Kobo AB-5 Deluxe Air Bike Review

Kobo introduces the AB-5 Deluxe Air Bike with Fixed Handles – an ideal fitness machine designed not just to achieve that upper and lower workout but also targets the cardiovascular and workout goals in the most comfortable, safe and secure manner. This indoor bike ensures the users that they achieve that workout session without harming the joints and knees.

This air bike has features that will help you achieve that body goal you are dreaming of. While exercising the pressure can be regulated in accordance with the user’s preference. It has well-designed seats that can also be adjusted to add comfort to the users.


Computer Meter Display

The Kobo AB-5 Deluxe Air Bike with Fixed Handles comes with an Electronic Meter Display which helps you keep track of all your workout progress. It displays the distance, time, speed and calories burned during the whole workout session.

Ergonomically Designed

This fitness machine is well crafted and designed to give its users the comfort they need during their workout. It has supportive and adjustable saddles. It also has long arms with padded grips and flexible handlebars. It is just like relaxing while working out.

Fixed Handles

This air bike also comes with fixed handles. This feature provides a ride which lets the users to feel of an actual ride bike. It makes the ride easier with fixed handles just like a real bike.

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What Do We like


The Kobo AB-5 Deluxe Air Bike with Fixed Handles does not depend on the electricity. A very great deal because you don’t need electricity to work out and achieve that fitness goal. It is a purely mechanical cycle. Therefore, you are saving a lot of electricity while having your workout. It is an economical indoor bike that is budget-friendly. It is manually operated, unlike other indoor bikes which use electricity to function.

Easy to assemble

The air bike package comes with a clear and easy to understand instructions. It is very easy to install and assemble that you no longer need help or assistance from technicians. There are also videos available to help you if you get a little bit confused.

What We Don’t Like

No Back Support

This fitness machine’s downside is that it doesn’t have back support or flex-back cushion to support the lumbar. Back support gives an added comfort to the users because it allows them to lean and relax when workout becomes tiring at some point.


The Kobo AB-5 Deluxe Air Bike with Fixed Handles is equipped with all the requirements to suit the needs of users of different ages, sizes, and shapes. If your main goal is just to have that fit body and healthy lifestyle, this indoor bike is perfect for you. It doesn’t focus on giving you that healthy and well-toned body but also makes sure that you have a healthy heart. Also, it is suitable for all users who want to save energy without compromising the quality of workout they need.

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