KAMACHI BB-909 Upright Indoor Exercise Bike Review

KAMACHI made sure that you add fun to your workout sessions, thus, introducing the BB-909 Upright Indoor Exercise Bike – a tranquil bike for your heavy workout session. This high-quality bike is made using high-quality materials for that long-lasting and comfortable use for you. It has also an added feature, a digital display that allows you to track your workout progress by counting your fitness achievements. It allows you to monitor the speed, time, distance, calories burned and hand pulse.

The upright design of the KAMACHI BB-909 Upright Indoor Exercise Bike gives you a more consistent workout and ensures you that you are working the same muscles that are also used when using outdoor bikes. It uses your whole body for that exceptional workout experience.


One-touch control button

It has a one-touch control button that lets you monitor and keep track of your whole workout session. It counts your desired fitness achievements by displaying the speed, time, distance, calories burned and hand pulse.

High-Quality Materials

It is made up of high-quality materials to ensure that you enjoy a product with long-lasting characteristics. You are guaranteed to maximize your whole experience by ensuring you get that best deal of high-quality products. It has a PVC for the prevention of slipping and layered coating for corrosion prevention.

Resistance Knob

This indoor bike also comes with a resistance knob which allows you to adjust the resistance that you need. You can either choose whether you want to have a workout session which is more or less challenging. This indoor bike is for all – whether you just want to have that daily exercise routine or a professional biker who wants to have a thorough training exercise.

Anti – Slip Paddles

It has these anti-slip sturdy paddles with the anti-slip grip along with cover straps for extra support for the users. It is also user-friendly because the sizes of these paddles are wide enough to accommodate different foot sizes.

Comfy Seat

It offers a seat of great quality, offering comfort. The seat has handles for that extra support. The height of the seat is adjustable which ensures you that it gives you that required comfort needed for the workout session.

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What Do We like


Since the KAMACHI Upright Indoor Exercise Bike is made up of high-quality materials, you are guaranteed that you get your money’s worth. This indoor bike is for long-lasting characteristics. The PVC prevents it from slipping and it has also layered coating for corrosion prevention.

Adjustable Seat and Resistance Knobs

The KAMACHI BB-909 UPRIGHT INDOOR EXERCISE BIKE has an adjustable seat and resistance knobs. The adjustable seat knobs allow you to adjust the height of the seats as you like. It is designed to support users of different heights. The adjustable resistance knobs, on the other hand, allows you to adjust the resistance, from less to more challenging.

What We Don’t Like

Built Quality

The quality of this bike is not that great and so it makes sound when you are using it.


The KAMACHI BB-909 UPRIGHT INDOOR EXERCISE BIKE serves its purpose to its users by giving them that high-quality indoor workout session. Because of its upright design, the user can still experience what other outdoor bikes could offer. Just like the other outdoor bikes, it still allows you to have that workout that uses your whole body in the comfort of your own home. The design is also high-quality, ensuring that you get what you paid for.


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