Powermax Bikes

PowerMax is a brand in the Indian market committed and passionate about exercise and wellness. PowerMax believes that fitness is of great importance in everyday living, which is why it is very committed to manufacturing quality and effective exercise bikes.

Most people lead office-based and stationary lives, since computers dominate most professionals, making it impossible to get time to exercise. 

The PowerMaxs’ brand main goal is to spread fitness and wellness awareness and get their clients fitter by making it as fun and as easy as possible for a healthier, happier, and healthier life.

Powermax offers many types of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

PowerMax Fitness BR 2000C Commercial Recumbent Bike Review

PowerMax Fitness BR-2000C Commercial Recumbent Bike Review

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Why Choose PowerMax?

The PowerMax brand believes in manufacturing affordable exercise equipment to enable individuals across all walks of life to access them.

PowerMax has excellent customer service support and installation services, ensuring that all their fitness equipment are well installed and in proper working conditions.

PowerMax is among the leading brands in the manufacturing of fitness equipment in India. It has a retail network in Pune, Goa, Mumbai, and several other towns. This makes their exercise bikes accessible to many users in India.

Types of Exercise cycle by PowerMax

The PowerMax brand manufactures various types of bikes, including:

Upright bikes

Recumbent bikes

Indoor bikes

Air bikes

Key Features/ Technologies in PowerMax Brand Bikes


PowerMax bikes come with flat handlebars that are totally flat; in some cases, they have a slight bend towards the user. Cross-country users prefer these types of handlebars since they are versatile since they make the steering precise and predictable. The advantage of having handlebars in your exercise bikes is that you can attach brake levers, phone holders, and lights, as well as using various bar ends to offer extra hand functions.

Padded and Adjustable Seats

PowerMax bikes come with layered padded seats that come with height adjustment features to provide maximum customizability options. Some models come with back-support pads that offer additional comfort to users in their exercise cycles. 

Computer Displays

Exercise bikes from PowerMax come with computer displays that help users to keep track of their workout progress while on their exercise cycles. 

Safety Features

PowerMax bikes come with counterweighted pedals combined with adjustable foot straps. Continuous resistance in PowerMax bikes can be adjusted to the users’ comfort levels without any strain, ensuring their safety. 

They also come with lock facilities in the foot pedals that prevent users from slipping while exercising.

Tension Controllers

PowerMax bikes come with tension controller knobs that enable excellent resistance adjustments; this provides different intensity levels of workouts at any given time. 


PowerMax bikes come with a comprehensive manufacturers’ warranty that caters to any defects in the machines after purchase in a stated period for specific models. However, the warranty doesn’t cater to regular tear and wear, or improper use of the exercise machines.


Most of the PowerMax bikes are made from heavy steel materials, which make them heavy and steady to prevent them from falling over the users as they exercise.

Belt Drives

Bikes from PowerMax come with belt drives; they are quiet while in use, easy to maintain, and very durable. They minimize maintenance costs for users. They are a better option when compared to chain drives since they are messier, not as durable, and noisier.

Multi-Grip Handles

Some bikes by PowerMax come with multi-grip handles that allow users to change the position of their wrists, arms, and hands, giving them maximum comfort. These handles allow users to keep changing their arms positions, keeping fatigued at bay. 


PowerMax is among the most popular and trusted brands of exercise equipment across India. Their bikes are user-friendly, durable, and effective in offering fitness and health solutions. 

If you are looking for value for your money, why not try one of the many exercise bikes models from PowerMax?