Aerofit AF 734 Air Bike Review

Aerofit offers you another top-quality fitness machine that will surely give you that top-quality workout! Introducing, the Aerofit AF 734 Air Bike with Dual Side Brake System which offers you a lot of features that ensure you experience an easier and comfortable workout session.

This machine comes with a multi feedback display which lets you monitor and keep track of your progress by displaying the time, speed, distance, and calories burned all throughout the whole fitness program. Also, this indoor bike has a manual, belt brake resistance system. It is also integrated with a fan/wind wheel and pedals that could fit any user size for that much-added comfort. The frame structure and finishing are designed well for it to have that longer life.


Fan/Wind Wheel

The Aerofit AF 734 Air Bike with Dual Side Brake System has a 450mm-fiber wind wheel with a breaking resistance track. These consist of adjustable tension straps with control knobs which makes the indoor bike easier to use and operate.

Multi Feedback Display

Display feedback is vital for every fitness equipment especially on an indoor bike because it displays your progress easily and lets you have a clear view of your whole session. It makes the users be more engaged in their workout because this multi feedback display shows the time, speed, distance and calories burned in the workout session. Therefore, you can assess whether to do more or maintain your progress to achieve your desired results.

Dual Action Handlebars

This indoor bike comes with handlebars which are dual-action which means that it combines cycling with rowing action handlebar foam hand grips.

Top-quality Materials

Aerofit ensures that only top-quality materials are used so that you can maximize the use of your fitness machine. The frame structure is made up of extra sturdy and stable steel frame construction for the added durability and stability. The frame finishing is made of two coat electro statically powder coated corrosion and chip resistance.

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What Do We like

Commendable Design

The indoor bike comes with an ergonomic design to make you feel comfort, ease, and convenience while doing your routine. The pedals are designed to have self-balancing, close spacing, enlarged, impact-absorbing bases that could fit any user size and aids in providing gentle movements so that lower body stress is reduced.

What We Don’t Like

Not Foldable and No Back Support

The Aerofit AF 734 Air Bike with Dual Side Brake System has dimensions of 42” (L) X 222” (W) X 45 “ (H), which means that if you want to have this, you need to secure a premium amount of space in your house or where you want to place this because it is not foldable, thus it cannot be stored easily and consumes space. It doesn’t also have back support to aid the lumbar which could cause strain and pain in your back while you are doing your workout.


The Aerofit AF 734 Air Bike with Dual Side Brake System is the best fit for those who want to have a safer workout. Because it is indoor, the less likely you will be exposed to other vehicles on the road, unlike when you do outdoor biking. This is also perfect for those who don’t want to do the workout with privacy and those who don’t want to be under the heat of the sun. If you are more of an indoor person, this product is for you – achieving that goal of health in the comfort of your home. Aerofit keeps it promise to its users – Put Fitness on Your Schedule. Fit Exercise in your Lifestyle. Achieve the goal of health in your homes. Grab yours now!

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