Welcare WC8077 Upright Bike Review

Do you consider having your own exercise bike at home but is still doubtful about what to choose among the variety of exercise bikes available in the market? If you are very particular about having a low-impact workout and getting a high-quality cardio activity, then this fitness machine from Welcare might interest you – the WC8077 Upright Bike Magnetic Basic.

This bike is a great way to get started! The WC8077 upright bike from Welcare is a great alternative especially for those who are unable to do cardio od just simple daily exercise because of time constraints. There is no way you can’t have that daily dose of workout because Welcare offers you a great machine – a solution to your problems!


Digital Monitor

This upright bike comes with a digital LCD monitor display which shows your fitness statistics. Through this easy-to-read and user-friendly monitor display, you can now keep track of your results. This monitor display indicates the distance, calories burnt, time, speed and pulse. By giving you real-time results, you can get motivated and aspire to do more because working out is not just about the exercise itself but most likely you aim for positive results.

Resistance Level

This upright bike from Welcare has 8 levels of manual resistance which is adjustable according to your preference. Personalize and individualize every session by adjusting the resistance. You can now target more challenging resistance levels from time to time to achieve greater results.

This bike’s resistance is smooth and frictionless which makes it produce little to no sound. This helps you concentrate on your workout without being interrupted and without distracting others.

Commendable Design

The pulse pad integrated with this upright bike enables you to maximize your performance in heart training by monitoring heart rates and pulse. This Welcare WC8077 Upright Bike also comes with extra-wide pedals with straps to provide you a comfortable fit and ensure safe pedaling throughout the whole workout session.

The handles are designed for you to have that ergonomic grip, and the seats are padded to ensure added comfort while it can also be adjusted to accommodate users of different leg lengths. 

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What Do We like

Space Efficient

The Welcare WC8077 Upright Bike is designed to have a compact and simpler design, giving you that ease and convenience in storing this machine while not in use. If you consider space as a premium, then you might consider investing in this machine. 

What We Don’t Like


There is only limited adjustability available which can be an issue for many.


With the Welcare WC8077 Upright Bike Magnetic Basic, you can now pedal your way to that fit body and healthy lifestyle you are aiming.  You don’t have to go out of the house just to do your exercise only to find out that there is bad weather. Also, there’s no need to spend for those gym memberships when you can have your exercise indoors, without leaving the comfort of your own homes.

Investing in an upright bike is the most practical thing to do, especially if you really want to take exercise seriously but you don’t have the luxury of time to indulge in such activities. Through this Welcare upright bike, exercise has never been this easy and convenient.

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