Leeway Exercise Cycle Gym Recumbent Bike Review

The Leeway Exercise Cycle is a great solution for getting a workout session either at home or at the office. This exercise bike offers you a lot of features that would make your fitness goals be a reality, with comfort, ease, and convenience. This has been used for a lot of physical therapies because of its low impact, safe, and effective cardiovascular exercise.

This exercise cycle aims to tone your arms and legs with dual action. It offers you a smooth and quiet full body cardiovascular workout. With its back support and twister fix handles, you can now achieve that dream boy you always think about having. It also comes with adjustable resistance which you can fit to your needs and mood. The built-in electronic meter display shows the distance, time, calories burned and speed while you are working out.

Iron Twister

This indoor bike comes with an iron twister which is an additional feature for a stationary bike. Not only the legs and arms are exercised but for the abdomen as well. It has twister fix handles that can support you while you do your exercise in the iron twister.

Adjustable Resistance

This exercise cycle has an adjustable resistance with a tension knob that you can easily twist to change and adjust the resistance levels while you do your workout.

Screen Display

This fitness equipment has a screen display that shows your progress in your workout. It displays the distance, speed, time and calories burned so you can monitor your fitness routine.

Ergonomically designed

This exercise bike offers you that maximum comfort while you are exercising through its ergonomic design. You can now be sure to have an exercise without any pain. The seat height offers you an adjustable system. You can easily change it as per your comfort level.  This makes the machine suitable for all user’s height.

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What Do We like

Easy to Assemble

This spin bike is easy to assemble and install. It does not need special skills for you to install it since it comes 60% preinstalled. The user can assemble it himself with ease without the assistance of professional technicians.

What We Don’t Like

Fixed handles

Since this bike comes with an iron twister, handles are of great help. However, it could be more helpful if the handles can be rotated or moved to provide more comfort and ease while using the iron twister.



Cycling is one of the most recognized exercises nowadays. There are many health benefits to cycling, this included but are not limited to, increase in the strength of the heart, weight loss, body fat reduction and decreased insulin resistance.

The Leeway Exercise Cycle with Back Support & Twister Fix Handle Gym Bike can help you in achieving these benefits. It serves its purpose in bringing a high-quality workout session to its users in every way possible. This bike offers a lot to its users.Leeway wants you to achieve those goals by letting you experience the Leeway Air Bike. Leeway wants you to Stay Healthy, Stay Fit. Grab yours now and experience a workout on its new level.

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