Cosco Exercise Bikes

The Cosco brand is an Indian-based company that was founded in 1980, which manufactures and trades different products in the sports industry. It’s among the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment in India. 

The Cosco brand provides household and sports goods. The Company offers sports balls via its manufactured products section, while it offers fitness equipment via the traded goods section.  The fitness equipment includes semi-commercial cardio, cardio as well as strength equipment.

Cosco offers many types of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Why Choose Cosco Brand?

Excellent Customer Service

The Cosco brand assures all its customers of excellent customer service while purchasing its products as well as good after-sales-services. The brand has an experienced team of experts who are tasked with taking care of all its’ clients’ needs and requests. 

Upon purchasing any fitness equipment from Cosco, clients can rest assured that their complaints, if any, will be handled by their qualified and experienced customer care staff.

Excellent and Unique Designs

With the growing demand for fitness and good health, the Cosco brand has stepped up to produce fitness equipment that comes with excellent and unique designs suitable for modern-day users. 

Trust For Over Thirty Years

Cosco brand has been in existence for over thirty years, making it very experienced in matters dealing with fitness equipment. The brand has gained immense trust across the Indian fitness industry, opening several outlets to cater to the growing demand for their exercise equipment. Additionally, the brand is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company.

Good Quality and Affordable Products

The Cosco brand prides itself in manufacturing durable and good quality fitness equipment at very reasonable prices. Cosco believes in making its products accessible and affordable to all users across India.

Key Features/ Technologies of Cosco Bikes


Exercise bikes from Cosco come with flywheels of different capacities, and the bikes come semi-installed. 

LCD Display Features

Cosco exercise bikes come with LCD features that show the calories burnt, pulse rate, speed, distance, and time; this ensures that users don’t over-exercise since they can see their exercise progress.

Adjustable Seats  and Handlebars

Exercise bikes from Cosco come with adjustable seats that have adjustable heights, and they can support a maximum user weight of up to 100 kilograms.

Cosco brand exercise bikes come with handlebars that can be adjusted to higher levels than the bikes’ seats. Using handlebars in exercise bikes engages the upper body parts, which isn’t possible in those bikes that don’t have handlebars. 


Some bikes from the Cosco brand come with USB and Bluetooth features that enable users to play and listen to music as they exercise. You can play music with quicker beats if you want to exercise harder or slower music for relaxed exercises. 


Bikes from the Cosco brand come with resistance that is so much needed for upright exercises. While speed offers cardio benefits, resistance is necessary for strength training. Working with enough resistance enables users to work their muscles effectively. 


Cosco brand offers a wide variety of exercise bikes that enables users to lead healthy lifestyles and follow their passion for sports. Whether you are pursuing sports as a hobby, a fitness enthusiast, or a professional, picking your exercise bikes from Cosco is a wise decision.  

You can access Cosco exercise bikes at very reasonable prices on Amazon, and relish on its international quality. 

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