Proline Exercise Bikes

Proline brand was founded in 1951, and it’s among the most distinguished manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, and exporters of fitness equipment in India. 

The brand manufactures treadmills, exercise bikes, and polar watches that are very popular among many people across India. Since its inception, Proline believes in providing perfect combinations of affordable prices and quality to enable users to access fitness equipment to help them achieve physical wellness. 

The company has its’ headquarters in Mumbai, with over fifty outlets that serve its clients across India. Proline offers many types of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Why Choose Proline?


The Proline brand has a fully equipped warehouse that has machines with the latest technologies. The company has a highly professional and experienced team that assembles the exercise bikes while upholding their client needs. 

Additionally, their exercise bikes have consistent performance, and are highly durable and require low maintenance to keep them in good working conditions. 

Quality Assurance

Proline brand is a quality-oriented company; it believes in producing durable and effective products as well as offering quality after-care-services to all their clients

Additionally, before the exercise bikes are shipped to users, the Proline brand employees perform many quality checks to ensure that the products are in top-notch working conditions. 

The company also believes in maintaining long term relationships with its customers and offering the best quality products possible. 

Customer Satisfaction

Proline brand endeavors towards producing quality fitness equipment consistently; this has helped them to earn their customers’ trust. 

Additionally, these equipment come in competitive prices that enable them to consolidate a wide client network. Reliability, high efficiency, and optimum performance have earned the brand accolades from many of their clients. 

Importance of Using Proline Exercise Bikes

Proline exercise bikes provide many mental and physical benefits to users. These benefits include:

Strengthening and Toning the Body

Cardiovascular Fitness

Weight reduction

Enhancing athletic capabilities in users

Reduced risks of injury or muscle strain

Key Features/Technologies of Proline Brand Bikes

Computer Consoles

Proline bikes come with computer consoles that notify users of the workout progress and results. Exercise bikes that offer the upright cycle come with multi-functional display units that indicate the calories burned, pulse rates, ODO, distance, scan, time, and speed covered by the users. The modern Proline bikes ensure that users don’t train beyond their capabilities. 

Comfort Features

Modern Proline exercise bikes come with additional comfort features such as acoustic sound systems and audio speakers, cup holders, smartphone holders to enhance the users’ comfort while exercising. 

Some of the most modern models come with in-built fans that offer air resistance, keeping users cool as they operate the bikes. Magazine stands are also additional comfort features in Proline bikes.


Proline bikes come with flywheels weighing at least five kilograms. Flywheels are magnetic belts with a single crank system. They are huge wheels placed at the bicycles’ fronts, and they help in giving the bikes more momentum. 

As the users turn the pedals, the flywheels turn in the course of the exercise cycles; they are connected to the pedals by belt drives. 

Comfortable Seats

Proline bikes come with comfortable seats that ensure that users are comfortable when they are training. Comfort is essential in exercise because uncomfortable equipment can limit the users’ exercising levels.  

These bikes come with thick padding, which allows users to exercise for longer, without feeling exhausted.


Most of the Proline exercise bikes come with manufacturers’ warranty; this guarantees users of possible repair or replacement of their equipment for a stated period after purchase.

Resistance Adjustment Systems

Proline exercise bikes come with resistance adjustment systems; these systems adjust the resistance when users are exercising.

Handhold Heart Rate Sensors

Some Proline bikes come with heart rate sensors that users can use to control their heart rates by adjusting their exercise intentions. 

Additional Features

Proline home exercise cycles have human designs, and they come with the following additional programs:

  • Rollin
  • Mountain
  • Cross country
  • Custom
  • HRC
  • Afterburner
  • Foothill
  • Weight loss
  • Watts control

Who Should Use Proline Exercise Bikes?

Proline bikes are ideal for use in clubs, hotels, gyms, and, most importantly, at the convenience of your homes. People who are particularly interested in losing weight and athletes should use Proline exercise bikes.


The Proline brand has remained consistent in providing quality, efficient, and affordable exercise bikes to its clients. If you are looking to achieve physical and mental wellness associated with exercising, getting yourself a Proline exercise bike is the ultimate solution. 

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