Durafit Exercise Bikes

Durafit brand is held together by its passion for wellness and health, and it brings unique insight and experience into every aspect of their exercise equipment. 

The Durafit brand is famous in the Indian market for producing top quality and effective exercise bikes that cater to users across the Indian market.

Durafit offers many types of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Before you invest in an exercise bike for your workout, make sure to consider the crucial points to ensure you have made an informed decision.

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Why Choose Durafit Bikes?

Home-use equipment

Durafit is the only company that specializes in home-use wellness equipment that is specifically designed to focus on home-usage. Its products are manufactured to enhance convenience and safety in the comfort of your homes.

Pan-India Services

Durafit Company manufactures affordable fitness equipment; the brand offers regular after-care-customer services to all its clients across India.

Customer Satisfaction

At Durafit, you will constantly find growth and expertise on the fitness equipment; its fitness products act as the key to wellness key to all users. The brand focuses on manufacturing exercise bikes that offer essential health benefits from regular exercising.

Safety Focus

Durafit Company always puts its customers’ safety first. The brand offers many safety-related videos to users upon purchasing their products. 

Key Features/ Technologies of Durafit Bikes

Computer Console Features

Durafit bikes come with huge LED features that record data like heart rates, workout results, calories burned, and intensity of the users, at the users’ display. 

The most modern Durafit exercise bikes come with modern and sophisticated console features; these features don’t allow any room for the users’ to overwork themselves during training. These consoles track the users’ activities via computers, and they are excellent for people who intend to lose weight.

Different Workout Programs

Durafit exercise bikes come with distinct workout programs, which are ideal for beginners to more advanced cycles. When the users are exercising, they get to exercise their legs, backs, and abdominal muscles; they are excellent for users seeking to keep fit and lose weight.

Resistance Types and Magnetic Brakes

Many models of Durafit bikes come with light flywheels and bike frames; these types of exercise bikes aren’t suitable for heavy-duty exercises.  These exercise bikes come with magnetic or electromagnetic resistance systems. These resistance bikes allow users to choose the options that are most comfortable for them.

Some models of Durafit exercise bike come with magnetic brakes; they are dependent on magnets to get the correct tension levels during exercises. The closer the magnets get to the flywheel, the harder it becomes to pedal. 

Experienced users may find it difficult to pedal when the magnets get extremely close to the flywheels. These bikes are more suitable for veteran athletes.

Adjustable Seats and Handle Bars

Durafit bikes come with fully adjustable handlebars and seats that provide customizable experiences for compatibility and user comfort.

Noiseless Motors and Portability

Bikes from Durafit come with powerful and highly durable noiseless motors. They produce little noise, meaning that you don’t disturb other people while exercising.  These bikes also have wheels that make it easier to move them around.

Cushioning Belt Systems

Durafit bikes come with higher cushioning belt systems with shock absorption technologies; they also have improved surface traction and friction, which improves fitness regimen significantly. 

Belt Drives

More basic models of Durafit exercise bikes come with belt drives; they employ belts or chains to join the crank and the pedals. They provide less challenging sessions, but they are still in high demand in the sporting industry. 


The Durafit brand prides itself on manufacturing quality and durable exercise bikes. They offer many varieties of exercise bikes with different price ranges. 

These bikes offer many health benefits to users. Additionally, they come in different sizes in which you can purchase smaller bikes if you live in small apartments or large bikes to cater to the whole family. 


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