Welcare Exercise Bikes

Welcare brand is an equipment manufacturing company that serves the Indian society by guiding its clients into healthy lifestyles. Welcare has taken strong steps in equipping users to help them to stay fit. 

The Welcare brand was founded in 2005, with its first showroom located in Tamilnadu. Since then, the Company has been expanding its operations consistently across India. The brand has forty-one exclusive outlets in the major Indian cities. Additionally, it’s well connected with dealership networks across India. 

Presently, there are many cases of blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and many other sedentary lifestyle diseases. Welcare offers help to consumers by helping them to choose the appropriate exercise bikes that offer maximum health benefits. 

Welcare offers many types of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Why Choose Welcare?

The Welcare brand is the leading brand in the fitness equipment industry. The Welcare brand sets itself apart from its competitors in regards to

Assured after-sales-services


Cost efficiency

On-time Delivery

The Welcare brand fitness equipment can fully support


Corporate institutions

Hotel resorts

Commercial gyms

Apartment clubhouses

Home use

The Welcare brands’ mission is to offer service to the Indian society by providing the right solutions and helping people to lead healthy and active lifestyles. 

Key Features/ Technologies of Welcare Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes from Welcare come with LCD features that allow users to keep track of the burnt calories, distance, time, speed, WATT, load, RPM, and pulse while they are exercising. They come with huge LCD window monitors that help users to choose the data that they need to monitor closely. 

USB Power Chargers

For extra comfort and convenience, modern exercise bikes from Welcare come with USB power chargers that allow users to charge their tablets and phone while exercising. When the USB is detected by the exercise bikes, users can customize the display units, buzzer, weight, gender, and age settings. 

Performance Features

Welcare exercise bikes come with 3-phase generators and belt drive systems for quieter and smoother performance. Most bikes from Welcare don’t make excessive noise since they don’t come with fans; fans make exercise bikes noisier since they use air resistance. These are very important features since users can listen to music comfortably as they exercise.

Direct Contact Resistance

Some models of exercise bikes from Welcare come with direct contact resistance; they employ direct contact brakes to offer resistance. The brakes are applied directly to the flywheels to reduce the rotational speeds achieved from pedaling.

These bikes are very accurate and allow users to choose the available resistance levels; this allows for custom-fit workouts.

Magnetic Resistance

With the emergence of modern bikes with magnetic resistance, the Welcare brand hasn’t been left behind. Some of its modern bikes come with magnetic resistance. These bikes have many advantages as compared to direct contact bikes since they are more durable and produce less noise. They use electromagnetic inductions to offer resistance. 

Padded and Adjustable Seats

Welcare exercise bikes come with large, padded, and adjustable seats. These seats enhance the users’ comfort which is important while exercising.

For users’ who are above average-sized, getting exercise bikes with adjustable seats offers extra comfort. Purchasing additional seat covers with padding or gel guarantees maximum comfort. 

Weight Limit

Exercise bikes from Welcare are heavy; hence, they offer stability; these features prevent users from injuring themselves as they exercise. The more the exercise bike weighs, the more stable it is.

Due to their heaviness, most of these bikes come with transport wheels to make it easier to move the exercise bikes around. Always ensure that your weight isn’t beyond the maximum weight that the bikes can support to ensure your safety. 

Additional Features

Certain exercise bikes come from Welcare with built-in music systems that allow users to play and listen to music as they exercise. 

Some exercise bikes from Welcare come with cups, bottles, and magazine holders; these are optional features that allow users to enjoy their drink and read their magazines as they exercise.


Bikes from Welcare come with different shapes, weights, and prices. Always ensure that the exercise bikes’ mechanics such as the flywheels and chains are covered, to prevent children from being injured. 

If you are looking for excellent after-sales-services and durable equipment, look out for Welcare exercise bikes, and you won’t be disappointed. 

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