Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are exercise machines that come with big padded seats with back supports like chairs, and their pedals are placed right in front of the users. 

At first, the cycling motions can be a little uncomfortable due to the angle of the users’ legs to their bodies. Their sitting arrangements come in handy for users with back problems as they get comfortable cardiovascular workouts while seated. 

Many brands offer recumbent bikes like Kobo, Powermax, etc. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Recumbent Bikes


Ensure that the recumbent bike type you choose to purchase should be easy to put together; this will help you avoid extra assembling costs from professionals which can be costs that you hadn’t planned for. 

Weight Limit

Be sure to confirm that the recumbent bike you buy can support your weight. If your machine can’t support your weight, it might topple over, which will result in injuries. The bike should also be compatible with your height, to avoid being uncomfortable and getting possible injuries.

The weight of the particular bikes dictates the machines’ mobility. Be sure to purchase a bike that is sturdy enough to support your weight.

Back Support

Recumbent bikes come with back support; they come with various comfort levels with each type of machine. The machines should satisfy the users’ needs. These bikes ensure the users’ safety as they exercise.

Key Features/Technologies of Recumbent Bikes

Magnetic Systems & Computer Consoles

Magnetic systems offer recumbent bicycles with resistance levels that can be moved up and down using their consoles during the exercise cycle. Consoles in the recumbent bikes are big and can carry plenty of different data that is displayed to help users keep track of their progress.

 It is possible to program your workouts in such a way that you can follow them, with different difficulties and intensities. They are designed in such a way that the legs get isolated and strengthened, without exerting pressure on other body parts.

Comfort Features

Recumbent bikes should always be plugged into sockets for them to work fully and efficiently. 

These bikes come with comfort accessories that allow users to enjoy themselves fully while using them; these features include cup/ bottle holders in which users can place their drinks as the exercise, Mp3 players with speakers, which must be plugged in connected bikes for them to function. 

Recumbent bikes are a bit larger when compared to other bike types; this helps them to accommodate taller and heavier users comfortably. 


Recumbent bikes have lighter flywheels that don’t require too much effort and energy for them to spin. Their flywheels are dependent on the users’ cycling motions, meaning that once they stop cycling, the wheels come to a stop. These bikes are suitable for beginners since they don’t need a lot of energy. 

Riding Positions

Recumbent bikes don’t make use of the upright cycle since uses in the sitting position use them; these bikes offer more comfort to users since they sit back as they cycle away. These features make the recumbent bikes suitable for obese or older people since they remove all the weight of the users’ body off the knees and joints.

LCD Features

Recumbent bikes have additional LCD features that allow more interactive workouts for users. Interactive LCD features allow users to set records, programs and even offer various inbuilt games

Recumbent Bikes vs Upright Bikes

Recumbent Bikes

Upright Bikes

They are a lot easier on the users lower backs due to the upright sitting positions

They have larger seats which are more comfortable

They are more gentle on the users’ joints

They are safer since users don’t stand on the pedals while exercising

They have larger footprints meaning that they take more floor space

Upright bikes have the users hunched over the handlebars

The seats are smaller and less comfortable

They are less gentle on the users’ joints

They aren’t as safe because the users have to stand on the pedals while exercising

They have smaller footprints meaning that they take less floor space

Who Should Use Recumbent Bikes?

People new to cycling, the elderly, the obese, and people who are suffering from low back pains should use recumbent bikes for pain relief and quick burning of calories.


Recumbent bikes come in many shapes, features, and sizes. You get safer options for children since they allow you to cover any unsafe parts. Using these bikes has their advantages since the resistance systems ensure that users don’t go beyond the pressure their bodies can take.