Lifeline Bikes

The Lifeline brand is an Indian company that prides itself in helping its customers to live healthier lives. The Lifeline brand has professional, commercial, and home fitness equipment that has the reputation of being reliable, durable, and are manufactured using the latest technological advancements and designs. 

The brand has been in existence for over five decades and boasts of accumulated experience in the fitness industry. All the Lifeline products revolve around healthy and active living. 

Lifeline offers many types of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Benefits of Buying Lifeline Exercise Bikes

Four Decades of Trust

Lifeline has been in existence since 1973, and it has continued to manufacture quality, effective, and durable fitness equipment, making it among the most trusted brands in India. 

Innovative Products

The Lifeline brand is a fitness leader in the Indian market. The brand continues to manufacture innovative equipment that improves the overall wellness of users. The company manufactures products used for a  progressive variable resistance, yoga, athletic training, functional training, and body weight.

Good Designs and Quality

The sole mission of the Lifeline brand is to offer life-improving wellness equipment for everyone. The fitness equipment comes in some of the best designs and functionalities that meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.

The fitness equipment is protected by at least twenty patents, merchandising solutions, and packaging, making them original and unique.

Key Features/ Technologies of Lifeline Exercise Bikes

Cost-Effective and Convenient

Lifeline exercise bikes are compact and don’t take up a lot of space. They also allow users to maximize the time spent on exercise machines; users can read their books or listen to music as they workout. Using exercise bikes in your homes makes it a lot cheaper than paying gym fees, and they come with warranties that guarantee years of service from the bikes.

LCD Features

Exercise bikes from Lifeline come with LCD features that allow users to keep track of the burnt calories, distance, time, RPM, WATT, load, speed, and pulse while they are working out. They come with huge LCD window monitors that help users to choose the data that they need to monitor closely. 

Crank Shaft Features

Some Lifeline bikes come with strong crank-shafts, with their pedals being very similar to those in regular bikes. Uses need to apply resistance manually on the flywheels to enable them to engage in the exercise cycles. They will need to peddle hard like they are cycling uphill.

Extra Comfort Features

Lifeline exercise bikes come with extra comfort features such as bottle/ cup holders where users can place their cups/ bottles and enjoy their drink as they exercise. Some modern makes have magazine holders that allow users to enjoy reading their magazines while exercising.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Materials 

Lifeline bikes are made up of stainless steel and aluminum adjustment frames, extrusions, posts, and fasteners that offer corrosion resistance for durability and cost-effectiveness when they are used in areas that are prone to humidity and corrosion.

Adjustable Seats

Lifeline exercise bikes come with adjustable seats that allow users to make adjustments for comfort while exercises. Users of large body build or taller frames find this adjustment feature very useful.

Magnetic Brakes

Some models of Lifeline exercise bikes come with magnetic brakes, which depend on several magnets to set proper tension levels while working out. The closer the magnets move towards the bikes’ flywheels, the more difficult it becomes to pedal. 

Magnetic resistant Lifeline bikes are suitable for seasoned athletes. These magnets eliminate any risks of tear and wear, ensuring that the bikes are more durable.


There are several advantages of purchasing Lifeline exercise bikes, from durability to their excellent customer care services, as well as the bikes’ effectiveness in achieving wellness. You will find these bikes in different varieties, designs, specifications, and costs. You can’t go wrong in choosing Lifeline exercise bikes.

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