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10 Most Popular Kitchen Chimneys in India

1. Hindware Nevio Plus 60 Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney Black 1200 CMH – Hindware Nevio Plus is a kitchen chimney with auto-clean feature. It is designed to get rid of unwanted fumes, odours and steam from the kitchen. The baffle filter fitted will segregate grease and spice making it easy to clean. The chimney […]

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9 Most Popular Electric Kettles in India

1. EKTEASGCGV6GYP6S – Favourite Electric Kettle, 1.5L, Silver, Black – If you travel often, then Pigeon favourite kettle is the ideal choice. It comes with a huge capacity of 1.5 litres with stainless steel body and a cool-touch handle. With its 1500 Watts power, it can heat the water faster. Its 1-meter cord and a […]

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Most Popular Induction Cooktops in India

We’ve all heard it: the latest and greatest appliance in the kitchen is the induction cooktop. Cooktops use heaters to generate heat and cook food; they can be gas or electric. Induction cooktops use magnetism to create heat, eliminating the need for a flame. This means that induction is able to generate quick bursts of […]

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What Are the Uses of Electric Copper wires at Home?

Do you remember using copper wires for various DIY electrical projects? Thanks to their high level of conductivity the copper wires are widely used for supplying electricity. The high ductility of copper makes it convenient to be stretched into wires. Due to its robust electrical and thermal conductivity, copper is used in various household objects […]

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16 Easy and Effective Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is an absolute necessity whether you want to don a femme fatale avatar by exuding an aura of mysterious charm or mesmerize passersby with awe-inspiring and effortless beauty. It’s the birthright of every woman to look gorgeously beautiful and flaunt blemish-free and glowing skin. However, the modern lifestyle characterized by inadequate sleep, hectic […]

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Tandoori Chicken and Tandoori Paneer Tikka Recipes Using an Electric Tandoor

With their unique smoky flavours and insanely delicious taste, tandoori foods are every foodie’s delight. Tandoori meals add zing to the wedding feasts, barbeques, or lavish dinners. No wonder food lovers throng the tandoori meal counters for enjoying sumptuous meals. Tandoori foods have carved a special niche for themselves in the Indian cuisine space. Don’t […]

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