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KAMACHI BB-909 Upright Indoor Exercise Bike Review

KAMACHI made sure that you add fun to your workout sessions, thus, introducing the BB-909 Upright Indoor Exercise Bike – a tranquil bike for your heavy workout session. This high-quality bike is made using high-quality materials for that long-lasting and comfortable use for you. It has also an added feature, a digital display that allows […]

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Powermax Fitness BU-700 Magnetic Upright Bike Review

  Keep track of your fitness and workout sessions with the Powermax Fitness BU-700 Magnetic Upright Bike. This fitness machine is ideal for home or office use where you can privately do your exercise. The indoor exercise bikes are getting huge attention in the market nowadays because of the convenience it offers to its users. […]

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Proline Fitness 533B Upright Bike Review

If you are looking for a fitness machine that would give you a low-impact cardiovascular activity, then you might consider trying an upright bike. Proline offers you the Fitness 533B Upright Bike – a bike that will provide you with that consistent workout and more like of an outdoor cycling which gives you that exceptional […]

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Powermax Fitness BU-3000C Commercial Upright Bike Review

Are you looking for that fitness machine that is not just affordable but is also dependable? Worry no more. Powermax introduces their very own Powermax Fitness BU-3000C Commercial Upright Bike – one of the top-quality upright bikes because of its durability and stability. It is also effective and efficient; the bonus is that it is […]

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Cockatoo CUB-01 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Are you someone who wants to have that consistent body workout like outdoor biking? Do you love riding a traditional bikes but would just prefer to stay at home and do cycling indoors? Then you might want to try Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike – an upright bike designed for those outgoing persons […]

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Proline Fitness 335B Upright Bike Review

It’s about time to change your mindset about health and fitness. Some people may think that achieving a healthy lifestyle is next to impossible, that it’s difficult and requires a lot of effort. Proline helps in making us realize that fitness doesn’t need to be that expensive or hard to achieve. Proline Fitness introduces the […]

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