Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike Review

Are you looking for an indoor bike that would give you that effective low-impact aerobic exercise at home? You might want to try having your own Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike Magnetic Basic – an upright bike that could provide you that low-impact cardiovascular activity. This type of bike offers you a safer workout because you don’t need to engage in outdoor activities which are most likely prone to higher risks and injury. Now you can have your own gym without leaving the comfort of your house.

This bike allows you to be in an upright position which is really helpful in focusing on your abdominal muscles and upper body. Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike gives you a more consistent workout ensuring that you are working out those muscles the same as those in an outdoor bike. It helps also tone your legs and thighs.  This bike really offers you that total body workout.


Digital Monitor

You can now easily keep an eye and monitor your fitness statistics through the LCD digital monitor that is integrated with this bike. This monitor display indicates the distance, calories burnt, time, speed and pulse. This tool helps you to keep track of your progress and improvements and be more engaged because you are given the real-time results. It also comes with a priority display where you can choose which data you want to monitor closely.

Resistance Level

This bike from Welcare has 8 levels of manual resistance which you can easily adjust. This bike’s resistance is smooth and frictionless which makes it produce little to no sound. This helps you concentrate on your workout without being interrupted and without distracting others, unlike other bikes which created jerky movements thus, producing noise. Thanks to this bike’s silent magnetic resistance.

Amazing Design

This exercise bike is integrated with a pulse pad which allows you to maximize your performance in heart training. You can now easily monitor heart rates and pulse with this ultimate tool. This WC8006 Upright Bike also comes with extra-wide pedals with straps to secure your feet while increasing stability.

You are also provided with a durable and stable fitness machine made from high-quality materials that can carry a maximum user weight of 100 kg.

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What Do We like


The Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike has a compact design, thus, you can easily place it in your home without taking up too much of your floor area. Since it can also be folded, you can easily store it when you are not using it. If you have little space in your home, worry no more, because you found the perfect bike for you. 

What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seats

Mostly upright bikes are designed to have smaller seats to achieve a simpler and compact built. Because of this, users might have a bit of a problem in having lower back pain because their weight cannot be equally distributed.


If you are someone who is looking for that bike that would maximize your calories and weight loss without sacrificing the quality of workout you can get, then you should get your Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike Magnetic Basic now!

This Upright bike helps you to strengthen your legs and upper body. It enables you to focus on the abdominal muscles because you are seated in an upright position. Upright bikes are simpler and more space-efficient compared to other cardio equipment and indoor bikes in the market. This is really the best option especially for those who want to keep their workout simpler and less strenuous.

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