Proline Fitness 533B Upright Bike Review

If you are looking for a fitness machine that would give you a low-impact cardiovascular activity, then you might consider trying an upright bike. Proline offers you the Fitness 533B Upright Bike – a bike that will provide you with that consistent workout and more like of an outdoor cycling which gives you that exceptional whole-body workout experience. You will no longer worry on spending too much time on gyms because you can have your own gym in your house. This product is lightweight and is suitable for house-gyms.

This upright bike allows you to be seated in an upright position therefore, it does not focus only on working out your abdominal muscles, but it also provides work out for your upper body. It also helps you in toning your legs and thighs. If you want that total quality workout, this bike is perfect for you.

Multi-function Display

The Proline Fitness 533B Upright Bike has a Multi-functional Display that displays the speed, time, scan, distance, ODO and calories burned during your workout. It helps you monitor the improvements of your fitness routine. The feature gives you the motivation to engage more and know that needs to be improved.

Resistance Level

It has an 8-level resistance that lets you adjust your workout sessions according to your preference. This can be easily adjusted.

Drive System

The upright bike has a 4kg flywheel with a silent belt transmission system. This bike comes with a 1-piece crank and a 2-way bearing. This bike will surely give you that smooth experience while working out.

Ergonomic Design

The bike comes with a perfect seat that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally and pedals with anti-slip straps are provided easily for that added comfort while having your workout. The bike is designed to have a fully accessible with wide and adjustable saddle height, allowing every user to feel ease. The stable pedaling and technical performance is truly one of the promises of Proline and you can experience it in this upright bike.

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What Do We like

Durability and Stability

This Proline Fitness 533B Upright Bike only uses top-quality materials. It can carry a maximum user weight of 100kg. Proline makes sure that you are provided with a high-quality product with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The durability and stability of a product is one of the first consideration when trying to choose the right one to invest.

What We Don’t Like

Handle bar

The length between handle bar and the seat maybe too big for anyone with smaller height, hence can be an issue while excercising and it can not be adjusted.

Upright bikes, because of its simpler designs, is designed with smaller seats compared to recumbent bikes. This is like those that are found in traditional bikes. This may cause pain in lower back, buttocks, and soles of feet.


The Proline Fitness 533B Upright Bike helps you to strengthen your legs and upper body. It lets you enjoy and achieve a healthy exercise. This bike enables you to focus on the abdominal muscles because you are seated in an upright position. Upright bikes are simpler and more space efficient compared to other cardio equipment and indoor bikes in the market. This is really a best option specially for those who wants to keep their workout simpler and less strenuous.

A fitness machine such as this upright bike is considered to be an important instrument in achieving your daily exercise routine, particularly for those who want to exercise with less difficulty and someone who is new and still trying to find out the best routine that works for him. If you are that someone who wants to have that comfort while not worrying being exposed outside or don’t want gym memberships, then you’ve found the right product. Get yours now and try the Proline Fitness 533B Upright Bike.

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