass to a younger sibling

Main Features
  • Has an anti-grip surface and mat that keeps it in position at all times preventing your baby from slips.
  • Comes with a unique and no gender design making it appropriate for both boys and girls.
  • Comes with a drain plug that makes it easy for you to drain after use.
  • Made of high-quality materials and thus very durable
PROS (What we liked)
  • Has smooth edges therefore very safe for your baby
  • Large enough to fit big babies
  • Easy to drain
  • Portable and therefore easy to carry to any room you want to use when bathing your baby.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Expensive
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5. Muslin Baby Washcloths – Best baby washcloths

Muslin Baby Washcloths Super Absorbent
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You can never go wrong by purchasing these washcloths for your baby. The wipes will leave your baby clean and comfortable at all times since they come from 100% soft muslin cotton. The open weave makes them the best for your newborn child.

You can use the washcloths to wash your baby’s body and to wipe him clean during meal times. They perform well both as face or body wash towels. You can also use them as comfort blankets, infant handkerchief, burp cloth or bib.

The washcloths are very safe for you to use since they are chemical-free. If your baby is suffering from eczema, acne or cradle cap. The washcloths are the best to use when washing him since they do not contain harmful dyes or chemicals.

You can clean the cloths with ease since they are machine washable. They get smoother with every wash and thus the best to use on your kid’s delicate skin. They can also make a perfect gift for a baby shower.

Main Features
  • Made from ultra-soft and durable cotton material.
  • You can use them to wipe your baby during meals or to bathe him.
  • Chemicals free and very safe for babies use.
  • Machine washable hence easy to clean
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very soft and high-quality
  • Soaks up all spills and messes
  • Come with lovely prints
  • Get softer with every use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Costly
  • Small size – can be used to wipe face only
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6. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Wash – Best baby natural shampoo

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Wash
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This baby wash will enable you to clean your baby’s hair and body with ease without causing irritations and allergic reactions on her delicate skin and which is why it is called as the best baby shampoo in India. The liquid is safe to use on your baby’s skin from day one and will have no adverse effects on her.

The soap has natural ingredients such as chamomile, wheat, protein and glycerin, all of which make it the best for your baby’s bath. It is tear-free, allergy tested and dermatologically tested as well for the safety and comfort of your baby. This is the safest baby shampoo available that you can trust on.

The baby wash also contains panthenol and glycerin that nourishes your baby’s skin without leaving it dry or damaged. It cleanses the baby’s hair and scalp without irritating the eyes. You can use the formula daily since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

Main Features
  • Chemical-free and thus very safe to use on your baby’s skin
  • Contains panthenol and glycerin that nourishes your baby’s skin
  • Gentle on the kids’ scalp and hair
  • Safe to use even on newborns from day one
PROS (What we liked)
  • Best for babies with very sensitive skins
  • Leaves your baby’s skin nourished and soft
  • Very safe to use on newborns
  • Tear-free and thus doesn’t irritate the eyes
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Too much of the liquid comes out after one squeeze
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7. Mom and World Baby Wash – Best natural baby wash

Mom and World Baby Wash
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This soap will help you to care for your baby’s sensitive skin without exposing him to irritants and allergens. It will give your baby a calming comfort bath that will soothe and relax your young one. This gentle formula will also cleanse and moisturize your baby’s delicate skin.

The formula has almond and organic Moroccon Argan oil that soothes your baby’s skin. It also features Chamomilla Flower Extract that also helps in skin-soothing. The soap cleanses without drying out your baby’s skin.

You can use the soap, and if combined with a warm bath, it can calm and also help your baby relax. The formula comes enriched with pro-vitamins, Aloe vera, and oats that help to replenish moisture and nutrients on your baby’s skin.

The formula s tears free and won’t sting your baby’s eyes. It also lathers with ease, and you’ll only require a little amount at a time to help clean your baby.

Main Features
  • Made with Almond and organic oil that helps in moisturizing and helping your baby to relax.
  • Tear-free and specially formulated for infants
  • Very gentle and thus cleans baby’s hair and delicate skin without drying.
  • Leaves no residue and will never irritate your baby’s skin.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Leaves baby’s skin soft and moisturized
  • Doesn’t leave baby’s skin and hair dry after washing
  • Chemical-free and safe for your baby
  • Helps to soothe and calm your kid
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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8. My Newborn Baby Bath Towel – Best baby towel

My Newborn Soft Hooded Baby Bath Towel
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If looking for a super soft baby robe for your little angel, go for this one hooded towel. It’s made from super soft flannel fabric and will keep your baby dry and warm after a bath. It comes in beautiful colors and will make your baby look like a beautiful doll when wrapped in it.

The towel is very light in weight and easy to fold. You can thus carry it along if traveling for a trip with your baby. Woven from soft fleece, the towel is very skin-friendly and will provide your baby with all the comfort she deserves.

This baby towel is free of chemicals and dries fast after a wash. It is made with odor-free materials and thus very safe for your baby. The good thing about this robe is that your baby can still use it even after outgrowing it as a bath towel.

Main Features
  • Made from soft flannel fabric and thus very soft and comfortable for a newborn
  • Easy to fold and therefore easy to carry along when traveling with your baby
  • Made with odor-free materials and thus safe for your baby
  • Comes in a unique design and very skin-friendly
PROS (What we liked)
  • Super soft and stylish
  • Travel-friendly
  • Dries up with ease
  • Genuine and a 100% authentic
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality could be better
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9. Harikrishnavilla Baby Eye Ear Protector – Great design for Eye Protection

Harikrishnavilla Children Baby Eye Ear Protector
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Before you get him ready for a relaxing bathing session, you need to make sure that you have taken every possible measure to ensure safety. You don’t want any type of irritation to your little one and therefore a soft Baby Shower cap comes to be a bathing essential. The Harikrishnavilla cap can become the ultimate answer for you for a safe bath.

This cap shower is ideal for you little angel because of its design. Already its innovative design is what makes it a great choice when it comes to shampooing your baby’s hair and protecting their eyes. Generally, while washing their hair, when shampoo gets in touch with their eyes, just like ours their eyes gets irritation. With this cap of 40cm, you can actually prevent soap and water from entering the eyes.

It also comes with adjustable buttons so their mothers can easily adjust the size according to the head size of their little one. It will fit for babies from 1 – 5 years of age. Unbelievably soft material made with environment-friendly reason, this product ensures durability and safety.

Main Features
  • The capsize is 40 cm
  • Innovative design ensures no eye irritation or breathing issue to your baby
  • With adjustable buttons, you can easily change the size as per the size of your baby’s head
  • The material perfectly fits for babies from 1 to 5 years of age
  • The cap is manufactured with soft environment-friendly resin
  • Long-lasting material
PROS (What we liked)
  • The material is super soft
  • Ensure no eye irritation for the babies
  • Eye catching colors makes it attractive to babies
  • Great product at reasonable price
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A few mothers complained about its quality, doesn’t stay on the kids head under flowing water.
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10. Rikang Hippo Thermometer- – Best baby bath thermometer

Rikang Hippo Thermometer-
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Before dipping your baby in a bathtub, you have to ensure that you get the ideal temperature suitable for your young one. To do so, you need to get yourself a bath thermometer, and this thermometer will adequately serve the purpose.

Made of high-quality materials, the thermometer doesn’t break with ease and will thus last for a very long time. It has heat resistant characteristics and will therefore never get destroyed if you place it in a tub full of hot water.

The thermometer comes in a water fish shape design that can stimulate your baby’s curiosity and help him enjoy all the fun when playing in the tub. With it, you do not have to worry about your baby’s bath time as it can help you to get just the right temperature for your baby’s bathwater.

Main Features
  • Made of high-quality materials hence very durable.
  • Has heat resistant characteristics that make it useful even in the hottest of baths.
  • Comes in a water fish shape to stimulate your baby’s curiosity.
  • Can be used to measure room temperature
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very easy to use
  • Lasts for a very long time
  • Helps to avoid accidental scalds
  • Doesn’t break with ease
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed so far
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I bathe my newborn?

In the beginning, wiping her with a damp sponge is enough. After that, you can start giving her a soft bathtub with washcloths. Do not clean her hair before her umbilical cord falls.

2. How often should I bathe my newborn?

You do not have to wash your baby daily. Three times a week is enough until the kid becomes mobile. You should avoid washing your baby many times as this can dry out her skin.

3. How do I tell that my baby’s bath water is too hot?

Always run cold water first before adding the hot water to get the right temperature. Test the water’s temperature before you place your baby in the tub. If it’s hot for you, it’s scorching for your baby. You can also use your elbow to test the temperature. The ideal temperature should be 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C.

4. How long should I wait before bathing my newborn?

WHO- World Health Organization recommends delaying a newborn’s first bath at least 24 hours. Other health professionals suggest that you do it after 48 hours. You can, therefore, choose to wash him at any time.

5. When can I start bathing my baby in a bathtub?

The best time to start washing your baby in a bathtub is when she can sit and support herself comfortably. There’s no fixed rule to when you can start using a bath. Use it when you feel that your baby is ready to start using it.

6. When do I start bathing my baby daily?

Only start bathing the kid daily when he starts crawling and getting into messes. Even at this stage, three times a week will still be sufficient.

7. How often should I wash my kid’s hair?

Kids’ hair produces very little oil meaning that washing him twice or once a week is fine enough. You will only wash him more often if he has cradle cap. Use a mild cradle cap shampoo to clean his head.

8. How long should baby bath time be?

You should take the least time possible to clean your baby if you do not want your little angel to catch a cold during bath time. The bath should take at least five to ten minutes.

9. Can I wash my baby with cold water?

At no time should you use cold water to wash your baby. It’s not safe at all. Your kid might develop health complications in the process, something you do not want to happen.

10. Should I bathe my baby immediately after eating?

Only bathe your baby an hour or two after a meal. If you wash her two to four hours after eating, she may be getting hungry and thus disturb you during the process. Bathing her immediately after she eats may make her spit.


To enjoy bathing your baby, ensure that you get all the right items that will make the process easy for you. Start with the toddler bath essentials like towels, washing clothes, bathing soap and shampoo. Never leave your baby alone all with her young sibling when in the tub because kids drown even in the littlest water.

Select the items in the review, and you’ll never regret making the decision. Your baby will always look forward to the next bath. Instead of fearing to clean your baby, you’ll always have the confidence to go about it. Purchase what you feel will work best for your baby. Happy shopping!


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