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Cockatoo CPH Polypropylene Cycling Helmet Review

Cockatoo makes bicycle and motorcycle gears such as helmets, gloves, etc. It is a new company which has spread quickly because of its excellent quality products. Starting from a low price range to high, they provide everything with decent quality. This CPH cycling helmet from Cockatoo is a mid-range helmet. This blue and black combination […]

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Cockatoo CE03PLUS Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Cockatoo introduces the CE03PLUS Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer – a fitness machine perfect for you if you are looking for a new way to exercise. You can experience quality workout at the comfort of your home. You can be sure that you are getting a total body workout because your upper body moves while […]

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Cockatoo CUB-01 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Are you someone who wants to have that consistent body workout like outdoor biking? Do you love riding a traditional bikes but would just prefer to stay at home and do cycling indoors? Then you might want to try Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike – an upright bike designed for those outgoing persons […]

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Cockatoo CRB-01 Recumbent Bike Review

Do you prefer working out while in a seated position? If yes, then you might consider trying a recumbent bike. Cockatoo introduces the CRB-01 Smart Series Recumbent Bike – a recumbent bike suitable for someone who likes to be seated comfortably while working out without compromising the quality of the workout. This recumbent bike provides […]

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Cockatoo CRB-02 Recumbent Bike Review

Are you looking for an effective and efficient way to shed unwanted fats, burn excess calories but increase cardiovascular endurance without compromising the quality of workout?  This top-quality fitness machine CRB-02 recumbent bike from COCKATOO is what you need.  The Cockatoo CRB-02 Smart Series Recumbent Bike helps you to increase your body’s cardio endurance while […]

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