Air Bikes

Air bikes are also known as fan bikes; they are stationary bikes that provide upright cycles to users. They are different from old-fashioned bikes in that they use air resistance to offer limitless options for workouts. The harder users pedal or cycle, the more air resistance is offered.

Air bikes are excellent home exercise equipment that gives enjoyable ways to get cardio workouts. They offer superb ways for beginners to begin their exercise journey. Air bikes are excellent exercise machines for users who are motivated to achieve better fitness and health, inclusive of beginners.

Many brands offer air bikes like Kobo, Powermax, etc. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Why should you Work out Using Air Bikes?

Air bikes provide serious total-body workouts; they are excellent calorie burners since users make use of both legs and arms against air resistance. They offer efficient calorie burnout in a very short time. The amount of calories that users can burn depends on how hard they push and pull with their arms.

Certain air bikes models are used for high-intensity interval pieces of training, steady-state cardio, and heart rate training. Users can burn more than ninety calories in a minute; hard work is needed to make this achievement.

Most of the air bikes come with in-built electronic monitors, which give users very accurate amounts of the calories burnt. Additionally, users can control the pace of the exercise cycle; they can either slow down or speed up at will, making it a comfortable work out experience.

Air bikes are mostly used indoors; you can use them any time of the year, irrespective of the climate conditions on the outside. Certain models allow users to attach similar seats and handlebars to those of road bikes. They are also excellent for rehabilitation purposes or getting back in shape while recovering from injury. 

Key Features/ Technologies of Air Bikes


When you are cycling using air bikes, pulling, and pushing as much as you can, you want to be sure that you are safe from any injuries. Air bikes are mostly made using heavy gauge steel materials, which make them heavy and stable. 

Belt Drives

All air bikes come with fans; they differ on how the torque and power from the users’ feet working on the pedals are moved to the fans. More advanced models come with belt drives, which are cheap to maintain and durable.

Saddle or Seat Features

Air bikes come with comfortable seats, which can be fully adjusted in the course of the exercise cycle. These seats ensure that users are comfortable, and they can accommodate several trainees since they are adjustable. 

Some air bike models come with average bike seats, which is ideal for users trying to replicate road bike setups.

Electric Monitors

Most of the air bikes come with electric monitors that show users the amount of power they are generating, the calories burnt, and the distance they have covered. 

Electric monitors come with various metrics, such as calories, distance, speed, time, RPM, etc., workout modes, and intervals. Modern air bikes come with heart rate monitors, which allow users to utilize heart rate pieces of training.

Wheels for Ease in Storage

Air bikes are an excellent option for garage or home gyms. Most of them come with rollers or wheels for easier re-positioning since most homes have limited spaces.


Air bikes are very popular among individuals who are aiming for general body workouts without having to incur exorbitant gym costs. 

Air bikes are quiet, comfortable, and smooth. They come in various shapes and sizes from many reputable dealers in the Indian market, and they offer more efficient cardio workouts without excess strain, making them excellent choices for people with bad knees.

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