Fitkit Exercise Bike

The FitKit fitness brand was founded in 2017 by Beth Wieczorek and Amie Hoff, who are sisters. The sisters have a passion for fitness, and they believe that healthy bodies reflect healthy minds and happy lives. 

The brand believes that wellness is very important to the general wellbeing of human beings. While using FitKit fitness resources and supports, being healthy and fit is easier. The brand prides itself on helping its clients make positive, small, and simple changes in their lifestyle. 

Fitkit offers many types of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Why Choose FitKit?

The FitKit is more than just its products. The brands’ mission is to make wellness simple and help users to reach their health targets. The brand has developed east to use tools and extensive resource hubs to offer motivation and support to its clients. 

All the FitKit fitness equipment is designed, developed, approved, and tested by qualified wellness professionals and registered dieticians. 

All the FitKit fitness products are designed to enable users to be well anywhere, whether they are in their offices, homes, or even on the road.

FitKit fitness equipment can be printed and customized with the customers’ logos, making the users’ fitness experiences to be wellness-minded brands.

The FitKit brand believes in manufacturing quality, durable, effective, and reasonably priced goods that are affordable to all users across India. 


Key Features of FitKit Exercise Bikes

Space Requirements and Portability

Exercise bikes from FitKit are user-friendly and convenient for domestic workouts. The exercise bikes require very minimal floor space and can be moved easily to different areas, making it possible to exercise anywhere. Users get to cycle in the comfort of their homes or offices, even in unfavorable climate conditions. 

Back Support Features and Comfortable Saddles

FitKit exercise bikes come with back support features and comfortable saddles that offer extra comfort to users. The backrests are suitable for users with back problems, and the aged. They ensure that the users’ back postures are maintained in excellent shape, offering peak comfort. 

The saddles are easily adjustable and very comfortable; this makes them perfect for any user of whatever height. All users need to do is to adjust them by using the available knobs. Therefore, these exercise bikes are ideal for tall users

Stability and Safety

FitKit Exercise bikes come with anti-slip wide bases that offer extra stability and security to users. These bikes’ pedals are also fitted with foot locking that prevents users from falling or sliding while exercising, ensuring their safety. 

LCD features

All exercise bikes from FitKit come with LCD features that display the speed, pulse, distance, calories burnt, and time; this prevents users from over-exercising since they can view their exercise progress as they exercise. 

Magnetic Resistance

FitKit exercise bikes come with magnetic brakes, and they allow users to choose the most suitable options that are comfortable for them. These bikes depend on magnetic brakes to achieve the desired tension levels while exercising. When the magnets get closer to the flywheels, it gets harder for the users to pedal. These varieties of exercise bikes are ideal for seasoned athletes. 

Belt Drives and Cushioned Belt Systems

Some FitKit exercise bikes come with belt drives that employ chains or belts to connect the pedals and the cranks. These types of bikes offer less challenging exercise sessions, but they are in very high demand in the fitness industry. 

These exercise bikes come with cushioned belt drives that have shock absorption technologies, which make the fitness exercise a lot smoother. 


The FitKit brand offers effective yet durable exercise bikes. Purchasing FitFik exercise bikes guarantee users of continuous development of better health physically and mentally. 

If you are looking for simple ways to stay healthy and fit, purchasing exercise bikes from the trusted FitKit brand is the way to go.