Cockatoo Exercise Bikes

Physical exercise is very important in modern-day living as it comes with many health benefits. The Cockatoo brand is a fitness brand in India that was established in 1981 by Anand brothers and offers many sporting goods fitness equipment. 

The brand has been on the Indian national sporting territory for almost four decades now. These exercise bikes offer many health benefits including, improving joints mobility, weight management, strengthening of heart functions, improving respiration, and boosting the immune system.

Cockatoo offers many types of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Why Choose Cockatoo?

Cockatoo is a trusted brand across India; it distributes some of the best and modern fitness equipment in the world. 

The company understands that users have different needs and expectations; hence, it spends significant resources and time finding out what their customers need and want. 

The brand is fully committed to providing quality, durable, and effective fitness products to its clients at very reasonable prices. 

Additionally, the Cockatoo brand has a dedicated and experienced team of technicians and offers excellent after-sales-services to their clients in their many offices across India. 

The brand offers timely after-sales-support services to all its customers at all times. 

What are Cockatoo Exercise Bikes?

Exercise bikes from Cockatoo are versatile machines that provide many cardiovascular benefits. These machines are an excellent choice for gym and home use. The Cockatoo exercise bikes fall mostly in three categories, namely:

Upright Bikes

Cockatoo upright bikes have their pedals aligned below the users’ feet, while their seats offer support to the users’ weight. Along with cardio and the lower body, some Cockatoo bikes also engage the upper muscles like arms, the cores, and backs. They are portable, meaning that they are very easy to use and carry around.

Recumbent Bikes

The Cockatoo brand also offers many varieties of recumbent bikes in reclining designs. They have chairs that allow users to lean conveniently and comfortably as they exercise. The pedals in these bikes are placed in front of the users’ feet, which offer more support to the riders.

Who Should Use Cockatoo Recumbent Bikes?

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Recumbent bikes provide the lowest intensity levels and engage a few muscle groups; these features make them ideal for users suffering from back or knee issues. They help users to recover quickly from injuries.

Indoor Cycles

Cockatoo indoor bikes are similar to upright bikes, but they have some distinctive features. Their handlebars are placed further from the seats, and the shifting riders are situated in the forward directions; this causes more engagement of the lower body parts that involve several muscle groups while exercising.

Key Features/ Technologies in Cockatoo Exercise Bikes

Dual-action Handlebars

Cockatoo exercise bikes come with dual-action handlebars that engage the upper and lower body parts of the users during workouts. They adjust the bodies’ tension easily with simple turns of the knobs.

Durability and Warranty

Exercise bikes from Cockatoo come with strong stainless steel bodies that make them very durable. The stainless steel prevents them from rusting, especially if used in areas with high humidity. The exercise bikes also come with the manufacturers’ warranty that ensures that the users are guaranteed customer support should the bikes become faulty after purchase.

LCD Features

Cockatoo bikes come with digital display features that help in tracking the calories burned, time, speed, distance, and pulse of the users while they are exercising. 

Hybrid Designs

Exercise bikes from Cockatoo come in hybrid and unique designs that fit well in your bedrooms, offices, or any small spaces. 

Magnetic Resistance

Exercise bikes from the Cockatoo brand come with magnetic brakes that are durable since they don’t wear or tear. They use electromagnetic inductions to offer resistance. Magnetic brakes offer very smooth resistance, which users can adjust, and they are very quiet.

Non-Slip Foot Pedals

Cockatoo exercise bikes come with non-slip foot pedals that prevent users from slipping and injuring themselves while working out. 


The advantage of purchasing Cockatoo bikes is that users get to enjoy free installation services across India; this saves the users extra installation costs. 

The bikes have a perfect combination of noiselessness and comfort. Additionally, you can’t overlook the numerous health and fitness benefits from these bikes. 


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