Leeway Dual Action Air Bike Review

The Leeway Air Bike dubbed as the Hybrid Bike takes your exercise routines and workout sessions into a whole new level. Leeway Air Bike offers you a lot of features that would make your fitness goals be a reality, with comfort, ease, and convenience.

This air bike aims to tone your arms and legs with dual action. It offers you a smooth and quiet full-body cardiovascular workout. It has a supportive yet comfortable saddles. It also comes with adjustable resistance which you can fit your needs and mood. The built-in electronic meter display shows the distance, time, calories burned and speed while you are working out.

Moving Handlebars

The Leeway Air Bike has this rare feature of a stationary bike – the moving handlebars. This feature provides its users to experience the feeling of an actual ride bike. This feature is not found on any other stationary bikes. This is what makes the Leeway Air Bike unique from the other bikes. These handles can also be adjusted to remain fixed.

Adjustable Resistance

This bike also comes with a tension controller knob that allows adjustments of resistance level. This offers the users a different levels of workout intensity while pedaling.

Digital Meter

This bike also comes with an Electronic Meter Display with a scan mode which records the time, speed, distance and calories which provides the user the ease and comfort in monitoring all the metrics while working out.

Commendable design

This stationary bike is made with ergonomic design from the handles to the seats. The seats are designed to be comfy where the user can easily adjust its height. Foot pedals also have locks which ensure that slipping of foot is avoided. The anti-slip feature provides its stability. The seat is also provided with back support which helps you to relax while doing your workout routine.

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What Do We like

Easy to Assemble

This Leeway Air Bike is very easy to assemble. It is user-friendly. The user can assemble it himself without much assistance from a technician because it comes with an installation manual that is provided in the package. The manual is very clear and easy to understand.

What We Don’t Like

No Toolkit Provided

The user can easily assemble and install the bike; however, he needs to provide some of the tools to do it because there are no toolkits provided in the package. It would be more convenient if it can be easily maintained by providing basic toolkits to assemble and install it.


The Leeway Air Bike is truly a high breed stationary bike. It serves its purpose in bringing a high-quality workout session to its users in every way possible. This bike offers a lot to its users. From its unique features down to its top-quality designs. This product not only helps you to reach and achieve your fitness goals, but it also lets you experience a unique workout session where you will enjoy every moment of it.

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